A life broken, a spirit crushed
Never did stop a heart brave
A leg broken could be mended again
An arm creviced could be fixed again
Coin each in world has sides two
That’s what I have learnt and known all my life
Broken bones flipped give a view jubilant
Of love, affection, care and cheers
Of family, friends and people you love

A cat may have lives nine
A human with eyes feline
I’ll lay my stake to atleast two
Lived a life, full and hale once
Now is the time for rebirth
Getting up always is the step first
Sitting and standing might follow soon
Walking on legs own is just a step forth
Once again the stairs will be counted
The distances will shrink again
Like a phoenix, I’ll rise again
A rubble, a sediment of bones my burning ground


9 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. @ Shrikant, Sunanda : 🙂 KTHX 😀
    @ Vipul : Wo insaan hi kya jo badal jaye hawa ke jhonkon se 😛

    @ Namrata: Really never thought it would even be close, very crude is what I would say anyhoo Thnx 🙂

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