Gandhi, Godse, Hitler

Very often do I have people asking me the question. Why do I admire/appreciate/whatever Hitler? Don’t I agree with the fact that he was a mass murdered and all that. In many words and at various times, I have tried and explain this answer. Yet, more or less, my words fail me when it comes to expressing it. One (of the few ) good things you can find about him is, The Revolution. He was the one, who came who changed, the man of action. One who had ideas and had the guts and ability to steer the course of an entire nation, and almost the whole world.

The second ques, which might arise in the mind of anyone reading this title is, Gandhi & Hitler, def can be used in close proximity, but how does Godse get the honour of being his name taken in such esteemed company. Thats where my point tries to sneak through in midst of these names. Godse, if nothing, is an interesting character in Indian history. There have always been assassins through the history of world. Even India has had its share of assassins, so nothing new in that activity. Yet,

This was the man who killed Gandhi, who killed Mahatma, who killed the biggest apostle of peace, who killed a bapu of a nation, who killed one of the most famous person in human history  and (arguably) most famous Indian ever. He, as an individual, should have been absolutely destroyed in the modern history, as it was written by the followers/fans of the Mahatma.

All this said and done, we never find Godse’s name maligned. We never hear accounts of him being a beastly human with more penchant for blood than feelings. Facts are facts which can’t be changed much, but folk lore or the stories are the part which can be fabricated anytime by anyone, and made to look real by the situations, we have seen enough examples of that. This, very fact combined with the statement of Godse, and whatever I have read of him on net and books, makes me put Godse on the same pedestal as Gandhi and Hitler, in the same sense that I admire history.

They were all revolutionaries, they had some (misguided at times?) set of rules, they had some principles, they thought about things and executed what they wanted to, in the fashion they wanted to. What makes them all different from simple, men of actions, is the effect on society. Agreed, Godse wouldnt stand anywhere near the two, and even if he hadn’t, the old man would have died in a few years if not months, by himself (or the self induced fasts). But, his revolution lay not in, ridding India of Gandhi, which was his purpose. Rather, it can be more understood, as a man standing against the Mahatma.


7 thoughts on “Gandhi, Godse, Hitler

  1. sahi hai bhai…!!
    why don’t you now start admiring/appreciating/whatever Kalmadi.
    He was the one, who changed, the man of action. One who had ideas and had the guts and ability to “steal the money” of an entire nation, and almost the whole world. 😛 😀

  2. Quite a short post. Probably u wanted to say much more than what you have written. I can never appreciate Hitler. There are a few qualities, which should be appreciated without an iota of doubt, but as far as idolizing him is concerned, I don’t think if anyone should do that. Anyway, let’s have this discussion this weekend 🙂

    P.S.: good to see a post which is not a poem ( for the less artistic left brain centric mortals like me 🙂 )

  3. @ Raman : Kya baat hai raman bhai.. maar diya 😛
    Although Kalmadi doesnt even come the top of the class in his field… so no points for him

    @ Aniket : Though the comment and its intention both can be understood but didnt expect so from you.
    And in reply to your comment, I dont know/havent read much about Osama but the day I read something about him which also impresses me, you shall see a post on that quality/aspect of Osama. Its good to be critical of people(specially like him) and things, yet there should be some good things in such famous people which you might admire.. After all everything is a shade of grey, nothing is black or white in this world.

    @ Sushant : I would agree with your statement about immorality of power being better. And this, in a way could describle Hitler, but its not only power which I consider, Occupying power is no big deed, we have had many rulers, but there’s something else which should be there for (atleast) me to appreciate someone.

    @ Manish : Sahi bola be, even I myself while reading the post, realised that I left it all of a sudden.. Seemed a bit incomplete to me as well, must have had some flow, only to be interrupted by some work (i guess :P)
    And regarding, idolizing, neither shall i do it, nor shall advise anyone else to do so, but well appreciation is always there.
    And yeah, normal posts will always be coming… but poems being easy to write and requiring less effort tend to be more numerous 😉

  4. I sense that you admire the quality of holding on to your guns or simply being yourself no matter what & how others perceive or judge it.

    That’s the common denominator I can see in given examples representing people caught in duality & the web of right & wrong.

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