Gandhi & India

This is not going to be a ranting about the namesake course I have taken. Instead I am again thinking out loud about terrorism in India and also bringing a dose of Gandhi into the story.

I have always been staunchly against Gandhi and his methodologies, neither have I been particularly a fan of the Bapu. I have grown up admiring the courage of Bhagat Singh; I have always been a fan of Subhash Chandra Bose, his intelligence & his methods. Gandhi’s contribution to the independence of India might not be exaggerated but I always felt that he didn’t give anybody else the space to rise up through the ranks and whenever he saw somebody as a threat to his Numero Uno status, he crushed him, Subhash Chandra being a perfect example of this. I have always considered him a manipulative and shrewd businessman more than a freedom fighter. He knew what to do, when to do and how to do. I will never deny the fact that he was the greatest leader India has ever had (and I think will ever have) atleast in near past, dunno much about the Ashokhas and Akbars from History. I won’t particularly credit Gandhi for the method for the method of Ahimsa he used in achieving the freedom for India. I personally believe the real success of Gandhi the man lay in him mobilizing the masses for the freedom struggle. He gave the public strength and a voice. The method of Ahimsa was just a means to reach the end and I personally think this means could have been easily replaced. All the revolutions till then had been violent and they had been quite successful, many countries and people had become free of the oppressive rule. I think India also could have achieved something similar.

Though one very good thing about this theory of Ahimsa is that you don’t have to worry too much about traitor, the struggle of 1857 failed miserably because of a variety of factors one of which was the presence of traitors in Indian camps which costed them and also because the support for the cause was very less among the people and Gandhi effectively erased these two problems, he mobilized the mass and second issue was resolved as you needn’t have a surprise element in non violent approach. People need to be prepared against guns and bullets but they won’t ever feel the need to be prepared for some propaganda or some peaceful fasts.

Now coming to the current situation of India, again the blasts about which I talked in my previous post. This is where for the first time in 21 years of my existence, I feel that I am agreeing with the Gandhian Policy of Ahimsa, and of all days this realization had to come on the day of 2nd October. For the first time I can see the use of non –violence and the uselessness of violence in solving the crisis at hand. After the Delhi blast, we saw that Delhi Police killed and captured some of the terrorists and it was supposed to be all silent and peaceful then (atleast for the time being) but unfortunately that didn’t happen. This is where we need to apply non-violence. I am not denouncing violence as a means not fit to achieve any result and when I talk about result, I am not concerned with means as advised by Gandhi instead I am just focused on whether the result can be achieved or not, and here I am differing from Gandhi. No doubt violence can be bad for people at whole and many lives are lost but that is an altogether different issue, if you are ready to just consider the results.

But here the situation is quite different, in our case, we are not fighting an enemy instead there are a bunch of faceless people whom you can’t just hunt down and shoot down, no matter how powerful and capable you are and this is where the need for a non violent approach is needed. I was reading about Thich Nhat Hanh
yesterday and how he urged people to write letters to suicide bombers, the aim of which is to help each other remove wrong perceptions that have been there a long time.”

I think that intelligence and other things can work only upto a certain extent and you can’t necessarily control this form of terrorism just by the use of force, because there are 10 men ready to take the place of one man who got killed in this “WAR”. How long can you keep finding and killing people? The task of finding such people before they commit any such crime is too complicated, that is why you need to do something different which can remove this problem.

Now the way to do this is not something which I have thought of, and even though people keep saying that NO PERSON IS TOO SMALL but right now I think that I don’t have the intellect and logic to think of something like this. I think we need somebody capable of achieving this feat. Let’s see! And let’s remain hopeful!! J


Ek Aur Lau Zindagi ki??

Warning: I might get a little too emotional, so if you don’t like emotions and sentiments, please don’t read this. If you think that this is all crap and bullshit, then I request you to close the tab and do me and yourself a favour because you might easily get irritated after reading this. If you are looking for anything logical or reasonable then this is not it.

“Ek Lau Zindagi ki Kyun Bujhi mere maula”

Ek Lau Zindagi ki??

This is the only line which is coming to my mind today and for the last few days. So many lights of life are lost forever and there is nothing that we can do. It started with one blast each year, which became twice or thrice every year, going from once a month to once a fortnight and now the situation is that each and every day you are listening of a blast in some city or the other. After the Delhi blast, police sprang into action and killed and captured a few militants which gave all of us a (false??) sense of security that now the terrorists would think twice before doing such a thing again. The nation mourned over the death of Inspector Sharma but was proud that there are still such sons of soil who can be counted upon to protect us from the threat of these terrorists.

