The Last Post

And this is it… The day has come, the curtain has fallen, the show is to end, and final page has been turned, here we do embark upon a new journey, a journey into the future, to plunge into depths unknown, soar into heights unthinkable.

So I am here, taking the opportunity to bid a final goodbye to the college on the behalf of this batch.. UG2k5, the batch that has been, the batch of different, the batch of ordinaries, the batch of brilliants, the batch of geniuses and the batch of hardwork. This is the batch of people who started NGOs, the people who are doing PhD in psychology, the people who lost their friends for Felicity, the people who are rejecting Rediff for MS in IIIT, the people who were from village and yet formed a Rock Band, batch of people who started tutorials in telugu for Computers, the people who went to Kerala to book advance tickets between their exams and who travelled 20 hours in general class for their friends, the people who kept the song “Yaaron” close to their hearts, the people who cared about the blogging culture in the college, the people who are united, the people who are all friends, the people who leofy each and everybody.

Me & Aniket were discussing about the different phases of our batch in IIIT and here’s what we have come up with 🙂

1st Sem – Innocent Young Kids
2nd Sem – Exploring the city, roaming around
3rd Sem – The time of laptops
4th Sem – Studies
3rd Year – FELICITY
7th Sem – MBA, CAT, GRE
Vacations after that – Placements
8th Sem – BC!! BC!! BC & BC.

And here I leave you some senti status messages of few people

a) Last exam in CR1 … ending things where it all started … 😦 😦 😦
b) And now I realise I have less than 36hrs left in this college 😦
c) Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.
probably.. one of the finest n happiest gathering of our batch… on the signature day 🙂
d) life it seems to fade away… drifting further everyday
e) A priceless shirt I have !!
f) Memories, memories and more memories… You gotta read this post…
g)BTech comes to an end 😦 ….. lots n lots of memories to hold on to 😛
h) And this is what Saurabh Sharma, had to say 🙂
“If they ever tell my story, Let them say that i walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, But these names will never die. The IIIT-H class of 2009 will forever live in the history as one of the best ever.”
i) Even Banga comes up with own subtle status, “Touching times” 🙂

j) Or As Chad says in Bold and Capitals this is -THE END-

I finally end this with the following lines of Aniket which he wanted to published on the last post from our batch,
“Lying on innocent hardness, a caressing breeze touching me softly, I feel around me, the vibes of the sarpest mind, and the warmth of the biggest heart. And looking up, gazing at the boundless sky, I so so wish it could last forever. If only…”

N yet even after organizing everything and conquering the world, I would remember my batch as one who organized Diwali celebrations in their first year just on their own and were united in making it a success.
Wishing The Best of Luck to all my batchmates!

I, Himank sign off as a student of IIIT. 🙂 A bitter sweet symphony is playing all around me 🙂

Bidding IIIT Goodbye On Behalf of the Blogging batch of IIIT.


BC at its peak :)

A pic to remember.."Yaaron"
A pic to remember.."Yaaron"

My neck and back are hurting with all the head banging, throat is sore and paining a bit with all the shouting, legs are paining and am so tired that going to the water cooler to fill my water bottle seems an ordeal out of my bounds, am quite ready to spend the night thirsty 😉 and yet couldnt stop myself from blogging about it.. Time seems to running like sand from our hands and we can do nothing except see the time flying past and do BC, BC and more BC and BC we did on our last Cultural Night. The last time we attended any special night in IIIT, ofcourse farewell would be the last but that’s  an altogether different game 🙂

I don’t  think words would do justice to what happened tonight but it was the BEST cult night in 4 years of IIIT. I don’t remember any performances by the participants. It was madness all around, no thought or attention being given to any participant or their acts on stage. It was just a round of leofying which just kept going on and on and on. Khatri and Gupta being the stars of the night, but nobody was spared. People were lifted from their chairs on the shoulders of others, people were lifted along with their chairs, most memorable one was lifting our dear Pati sir 😛 and taking him to the front of the crowd 😛

People were dancing like crazy, dancing on ground, dancing on chair, everywhere you could see UG4 guys “machaofying” as much as their stamina allowed them. One look at the madmen at the ground and the cries of G for ***** and G**** Un*** seemed more like war cry, than the usual banter which it actually was. There were plans being drawn since morning as to what to do on this special occasion, though nothing special could be done but people were in a mood to do something extra-ordinary and unprecedented. Things started with the Inter-House antakshari which fortunately for the audience had quite some participants from the 4th year 😛 (Me being one of the victims here), a mail was duly sent to UG4 so that people could come and leofy their batchmates present on stage :P. If anybody could have witnessed the situation in mess, just after the event and before the dance programs, they would have definitely got the idea of what was going to happen, people were shouting out loud without any reasons, almost 50 voices rising in unison at the same time, 100 hands were banging the table. All this activity even worried the mess people who came out expecting some fight, just to find some people laughing away to glory.

