I am only human

Curb me, don’t isolate me
Hate me, don’t insulate me
Rule me, don’t undertake me
Rate me, don’t classify me
Chide me, don’t ascribe me
Rebuke me, don’t dispatch me
Move me, don’t write me
Learn me, don’t teach me
Manipulate me, don’t maneuver me

Play with me, never play me
I am a human
Don’t estimate me


The Wisemen

I wanna talk to the wisemen
the leaders, the heroes of the generation
I wanna listen to the words of the wisemen
I wanna share their secrets of life
Of love, hatred and lust
Of fame,riches and glory
Or of the deaths gory

Dont mind what or how they tell me
If only I believe in them
If only they can stand to argue
I wanna listen to the wisemen talk
Of world, of war and peace
Of hunger, Of poverty and crime
Or of the women, the creatures strangest

I’d like to meet the Lama once
For once I’d like a tea with Pope
If I could get a premier or two
Share some knowledge with this lowly soul
Of world, of people and places
Of rules and boundaries strange
For, they are the ones who can tell me all

The seas of darkness, I’ve wallowed enough
I wanna be enlightened once
I wanna know the secrets of life
I would like to know, how to a live a life
Of deception, of believes and Expectations
Of wonders, and questions and amazements
For once, I would like to listen to the wisdom immense


We have heard for centuries some
tales of where comes the Sun
Gift of Gods, the lovely rain
Has driven everyone insane

Clouds of colours white,gray,azure
Some haughty, a few demure
Thats the tales i wanna hear
Of a day with the cloudy cheer.

A ballad of Sir Cumulus
or the mystery of Lord Stratus
The antics of nimble Miss Nimbus
Why doesnt someone tell us

On and on, we are stuck with same
The Rain, the moon and sun again
Names and adjective we have few
Shouldn’t we talk of things new?

Of clouds, nights or some things senile
Should think of them for a while
Be and done with stories old
Of dreams old and fascinations odd

Companions of The Road

The roads are full of travellers and as is the case with any conglomeration of people anywhere, there are different varieties of people travelling, trying to reach their destinations or having the fun of driving. Some of these are safe bets, some would scare you to death, some make you go green with envy, others would make you burst into fits of rage, you have a plethora of people and like the five fingers of your hand, different ways are needed to co-exist peacefully with them. After having many not so pleasant encounters with many types of travellers, I thought of coming up with my list of worst traffic offenders I encounter in my day to day life.

1) Pedestrians – Bikers curse Car Drivers, car drivers curse bikers, Yet pedestrians are the people everyone curses. More than often they are the most unwanted thing on road. The most dangerous breed to have ever roamed those tar covered tracts of land. They are supposedly the weaklings of the road just a human body not supported or protected by any piece of machinery, which makes you responsible in case of any mishap which involves you and them regardless of whether its u or them who are mistaken, making them by default a dangerous prospect.
Yet all this would have amounted to nothing, had people in India did their primary education because that is when you are taught to look both sides of road before crossing (or atleast the side from which vehicles are supposedly coming), to step aside when you hear a horn being blown behind you by a vehicle (which hopefully is trying to find a way to get ahead of the human legs). Since, this is not the case, almost everyday during my drive from home to office and vice-versa, I come across atleast one person who wouldnt be looking while crossing the road or wouldnt even think of buzzing out of the way, no matter how hard you honk the horn.
The biggest problem with pedestrians is, they can never be mended, its not that they dont care or its their mistake that the traffic sense is so bad. From what I have observed their problem is, they are just unable to access the situation and act accordingly, for reasons till date unknown to me.

2) Female Drivers – Could easily have been the top ranked entry given the scale of damage they can do but for the fact that the ratio of female drivers to male ones is quite low, making roads a much safer place to drive. Such an analysis of women is in no way a result of the originaly thinking of my brain, yet almost every time I encounter a female driver, I cant help but marvel at the guy who must have noticed this for the first time. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages and vehicles and yet none is more or less harmful than the other. All of them being equally potent, although the damage done being directly proportional to the vehicle they are driving.
Almost everytime I have cursed a driver of a vehicle which is not an Indica (Taxi) or an Auto its been a women (agreed there are male specimens too, but they are far rarer). I have never really cursed a woman from the depth of my heart but almost every time I cross a woman on road, its a sad moment for me as I would have invariably showered the choicest of expletives in my own mind by the time I overtake the car which is going around randomly on the road and discover that the person driving the car isnt a man who I can give a piece of my mind, instead its a woman which would force me to seal my lips and go ahead hoping not to find another one of her breed on the same day again. You are just too helpless in front of them.

