A Poet’s Dream

It seems like ages since I have written and published a poem on my blog. So here I am back with another, so all the poetry haters , you can close the tab if you want to, though I wouldnt like that…

back in the realms of my dream
where i can ride the wheels of fantasy
i wish to do it all
pursue the things that my power wont suffice

i wish to capture the essence of nature in my words
want the paper on which I write to smell of happiness
thinking of capturing the spirit of music in my poem
hope to catch the dance all so beautiful in the curves of my writing
plan to display the free spirit of gale in the confines of this poem
hold the the eternity of the ocean in each and every small character
paint the rainbow afresh with the colours of my imagination
create a land far far away from civilization
write the words bright enough to rival 1000 suns

this is what i wish to do
this is the dream i dare to dream, a poet’s dream

Song of the Day:- Dr. Robert by Beatles

PS1:- Had an awesome weekend, watched 5 movies on saturday and spent sunday with family.. 🙂

PS2:- Its the Euro Cup final today.. but am too tired to wake up.. >75 kms driving is something for a day..

PS3:- Btw wrote 3 poems on the day I wrote this.. Fuckin net wasnt working so had to do something for time pass.. but don’t think will bore my readers with the rest of them.

PS4:- Indian batting going great guns… Lets hope they keep this form 🙂

PS5:- Just have a look at the amount of jewellery this lady is wearing, she is the daughter of none other than our very own Dawood Bhai.. Have been planning to put it on blog for last 5-6 posts but always keep forgetting!! I just hope her neck is not burdened by the amount of jewellery!!

Sarkar Raaj

Ahhh!! What a movie.. If ever there was a list of movies which were good as well as bad then I would surely place this one at the top of the list. Ramu at his best no doubts, he gave the glimpse of the magic which e can spawn with his movies as well as the horror he can make out of a movie. Frankly speaking I don’t think anybody can ever make a movie like this except him, at times, the director in him is just too brilliant and other times, well he just almost recreates the horror of movies like Naach & Aag (of what I have heard of these movies).

Its a review quite late in coming, but what can I do, I saw the movie today and do whatever I can but I couldnt stop myself from blabbering about this movie. The movie has all the ingerdients of a good movie but there is one extra ingredient which just ruins the movie beyond any repair “Aishwarya Rai”. I don’t know what was the obsession with taking Aishwarya Rai in the movie, there was nothing in the story which justified her presence except the glam quotient which she obviously provided to the movie.

Watching the movie I was altering between crying out “BULLSHIT” the scenes where Aishwarya was there and wondering at the awesomeness of the movie. The portrayal of the local politics is quite correct as far as I am aware of the scene(which can be quite inaccurate too though I don’t think so). The Somji part was good. The suspense was also nice. Acting as you would have expected from such stars was also nice…

But, but, but.. comes Aishwarya and she spoils the movie for me. Its FUBARed coz of that character. First of all the movie could have done absolutely fine with a male character playing the role instead of the “aaj Ki aurat” Aish..Agreed you wanted to cash on the popularity of trio but then why O Why did you have to go out of line to make it so odd.  First of all the romantic angle, how can he be thinking of holiding her hand just a few days after the death of his wife whom he (supposedly) loved and who was pregnant with his child. From being just a nobody to the family, she becomes their all and sole. She is at the side of Abhishek Bachhan wherever he is and whatever he is doing. She also goes when he goes to see his father while he is recovering from a heart attack. She isnt made to wait outside but she will ofcourse be with Abhishek in the meeting. She is also the witness to a very sentimental conversation between the father and the son.

Can agree to that the romantic angle can develop, ofcourse dil pe kisi ka zor nahin chalta but towards the end when Sarkar is eliminating all his enemies, the people who conspired against the family and starts to find out that many of his own people were the culprits, even then the person he choses to share the story is none other than Mrs. Bachhan… :O

At the end I was happy to see that she wasnt on the screen for something like 5 mins and the story had shifted to Amitabh and I was about to finish the movie with finally a good impression but alas they had to involve her in the end too with she taking over the mantle of Chhote Sarkar from Abhishek and the only thing I could say was Crapppppppp…

All in all a perfect example of a good movie wasted. Though I would still say it is worth a watch.