The recognition to the activities of the evening came during some not so good performance when we guys started pretending to wipe our tears which was given a standing ovation by a group of some 20-25 people. Have never seen such a big crowd applauding such insane acts. It felt just awesome.. 🙂

Not intending to write too much, will finish off with the DJ night, which seemed to be a heaven sent oppurtinity for us guys, who had the last taste of DJ night in IIIT today. DJ was as always fun, and the greatest part was, the song “Yaaron” being played towards the end. If there is a song which could make you feel more nostalgic about friends then I am yet to listen to it. It is the GOD song when it comes to friendship.

This might not be a very politically correct statement to make, but looking at our batch these days, I feel that no batch (the ones I have seen closely) have had so much unity. It feels so great to be a part of such a nice group 🙂 (Again no intentions to hurt anybody from any batch, pls pardon me if you feel hurt or angry at me :), mujhko yaaron maaf karna main (dosti ke)nashe mein hun )

Song of the Day:- Yaaron by KK (Could it have been any other song :P)

PS1:- Dont think this would be interesting to any of the readers but just wanted to keep a track of this night before the memories start fading 🙂
PS2:- A big round of thanks to Dhwaj from 2nd year for clikcing our photos and taking our video when all of us were enjoying Yaaron 🙂
PS3:- Its all coming to an end 😦 Mesa not like it 😐
PS4:- The levels of BC these days are unheard of, its just too awesome 😀
PS5:- Testimonial season in full swing, got loads of them to write, need to get down to writing 😐

TB Awards

The other day we were talking about Vibhav and his recent achievements and we started thinking that one day he will surely win “Turing Award” for his work and we came upon an idea of giving everyone in our group an award which would result with dramtic increase in their prowess in the thing they are good (or even interested) . I dunno if I made myself clear but people who know these guys will understand.

So here go the awards
1. Abhijeet (Pagare) – Wisden Cricketer of the Year
2. Aditya – CEO of Microsoft
3. Chirag – Castrol Consistent Performer
4. Himank – Booker Prize & Noble Prize in literature
5. Karan – Business Icon of the Year
6. Manish – Crack the interview
7. Piyush – Best Actress Award (for being the ever senti, ever romantic)
8. Prashant (Mathur) – “Human Chameleon”, the new super hero
9. Prashant (PK) – World Record Holder: 50 Puris in 1 min
10. Raman – Vision 2020
11. Shrikant – Best Actor for Singh is Kingg (for being THE Aksay Kumar)
12. Chand – Noble Peace Prize
13. Vibhav – Turing Award
14. Vipul – Best Actress in Villainous role (for being the typical bahu from ‘K TV shows’, I wanted to give him the title Komolika 😉 )

And btw the award for me wasn’t my idea, instead it was Pagare and Chand who thought of it. So spare me any questions like “Tu n writing :P” and Why I got 2 while others didn’t, this one also was their idea. 😛


     Was going through my Slam Diary today, and what a load of memories it brought to my mind, memories of times gone by, good times, unforgettable times, The Wonder Years of my life, a time of innocence, childishness foolishness and a period of seeing wild dreams unrestrained by worldly wisdom. A period of foolish acts, a time before diplomacy, time before wisdom of some sort starts to creep in. A period of unadulterated life. The childhood of my life. I know that I am going overboard here but hell man I am senti like hell.

    I think most of you would be familiar with the concept of Slam Book (are wohi Archies wali) but in our school we had a different concept. As you can’t ever be satisfied with the columns in the Slam Books available in the market so the girls of our class came up with the idea of making a diary procured from their dads and writing their own columns and tada we have our own Slam Diary so in our class most of the people had such Slam Diaries. I think many of you would be cringing that Slam Book and all are typical girlie thing and I also used to think the same and as a result I came round to making such diary only after the school ended and as a result couldnt take the Slams from many people of the class but now 4 years later, when I read the Diary today. I think this must be the best thing I have ever done in my life.

    Looking at it now, the columns which I made now seem to be nothing but foolishness of a wide eyed teenager but kya karein sab hi aise column banate the, so maine bhi… One thing that was very foolish in all such diaries were two columns, one for Best Friends and other for Good Friends, reading it now, it seems just too odd to me but back then everybody used to do it.

    Its a completely Oxy-moronic affair. Reading it makes me smile and cry at the same time. Even the entries are like that, one person slams me for not keeping secrets, then another one is indebted to me for keeping his secret.
    This post is a big Thank You to all you guys who filled it up for me and gave me a way to revive a bunch of memories whenever and wherever I like. There are a few people who are missing from this diary and may be some day I get a chance to get this filled by them. Am saying it right now in the moment of extreme emotions but I don’t think I will come round to asking people to fill it for me now that I have grown up. That is why childhood with all its innocence and scant regard for protocols and customs is the best.

    Finally a big THANK YOU to
PRATEEK (Bhatti)

For filling it up for me….. Miss you guys… 😦 😦

Edit:- This post was written on Saturday!!!