BUT, in reply what we get is blasts again in Delhi a fortnight later. Blasts in Gujarat & Maharashtra yesterday and now blasts in Agartala today. There is no cost of life these days and you should be prepared to die any day. In fact I am shocked that cities like Calcutta and Chennai haven’t still faced the brunt of these BASTARDS. For the first time in my life, I am worried about my nation, I am distraught seeing the state of my mother, the nation which has given me everything and I can’t do anything. I can just sit and shed tears and see my motherland being tottered. I am not worried about the loss of lives, though I have been lucky enough not to lose any of my closed one and I thank God for that. Our nation has suffered far greater disasters; the floods in Bihar have affected 25 million people, which is a number unimaginable for any terrorist activity.

I am terrified of the mental effect of all this, they are raping my country and she is raped again and again after each and every blast and still we can’t do anything. All that we can do is sit and watch and hope them to commit a blunder, hope for some intervention from some force above us, pray to the God above us. This is the first time in my life that I feel like crying even when there has been no personal loss. Agreed cricket matches have sometimes made me emotional to a certain extent but after all that’s a sport and you can always console yourself, but how do I console myself now?

How long are they gonna do this and why are they doing this? Please somebody go and stop them. Please talk to them, appease them, do anything possible. You can stoop as low as you want to do this but please save my mother. She has suffered a lot of scars on her body and if they keep inflicting more and more of these scars, then she can crumble because of all these injuries and I can’t ever think of living a life without my mother. I need her blessings with me all through my life. She has reared all my previous generations provided them with everything; I don’t want to be deprived of her shelter.

Please somebody listen to my pleas, please somebody stop this; it is going out of limits. Never in my life have I wished for a Superman to exist, wish there was some Superman who could bring us out of this trouble. I don’t know about others but now I am too tired and heart broken to listen to news of any more blasts. Somebody talk to these guys, somebody listen to what they are demanding. Give them whatever they demand but save my mother. Please I request you!!

Can we have a Gandhi now, Who can mesmerize the nation again?

How long do we have to wait for the 9th avatar of Lord Vishnu to come and save us?? Where are you, whoever you are?? If there is something powerful which seeks to maintain goodness of the society and humans. If there is some such thing or some one who answers to our notions of God. Then what is he doing? How many more exams will you take? If you keep failing the student in each and every exam then the student is bound to give up, some or the other day he is going to lose all his hope and courage and submit to defeat. I am pretty sure you don’t want that to happen to us? What is the crime of my mother? She has always been a Good Samaritan, always trying to support the weak nations, never hurting anyone. Why is it that it is always she who has to suffer?

PS: Wikipedia says “As of 2006, at least 232 of the country’s 608 districts were afflicted, at differing intensities, by various insurgent and terrorist movements.” Now what more can I say

Indian Muslims

Few days ago, I read an interview by Shabana Azmi in which she had criticized Indian politicians and said that “Indian Politics is unfair to Muslims”, had it been some extremist Islamic leader, some leader of any political outfit I wouldn’t have cared much but this is coming from the mouth of an educated lady who has been quite successful and has received adulation from all strata of society. This coupled with a remark a relative of mine made once about the status of Muslims in India wondering whether Muslims also need reservations made me think on the issue of Indian Muslims.

There have always been demands of giving special status and reservations to muslims and looking at the present situation, you can’t help thinking that something needs to be done to bring them out of the depths in which general muslim is living. If you look through the student list of any good institution in India, you will find only a handful of muslim names if by chance you find any. If we look at the 20%(unofficial figure)and 13%(census) population which is muslim there must be maximum 2% in good institute.

Even if you look at the stats then if the literacy is 65.1% for Hindus then it is 59.1% for muslims, only a difference of 6% but generally we tend to see muslims in the lower strata of society.  This question definitely puzzles me as to why Indian Muslims couldn’t progress much in life and there are not many of them who are there in academic field (ofcourse there are a few exceptions but they are one in a thousands if not lakhs).

One of the reason which SCs, STs give for their backwardness is that they were suppressed for centuries by the upper classes of society but this is certainly not the case with muslims, there have been quite a few muslim rulers in India and if we consider the fact that not all of them were quite secular and even if some were completely unbiased about religion then even they wouldn’t have made any policies which would have hurt the muslim junta.

People might want to point that there are points in Muslim religion which oppose things like family planning and also the point that some of them are still ignorant enough to make their children study in Madarsas, but then you can look at the example of the gulf nations and they would also be following these philosophies and still they are rich and about family planning. We can leave these examples as India as these countries are quite different but if you look at Hindus also, then a generation back (that is of our Grand Parents), they also didn’t give a shit about family planning, then how come Hindus are far far ahead in term of education, richness or overall lifestyle.

