Ticket to Ride

Love me you do not
Take me as your worthy servant
As a partner, companion u need
I don’t care what or how it is

I can carry a bag or two
Can be handy for a dinner of maggi
When you come tired from your work
I will cook for you all day and night long

In your vanity case or the dustbin
Hide me wherever you want
If you don’t want to see me again
A word or complaint two, i never will utter

If only, I could be with you
So I could see your face
Not once but even twice or thrice
If only you would allow

And give me your ticket to ride
A pass to fly alongside
That’s what I wanna do
You are the one I worship, one I love.


5 thoughts on “Ticket to Ride

  1. Such devotion expressed for the one you love…I must admit the level and willingness to be merely ‘there’ is not my cup of tea…ah but to each his own…thanks for the poem.

  2. “I will cook for you all day and night long” – total ROFL 😛
    another nice composition 🙂 man u r getting better by each post …. keep up!!

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