La Martiniere Rocks :P

Finally with the day of my IIM-L interview coming closer, I started my preparation for the interview and was reading about Lucknow. Something struck me and I started reading about the famous schools of Lucknow, while reading about La Martiniere School, Lucknow chanced upon this:
Cock House
The House that scores the maximum number of points for academic performance and sporting prowess is declared the “Cock House” of the year and receives the prestigious Cock House Trophy. They are also treated to a celebratory party.

You can find more about the Martinian traditions here: 😛

ROFL!! ROFL! ROFL.. This must be the best tradition ever in any school around the world.
The “Cock” Trophy would be one trophy which no captain would like to recieve.
And ofcourse, I cant even begin to imagine the scene which would happen in La Martiniere girls school (that is if they also have the same tradition)

Song of the Day – Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

PS1:- Finally my IIM-L interview arriveth 😦 Gotta go to Bangalore day after 😦
PS2:- Not having been to Bangalore for the first 21.5 years of my existence, this is my 2nd trip to Bangalore in as many months
PS3:- No offence meant to any La Martiniere Captains who have won THE COVETED trohy 😛 but couldnt stop myself 😛
PS4:- Testi season in full flow, Yearbook keeps getting flooded with new feeds everyday 🙂
PS5:- I would love if any La Martiniere person (reading the post) can tell us whats the condition like in the college, the day somebody gets the cup 😛

DHONI the Great

I had promised my friends that I wouldn’t be writing any of the rather ordinary posts which I have been writing in the recent times, but I couldn’t stop myself from writing about this joyous event. This is one of the greatest moments in the history of Indian Cricket and no stone should be left unturned in the celebration of this momentous occasion. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the greatest player India has produced in the recent times has been given the highest award for any sport person. He has been conferred with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award.

I can see people complaining from different quarters that how can senior players like Ganguly, Dravid and Kumble be ignored and this young chap be given the award but they don’t know the greatness of this guy. Even the GOD, Sachin Tendulkar had to wait for 10 years before getting this award but our young lad, the hero of the generation, heartthrob of a million girls reached the mark in just a mere 4 years making the better player than even the GOD, unfortunately we don’t have anything greater than God, so now on we have another adjective “Dhoni” for someone even the Gods should worship.

People keep complaining about his test performances and such useless crap like, he decided to sit out of a important test series, but those people, my dear friends are just jealous of this 8th wonder of the world.  After all who in this fucking world cares about the boring shit called test match, which is all just a piece of crap after all who is willing to spend 5 days just to see all those people running after the ball. What we need now is a player who can walk the ramp so naturally just as if he is doing his morning routine. What will we do with players like Sachin who are never ever seen with Bollywood actress. Now we need a new hero of the new generation who dates lasses like Deepika Padukone.Even THE  Bradman would have bowed down before this GOD of Gods and would have loved to serve him for life, if he were alive today. Alas the old chap is dead now and couldn’t benefit with the golden oppurtinity.

People always keep saying that Ganguly was such a great captain, but what did that idiot do?? Nothing!! All he could do was win a test against the all beating Australian team in Australia and guided the team to the final of a World Cup but look at our hero. He won the biggest tournament of all, he won the T20 WORLD CUP for India. I must say again, who cares about Test Cricket, we are fast people of the fast generation following the fast DHONI.

Look at Kumble the idiot and you will realize that why he couldn’t ever be the cult hero like Dhoni. What he did in Sabina Park in 2002, that foolish guy came with a broken jaw to bowl in a test match and even got the wicket. Now somebody should have told him that these are the times to gain some sympathy from people and become famous but that ass would come out like a lion to bowl a spell and make people think that all this jaw trouble is nothing.

Our great Dhoni, decided to rest himself from the Test Series as he is obviously tired of playing so much of one day and T20 cricket and one more thing which BCCI have failed to see is that, the time has come when the young guy should be given the lead of the team, after all how can such players keep playing under such fools as Kumble. Just pure pathetic thinking on the part of BCCI, how can you dare disrespect the Great Dhoni by not making him the captain.