Sarkar Raaj – Aishwarya Rai = Awesome!!

Song of the Day:- I’ll follow the Sun by Beatles

PS1:- Saw the webcast of Bill Gates last day at office. The man is sure inspiring.
PS2:- Was planning to write a post about it but watching the movie changed my mind.
PS3:- Finally weekend is here 🙂
PS4:- My blog has 60K hits now.. Yippeee.. 🙂
PS5:- Ivanovich, Sharapova ousted :O Since when did So many upsets started happening in Wimbledon??

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There are some people in this world who don’t recognize their strengths and weaknesses and try to take on with the big guys around. Recently a friend of mine known by the name Vipul decided to bore me, after trying the same thing and succeeding against Maroo, he thought could take on who else but the high and mighty, Yours Truly, so here I present to you the chat transcript of what transpired on that fateful night… I have been asked by my friends who have read this conversation to put it on my blog.. So here it is

It is a “bit” long but I am sure you will enjoy it.. 🙂 try and read it for all the effort I have put in editing it and making the names Bold so that it is more readable… 😛

Vipul: bhalu
  teady bear
me: kya??
Vipul: teddy*
me: ready steady go..
Vipul: run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run run
me: stop..
  i win
Vipul: hadd hai
  chal koi na i won silver
me: u came last
Vipul: who else was running
me: nobody
Vipul: only we two were there na
me: yup thats wy u r last
Vipul: aap dhanya ho bhagwaan
me: ye baat bhagwan ko ja ke bol
  mujhse kyun bol raha hai???
Vipul: bol to raha hoon
me: mujhe bol raha hai
Vipul: haan re dada
me: dada tu hai not me..
Vipul: sir phod loon kya apna main
  kya chahta hai
me: nahin maine aisa kab bola???
  bola kya???
  aur tu sar phodega to mera kya fayda??
Vipul: accha hai na main chala jaunga
kissa hi khatam ho jaega
me: to mujhe saman kaun dega jab zaroorat padegi??

Vipul: haan mc
  bas isiliye yaad aata hoon na main
me: no.. achhe buddhe gali nahin dete..
  aur kya tujhe kya laga???
Vipul: **** mara bc
me: chee chee chee
Vipul: ma ke **** ab aa tu kuch maangne
me: kya mangne aun??
Vipul: **** mara tu
me: kyun maraun??
Vipul: main kah raha hoon isiliye
me: ye koi valid reason nahin hai…
Vipul: mere liye to yehi hai
me: marani to mujhe hai tujhe thodi
Vipul: are
me: ro kyun raha hai???
Vipul: tu kitna bada wala ho gaya hai
me: main to utna hi bada hun..
  jitna pehle tha
Vipul: nahin
  bohot change ho gaya hai tu
me: meri height almost  2 saal se nahin badhi hai..
Vipul: maaf kar de bhai mujhe
me: change to har koi hota hai.. to isme rone ki kya baat hai??
Vipul: galti ho gayi
me: kya galti ho gayi???
Vipul: jo tujhe pakane ki sochi maine
me: aage se mat karna…
  main maroo nahin hun..
Vipul: haan bhai kabhi bhi nahin karunga
me: he he..
  gud boy!!
Vipul: asshole

