Picasso’s last words

47 years from today
When my life is past its heyday
You will come to visit me
I might offer you some tea

I might just have been back from a hospital
My health might be very critical
I might have caught a disease or two
From the incessant smoking I do

I might be an old man with back bowed
And treat everyone with brow frowned
Doctors would have chained my smoke
And there would be very less hope

In the battle of smoke and life
Plans to smoke would be foiled by my wife
I would pass by the smoke shops
And would instead buy the cough drops

And then my friend when you come to meet
In the season rainy or the searing heat
Smoke to me, smoke to my health
You know i dont smoke anymore

PS : Last 2 lines and hence the title taken from here
PS 2 : Before you start searching, these words dont have any reference to Picasso’s last words afaik!


5 thoughts on “Picasso’s last words

  1. I might have caught a disease or two
    From the incessant smoking I do…..

    See, I tell you to quit smoking!
    anyways, why are you thinking about your old age now itself?

  2. # Vipul : Nothing much 🙂
    # Archisha : The last 2 lines, made it all up just to back those 2, which were taken from a song of Paul McCartney (Beatles)
    # Mansi : I know yaar, I should quit smoking 🙂 but.. There is a big but 😛 About the old age, bas aise hi… was dead on topics to think of
    # Sashi : Ha ha ha 😀 Now that you finally know the spelling of frowned and arent worrying about drops 😛

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