So what if he is left wanting against the superior pace bowling on friendly wickets like Australia, who cares. After all why should we go to play in the backyards of those pomies, they are just a bunch of giants with a guy who spits on his own hand. Now the time has come that we started playing only on sub continent pitches because this is what real cricket is, the cricket our dear Dhoni likes, with scores above 300 for the taking in every one day match. With matches where he can murder the poor helpless bowlers on the flat wickets, after all shouldn’t we as Indians be proud of all things Indian, including those flat wickets which only we produce. One or two spinning tracks can pose a problem but we can surely manage them by making him rest on such venues so that we don’t make a dent into the great batting average of the great Dhoni.

If you want to consider Dravid, we can also do that. Tell me frankly who has got time to see his exquisite cover drives, who has got the eyes for the stylish and sweet follow through of his bat. What we want is the dhobhi pachhad cricket where you should hit the ball in most awkward you can. In my opinion, Dravid is the worst thing to happen to Indian Cricket since a certain Sunil Gavaskar. Its time people realize technique and patience are passé. We just want fatafat cricket in the most desi and Indian way.

The most important thing which Dhoni has done is taught us ugly Indians how to live in style, how to have those well set hair. We are a nation who never understood the value of style (or Tashan) and always tended to concentrate on the talent and sublimity of ordinary mortals like Sachin, Dravid. Its time we took notice of our sex appeal and do our best to become ishmaaart like apne Dhoni bhaia, see yahan bhi ganwarpan, he is Dhoni the stud, not Dhoni Bhaia!!

Infact I suggest that Sachin’s Khel Ratna be also taken back and not given back to him until he takes coaching from Dhoni and dates a few of the Bollywood starlet and for God’s sake he should do something of his hair,look at Dhoni’s flowing silky locks and look at Sachin seems as if someone has pasted some black thing on his head.. He  looks so ruddy uncool man!! How can you expect such a person to represent the country? He always paints a bad picture of the country in front of whole world. The most embarassing thing he does is biting his own nails all the time, comeon man how unhygenic!! Tch tch tch!!

Congrats to him on winning the award

Song of the Day:- Yeh Jo des Hai tera  by A.R.Rehman from Swades
PS1:- One thing is for sure, I am gonna be royally fucked in  the first one-half months of this sem. BTP, Classes, Internship and ofcourse worshipping DHONI THE GREAT
PS2:- Its been drizzling for past so many days, irritating like hell .Ek baar achhi tarah barish ho jaye n then ruk jaye.
PS3:- Have our BTP viva on the day of Raksha Bandhan!! 😦 Bull shit
PS4:- Eric Clapton rocks, am cursing myself for not listening to him till date… 😦

12th July

Since the year 2006, 12th July for me and almost all of my close friends has been a very important date. A date, I think none of us can, atleast in the near future, can wipe from our memories . Maroo’s birthday also falls on the same day but that doesnt make it much special (atleast for me, I don’t give a damn about birthdays) but this is a day which will always be fresh in our memories coz some of us scaled new heights and did few things which we never did till then, in a way it was sort of a part of growing up which I will always remember.

There were 4 stars of that day Me, Pagare, Raman and PK and I am pretty sure none of us is gonna forget that day in any hurry and also some other people who came in contact with our charming personalities that day. N.W. was given a lesson in dictionary reading by PK, A.S.R was pestered by Raman, Pagare frightened a certain K.K and was asked to leave his room while I was with the people in 1-12 wing gaining some knowledge and taking books from them while my name was being changed from Himank to Himesh to Hiten and what not for the guards. While the owner of Room No 238 wont like to remember the day and be reminded about the condition of his bed sheet and his room.

All this description might have flummoxed you out of your senses if you arent aware of the the events of the day (or should I say night) but I am majboor at the hands of this jalim zamana and can’t write much about it here.

