The one with Felicity

In 2nd year although you have become a senior but in the broad sense you are still in the lower half of the batch so  basically not a senior :P. 3rd year is when you get into the world of men,when you are supposed to have grown up, able to take responsiblites. A time when you get an idea of outer world.

3rd year in IIIT is a time of working, being busy, being active and that too for everything but studies. This is the year of Felicity, when Felicity of the college becomes Apni Felicity. You will see people running all over the city and country under aharsh sun, People would be seen scurrying to shelter away from rain, trying to get a shelter under the nearest roof while they are gone out for Sponsorship or Campaigning. This year is all about working, screwing your ass, organizing things from small college events to coordinating Felicity.

Its generally the 3rd year batch in IIIT, who is the most proactive, the most visible. It is these people who are responsible for managing the whole college in that year. They are the ones whose vision drives the college for that particular academic session. They are the Felicity Coordinators, they are house captains, they are the campus life coords, almost all spheres of a student’s life are taken care of guys from this batch.

After the rigour of 4th semester with professors baying for your blood with assignments every week, your world transforms as soon as you step foot into the confines of 3rd year. This is a year of being lax about things related to studies. Even the most sincere people of the batch are seen giving their studies a toss.

After the grouping and all which generally happens in the 2nd and the 3rd sem, this is a period when people from different groups come together, work with each other and support. A chance for people to interact, to know people, go beyond the boundaries of their own groups and explore the entity called Batch, to come under a common umbrella. A time for elimination of boundaries and fostering of new relations.

For every IIITian, their Felicity is one the best thing that would have happened to them in these 4 years but you take Felicity out of 3rd year, its got nothing left in it!It would be nothing but a blur, a memory of doing nothing. Felicity, the annual cultural and technical fest is, for which people devote all that time, in return although getting nothing but gaining a lot. This is the only reason why some 50 people were sitting there with arms on other person’s shoulder, all singing the song Yaaron like a chant. It is the reason why people get sloshed, cry for each other, to say in other terms being friends for life. 🙂 A time of awesomeness.

Though there is nothing much in this year beside Felicity but towards the end of the year, friends become foes, there are hours long discussions, much mud slinging (of the most joyful form). All this because year end is the time of decision of Inter House Trophies. This is may be the time when the strength of 5th house is the minimum, for the only time people are interested in their house participation, worrying about points. All this so that you can laugh at your friend’s face coz u are the best house. 3rd years being the captain and all are the ones who are most excited coz after all it was their year and they all wanna be their house to be the star performer.

Which brings an end to the penultimate year of college life and results in people becoming the senior most guys in the college!! Becoming the big bosses of college 😛 😉


The one with The Contrasting Sems

Each year has its own significance in IIIT! Each year brings with it a different kind of flavour, it teaches different things and gives you different roles. In this respect I would consider 2nd year of B.Tech as the most important. This is the time when its decided who would you be for the remaining years, it defines your interests, your place in the college. After the gay abandon of first year, this is the time when you seriously come into the college, start knowing things, become seniors and basically be somebody in the college.

Second year for our batch started with a bang! The whole ragging fiasco was too much for people to digest, there were a few suspensions. Few ppl of our batch getting letters forbidding them to sit for placements, huge drama unfolded, emotions ran high, people cried, people shouted and in the end, for the first time, the batch stood up as a unit. Since coming to the college about 1 year ago as complete strangers, this was the first time when people stood up for each other. This was the time when the community <strong>UG2K5 stands united</strong> was made. This was the first time when this batch gave a peek at what it will grow put to be, A bunch of close friends 🙂

2nd year is the time when people decide the course of their life in remaining days in IIIT. A whole lot of free time in 3rd sem coz of wonderfully low number of classes helps people a lot in this deciding this. By the end of 3rd sem, the geeks of college have turned into one, the bande who are gonna be working for cult and all stuff are already into the mould, and the people who are gonna do nothing but wasting time are already nowhere to be seen. Its basically decided by what you do in your whole lotta free time.

