Whos the Funniest??

A few weeks back, just after Karan started watching Coupling. He had this status about who the greatest comedian is. His options were Kelso, Sheldon, Jeff & Barney. He was taking a poll sorta thing on gtalk. So I thought why not put it on blog. Readers must be fuming over the absebce of Joey in his list. In his defense he hadnt seen FRIENDS then 🙂
So my options arranged in the order in which I saw the shows are

Song of the Day – Whole lotta love by Led Zeppelin

PS1: Sorry Karan for stealing your idea.
PS2: Only 3 people from our batch got IIM converts :O :O :O Worst performance in ages
PS3: Abbulu also posted on the same lines, but he gave just 2 options 😐