There has always been a discrimination and hatred amongst the two religions and people might want to say that this can be one of the reason as Hindus are already powerful and they don’t let muslims rise up the pedestal but even to this point there are counter points, first of all not all Hindus are like that and the second thing is if Hindus can progress under Muslim rulers, why can’t it be vice-versa?

It seems the 2% figure I stated could be an understatement but as this table which is a report by Sachar Committee shows that the number is about 5% which is still dismally low, in contrast Sikhs constitute only 2% of the population but generally you can see more Sikhs than muslims having influential positions.

Area Muslim %
Total 4.9
PSUs 7.2
Railways 4.5
Judiciary 7.8
Health 4.4
Transport 6.5
Home Affairs 7.3
Education 6.5

All said and done about the situation, I still wouldn’t ever support any special treatment to them just because they didn’t have to suffer any atrocities or problems like for say SCs & STs for whom reservation is justified to an extent though the way it is implemented needs to be looked into. I personally feel that Indian Muslims themselves have been digging a hole while not being pressurized or anything so why should govt do anything special for them.

I am sorry if this post seems disturbing to some but just to assure you that I have no personal bias against any Muslim and I certainly respect the religion but there are some things which need to be pondered upon by somebody.

Song of the Day:- She came in through the Bathroom Window by Beatles

PS1:- Saw Bachna Ae Haseenon… first half was ok but second was just pure pathetic… though we enjoyed a lot.. BC zindabad!!
PS2:- Quite a lot of people got their papers published.. Congrats to Skp,Orb, Raman, Maruti & Deepti!! GG guys!!
PS3:- Two people (Ojasvi & Vivek Prakash)from our batch got PPOs in Microsoft and one(Somani) in Google… Congrats to you guys too…
PS4:- All my school friends are getting placed these days, but placement session in our college is ages away.. Why?? Why?? Why?? Btw Congrats to Mansi, Sushant, Preety, Bhatti & Piyush!!
PS5:- India once again humbled by Sri Lanka and Akhil Kumar lost in Quarter Finals.. Sad day!! : (
PS6:- What the hell is with China.. They are whipping American ass.. a margin of 17 gold medals, there seems to be no chance of USA reaching even close now.
PS7:- The awesome thing about China is that they are winning all golds… even after getting 17 golds more, their medal count is 5 less than US… Some strange place.
PS8:- And whats the deal with Swimmers this time?? Everybody seems to be making here.. WTH man!!
Ps9:- Read about two >100 storied buildings coming up in Hyderabad!! What is happening man.. Lanco Hills Signature Tower(proposed)(640 m) & APIIC Tower(under construction)(450 m).


Just now Karan told me about this … I was just disgusted to read about this.. A bomb blast in a Masjid… What was the person or the group responsible for this trying to show that we can get in the premises of a religious place and do such a heinous act.

I can think of only one motive behind such an act.. the person behind this act wants only one thing.. that there should be Hindu-Muslim violence. I am sure some of you will think that this is just another post on my blog and i have tried to rant about a social issue… but this news influenced me more because i have been to the Mecca Masjid recently and went inside the main hall or whatever it is said… I was there just for about a min coz my bro with whom i had been there was worried about our shoes and wouldnt let me stay there for long but the mental peace i had at that place was just incomparable. I am very hurt that such an incident happened at such a place. This act is done with the sole aim of igniting riots but people wont understand this… and there sure are going to be some refutations. I just wish nothing of this sort happens.
I can’t understand why people cant let others live in peace and harmony, there has to be some reason so that there is always hatred amongst the group of people and now i am sure the media will over hype this thing and as a result people will become more infuriated…

May God or Allah or whoever is there up sitting and looking at the foolish acts of these mindless individuals grant some brains to these bloody idiots and grant peace to the souls of those whgo died and give the strength to their families.

I will say that i would prefer going ti the Mecca Masjid than going to any temple coz of the peace and calm in the sanctuary of the mosque… truly awesome…. and somebody tried to malign it…

Song of the day – Actually 2 Wo Ajnabee from The Train and Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar from the movie with same name by K.K.

PS1:- I am in a terrible state.. dont know what has come to me… feeling sleepy all day even in the night, not able to eat anything, headache, weakness and the IIIT doctor decides not to show up today.
PS2:- Not able to do any work for my project… Fuck this illness…
PS3:- I wanna eat but am not hungry have eaten almost nothing for last 3 days… just a dinner yest… This is terrible

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