Geek or not, studios or not, 4th sem is all about studies, you study, go to classes, listen to profs and basically work your ass off, even people like me were listening to classes. The reasons were quite obvious, the subjects taught in this sem are easily the most interesting and important subjects of your B.Tech and even the professors you get in this sem are the best ones. So for once, if you are fine with studies then dont freak out, this is not some disease just the 4th sem fever :). This was the sem when CGs of many people inflated coz of their wonderful showing in this sem. There were 7 or 8 ten-pointers in this sem in our batch 🙂 (PS: Even I became a 9.something for the first and only time 🙂 )

After toiling for about 4-5 months in 4th sem, you get the much needed summer breaks, which for most people is the first time when they wouldnt be going home in a 3 month vacation period and instead going to stay in college and do limitless vellapanti under the name of doing a project under some lab or the other. Some lucky asses even manage to get internships and start earning. (And ofcourse get completely sloshed in company parties 😉 )

Ofcourse no mention of the 2nd year of our batch would be complete without a mention of the infamous scuffle 😛 Starting from the whole ragging issue, the relation between our and the junior(i.e 2k6) bacth were quite strained. These issues again heightened up during the inter batch and inter house events, leading to a  rivalry of sorts between people from these two batches. All this culminated in the Inter Batch cricket final match, this was a day which few people will never foget, the day when there was actual fighting between people, must be the only instance of IIIT history when there was a sort of gand war, around 50 people on each side! 😛 Punches were hurled, people kicked and even stitches recieved, all this on the ground floor of NBH 😛 . Surely a memorable if not a glorious moment in our lives.

The One where it all begun

People say trying to describe life is one of the most arduous task you can try and undertake. Thats why I thought of describing life, the journey that we undertake. Trying to cut a snippet of 4 years from the movie called life and try to post in my own words on this blog of mine. And infact I am not gonna describe my life, its gonna be the life of this bigger unit of which I am a proud part. Its gonna be a honest try to tell the story of our batch, UG2K5 of IIIT, bas meri zubani. Its been one thing I have wanted to do since we had our farewell, finally got time and dedication to do this, just wishing I can do justice to these task I have undertook!

Starting from where it all began, the time when we entered this institution, for many of us, the city of hyderabad was a completely different experience. Living all their lives in small places, hyd seem huge to them and in this city came 170 odd youngsters. All eager and excited to start a new phase of their lives and yet a bit scared, a bit anxious at taking their first steps in this unknown world, away from the shelter of the ones who loved them . Into the company of rank strangers 😐 who would be their only partners for next 4 fucking years. Knowing not whom to trust, whom to befriend and who to treat with care, these people started their journey into; light or darkness only God knows 🙂 !

The 2 semesters of the first year are 2 quite different experiences. While the first sem is all about knowing the people, the places, the system, the things. 2nd sem is all about enjoying, finally you are comfortable in the place and the city and can let your hair down and enjoy in such a child like spirit as is left in you from school time.

First sem of our batch was dominated by just one guy, Prof. C.V.Jawahar 🙂 he was the man responsible for all the anxiety, all the hurry, all the work in our batch. His C Programing assignments were the only talk of the city. Every Sunday night you will see that the work space and even the labs 204 & 210 are filled with anxious people, biting their fingernails in anticipation that the code they have working on for the last 3 days finally doesnt show a bloody seg fault this time and they could be free and finally have their dinner (skipped doing this assignment) before the canteen closes at 12 am :|The first sem was Hectic, people were busy almost all the time doing assignments. Also with the new new PT jane ka josh, people tried to sleep early those days. 😛

And ofcourse these plans of sleeping early were generally laid to rest by the usual evening sessions of healthy interaction with the ever so friendly seniors 🙂 Some of us learned the pleasure of abusing after doing this in OBH. Wont talk much about this part before things start getting a bit unruly 😛 As said earlier, this was the sem of knowing people, people came to know about their batchmates, the people who they would be living with, for the next 4 years 🙂 the seniors who would be their guides and mentors for their stay in IIIT 🙂

2nd sem was the time of fostering friendships which would last for their remaining life in IIIT. It was a time when grouping in the batch started, when ppl started finding out the right type of people. people who they would be comfortable with, the people who would be their family now on. This was the sem of fun & frolic, every weekend we used to go to see any damn bollywood movie which released that week. People have seen movies from the 10rs wala stand and even those tickets were bought in black for 40 bucks.

First year basically was a time of having fun, enjoying and doing all that which we had been restrained from doing for last few years when most of us were busy preparing for competitive exams and didnt have much time for the type of BC which can eb expected from the vellah people in college! This is the timwe when most people get their first introduction to stuff like smoking, drinking and others 😛 ;). The high point of first year is getting to know the people and places and getting the hang of the place and the best part of your zindagi called College Life!!