me: insan asshole kaise ho sakta hai???
  asshole living thodi hota hai???
Vipul: pata nahin kiya kabhi
me: and main thing is asshole to chhed hota hai..
Vipul: bas bolta hoon aise hi
me: uske pas to **** bhi nahin hota..
  to banda to ho hi nahin sakta
Vipul: haan
so sad na
me: to aise mat bola kar..
  pehle jano pehchano
  phir bolo
Vipul: ab bolunga to sahi
me: galat baat
  bolo sry shaktiman
Vipul: sorry shaktimaan
me: gud budhha.
Vipul: thank u shaktimaan
me: main shaktiman thodi hun
Vipul: tu mahaan hai
me: main himank hun
  mahaaan nahin
 Vipul: haan mahaan as an adjective use kiya tha
  not as a noun
me: to batana tha na..
  bolna chahiye tha
tu mahaan insaan hai…
Vipul: i thought u will get it by urself
me: aise hidden meanings main nahin sochta
  kuch misconceptions ho sakte hain
Vipul: hmmm
  will take care of tht
me: phir contraception use karna padta hai..
  and agar use use karein to kharcha hota hai..
Vipul: koi baat nahin bada ameer hai tu
me: tab bhi faltoo ka kharcha kyun karun???
  main mitvyayi hun..
Vipul: whts tht
me: spend thrift ka ulta….
  soch samajh ke kharch karne wala.
Vipul: ohhhh
abe yaar ek treat to dede
me: treat aani band ho gayi..
Vipul: pehle ki bhi baaki hai ek
me: dairy milk khila sakta hun
  treat pehle ati thi…
Vipul: **** mara ab tu
  paka mat
me: phir vohi baat…
Vipul: bohot phatte ho gaye
me: main **** kyun maraun..
  tune valid reason nahin diya tha
Vipul: accha mat mara
  phatte mat maar
me: main to kuch bhi nahin mar raha
aur tujhe lag bhi kaise raha hai??humare beech mein to deewar hai… and ek aur room bhi hai..
  aur tere room aur uske beech mein bhi ek deewar hai
Vipul: :((
im gettin n headache
me: kisse le raha hai???
Vipul: hawa se
me: kitne mein le raha hai???
Vipul: free of cost
me: ye to ghatiya business hai…
  bechari hawa ka kaat mat..
  vry baaaad…
Vipul: mujhe to fayda hai naa
  wo free mein de rahi hai
  main kya karoon
me: no u shud think abt the godwill of the system
  if the sytem fails
  u will also go down with the system
  coz u are sustained by the system
Vipul: tab ki tab dekhenge
  abhi to free mein mil raha hai naa
me: dekhoge nahin….
  mehsoos karoge..
ruk toilet karke ata hun
Vipul: :))
me: phir pakaunga
Vipul: pehle tu jaake aa phir main jaunga
me: main aa gaya…
Vipul: to naach
me: kyun naachun???
Vipul: aise hi
me: again.. not a valid reason
Vipul: **Long Pause**

me: kya hua fat gayi???
Vipul: haan bhai mera itna level nahin hai
me: maine poocha fat gayi???
  aur tu ye bol raha hai
  jo sawal poochun uska jawab de na..
tune haan bola.. kya fati>>???
Vipul: 😛
  i’m not answering u now
me: u dont answer me.. u answer questions….


Song of The Day:-  Die Zauberflote by Mozart

PS1:- Not in a mood to write any PSes.. kaam karna hai..
PS2:- I have a meeting today with my Dev manager and instead of working I am publishing this faltu ka post.. 😛

Girls – 3

After two of my posts in the series Girls and Girls-II , I am back again with another analysis of the fairer sex which again can be quite biased, quite inaccurate and blah blah but these are some things about girls which are

There are many charateristics which are quite common all through the fairer sex and you are bound to find them in atleast 99 if not 100% of the women. Some of them I have tried to list here.

