Finally I have reached the landmark, after about 2 years of blogging, I finally reach the milestone of 200th post on this blog and man does this feel wonderful :).  I am quite overjoyed on finally being able to score a double ton. I finally sit down to write down the 200th post and this was not done is a Sehwagesque manner with the help of a six when I was in 190s instead I being a true devotee of my God Sachin Tendulkar, decided to reach this landmark with caution and patience so that the fruit of success tastes more sweeter after all this waiting and hence taking 21 days to move from 196 to 200. They always say that the fruit of patience is always sweet, so I wanted to taste this sweet fruit. I don’t have any agenda behind writing this post, I am not gonna list out my fav posts as I did when I completed my century instead I am just gonna blabber whatever comes to my mind.
After having succesfully and continously udating this blog for more than 2 years and 200 posts, I can write this as my only achievement of consisteny in all these 21 years of existence. I always start doing things but always leave them midway, started writing a diary n number of times  but discontinued it after a few entries. Start studying for exams many times but always drop the book to return back to BC. This one thing has proved beyond any doubt that even I can be consistent and responsible when situation or my heart demands.
There have been quite a few gains which I have had as a result of starting and maintaining this post, along with sharing my thinking with many people. It  has also made me more of a thinker, these days I think on many topics which I wouldn’t have given a damn about before starting out with this blog, and ofcourse writing blogs has improved my writing a lot, I am not a good writer even now but if you have a look at some of my initial posts they just look like a pile of shit but now atleast I write a bit more coherent than before and ofcourse I also started to write a bit of poetry , one thing which I could only dream of all my life but now I can say that I am a bits and pieces poet.
It sure feels great when some unknown person from the other side of the globe comes on the blog and comments sometimes appreciating me and sometimes criticizing me. One thing blogging has given to the world is the freedom of writing , you can write whatever you feel, whenever you feel. You could be a great writer or you could be a piece of shit when it comes to writing but you don’t need anybody’s permission to write, just blog on when n where you wish. Thanks to blogging.
One more thing it has given me is the chance to interact with so many more people, the people whose blogs I read, people who read my posts, got to know few of the alumnus of my college courtesy this.
Right now I feel like all the cricketers do after having reached a big milestone. When I started out, I just wished to write without thinking of how far I will go but after coming here, I certainly feel that I have covered some serious distance and hope to continue this journey for many many years. I certainly feel like a veteran today, akin to what cricketers might feel after playing 200 ODIs
Cheers to Blogging & lifeizlikethat!! After all “Ye Meri Life Hai” 🙂
Sorry to bore you but just wanted to blurt it out, it feels great.


Blog on IIIT

Bloggers Day

Disappointed by the complete absence of junior students of college from the blogosphere, be it reading or writing. We the bloggers of UG2K5 , the “Blogging Batch” of IIIT today held a meeting to discuss ways to increase the awareness among people and encourage atleast a few non-bloggers to turn into bloggers. Almost all the active bloggers of our batch were present and it was quite a fruitful session with a horde of ideas being churned out in the meet. Lets hope that the efforts we take are transformed into activity and we can see more and more bloggers keeping the flag of blogging flying up and high once we leave the college.

Quite a few interesting ideas come up, the two most important ones being, all the IIITians must have got a mail from me regarding this.

a)  Bloggers Day – Starting from this year we will be celebrating 30th august as the Bloggers’ day in IIIT. For this we need the help of all the bloggers of IIIT, we urge all the bloggers (active & the dormant ones too) to atleast write a post on this day to mark the revival (hopefully)of blogging culture in IIIT. We can make it a IIIT blogathon, everybody doing their bit to promote this day. For this we also need the help of all the alumni and I hope that you guys would also appreciate our effort and try to make this a successful event.