This 12th July the number grew two folds and instead of the 4 original heroes that day we had 9 this time around and though you can’t reach the stars every day but this was a fitting anniversary of the illustrous day and we enjoyed as much as we could but we missed two of the original members of the illustrious gang, PK n Pagare who are out of station 😦  Both of you, you missed something!!!

This post won’t mean much to almost all of you but for me this is a way to remember the day, for sure one of the best and most dramatic day of my life, a day which will linger long in my memory, a day which I would recount even years later with the same details. This post is just a way for me to recollect and relive those memories and just a way for me to read about it some time down the line and have a chuckle at myself.

The importance of the day can be seen by the fact that yesterday(13th July) me, Vipul, Raman, Mathur all had status messages regarding this day and the memorableness (if this is a word) of it. 🙂

Cheers to the day and cheers to Friendship!!!!

Song of the Day:- Kahin to hogi Vo from Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

PS1:- Would like to thank the people of 1-12 wing from 2k3 batch again!! 🙂
PS2:- Our final year hasnt even begun and people have alreay started getting senti!! baaba re…
PS3:- This roxx specially the beta version, I don’t think many people have got the beta version but I am amongst the few lucky ones.

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There are some people in this world who don’t recognize their strengths and weaknesses and try to take on with the big guys around. Recently a friend of mine known by the name Vipul decided to bore me, after trying the same thing and succeeding against Maroo, he thought could take on who else but the high and mighty, Yours Truly, so here I present to you the chat transcript of what transpired on that fateful night… I have been asked by my friends who have read this conversation to put it on my blog.. So here it is

It is a “bit” long but I am sure you will enjoy it.. 🙂 try and read it for all the effort I have put in editing it and making the names Bold so that it is more readable… 😛

Vipul: bhalu
  teady bear
me: kya??
Vipul: teddy*
me: ready steady go..
Vipul: run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run
me: stop..
  i win
Vipul: hadd hai
  chal koi na i won silver
me: u came last
Vipul: who else was running
me: nobody
Vipul: only we two were there na
me: yup thats wy u r last
Vipul: aap dhanya ho bhagwaan
me: ye baat bhagwan ko ja ke bol
  mujhse kyun bol raha hai???
Vipul: bol to raha hoon
me: mujhe bol raha hai
Vipul: haan re dada
me: dada tu hai not me..
Vipul: sir phod loon kya apna main
  kya chahta hai
me: nahin maine aisa kab bola???
  bola kya???
  aur tu sar phodega to mera kya fayda??
Vipul: accha hai na main chala jaunga
kissa hi khatam ho jaega
me: to mujhe saman kaun dega jab zaroorat padegi??

Vipul: haan mc
  bas isiliye yaad aata hoon na main
me: no.. achhe buddhe gali nahin dete..
  aur kya tujhe kya laga???
Vipul: **** mara bc
me: chee chee chee
Vipul: ma ke **** ab aa tu kuch maangne
me: kya mangne aun??
Vipul: **** mara tu
me: kyun maraun??
Vipul: main kah raha hoon isiliye
me: ye koi valid reason nahin hai…
Vipul: mere liye to yehi hai
me: marani to mujhe hai tujhe thodi
Vipul: are
me: ro kyun raha hai???
Vipul: tu kitna bada wala ho gaya hai
me: main to utna hi bada hun..
  jitna pehle tha
Vipul: nahin
  bohot change ho gaya hai tu
me: meri height almost  2 saal se nahin badhi hai..
Vipul: maaf kar de bhai mujhe
me: change to har koi hota hai.. to isme rone ki kya baat hai??
Vipul: galti ho gayi
me: kya galti ho gayi???
Vipul: jo tujhe pakane ki sochi maine
me: aage se mat karna…
  main maroo nahin hun..
Vipul: haan bhai kabhi bhi nahin karunga
me: he he..
  gud boy!!
Vipul: asshole

