Why do you burden me
Why do you ask of me
Why can’t you do it yourself
Why don’t you do it for me
Its always so simple

Why don’t you understand
Why do you fight
Why do you talk
Why don’t you listen
Its always the best

Why don’t you open your eyes
Why don’t you get up
Why don’t you dream
Why don’t you learn
It’s not the hardest to do

Why don’t you walk in the night
Why do you sleep
Why don’t you try
Why don’t you fly
Its so hard to be YOU


8 thoughts on “YOU

    1. This is more like real me, that one was just a stretch of imagination 🙂
      And since you are in such a vella state, you can go through my prev ones just to confirm that’s not exactly my genre 😀

  1. Quite interesting how a series of questions can so accurately describe another person…very effective way doing the portrait of this person…well done.

  2. Don’t mean to be a language lawyer. But, you use the “It’s” and “Its”-es wrongly. Its is the possessive form. It’s is just short for ‘It is’.

    For eg:
    Himank’s poems stink. *It’s* really braindead stuff.
    The blog is known for _its_ riotous comments courtesy Cynic.

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