Song of the Broken Teeth

Let’s hear the tale of drunken stupor
Of a man and his stupid blunder
It all started on that balmy right
Moon was there and wind was alright
That’s when he thought of it
He planned for a drunken night
Unaware he was of the results to beckon
He had a stomach tight but guess he didn’t reckon

He embarked on the journey to the pub
This night that was gonna be the hub
He was clinking his heels in anticipation
This was gonna be a grand celebration
For once he wouldnt have to shed a pie
This was a party, from a friend called Sai
They would dance, cheer and rejoice
Sai had finally got the girl of his choice

One peg, two peg, three peg down
After that he would act like a clown
Four peg, five peg, six peg down
His head would start going down
Seven pegs, eight pegs, nine pegs down
His mind would automatically shut down
Ten pegs, eleven pegs, twelve pegs down
And he thought why should the apple fall down

By the time they realised, it was already eleven
They had to sit in the auto, in groups of seven
They were a bunch small by no means
But had to share auto to meet the frugal means
Had to huff and puff and run and look
At this time of night, no auto in sight
They cursed and blamed the city with all their might
But they couldnt find an auto in the night
The night was dark and It was twelve by the clock
When they finally found an auto they could flock

Tipsy turvy,they were all after the blast
All they wanted to do was reach home at last
At long last they reach home, travails of the travel done
A looks at the gate closed thats when the smiles are all gone
Guard was the one he forgot to tell today
The gate was locked up and smiling at him all gay
Tried and tried the phone he did, standing near the window sill
But the man must’ve been sleeping still

Lo behold no help in sight
He decided to check his might
Jump above this door he now must
After all it was just standing rust
10 feet high, it might have been a feat
But when did the human spirit accept defeat
Head was dazy, spirits were high
But he had to climb that gate so high

One step, two steps, three steps he did amble
And thats when he realised it could be a gamble
Four step, five step, six step later
He thought he could reach the altar
Seven step, eight step, nine step and he couldnt hang
Came down to the ground with a crushing bang
Ten steps, eleven steps, twelve steps were never around
Instead he had to lay flat on the ground

And finally when he got up from the ground
A tooth was in his hand, while one strayed somewhere around
Twisted the tongue a little and then a bit more
He could finally locate the missing molar
There sure was another teeth missing, the sharper one
One which the doctors usually call canine
The blood was all over his face
As if it had a meeting with a mace

He had to go to the doctors then
Not once, twice but ever so often
He got the tooth back in a surgery
But paying for it was such a drudgery
He had to suffer a year or two
For the petty mistake he did do
The story’s done and the lesson’s on brink
All I have for you My dear children is, dont You ever drink


8 thoughts on “Song of the Broken Teeth

  1. Awesome poem man.
    I guess it reminds everyone some incident like this.
    BTW… I hope u weren’t the protagonist 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. temme wen u learn ur lesson…reminds me of one of those nursery rhymes…. 1 2 buckle my shoe, 3 4 lock the door____
    enjoyed reading it 🙂

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