me: insan asshole kaise ho sakta hai???
  asshole living thodi hota hai???
Vipul: pata nahin kiya kabhi
me: and main thing is asshole to chhed hota hai..
Vipul: bas bolta hoon aise hi
me: uske pas to **** bhi nahin hota..
  to banda to ho hi nahin sakta
Vipul: haan
so sad na
me: to aise mat bola kar..
  pehle jano pehchano
  phir bolo
Vipul: ab bolunga to sahi
me: galat baat
  bolo sry shaktiman
Vipul: sorry shaktimaan
me: gud budhha.
Vipul: thank u shaktimaan
me: main shaktiman thodi hun
Vipul: tu mahaan hai
me: main himank hun
  mahaaan nahin
 Vipul: haan mahaan as an adjective use kiya tha
  not as a noun
me: to batana tha na..
  bolna chahiye tha
tu mahaan insaan hai…
Vipul: i thought u will get it by urself
me: aise hidden meanings main nahin sochta
  kuch misconceptions ho sakte hain
Vipul: hmmm
  will take care of tht
me: phir contraception use karna padta hai..
  and agar use use karein to kharcha hota hai..
Vipul: koi baat nahin bada ameer hai tu
me: tab bhi faltoo ka kharcha kyun karun???
  main mitvyayi hun..
Vipul: whts tht
me: spend thrift ka ulta….
  soch samajh ke kharch karne wala.
Vipul: ohhhh
abe yaar ek treat to dede
me: treat aani band ho gayi..
Vipul: pehle ki bhi baaki hai ek
me: dairy milk khila sakta hun
  treat pehle ati thi…
Vipul: **** mara ab tu
  paka mat
me: phir vohi baat…
Vipul: bohot phatte ho gaye
me: main **** kyun maraun..
  tune valid reason nahin diya tha
Vipul: accha mat mara
  phatte mat maar
me: main to kuch bhi nahin mar raha
aur tujhe lag bhi kaise raha hai??humare beech mein to deewar hai… and ek aur room bhi hai..
  aur tere room aur uske beech mein bhi ek deewar hai
Vipul: :((
im gettin n headache
me: kisse le raha hai???
Vipul: hawa se
me: kitne mein le raha hai???
Vipul: free of cost
me: ye to ghatiya business hai…
  bechari hawa ka kaat mat..
  vry baaaad…
Vipul: mujhe to fayda hai naa
  wo free mein de rahi hai
  main kya karoon
me: no u shud think abt the godwill of the system
  if the sytem fails
  u will also go down with the system
  coz u are sustained by the system
Vipul: tab ki tab dekhenge
  abhi to free mein mil raha hai naa
me: dekhoge nahin….
  mehsoos karoge..
ruk toilet karke ata hun
Vipul: :))
me: phir pakaunga
Vipul: pehle tu jaake aa phir main jaunga
me: main aa gaya…
Vipul: to naach
me: kyun naachun???
Vipul: aise hi
me: again.. not a valid reason
Vipul: **Long Pause**

me: kya hua fat gayi???
Vipul: haan bhai mera itna level nahin hai
me: maine poocha fat gayi???
  aur tu ye bol raha hai
  jo sawal poochun uska jawab de na..
tune haan bola.. kya fati>>???
Vipul: 😛
  i’m not answering u now
me: u dont answer me.. u answer questions….


Song of The Day:-  Die Zauberflote by Mozart

PS1:- Not in a mood to write any PSes.. kaam karna hai..
PS2:- I have a meeting today with my Dev manager and instead of working I am publishing this faltu ka post.. 😛

Chronicles of a PJ Queen

Inspired by the posts of Jayaram, I decided to add my share to the wealth of PJs on net. I am not much of a PJ guru but these are the PJs of a friend of mine of the PJ Queen fame.

So here I present the PJs. Well lets call her M from now on to save a few extra characters I have to type for referring to her as “A friend of mine” or “Meghna” (which happens to be her name)

So the first one :

One day M sees a friend of her wearing Puma socks and starts chiding her for wearing things which belong to others, the friend of her stumped by the reactions begged her for an explanation and after much pleading and naak-ghisai, she got to know the reason for the statement and the reason was simple.

