Abbey Road

At times I sit back in my room and wonder
My life would have been so much more simpler

If only I had owned a hotel
Which would take care of my earnings total

The life of me and my honey pie
Would always be as easy as a pie

I would choose a location hilly and nice
Would be surrounded on all side with fields of rice

The walls, the floor and roof shall all be wooden
While the music shall ensure none of my guests remain sullen

The service at the hotel shall always be great
And I shall treat each guest as my very dear mate

To all my departing guests I shall present a souvenir
Of all the good times they spent here, it shall act as a reminder

I would love to name it Abbey Road
While Sgt. Pepper’s Club would be my own humble abode

All the year round we would celebrate and be merry
Burden of tensions and worry I shall never carry

Coz my hotel would be the one giving me all the money
While I shall live a life long honeymoon with my honey

PS : To celebrate 45th anniversary of Beatles getting the MBE!


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