The Last Post

And this is it… The day has come, the curtain has fallen, the show is to end, and final page has been turned, here we do embark upon a new journey, a journey into the future, to plunge into depths unknown, soar into heights unthinkable.

So I am here, taking the opportunity to bid a final goodbye to the college on the behalf of this batch.. UG2k5, the batch that has been, the batch of different, the batch of ordinaries, the batch of brilliants, the batch of geniuses and the batch of hardwork. This is the batch of people who started NGOs, the people who are doing PhD in psychology, the people who lost their friends for Felicity, the people who are rejecting Rediff for MS in IIIT, the people who were from village and yet formed a Rock Band, batch of people who started tutorials in telugu for Computers, the people who went to Kerala to book advance tickets between their exams and who travelled 20 hours in general class for their friends, the people who kept the song “Yaaron” close to their hearts, the people who cared about the blogging culture in the college, the people who are united, the people who are all friends, the people who leofy each and everybody.

Me & Aniket were discussing about the different phases of our batch in IIIT and here’s what we have come up with 🙂

1st Sem – Innocent Young Kids
2nd Sem – Exploring the city, roaming around
3rd Sem – The time of laptops
4th Sem – Studies
3rd Year – FELICITY
7th Sem – MBA, CAT, GRE
Vacations after that – Placements
8th Sem – BC!! BC!! BC & BC.

And here I leave you some senti status messages of few people

a) Last exam in CR1 … ending things where it all started … 😦 😦 😦
b) And now I realise I have less than 36hrs left in this college 😦
c) Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.
probably.. one of the finest n happiest gathering of our batch… on the signature day 🙂
d) life it seems to fade away… drifting further everyday
e) A priceless shirt I have !!
f) Memories, memories and more memories… You gotta read this post…
g)BTech comes to an end 😦 ….. lots n lots of memories to hold on to 😛
h) And this is what Saurabh Sharma, had to say 🙂
“If they ever tell my story, Let them say that i walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, But these names will never die. The IIIT-H class of 2009 will forever live in the history as one of the best ever.”
i) Even Banga comes up with own subtle status, “Touching times” 🙂

j) Or As Chad says in Bold and Capitals this is -THE END-

I finally end this with the following lines of Aniket which he wanted to published on the last post from our batch,
“Lying on innocent hardness, a caressing breeze touching me softly, I feel around me, the vibes of the sarpest mind, and the warmth of the biggest heart. And looking up, gazing at the boundless sky, I so so wish it could last forever. If only…”

N yet even after organizing everything and conquering the world, I would remember my batch as one who organized Diwali celebrations in their first year just on their own and were united in making it a success.
Wishing The Best of Luck to all my batchmates!

I, Himank sign off as a student of IIIT. 🙂 A bitter sweet symphony is playing all around me 🙂

Bidding IIIT Goodbye On Behalf of the Blogging batch of IIIT.

BC at its peak :)

A pic to remember.."Yaaron"
A pic to remember.."Yaaron"

My neck and back are hurting with all the head banging, throat is sore and paining a bit with all the shouting, legs are paining and am so tired that going to the water cooler to fill my water bottle seems an ordeal out of my bounds, am quite ready to spend the night thirsty 😉 and yet couldnt stop myself from blogging about it.. Time seems to running like sand from our hands and we can do nothing except see the time flying past and do BC, BC and more BC and BC we did on our last Cultural Night. The last time we attended any special night in IIIT, ofcourse farewell would be the last but that’s  an altogether different game 🙂

I don’t  think words would do justice to what happened tonight but it was the BEST cult night in 4 years of IIIT. I don’t remember any performances by the participants. It was madness all around, no thought or attention being given to any participant or their acts on stage. It was just a round of leofying which just kept going on and on and on. Khatri and Gupta being the stars of the night, but nobody was spared. People were lifted from their chairs on the shoulders of others, people were lifted along with their chairs, most memorable one was lifting our dear Pati sir 😛 and taking him to the front of the crowd 😛

People were dancing like crazy, dancing on ground, dancing on chair, everywhere you could see UG4 guys “machaofying” as much as their stamina allowed them. One look at the madmen at the ground and the cries of G for ***** and G**** Un*** seemed more like war cry, than the usual banter which it actually was. There were plans being drawn since morning as to what to do on this special occasion, though nothing special could be done but people were in a mood to do something extra-ordinary and unprecedented. Things started with the Inter-House antakshari which fortunately for the audience had quite some participants from the 4th year 😛 (Me being one of the victims here), a mail was duly sent to UG4 so that people could come and leofy their batchmates present on stage :P. If anybody could have witnessed the situation in mess, just after the event and before the dance programs, they would have definitely got the idea of what was going to happen, people were shouting out loud without any reasons, almost 50 voices rising in unison at the same time, 100 hands were banging the table. All this activity even worried the mess people who came out expecting some fight, just to find some people laughing away to glory.