3) Taxi/Auto Drivers – They are not the nanchalant ones like the pedestrians, neither are they incompatible/incapable like women folk. Yet the only time I reduce the speed of my bike on a road which is not in a bottleneck situation is when I have to pass by an Auto wallah or a Indica driver. The pedestrians wont be able to cause any harm, instead they would be the one lying down in case of any mishap. Women on the road are again too few to be the cause of serious concern. These guys are the biggest threat anyone (and specially a biker) ever faces. Autos and Indicas both being bigger vehicles than a bike, you stand being harmed a lot at times while they will go away unscathed. More than often they are the most experienced drivers on the road and most of them would count among the better drivers on the road. Yet their biggest problem remains their Dont Care attitude, more than often the vehicle being a hired one and not one they own, its less of a heartache when something happens to the vehicle. As a result these dwellers of the road get the license to drive as they wish. Needless to say speed always thrills but with greater speed comes greater responsibility which is the part these dumbasses of the road forget to think about. Being the drivers that these guys are, more than often its not mad driving like a common woman driver for them. Instead, they know what they are doing and where they are going, as a result even during the most trickiest of turns they would very rarely get hit.
Its you, a normal driver who is at the recieving end in such situations, when they would just push you, bang you or take a sudden turn making you (if you are going through a period of bad luck) ram into other thingseven stationary ones. While in this whole time, the auto wala of the Indica would have disappeared into thin air even before you could have a look at the number.

PS: No Pedestrians, female or taxi/auto drivers were harmed in writing of the post, although a biker was, we condole for his loss

An Interesting Conversation with Mom :P

Was talking to mom yesterday and there was some talk about farewell and events related to it. Here is an excerpt from the conversation

Mom : Drink to nahin karega na farewell pe??
(Although asking a question but in a tone which sounds more like ordering)
Me : (Sounding confused)Nahin
(try to sound uninterested coz you don’t have idea or interest in it)
Mom : Achha waise peeta hai tu??
(Making sure whether her “Good” son is still the same)
Me : Nahin ma…
(Irritated while lying to mom)
Mom : Achha chakhi to hogi?
(A bit excited 🙂 )
Me : Nahin maa kahan
(Chori pakdi gayi?? )
Mom : Areeee… collg mein 4 saal rehne ke bad tune ye bhi nahin kiya to kya kiya?
(Chiding tone)
Me : :O
(WTF!! Are the guys so cool about IT??? :O)

Since then, its been contemplation , contemplation and yet more contemplation 😛

Song of The Day:– The Times they Are A-Changing by Bob Dylan

UP identity crisis

Well this is gonna be quite an arbit post, just a thought which came to my mind which I am putting up here.

I was just wondering that people from every state in India have a particular name by which they are called but its only the states of UP & MP which don’t have any such name (ofcourse I am leaving out the north east states :P) Just listing it out for various states but cant seem to think of any such thing for my state 😐

Harayana – Harayanavi
Rajasthan – Rajasthani
Tamil Nadu – Tamil
Maharashtra – Marathi

and so on..

One explanation for this is, these states end with a “Pradesh” but then you have the term “telugu” for AP coz its origin can be credited to the language. At times these two states are called as “Hindi bhashi states” but never has any such name been conferred upon us.

I am unable to think of any other reasons for this treatment to us people, may be any educated and intellectual reader could help me out. 😛

Song of The Day -: I want You by The Beatles

PS1:- Had thought of writing my IIM-L GD/PI experience but too lazy to write it 😐
PS2:- Testi season in full flow but again too lazy to write or do anything these days 😦
PS3:- With all the talks about getting a flat and all, seriously feel like grown up these days