First of course is Shopping, Each and every guy you see or have met is tortured by the shopping spree of the females. It doesn’t matter if a lady is sick or on death bed mention shopping and her eyes will lit up  her jammed feet will start moving on their will and nothing in this world can deter her from this noble mission and while shopping they would elongate it as much as possible even if you have liked the first thing shown, you will see all the stock in the shop until the guy has sweat dripping of his head in an AC mall trying to sever them. One great anecdote in this respect is about a time when me & my sister went to the market to buy shoes for me (if I rmr correctly though it might have been a sandal too) and after 3 and half hours of visiting all the footwear shops in Dehradun (ya you can be to every footwear shop in the city in such a little span, we came back home weatherbeaten and without any shoe to show for our pursuit, she was so damn happy saying “aaj to maza aa gaya, saari dukanein ghoom li humne” and I was like @$#%$%^ but girls are girls. There have been numerous instances of me and my father standing and looking at each other with hapless eyes while my mom and my sis would stop at some shop in the Bhutia market in Mussorie to have a look. (This was there in Girls-II though this is different view from that)

Children : I don’t know what happens to girls just at the mention of the name children, they just start behaving differently and if by any chance they see a cute baby, they won’t just leave the baby and budge from the place until and unless they have taken the baby in their arms and inquired about the whole history of the baby from their parents, guys also luv cute children but we just wink at them, smile at them and thats it. Another incident which comes to my mind for this is about an event which happened in Microsoft few days back, it was Bring Your Child to Work, you had to be with kids of the employees of MS for some time, we also volunteered for it but the only motivation for us was the T-shirt which was promised to the volunteers (though we couldnt get it thanks to Adi) but then I was talking to the girl of IIIT-D fame and she had also volunteered for the event and though she also wanted the T-Shirt but she was hell excited about interacting with the kids, even when I told my sis the same and she was like, it would be so much fun with the kids while  we were like shit man!! How will we handle these kids 😦 Though it passed off quite peacefully. Another incident which I remember is, once many of my friends were invited in my b-day cum farewell party after class 12th and the girls were also there and we were all standing in the garden type of area just chattering and all of a sudden all the girls went amiss, after looking here and there we found all of them surrounding a child who was our neighbour (like a pack of  vultures 😛 ). (Hope my school mates still remember that evenig.. It was hell fun man!! 🙂 )  Girls just can’t control themselves.

English : This is a very queer thing which I have noticed but somehow girls tend to use English more often than guys, while talking to a girl you would always feel uncouth and illiterate, Guys can have as good as English as Shakespeare but they will talk to you in desi Hindi, girls on the other hand might be weak in their vocab but they insist on using English for the most common words.. This thing has always puzzled me.. First two are female characteristics and can be explained by very little bit of thought process. The thing is however hard you try english words don’t come that often to your tongue while talking in Hindi but they would be guzzling out english words in the midst of Hindi and these are no high class girls who deem it below their honour to talk in Hindi but they are essentially of ur own “genre”, I don’t know how many people have noticed this but would sure ask you to start noticing it from now on so that I can get some weight for my theory.

Jeeju : Another thing which puzzles me a lot is, the girls will never call the husband of their sister as “Jeejaji” as it is meant to be but each and every girl I have met on the face of earth would refer to (whom we could call Jeejaji) as Jeeju, making me feel as if I am some low class relative of the Jeejaji 😦 . I dont know if there is some girls puran or some rule book which states this but this rule has been tested to perfection by me without finding an exception to date.

Talking freely :
I have delved in this topic in quite a lot of my blog posts that girls dont talk their mind when it comes to things like sex and guys do but one thing which we have to accept is, Indian culture has always treated women in a different way. I have no idea about how many girls watch porn and all but there must be some substantial number but you would be hard pressed to find one. Well again this is not much of a fault of theirs coz people generally will start thinking and talking things about such girls. (Again this was mentioned in Girls-II too )
I wrote about this in the last post too but there I said I havent met any girl who can talk freely but now I must admit that there are a few girls who can talk on subjects like this. Guess much has changed in two years

Well I guess this is it, think 5 points is more than enough and besides I am feeling sleepy

Song of The Day:- I Me Mine from Let It Be by The Beatles

PS1:- Nice series of Articles, Read this guy claiming that Mahabharat took place in the steppes and then this guy refuting him. Do read the comments too if you are interested in History.
PS2:- Pink Floyd were some composers, the music they have made is just out of this world.
PS3:- Btw I am shocked to hear that they are such top sellers and Dark Side of the Moon, one of the best Selling Album ever :O Can never imagine main stream listeners liking their music.
PS4:- Some of the points bear resemblance to the ones in Girls-II but thats because I didnt read that one before writing it and read it just now.
PS5:- It has been almost 2 years for this sequel post of the series to come and I promise to keep adding more to this series as and when I discver more. 🙂
PS6:- First post in this series was all about praising girls, second one, I was registering my complaints, this one is just a neutral view, I dunno what will I do in any sequel if have one in future.

