Good Morning

When I dragged myself out of bed at 9:30 am after having slept at 6 last night, not even the tiniest of feelings in my heart were inclined on looking up at the day that was going to unfold in front of me. A coffee laden day inching towards its end. Yet the moment I take a step out of my house, I feel a chill. I feel a gush of cold wind blowing across me. Finally Hyderabad has got the chills, finally the season which I look forward to has arrived. The people who would be unaware of what Gulabi Sardi is, can look up to the skies and realise this is as close to Gulabi Sardi as any other thing.

Unlike winters and summers, which make you want to stay in the comfort of your house as long as possible, this is the kind of morning which invites you with loving arms to come out and enjoy the weather. Forced by the Western(actually Northern) world’s influence on our arts, we only see about the stories of summer and spring, no one really talks about the gulabi sardi or the chilly winter. I would say, all the Indian romances flourish more in the winters, because ofcourse thats the season to go to a tea stall and have a glass of chai using the glass to warm your hand. For all its versatility for the tea addicts, tea is essentially not a summer noon drink in sweltering heat, but its the slightly chilly weather when you can have a tete-a-tete with tea in your hand, and for what its worth, its almost the national drink of India. Numerous relations must have brewed up with a cup of tea in the winters of north.

Look at the sky above you, the calmness of white clouds covering the sky almost like a sheet, how can it not win a heart, how can it not make you dance with joy under the cover. When the sun tries to shine from behind the cover, when you can only see it covered in a veil of clouds, trying to register its presence. You enjoy it, because its not the cold weather marred by a stick moist feeling of the rain which can chill your bones, its just the simple arrival of winter in its purest form. A day when you should be thinking of moving out and seeing the world in a new light, a cool light 🙂

A morning which can make your day!


5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. hehe …did u know there is a telugu movie which has chiranjeevi dancing and singing about the greatness of chai 😛

    In mumbai, we say ‘cutting’ by the way. Never really gets chilly here though 😦

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