Admiring Wrong people

While I was growing up, I had read / listened a quote, quite a few times. I am not sure about the origins of the quote, a part of my brain says, it could have been the gyaan doled out by Gautam Buddha, other part says, it’s a basic tenet of Hindu Religion, while the other part of my brain says, it could have been just a general quote uttered by some unknown person, in some unknown text at some unknown time which has persevered through some pages of history. The quote says a very simple thing
“Hate the wrong, not the wrong-doer” or to say in hindi
“घ्रणा पाप से करो पापी से नहीं  “
Many years from then, I have no interest/affinity left for religions, hinduism or buddhism, but this one line has always stayed with me. One of the things I like to abide by in my life.

This, whole background, can be understood as continuation of my earlier post. The reason I can’t hate Hitler, the reason I can’t hate Godse, the reason I can’t hate Saddam or Osama. I will until the day of my death condemn the actions of these man and will argue for long hours with someone who doesn’t consider  these men’s actions wrong, or who appreciates/support their actions (again, not all actions, but my reader would be sufficiently intelligent and aware to decipher which actions I am talking of).

Yet, leave aside Hitler (who I have always been appreciative of in some sense). You ask me to hate the person Osama or you ask me to perhaps kill such a person if they are under my power (which would be a very fitting solution in eyes of many). I shall pull my hands back and strongly disagree with you.  Although I might not have problem with a court of law awarding them death penalty, as it the duty of the court to punish the guilty for their actions.This is one of the points of meeting of my mathematical/scientific philosophies and the humanitarian/historical ideas. I have always been a strong believer in the concept of duality, which in my opinion is one of the very basic fundamentals this universe/existence is based on.

Applying that scientific funda to humans/history is where I (just for myself) exonerate these wrong people from eternal hatred on my side. I consider a person and his actions as the two components of a single unit, which although can’t be separated from each other and shall always define each other. But, it is always possible to analyse the two different components of that unit individually which is, where you will find the support for all these ‘individuals’. Because leaving aside the actions of these people, they are humans, who have some ideas (talking about the ones different from their actions), who have done some deeds, who have achieved something in their life. Who might have been a success, who might have been examples to the future generations to achieve (preferably something else) in their lives.

All these arguments might seem fantasy words to the people who have suffered at the hands of such tyrants, and they have my heart-felt apologies. I will always like to such criminals meted out their deserved punishments. But I, myself would like to follow this funda of not overlooking the good/impressive qualities these ‘Wrong people’ have! Some people hate Nehru for the division of India, the loss of POK and many such things, some people might kill Jinnah for his actions which were instrumental in the partition of India, which resulted in such a horrendous blood bath and separated brothers on either side of the border.

And, as long as I have the belief in the concept of duality, I can always be found admiring a Gandhi, a Hitler, an Osama (perhaps, haven’t found anything very impressive in him yet) and mentioning them all in one single line with some respect, some disregard, some curiosity.

Gandhi, Godse, Hitler

Very often do I have people asking me the question. Why do I admire/appreciate/whatever Hitler? Don’t I agree with the fact that he was a mass murdered and all that. In many words and at various times, I have tried and explain this answer. Yet, more or less, my words fail me when it comes to expressing it. One (of the few ) good things you can find about him is, The Revolution. He was the one, who came who changed, the man of action. One who had ideas and had the guts and ability to steer the course of an entire nation, and almost the whole world.

The second ques, which might arise in the mind of anyone reading this title is, Gandhi & Hitler, def can be used in close proximity, but how does Godse get the honour of being his name taken in such esteemed company. Thats where my point tries to sneak through in midst of these names. Godse, if nothing, is an interesting character in Indian history. There have always been assassins through the history of world. Even India has had its share of assassins, so nothing new in that activity. Yet,

This was the man who killed Gandhi, who killed Mahatma, who killed the biggest apostle of peace, who killed a bapu of a nation, who killed one of the most famous person in human history  and (arguably) most famous Indian ever. He, as an individual, should have been absolutely destroyed in the modern history, as it was written by the followers/fans of the Mahatma.

All this said and done, we never find Godse’s name maligned. We never hear accounts of him being a beastly human with more penchant for blood than feelings. Facts are facts which can’t be changed much, but folk lore or the stories are the part which can be fabricated anytime by anyone, and made to look real by the situations, we have seen enough examples of that. This, very fact combined with the statement of Godse, and whatever I have read of him on net and books, makes me put Godse on the same pedestal as Gandhi and Hitler, in the same sense that I admire history.

They were all revolutionaries, they had some (misguided at times?) set of rules, they had some principles, they thought about things and executed what they wanted to, in the fashion they wanted to. What makes them all different from simple, men of actions, is the effect on society. Agreed, Godse wouldnt stand anywhere near the two, and even if he hadn’t, the old man would have died in a few years if not months, by himself (or the self induced fasts). But, his revolution lay not in, ridding India of Gandhi, which was his purpose. Rather, it can be more understood, as a man standing against the Mahatma.

