Movie Star

Been asking all my life for money a little more
Wished for my dad to be a billionaire
Dreams I had many of a lottery I won
None of them ever were realised
Prayers hundreds were left unanswered
Try as much as I did, never get the money I need
The Gods I think, might need their money own

Fruitless all my players went time and again
Thats when I thought again
Flexibilty sure is the buzz of the century
Why did I have to be so adamant
Money can buy a lot of things I know
Its not the only source of happiness, I realised
Changed my wish I did then

Bucketful of money I dont need anymore
All I want now from Ye Gods almighty
Is to just be an actor in movies new
Cast me in a movie or two
I too can have beautiful ladies prancing around
A Porsche,Ferrari or a Ducati to drive around
Rented all of them might be for me
Yet I could enjoy them once atleast

Clothes best I would then wear
Ladies hottest I’d get to kiss and be upclose
Countries of world I’d see them all
People famous I’ll meet them all
Money truckloads who would need when I’d get all this for free
Pay me like you would an engineer of Softwares
But my dear Lord please make me a movie star for once.


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