Open Letter to Sun

Dear Mr. Sun,

At the onset I would like to thank you as a nation, as from time infinity (that is since India left the Antartic plate and crashed into the Asian plate), we have been very gratefully endowed by your sparkling rays which have been the constant source of energy and life for us. Unlike some of the countries in higher latitudes, we dont have months of night and neither do we have the inclement winters, and are allowed to live in a weather which wouldnt be termed gloomy.

Keeping in mind, all these points, there are somethings I wanted to discuss with you. Although, you are heartily welcome in our parts as and when you decide to shine upon us. Yet, as the adage goes Too much of anything is bad. As we keep moving to the southern parts of our country, your affinity also keeps increasing, and instead of 3 months in higher latitudes, and 7-8 months in northerm part of India, you keep increasing the months allotted to you.

All these years, circling around the earth (as we see it), you must have got to know humans quite closely, and humans as you might know, are rebellious creatures. No sooner do they get used to something, they rebel against the system. We living in Hyderabad, are quite used to bearing your brunt almost through the years. But, there are months in the Gregorian Calendar (mostly December and January) which are supposed to be free from your interference.

After waiting for the winters so long, we finally got something which resembled winter and you were neatly tucked behind a layer of clouds, giving us a nice charming comfortable feeling. Yet, true to your nature, you couldn’t stop showing your dominance and strength, and after a period of dormancy, you finally came up the cloud cover, with the usual dose of hot rays and skin burns (which is your primary weapon). Its only in light of the very recent events that I would sincerely like  you to


I’ve had enough for you.

Thank You

Yours Sincerly
Himank Sharma


9 thoughts on “Open Letter to Sun

  1. Too good buddy, too good. The sarcasm in the body of the letter was precise, word selection and grammar almost flawless and the ending equally hard hitting. You have captured our cravings for winters in Hyderabad very well. But above all, it is the manner in which you have presented it which takes the cake.

    Who the F*** would think of writing a letter, of all the people (?), to the SUN!
    Thankfully, there is one.
    Himank Sharma (Earth) FTW!

  2. @ Sunanda : 🙂
    @ Aniket : Thanks yaar.. thanks a lot!!
    @ Sainani : Who wants to bath anyways man 🙂
    @ Ghost runner : He can go anywhere, Why should I care. He can go to some European Countries where people are dying with temp of -13 C
    @ Pagare : If only I could have thought on the same lines.

  3. And I read this post, while fucking freezing in Goddamn Lucknow!!!

    Hate the cold!!!!
    Hate the cold!!!!
    Hate the cold!!!!

    I cant feel my fingers

  4. I hope that Mr.Sun doesn’t read this letter. Some of us love him way too much, despite all the trouble he causes you. 😀

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