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Kapil “Controversy” Dev

Ye world hai na world, ismein do type ke famous cricketers hote hain, ek jo take retirement before people start asking questions about their retirement and even after their retirement maintain a status and some respectability in cricket fraternity as well as in the minds of the people of their country, you can find varied examples of this type of players but then as I said do type ke log(famous cricketers) hote hain, there is this other class who might have been great stars and one of the most succesful players for their country but continue playing just for the sake of some records and even after retiring wouldnt just sit peacefully or do something respectfully but keep blabbering at places where they shouldn’t and being visible at places where they aren’t expected and howling at each and every opportunity they get.

So now this post is about a Cricketer who belongs to the second category, none other than the Great Indian World Cup winning hero, “Kapil Dev”, nobody in his sane mind would argue the fact that Mr. Kapil Dev Nikhanj was one of the best allrounder in his prime time and is arguably one of the best cricketer India has ever produced ( though I would say unarguably it is none other than Sachin but thats a matter of another strata), So i was coming to the greatness of the great man and as many people know that he was the record holder for maximum wickets until a gentleman by the name of Courtney Walsh grabbed it from him. Thing is I havent seen much of his cricket as he retired in 1994 and I started watching cricket in 1996 but there are some facts about him which don’t the later part of his career in bright light. For one, a fact is he got 250 of those wickets(251 to be exact) in the first five years of his career, that is from 78-83 and he was often accused of playing just to get the record but this is also not the main thing bothering me.

The main point of this post is his life after retirement, he is and will always be respected for his cricketing skills but if there is one man who has excelled in always making a fool out of himself is this particular great. Two images which always come to my mind when I think of Kapil Dev, one if ofcourse the young lad of 24 having a dazzling white smile and holding the Cricket World Cup trophy in his hand and the other is of a middle aged man crying in front of the whole world when questioned about his morality. Come on man you can expect an immature kid like Sreesanth to cry like a baby whose lollipo has been taken away but not a man who is been there, done that types.

But my dear friends, all this was past, the newest controversy which includes him is that supposedly a mural of the guy was removed from the PCA Stadium at Mohali and the day I read about this incident here, I was quite hurt at the supposed behaviour of BCCI, agreed he helped in starting ICL, but he is not a convict for God’s sake and he has his achievements which demanded that the mural which was there shouldnt have been removed from the place. As the news gathered some storm and everybody is getting to know about the fact so here we have Kapil Dev back again in the limelight.

The major tihng which surprises me is that a player of his stature whom everybody knows in this country is ruffled by such a small thing. Somehow he doesnt give you the sense of being a big person, he is still at the level of petty level who keep getting miffed by the actions of these petty people. He as one of the great cricketers of India souldnt have cared two hoots about things like this. He should have continued with his usual life, the way it was going on but he had to go to media had to create a “tamasha” and do everything in his power to make this as big an issue as possible.

