Cover Them All

At times I wish I could sing
Or atleast play an instrument musical
Playing around with words I like a lot
But at times I cringe to do something different

At times I wish I could be a rock star
Fame, Wealth,Appeal all they have got
Never desired it just for the sake of it all
Its rather a salute to the ones I love

I’d like to be associated with the Beatles
Instead of composing something my own
I want to play what Dylan did
Would love to replicate sounds of The high flying Zepp

Originality might be most coveted in its own right
But for once I’d like to be a follower
I’d want to sound like them
I would want to dress like them

If only I could knock on Heaven’s door once again
Wish to make Yesterday my song for the day
Somewhere Over the Rainbow I’d like to look now
And until I do that, (I can’t get No) Satisfaction

Play the guitar or bang the drums
Sing the songs or trample the bass
It doesnt matter what or how
Once in my life, I’d love to cover them all


4 thoughts on “Cover Them All

    1. My point is not about entering the business. Its more of a tribute to the people who I’ve loved.. A way to associate myself with them, which I cant do writing poetry… 🙂

  1. nice one 🙂
    looks like a lot of your hidden desires (being an actor, musician, rock star) have been coming out lately 😉

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