She’s a poet

She’ s a poet
She’s got all she needs
She’s a poet, she can change the world
She can paint the skies red
She can turn the fire mellow
She is a poet
She can do it all with a flick

She’s a poet
She’s got all she needs
Sun, the moon and stars above
Can never know the secrets of this world
She is the one who writes them all
She is a poet
She’s everywhere you know

She’s a poet
She’s got all she needs
Deaths, lives and births alone
They never can affect her
She is above us all away
She is a poet
She’ll charm you away



कुदरत भी मैं हूँ, करिश्मा भी मैं ही
मैं ताकत भी हूँ, कमजोरियां मुझसे ही मिली
मैं नफरत भी हूँ, मुहब्बत नाम मेरा ही

महरूम भी मैं हूँ, खुशनसीबी भी मेरी
अजीबियत है मुझमें, आवाम भी मैं ही
फ़साने भी मैं सुनाऊँ, कसूर भी मेरे

बुलंदियां हैं मेरी, शिगाफे भी मैंने देखे
दानिश भी मैं हूँ, जाहिलियत भी मुझीमें
समझदारी महबूबा मेरी, महबूबा ही मेरी नादानी

मिसालियत ये मेरी, कि मैं हूँ एक इंसान



کدرت بھی میں ہوں   ،  کرشمہ بھی میں  ہی
میں ٹکٹ بھی ہوں  ،  کمزوریاں بھی مجھسے ملی
میں نفرت بھی ہوں    ،   محبّت نام میرا ہی

محروم بھی میں ہوں  ،   خوشنصیبی بھی میری
اجیبیت ہے مجھمے  ،  اوم بھی میں ہی
فسانے بھی میں سنوں  ،   کسور بھی میرے

بلندیاں ہے میری  ،  شگافےبھی مینے دیکھ
دانش بھی میں ہوں، جاہلیت بھی مجھمے
سمجھداری محبوبہ میری ،  محبوبہ ہی میری نادانی

مسلیت  یے میری کی میں ہوں ےک انسان


लो मेरा हाथ थम लो


भटक रहे हो अनजान राहों में
किसी हमसफ़र की तलाश में
राह में, साथी तुम्हारे बहुत
पर वो हमसफ़र है कहाँ

तलाश में जिसकी भटकती
नज़रें तुम्हारी बोझल
याद में जिसकी
नज़रें ये बेताब

ठोकरें खाते हुए निकल पड़े
अजनबी आशियानों को
लो मेरा हाथ थम लो
इन मुफलिस राहों पे

अजनबी तो मैं नहीं
इन अनजान राहों से
न ही मैं अनजान हूँ
इन शोख नज़रों के गम से

लो मेरा हाथ थाम लो
इन मुफलिस राहों में
मैं ही तो हूँ मंजिल तुम्हारी
मैं ही तो हूँ वो हमसफ़र


بھٹک رہے ہو انجان راہوں میں
کسی  ہمسفر کی تلاش میں
راہ میں ، ساتھی تمھارے بہت
پروو ہمسفر ہے  کہاں

تلاش میں جسکی بھٹکتی
نظریں تمہاری    بوجھل
یاد  میں جسکی
نظریں یہ  بیتاب

ٹھوکریں  کھاتے  ہوئے نکل پدی   ہو
اجنبی آشیانوں   کو
لو میرا ہاتھ تھام لو
ان مفلس  راہوں  پے

اجنبی تو میں نہیں
ین انجان راہوں  سے
نا ہی میں انجان ہوں
ین شوخ نظروں کے   گم سے

لو میرا ہاتھ تھام لو
ین مفلس راہوں میں
میں  ہی تو ہوں  منزل تمہاری
میں ہی تو ہوں وو ہمسفر


Bored Times

Great parties have the farewells
Illnesses none do last too long
It’s the states alternate of work and play
Which shall occupy you till the time ends

Serendipitous money changes hands
Unlucky scars do fade away
It’s the hustles everyday
Which shall make your life

New found love turns sour some day
Hatred deep gets buried some day or decade
It’s the relations nondescript with a few
Which shall remain your mark in the end

All good things come to an end
Bad times don’t last long
It’s the boring times, like the old housewife
Which keep u company until the end

A bored attempt at boredom (Wiki link for the Bored) hence should be boring!

Chuck Berry

If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry

Said so, John Lennon, a whose credentials might not need any telling for anyone remotely associated with Rock/Rock n Roll music. Elvis, was and always shall remain the King of Rock & Roll. Buddy Holly shall always be credited as amongst the first who started writing Rock & Roll music, who brought Rock & Roll to the fore. Elvis delved in Gospels and other genres as well beside being the King. But it was Chuck Berry who popularised, revolutionised and brought Rock & Roll to the fore.

Johny B. Goode, might forever be enshrined in the anals of Rock & Roll history as the one of the most popular song to come under the genre.Berry’s showmanship has been influential on other rock guitar players, particularly his one-legged hop routine, and the ‘duck walk’, which he first used as a child when he walked stooping with full-bended knees, but with my back and head vertical under a table to retrieve a ball and his family found it entertaining; he used it when “performing in New York for the first time and some journalist branded it the duck walk.”

Chuck Berry will always be remembered as one of the greatest artists to have ever held a guitar and a mike. Yet, the greatest of the men have had their follies and this guy was just a rock (& roll) star and such people are bound to have their own misdoings. This man, true to his billing, went completely different way, as compared to other music stars. While most such stars are in news mostly because of their habit of destroying themselves under some influences. But, Chuck Berry was charged with perhaps the more petty  and more disappointing offence of installing cameras in the ladies bathroom of a restaurant called  The Southern Air, that he owned. The case subsided only after a class action settlement, he had to make with 59 women (which supposedly cost him $1.2 million). A police raid on his house did find the aforesaid videos (including 1 video of a minor). Although, he was let off with a marijuana possession charge for the 62 gms of stuff found at his place.

The famous duck walk