Song of the Day – Yaaron by K.K. (What else in this mood??? )

PS1:- Net hasn’t been working for more than a fucking day in hostel.. 😦 😦
PS2:- I had a minor surgery in my leg (got a corn removed) and the freaking Dr didnt even give an anesthesia while removing  it..
PS3:- Finally it rained here in Hyd for quite some time.
PS4:- I am out of the fit I was in and now think that diary filling idea mentioned isnt that great as I was thinking then.. 😛
PS5:-  Posting this post today after writing it on Saturday.. Net finally worked in hostel at about 4 pm today.. after about 70 hours… 😦
PS6:- Another post using Live Writer.. 🙂 Just Love it 🙂
PS7:- Rock On music… Rocks Onnnn!! 🙂 Had it been any other post, the song of the day must have been from the movie.


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12th July

Since the year 2006, 12th July for me and almost all of my close friends has been a very important date. A date, I think none of us can, atleast in the near future, can wipe from our memories . Maroo’s birthday also falls on the same day but that doesnt make it much special (atleast for me, I don’t give a damn about birthdays) but this is a day which will always be fresh in our memories coz some of us scaled new heights and did few things which we never did till then, in a way it was sort of a part of growing up which I will always remember.

There were 4 stars of that day Me, Pagare, Raman and PK and I am pretty sure none of us is gonna forget that day in any hurry and also some other people who came in contact with our charming personalities that day. N.W. was given a lesson in dictionary reading by PK, A.S.R was pestered by Raman, Pagare frightened a certain K.K and was asked to leave his room while I was with the people in 1-12 wing gaining some knowledge and taking books from them while my name was being changed from Himank to Himesh to Hiten and what not for the guards. While the owner of Room No 238 wont like to remember the day and be reminded about the condition of his bed sheet and his room.

All this description might have flummoxed you out of your senses if you arent aware of the the events of the day (or should I say night) but I am majboor at the hands of this jalim zamana and can’t write much about it here.

This 12th July the number grew two folds and instead of the 4 original heroes that day we had 9 this time around and though you can’t reach the stars every day but this was a fitting anniversary of the illustrous day and we enjoyed as much as we could but we missed two of the original members of the illustrious gang, PK n Pagare who are out of station 😦  Both of you, you missed something!!!

This post won’t mean much to almost all of you but for me this is a way to remember the day, for sure one of the best and most dramatic day of my life, a day which will linger long in my memory, a day which I would recount even years later with the same details. This post is just a way for me to recollect and relive those memories and just a way for me to read about it some time down the line and have a chuckle at myself.

The importance of the day can be seen by the fact that yesterday(13th July) me, Vipul, Raman, Mathur all had status messages regarding this day and the memorableness (if this is a word) of it. 🙂

Cheers to the day and cheers to Friendship!!!!

Song of the Day:- Kahin to hogi Vo from Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

PS1:- Would like to thank the people of 1-12 wing from 2k3 batch again!! 🙂
PS2:- Our final year hasnt even begun and people have alreay started getting senti!! baaba re…
PS3:- This roxx specially the beta version, I don’t think many people have got the beta version but I am amongst the few lucky ones.

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Chronicles of a PJ Queen

Inspired by the posts of Jayaram, I decided to add my share to the wealth of PJs on net. I am not much of a PJ guru but these are the PJs of a friend of mine of the PJ Queen fame.

So here I present the PJs. Well lets call her M from now on to save a few extra characters I have to type for referring to her as “A friend of mine” or “Meghna” (which happens to be her name)

So the first one :

One day M sees a friend of her wearing Puma socks and starts chiding her for wearing things which belong to others, the friend of her stumped by the reactions begged her for an explanation and after much pleading and naak-ghisai, she got to know the reason for the statement and the reason was simple.

She was wearing the socks of “Pu” ki “ma”, If you didn’t get it then I guess you can refer to a certain movie called K3G

Now the second one

Its a definition which you might not have heard yet.. 🙂 but for sure you are gonna remember this one.. 😛

So one day, the high and mighty the Queen M decides to talk to this poor fellow and asks a question, the question was

“Poetry ki maa ka nam kya hai?”

Left with no answer and no option but to ask her forgiveness for being such a bad person, so that I can be spared her PJs. I did so and finally got to know the answer and the answer is

Raima Sen….

If you are still wondering how this is possible, then, my friends

It is Rhyme-maa Sen… Hope this makes it more clear. 🙂


Song of the Day :- For the umpteenth time, American Pie by Don McLean , this 8:30 minute long has been played more than 450 times by me.. 🙂 Goes to say something about how much I like this song.

PS1:- Came back to campus at 9:30 today.. Quiiiite early by our standards
PS2:- Would have liked to publish this post again from Live Writer but alas I am at home and too lazy to install Live Writer on my system now.
PS3:- A.R. Rehman is the master, his music can’t ever be even average, it always has to be atleast good and maximum chances of it being stupendous. Once again the music of Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na (Hope the no of “.” after Tu are correct) is great!!
PS4:- Must be posting 2 posts in 2 days after a long time.
PS5:- When am I gonna get my stipend :(( I want money Honey!! Hope sumbdy listens to this plea.

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