Elephant V/s Dragon!!

Yesterday our Dear Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh gave a statement “India, China can dislodge West” that statement sure has a very good intent, that of trying to get India to the top of ladder of economic development and making India a super power.
In the last few years every news paper has been abuzz with the stories of rising India and India becoming a super power by 2020 or 2030, stories of India surpassing every country but China and India-China on the helm of economic issues on the world. China sure has taken many steps in this direction but India though in a much better position now than say at the turn of the century is still a long way from being a world super power or even being on the way to becoming a super power, while China most surely is sprinting on the road to success.
China is superior in every thing except for one thing that we Indians are much better English speakers which is the universal language and thats a factor why even though China can become the super power which it is destined to be but China can not influence the world as much as UK did in the last century and US did in the 20th century but as far as I have read they are taking massive steps in this direction and will sure try their best and the way they do things, I am pretty sure that they will succeed in their attempts.
I think the Indians should stop comparing the Dragon with the Elephant because China is a lot ahead of India and the main thing is both the countries have different sets of problems and the solutions and approach both should be completely different.
Here is a table which sheds some light on the present situation of India and China and how far apart both countries are…

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