The recognition to the activities of the evening came during some not so good performance when we guys started pretending to wipe our tears which was given a standing ovation by a group of some 20-25 people. Have never seen such a big crowd applauding such insane acts. It felt just awesome.. 🙂

Not intending to write too much, will finish off with the DJ night, which seemed to be a heaven sent oppurtinity for us guys, who had the last taste of DJ night in IIIT today. DJ was as always fun, and the greatest part was, the song “Yaaron” being played towards the end. If there is a song which could make you feel more nostalgic about friends then I am yet to listen to it. It is the GOD song when it comes to friendship.

This might not be a very politically correct statement to make, but looking at our batch these days, I feel that no batch (the ones I have seen closely) have had so much unity. It feels so great to be a part of such a nice group 🙂 (Again no intentions to hurt anybody from any batch, pls pardon me if you feel hurt or angry at me :), mujhko yaaron maaf karna main (dosti ke)nashe mein hun )

Song of the Day:- Yaaron by KK (Could it have been any other song :P)

PS1:- Dont think this would be interesting to any of the readers but just wanted to keep a track of this night before the memories start fading 🙂
PS2:- A big round of thanks to Dhwaj from 2nd year for clikcing our photos and taking our video when all of us were enjoying Yaaron 🙂
PS3:- Its all coming to an end 😦 Mesa not like it 😐
PS4:- The levels of BC these days are unheard of, its just too awesome 😀
PS5:- Testimonial season in full swing, got loads of them to write, need to get down to writing 😐


Finally I have reached the landmark, after about 2 years of blogging, I finally reach the milestone of 200th post on this blog and man does this feel wonderful :).  I am quite overjoyed on finally being able to score a double ton. I finally sit down to write down the 200th post and this was not done is a Sehwagesque manner with the help of a six when I was in 190s instead I being a true devotee of my God Sachin Tendulkar, decided to reach this landmark with caution and patience so that the fruit of success tastes more sweeter after all this waiting and hence taking 21 days to move from 196 to 200. They always say that the fruit of patience is always sweet, so I wanted to taste this sweet fruit. I don’t have any agenda behind writing this post, I am not gonna list out my fav posts as I did when I completed my century instead I am just gonna blabber whatever comes to my mind.
After having succesfully and continously udating this blog for more than 2 years and 200 posts, I can write this as my only achievement of consisteny in all these 21 years of existence. I always start doing things but always leave them midway, started writing a diary n number of times  but discontinued it after a few entries. Start studying for exams many times but always drop the book to return back to BC. This one thing has proved beyond any doubt that even I can be consistent and responsible when situation or my heart demands.
There have been quite a few gains which I have had as a result of starting and maintaining this post, along with sharing my thinking with many people. It  has also made me more of a thinker, these days I think on many topics which I wouldn’t have given a damn about before starting out with this blog, and ofcourse writing blogs has improved my writing a lot, I am not a good writer even now but if you have a look at some of my initial posts they just look like a pile of shit but now atleast I write a bit more coherent than before and ofcourse I also started to write a bit of poetry , one thing which I could only dream of all my life but now I can say that I am a bits and pieces poet.
It sure feels great when some unknown person from the other side of the globe comes on the blog and comments sometimes appreciating me and sometimes criticizing me. One thing blogging has given to the world is the freedom of writing , you can write whatever you feel, whenever you feel. You could be a great writer or you could be a piece of shit when it comes to writing but you don’t need anybody’s permission to write, just blog on when n where you wish. Thanks to blogging.
One more thing it has given me is the chance to interact with so many more people, the people whose blogs I read, people who read my posts, got to know few of the alumnus of my college courtesy this.
Right now I feel like all the cricketers do after having reached a big milestone. When I started out, I just wished to write without thinking of how far I will go but after coming here, I certainly feel that I have covered some serious distance and hope to continue this journey for many many years. I certainly feel like a veteran today, akin to what cricketers might feel after playing 200 ODIs
Cheers to Blogging & lifeizlikethat!! After all “Ye Meri Life Hai” 🙂
Sorry to bore you but just wanted to blurt it out, it feels great.