She was wearing the socks of “Pu” ki “ma”, If you didn’t get it then I guess you can refer to a certain movie called K3G

Now the second one

Its a definition which you might not have heard yet.. 🙂 but for sure you are gonna remember this one.. 😛

So one day, the high and mighty the Queen M decides to talk to this poor fellow and asks a question, the question was

“Poetry ki maa ka nam kya hai?”

Left with no answer and no option but to ask her forgiveness for being such a bad person, so that I can be spared her PJs. I did so and finally got to know the answer and the answer is

Raima Sen….

If you are still wondering how this is possible, then, my friends

It is Rhyme-maa Sen… Hope this makes it more clear. 🙂


Song of the Day :- For the umpteenth time, American Pie by Don McLean , this 8:30 minute long has been played more than 450 times by me.. 🙂 Goes to say something about how much I like this song.

PS1:- Came back to campus at 9:30 today.. Quiiiite early by our standards
PS2:- Would have liked to publish this post again from Live Writer but alas I am at home and too lazy to install Live Writer on my system now.
PS3:- A.R. Rehman is the master, his music can’t ever be even average, it always has to be atleast good and maximum chances of it being stupendous. Once again the music of Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na (Hope the no of “.” after Tu are correct) is great!!
PS4:- Must be posting 2 posts in 2 days after a long time.
PS5:- When am I gonna get my stipend :(( I want money Honey!! Hope sumbdy listens to this plea.

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Google : The Devil

Most of the people in this world agree on one thing, that Microsoft is the devil in Computers field but I beg to differ a bit, as far as I can think the real devil these days is not Microsoft (and this has got nothing to do with the fact that I have applied for Internship in MS… 😛 ) but a certain company called Google which is trying its best to screw our lives by two of its products viz Gtalk & Orkut. “Dazed and Confused” are you??? Lemme explain…
Until a few days ago, I used to think of gtalk and orkut as a gift of Google to mankind and nothing could have been better than orkut in uniting long lost friends and meeting new and interesting people. I have met many people from my school with whom I never talked much and now we are quite good friends but alas… then as the popularity of this Orkut started increasing, and parents log started to know about it and so on they started pooching about it and you had to tell them about it.
It all started one day when my cousin was showing my orkut photos to my mom and then there was a pic of me having flavoured hukka (mind you “flavoured”) and since the time my mom has seen that photo, she is always like ”Sunny beta tune kab se smoke karna shuru kar diya”, “Chhod de beta please” and I am like “WTF ORKUT!!” and that pic was of a time when Rathi taught us how to have a hookah in a CCD and I was being accused of being a smoker.. Chi!! Chi!! Chi!!!
Ye sab was all fine until some relatives of mine from the (older) generation decided to join orkut, so now I have a whole bunch of mamas, mausajis and mamis on orkut and with each passing day I get a new scrap which goes like ”aur sunny beta kya haal hain??” ,”aur beta padhai kaisi ho rahi hai??” and the thing is I can’t just tell them mujhe nahin add karna aapko mujhe apni personal life personal rakhni hai aap logon se.. 😦 Now they see each and every photo of mine, every time I chat with some girl next day comes a scrap from somebody, “ aur beta badhiya hai, kisse baat ho rahi thi kal… 😛 ” well thankfully they are not like scolding me or sumthing… but I am sure this is gonna land me up in big trouble someday, I just hope that day doesn’t come…
This reminds me of the story of a friend (gal) of mine who left orkut coz uske relatives peeche hi pad gaye the uske… They used to scout the profiles of each and every friend of hers and somehow found out a photo of hers with her boyfriend and then to her life was just Bhagwan bharose!!
Till orkut it was fine coz it is not my day to day life but when they started to come on gtalk this has meant the end of life to me… This means I cant put up statuses like Sloshed (which a friend of mine used), which I would have liked to have sumtime… 😛 Now on every status message I put and if they are online. I am asked why do you have this status message and then I have to cook up some fucking story . Now I can’t use Fuck in my status I have to use F**k , one good thing is they are ignorant of slangs.. just wish that they remain ignorant like this. 😀
All these things have assured me that Google without any doubt is the real devil and no company can come close to them when it comes to screwing off young and innocent kids like me. I just hope my family members don’t stumble upon this blog of mine or else all my freedom will be restrained…