b)  Bloggers Meet – On 25th August, we are planning to hold a bloggers meet where we will try and encourage the people to come out of their shells and blog and blog and blog. We would like to introduce atleast a few people to this wonderful world of blogosphere. The point is not only about blog writing, the people these days are not even reading blogs. There used to be many people who though didn’t write posts but were always active readers and commentors but nowadays this is not to be seen. Even a blog like IIITPost is getting comments only from the alumni and 4th years that’s it. I haven’t seen any guy from 1st, 2nd or 3rd year commenting on it. Coming to the writing part, I can only see one active bloggers from a combined population of more than 500 people in 1st, 2nd and 3rd years which is an indication of the sorry state of affairs in IIIT.
The meeting also saw the formation of Bloggers Club in IIIT with the following people as its founding members.
Mathur (Start blogging now)
And we hope this no to increase multi folds as time passes by.
Some of the other ideas which came up are which can be implemented later
Blog of the Week (recognising the best blog in a week) – For this we might need few changes to be done to the blogroll.
Blogging Week (A week on the lines of Bloggers Day)
Hoping for a fruitful blogging year for IIITians.

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Hyderabad Bloggers Meet!!

Attended the Hyderabad Bloggers meet today and I think it wouldn’t be fitting if I don’t write a blog post about the blogger meet, I think it was a good thing on the part of the indiblogger team to organize the event and would like to thank them for the opportunity provided by them for the bloggers of Hyderabad to come and meet each other.
Now coming to the meet, I think one minute to fame was a good idea (people were made to introduce their blog themselves) but instead of making people write the blog links on the board, one thing they could have done was make people write them on the system and then upload these links on the indiblogger site which would have been a good thing as now I don’t have any of the links of the people though I would have liked to visit the blogs of some of those people.
After that we had the dinner, the pizzas were ok… Well I always dig for pizza, so it was a great thing but had expected a better dinner from MS. The play by the team was nice, a nice little piece obviously you wont expect a full drawn play.
The comment part was good where they read some interesting comments from blogs of the people and it was more special coz a comment from my post was read and I was required to do the IndiBlogger Jig.. Comments of 4 of the IIITians were read.. 😀 , thanx Rama Sir for the comment 🙂 . This was real good thing on the part of the team going through so many blogs and reading comments, goes on to show how much they are interested in this thing.. “Hats off to you guys”

The Live Writer presentation was a big let down, the lady was telling things as if we were some beginners who didn’t know how to use computer and all. Most of the people there were from Software Field and must have felt the same irritation as me. Another thing is I didn’t find it much useful, I think publishing through Flock is much better than using Live Writer. I dont know which Microsoft hater gave the comment that It is the best product in market.. Many things are not there in it. Like the facility to edit posts and choose categories though would say it is visually good as all MS products are 😛

One thing I didn’t understand these guys will be mailing us the Indiblogger t-shirts. I mean if they would have given the t-shirts right in the meeting itself, it would have saved them a lot of cost of mailing them to us (which I hope they do). I think they must be having some problems of their own, they might not be having them in proper supply or something like that or there might be some official hassle. But guys if you read this then please mail those t-shirts, I am dying to wear one of those. Being a blogger is part of my identity which I am proud of and a t-shirt celebrating that. There can’t be anything better than this….

All said and done, I want these meets to be a monthy affair, we should get more chance to interact with other bloggers of the city. 🙂 Hope the guys listen to me….

Once again Thanx Indiblogger Team for organizing the meet. Cheers to the team!! 🙂

Song of the Day – : The Times they are A-Changing & A Hard Rain’s A-gonna fall By Bob Dylan

PS1:- Its getting really hot in here.. What the hell
PS2:- We had R&D showcase this Friday and Saturday
PS3:- One of the things I have observed is the same poster is being used for R&D for last three years, it was made 7 from 6 last year which was converted to 8 this year.
PS4:- Somehow I am abuzz with ideas for blogging these days, dunno what happened but it sure is good.
PS5:- I love writing on MS Word that’s why write the posts on word these days instead of Notepad.

PS6:- By the way IIITians were a force to reckon in the meet.. too many of us were there to the surprise of many.. 🙂

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