We have heard for centuries some
tales of where comes the Sun
Gift of Gods, the lovely rain
Has driven everyone insane

Clouds of colours white,gray,azure
Some haughty, a few demure
Thats the tales i wanna hear
Of a day with the cloudy cheer.

A ballad of Sir Cumulus
or the mystery of Lord Stratus
The antics of nimble Miss Nimbus
Why doesnt someone tell us

On and on, we are stuck with same
The Rain, the moon and sun again
Names and adjective we have few
Shouldn’t we talk of things new?

Of clouds, nights or some things senile
Should think of them for a while
Be and done with stories old
Of dreams old and fascinations odd


8 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. of dreams with dreams…and old dreams maybe nostalgia..

    a round poem….a circle….i dont know if its just me but there seems to be no history or future…only and endless cycle that repeats itself….one can look at the world sometimes…but to bring it home…the modern way of looking at it is the trends of fashion…is there an old fashion or a modern fashion…it all jst comes back…maybe asfter centuries…but someones always done it before…there is always a history…and a future..we live somewhere in the middle….

    sry…but blame ur poem…it made me go on…a request…do bother ur keyboard more

    cheers!! 🙂

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