The Wisemen

I wanna talk to the wisemen
the leaders, the heroes of the generation
I wanna listen to the words of the wisemen
I wanna share their secrets of life
Of love, hatred and lust
Of fame,riches and glory
Or of the deaths gory

Dont mind what or how they tell me
If only I believe in them
If only they can stand to argue
I wanna listen to the wisemen talk
Of world, of war and peace
Of hunger, Of poverty and crime
Or of the women, the creatures strangest

I’d like to meet the Lama once
For once I’d like a tea with Pope
If I could get a premier or two
Share some knowledge with this lowly soul
Of world, of people and places
Of rules and boundaries strange
For, they are the ones who can tell me all

The seas of darkness, I’ve wallowed enough
I wanna be enlightened once
I wanna know the secrets of life
I would like to know, how to a live a life
Of deception, of believes and Expectations
Of wonders, and questions and amazements
For once, I would like to listen to the wisdom immense


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