She bores, she drones
She cries, she shrieks
She depends, she demands
She lies, she cheats
She steals, she deserts
She uses, she throws
She flounders, she scampers
She flaunts, she lusts
She whores, she sleeps
She trips, she tramps
She hates, she burns
She kills, she abhorrs
She toys, she destroys
In the end, she’s the cause
In the end, it’s just her face
Which one did you meet?

PS: This is the other face of one i wrote few days back, Women


9 thoughts on “SHE

    1. Thats it with women, they will love it when you say good things about them but as soon as you talk about the other face, they deny (call it harsh).
      I am not saying every woman has/does all the things listed here but neither is any woman as good as i portrayed in Women. Its a grey world after all.

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