Delving into girls’ psychology is a hobby of mine, which unlike others has refused to die with time and age. Since the time I have come in contact with the female, they obviously have amazed and flummoxed me, and this amazement has always resulted in my curiousity towards the fairer gender increasing with every such incident.

There are some habits/particulars which are applicable more or less to the whole gender as such. There are always going to be exceptions for anything you suggest, but since this point is more of a generalization. So, you are bound to find quite a variety of examples which might falsify my claims. Yet, based on all the experience that I’ve had with females in my life. I have always found the use of the word ‘fine’.

The word fine according to its dictionary meaning is more used in a positive sense, supposed to be meant in appreciation of something good. On the contrary, the maximum usage of the word by the women/girls, is in a sense of showing disappointment/anger. Its only when the girl is very disappointed/strongly disagreeing with you and she wants to show her disapproval of you/thing in question, that the word ‘fine’ shall be called up from the dictionary of womanness, thrown up at you, leaving you puzzled about the course of action to be taken in order to counter the sudden threat you are faced with, as a result of synonymity capabilities of the English Language.

So now on, I pray to all the womenfolk, to let fine remain its original meaning and save it from the shame and humiliation of being meant something different than its original and intended form. We, the men, shall also be thankful to you for removing one of the question marks from our life.

PS: I think, now I should make a category Women as well.


5 thoughts on “Fine!

  1. Your hobby of studying female psychology is nothing unusual, most guys I know love it and I guess this will die only with age (probably when you are really mature and ‘settled’). Your blog is mostly meaningless, but it certainly makes me pause for a while and think how often I use ‘fine’.

  2. ‘pel’ comments – both of ’em.
    Your blog is mostly meaningless AND cant connect by the time u reach the end of line.. 😛

    bhalu, sochna band karr 😀

  3. @ Mansi :Pausing for a while and thinking, shall do it for me. Only when you think, will you realise the potency of the word fine as used by your ilk

    @ Shrikant : I agree, but I have always had this thing for long sentences, since the time I have started writing, I have had long sentences. They might at times, be confusing, but this is the way I like it 🙂

    @ Abhijeet : ROFL 😀 😀 but jo bhi ho, sochna to band nahin ho sakta!

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