One thing I am still not clear is what he wants. Cricinfo says that he just wants his memorabilia back from them which is not such a bad thing but this oucld have been done  in a more dignified manner and without involving the media into this. Another thing which is being shown in the news channels is that he wants the mural to be reinstated, if this is the case then I have no words to say about the greatness of such a person and would just say that rarely you will find such limelight hogging humbugs. Though I am still trying to be on the positive side and believing what is written in Cricinfo and not going with what is being shown in the news. Hope somebody who has TV can clarify what exactly the issue is,

Song of the Day:- I’ve got a feeling and Two of Us from Let It Be by Beatles

PS1:- Listening to Beatles after a long time these days, after a break of almost 3 weeks.
PS2:- And they continue to rock as always..
PS3:- Had a deadline on Wednesday in Microsoft, didnt complete the work 😛
PS4:- Weekend coming.. Oh How I love the weekends, only if this AIMCAT wasnt there to ruin the weekend.. Grrrr!! :X
PS5:- Wishing there was more music by Beatles, hope they hadnt dismantled in 1970 and had continued to make more and more music, but these assholes!! :X

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100 Reasons to cheer being a Guy!!

I usually don’t copy paste things on the blog but some points on this list.. made it worth blogging!! 😀

The top 100 reasons it’s great to be a guy

1. Movie nudity is virtually always female.

2. You know stuff about tanks.

3. A five day vacation requires only one suitcase.

4. Monday Night Football.

5. You don’t have to monitor your friends sex lives.

6. Your bathroom lines are 80% shorter.

7. You can open all your own jars.

8. Old friends don’t give you crap if you’ve lost or gained weight.

9. Dry cleaners and haircutter’s don’t rob you blind.

10. When clicking through the channel, you don’t have to stall on every shot of someone crying. ( 😉 )

11. Your ass is never a factor in a job interview. ( so shitty!! Some female readers will say)

12. All your orgasms are real. (ROFL)

13. A beer gut does not make you invisible to the opposite sex.

14. Guys in hockey masks don’t attack you.

15. You don’t have to lug a bag of useful stuff around everywhere you go. (Seriously thank God for this after seeing all my friends and sisters do this!!)

16. You understand why Stripes is funny.

17. You can go to the bathroom with out a support group. ( Ha Ha )

18. Your last name stays put.

19. You can leave a hotel bed unmade.

20. When your work is criticized, you don’t have to panic that everyone secretly hates you.

21. You can kill your own food.

22. The garage is all yours.

23. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness.

