4 years more to go
To reach that magic figure
the age of 27,the time of bliss
when the Doors would open to Nirvana

I would buy a white lighter
and roam around directionless
I will have a year full
A minute’s work is all i’d need

Might drown in a swimming pool
Heroin overdose I hope I dont
Shotgun might seem an option too violent
Heart failure could be the way to go

When I would be bored of life
and all its aftermaths
things new might not excite anymore
and people around might seem such pain

Not the companionship of names famous
Or belonging to a club famous, I desire
Just for the lack of a better number to die
So I chose 27, the cube of 3

Thats how and when I would like to die
A time to rise above expectations
A last gift I want from life
Is a promise to end it when I like.

PS: Refer 27 Club for a better read 😉


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