Hi Dude…. Welcome to the COLLEGE LIFE……………………

Finally i came into college i just came out from the state of being nowhere neither a school nor a college.I came to IIIT on 18th July i can’t tell how i was feeling.i was happy that i am going 2 b a college student but then My first disapponitment came when i saw the eye tonic(aka girls) of our college.

Another shock ,our rooms u just have 2 c them 4 d first time 2 b shocked they can b said ok for 1 person(note only ok not good) but what if they r allotted to 2 ppl we just have a table ‘tween 2 of us,one almirah,i was horrified to c d room.

Now d biggest one i came 2 know that v hav 2 hav 85% attendance in classes now WTF is this how can v b in college and even then go to classes so much

So,d shocks started raining on me and this was the start of my life in IIIT as horrible as it cud get.So unable to do anything,i decided that i will take life as it will come but keep enjoying as much as i can.