Will you ever ride?

It must have been around 5 months since that balmy night in August when I was posed with the question by a friend of mine. It was the time just after the 2nd operation, so I was at one of my periodic lows 😛 I thought about it, discussed about it and yet couldn’t just think it out.. Saying that it was perhaps the most important, cared for and (loved?) thing in my life might obscurely be meandering towards the point of exaggeration yet the fact remains that perhaps the time spent with bike was much more than the spent time with humans. My short lived biking career is something I will cherish through my life while also bearing the nails of its discordance.

The 5 months, as is the wont of life, passed in usual highs and lows. The point at the time of being asked the question, yet not was Will you ever ride? It rather was, Will you sell this bike? 5 months down the line, (actually happenedalmost a month ago, so 4) I am pretty sure about the answers of these questions . Whatever the answers be hardly matters in life, because any decision you take shall guide you to a different path where the comparison ends between the two sides, as life always moves on, some way or the other. It’s the fact that you took the decision which signifies an event in your life, and in some sense or the other you grow up, climbing up the ladder of life, one issue/question at a time. Looking at the process of growing on a very different level.

One of the realisations of this whole issue has been the fact that life does, infact move on. This line being called ‘just ‘ a cliché might considered be to be a matter of amusement in some circles. Yet the fact of life stays that they are clichés because, it happens that way and has happened that way. This phase was perhaps one of the time when I really realised what stopping of life really means. 3 months looking at a single window and 2 doors cant really be described as a pleasant experience to the best of my knowledge. Still, amidst all this gloom, steadiness and staleness, there remains always an idiot box of moving saas bahus and (if lucky) a net connection with some respite, and in some way or the other, some form or the second, life finds a direction, the stream might definitely be narrowed down, but it always manages to find the path. I can claim , to a huge extent, to understand the feelings of a permanent disabled person, yet their life too does move on.

After a point, it matters or pains a bit less because its not the decision, the point of contention or the furthermost issue on your mind. The mind, the master of all, has infact moved on to the next issue and yet again we climb another ladder of life.


3 thoughts on “Will you ever ride?

  1. Snowflakes.. Used to be there before too, and now it’s back.. But I liked the other template you had in-between.. 🙂

    And I hope you drive again… a car, though.. not a bike again. Ever.

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