UP identity crisis

Well this is gonna be quite an arbit post, just a thought which came to my mind which I am putting up here.

I was just wondering that people from every state in India have a particular name by which they are called but its only the states of UP & MP which don’t have any such name (ofcourse I am leaving out the north east states :P) Just listing it out for various states but cant seem to think of any such thing for my state 😐

Harayana – Harayanavi
Rajasthan – Rajasthani
Tamil Nadu – Tamil
Maharashtra – Marathi

and so on..

One explanation for this is, these states end with a “Pradesh” but then you have the term “telugu” for AP coz its origin can be credited to the language. At times these two states are called as “Hindi bhashi states” but never has any such name been conferred upon us.

I am unable to think of any other reasons for this treatment to us people, may be any educated and intellectual reader could help me out. 😛

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PS1:- Had thought of writing my IIM-L GD/PI experience but too lazy to write it 😐
PS2:- Testi season in full flow but again too lazy to write or do anything these days 😦
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