Song of The Day :- S.O.S. By Abba
PS1:- Went to MS to give my intern interview today..
PS2:- It was fun drinking all those free cold drinks dere!! 😀
PS3:- Reading Ctrl-Alt-Del after a long time these days
PS4:- Why the hell do we have the 12:30 canteen closes rule.. My stomach is making rumbling noises and I badly need to eat something..
PS5:- its 5 am and he date is 15 (which has got a 5) and the month is 3 so if you divide 15 by 3 you get 5 and that’s why this PS qualifies to be no.5
PS6:- Wonder Years is truly wonderful, there was a line in the episode I saw today and cant resist from sharing it… So the line goes here
When you are a little boy!! You don’t have to go very far to find the centre of your universe…. Mom!!!

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Hyderabad Bloggers Meet!!

Attended the Hyderabad Bloggers meet today and I think it wouldn’t be fitting if I don’t write a blog post about the blogger meet, I think it was a good thing on the part of the indiblogger team to organize the event and would like to thank them for the opportunity provided by them for the bloggers of Hyderabad to come and meet each other.
Now coming to the meet, I think one minute to fame was a good idea (people were made to introduce their blog themselves) but instead of making people write the blog links on the board, one thing they could have done was make people write them on the system and then upload these links on the indiblogger site which would have been a good thing as now I don’t have any of the links of the people though I would have liked to visit the blogs of some of those people.
After that we had the dinner, the pizzas were ok… Well I always dig for pizza, so it was a great thing but had expected a better dinner from MS. The play by the team was nice, a nice little piece obviously you wont expect a full drawn play.
The comment part was good where they read some interesting comments from blogs of the people and it was more special coz a comment from my post was read and I was required to do the IndiBlogger Jig.. Comments of 4 of the IIITians were read.. 😀 , thanx Rama Sir for the comment 🙂 . This was real good thing on the part of the team going through so many blogs and reading comments, goes on to show how much they are interested in this thing.. “Hats off to you guys”

The Live Writer presentation was a big let down, the lady was telling things as if we were some beginners who didn’t know how to use computer and all. Most of the people there were from Software Field and must have felt the same irritation as me. Another thing is I didn’t find it much useful, I think publishing through Flock is much better than using Live Writer. I dont know which Microsoft hater gave the comment that It is the best product in market.. Many things are not there in it. Like the facility to edit posts and choose categories though would say it is visually good as all MS products are 😛

One thing I didn’t understand these guys will be mailing us the Indiblogger t-shirts. I mean if they would have given the t-shirts right in the meeting itself, it would have saved them a lot of cost of mailing them to us (which I hope they do). I think they must be having some problems of their own, they might not be having them in proper supply or something like that or there might be some official hassle. But guys if you read this then please mail those t-shirts, I am dying to wear one of those. Being a blogger is part of my identity which I am proud of and a t-shirt celebrating that. There can’t be anything better than this….

All said and done, I want these meets to be a monthy affair, we should get more chance to interact with other bloggers of the city. 🙂 Hope the guys listen to me….

Once again Thanx Indiblogger Team for organizing the meet. Cheers to the team!! 🙂

Song of the Day – : The Times they are A-Changing & A Hard Rain’s A-gonna fall By Bob Dylan

PS1:- Its getting really hot in here.. What the hell
PS2:- We had R&D showcase this Friday and Saturday
PS3:- One of the things I have observed is the same poster is being used for R&D for last three years, it was made 7 from 6 last year which was converted to 8 this year.
PS4:- Somehow I am abuzz with ideas for blogging these days, dunno what happened but it sure is good.
PS5:- I love writing on MS Word that’s why write the posts on word these days instead of Notepad.

PS6:- By the way IIITians were a force to reckon in the meet.. too many of us were there to the surprise of many.. 🙂

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