The Feel

Not the proses most elaborate
or the poems from the depth of hearts
Something naive is what I desire
Its the magic of a simple encounter

A cursory glance
the arching of the brows or
A smile exchanged
Always makes my heart skip beats

The magic of eyes
The charm of a smile
or a swish of the hair
Thats what I fall in love with

Shows grand apall me
Beauty unsurpassed bashes me up
Riches beyond means not my excitement
A silhouette in dark is what I love

Romance with the grandest ideas
has never been my wont
Only the feel is what draws me
Feel is what i live for and will die someday

PS : A bit busy these days and hence this 😐


4 thoughts on “The Feel

    1. People have been talking about beauty and such things for ages, that’s why I waanna talk of new things now. You can see that’s a theme in many of my poems 🙂
      btw,Thanks a lot 🙂 and not only for this but for being a regular reader, thus encouraging me to write more 🙂

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