24. You see the humour in Terms of Endearment.

25. Nobody secretly wonders if you swallow.

26. You never have to clean the toilet.

27. You can be showered and ready in 10 minutes.

28. Sex means never worrying about your reputation.

29. Wedding plans take care of themselves.

30. If someone forgets to invite you to something, he or she can still be your friend.

31. Your underwear is $10 for a three pack.

32. The National College Cheerleading Championship

33. None of your co-workers have the power to make you cry.

34. You don’t have to shave below your neck.

35. You don’t have to curl up next to a hairy ass every nite.

36. If you’re 34 and single nobody notices.

37. You can write your own name in the snow.

38. You can get into a nontrivial pissing contest.

39. Everything on your face stays its original colour.

40. Chocolate is just another snack.

41. You can be president.

42. You can quietly enjoy a car ride from the passenger seat.

43. Flowers fix everything.

44. You never have to worry about other people’s feelings.

45. You get to think about sex 90% of your waking hours. ( 😛 😀 😉 )

46. You can wear a white shirt to a water park.

47. Three pair of shoes are more than enough.

48. You can eat a banana in a hardware store.

49. You can say anything and not worry about what people think.

50. Foreplay is optional.

51. Michael Bolton doesn’t live in your universe.

52. Nobody stops telling a good dirty joke when you walk into the room.

53. You can whip your shirt off on a hot day.

54. You don’t have to clean your apartment if the meter reader is coming by.

55. You never feel compelled to stop a pal from getting laid.

56. Car mechanics tell you the truth.

57. You don’t give a rat’s ass if someone notices your new haircut.

58. You can watch a game in silence with you buddy for hours without even thinking (He must be mad at me)

59. The world is your urinal. (LOL!!)

60. You never misconstrue innocuous statements to mean your lover is about to leave you.

61. You get to jump up and slap stuff.

62. Hot wax never comes near your pubic area.

63. One mood, all the time.

64. You can admire Clint Eastwood without starving yourself to look like him.

65. You never have to drive to another gas station because this one’s just too skeevy.

66. You know at least 20 ways to open a beer bottle.

67. You can sit with your knees apart no matter what you are wearing. (Sharon stone would dare disagree)

68. Same work….more pay.

69. Gray hair and wrinkles add character.

70. You don’t have to leave the room to make an emergency crotch adjustment.

71. Wedding Dress $2000; Tux rental $100.

72. You don’t care if someone is talking about you behind your back.

73. With 400 million sperm per shot, you could double the earth’s population in 15 tries, at least in theory.

74. You don’t mooch off others’ desserts.

75. If you retain water, it’s in a canteen.

76. The remote is yours and yours alone. (Not so obvious with these Saas-bahu shows running these days)

77. People never glance at your chest when you’re talking to them. (What else can I say except 😛 )

78. ESPN’s sports center.

79. You can drop by to see a friend without bringing a little gift.

80. Bachelor parties whomp ass over bridal showers. (Atleast the types they show in Hollywood movies..)

81. You have a normal and healthy relationship with your mother.

82. You can buy condoms without the shopkeeper imagining you naked.

83. You needn’t pretend you’re “freshening up” to go to the bathroom. ( 😀 )

84. If you don’t call your buddy when you say you will, he won’t tell you friends you’ve changed.

85. Someday you’ll be a dirty old man.

86. You can rationalize any behaviour with the handy phrase “F*#k it!”

87. If an other guy shows up at the party in the same outfit, you might become lifelong buddies.

88. Princess Di’s death was almost just another obituary.

89. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected.

90. You never have to miss a sexual opportunity because you’re not in the mood.

91. You think the idea of punting a small dog is funny.

92. If something mechanical didn’t work, you can bash it with a hammer and throw it across the room.

93. New shoes don’t cut, blister, or mangle your feet.

94. Porn movies are designed with your mind in mind. (One of the biggest benefits)

95. You don’t have to remember everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries.

96. Not liking a person does not preclude having great sex with them.

97. Your pals can be trusted never to trap you with: “So…notice anything different?”

98. Baywatch

99. There is always a game on somewhere.

100. Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat.

Song of the Day :- Wouldn’t it be nice by The Beach Boys

PS1:- Had fun writing the last two posts and seeing the reactions of ppl after the second one
PS2:- Completed one month in Microsoft will write a post about this most probably this weekend
PS3:- The weather is awesome.. Hyd weather just roxx… Winters me its so kam thanda and in summers… the weather becomes pleasant by June.. All you ppl in North India, you can be jealous of us.
PS4:- My 2nd post from LiveWriter, unfortunately one feature I didn’t find here is changing the text colour.
PS5:- If somebody knows how to build at a lower warning level then please tell me.
PS6:- All of these points are taken from here

Love at First Sight – II

Contd from here…

It sure was love at first sight, I have never felt the same for any girl. The first time I looked at her. It was something special; it was like the metaphorical bells were really ringing for me. It was one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever had for somebody just at the first glance, looking her for the first time I could have felt the blood rushing and gushing into my heart and the thumping of my heart could have deafened me. If ever there ever was an angel for me in this world, it couldn’t have been any one else. If girls have their knight in shining armour for whom they wait for ages, then the girl in front was my princess in Golden Dress, the one who could complete all my love stories…..

After losing her once, I couldn’t let this happen again and I started running towards her mustering all the strength and adrenaline bursts I could.

I reached out and tapped gently on her shoulder, she turned her head with a gentle swish of her beautiful hair and at that instant none of us needed say any word. I just looked into her eyes and could see the feelings replicated in her eyes. Her eyes spoke the volumes which our combined voices wouldn’t have spoken in our years of existence in this world.

The magical marquee was lifted when I realised the fact that people of my team (Microsoft) were looking at us and whispering among themselves. After waking up from this combined dream we found ourselves being stared by a plethora of people. Without any utterance of syllables from any of the lips, the line of thought was conveyed that the place wasn’t right to get lost in the dreamy world of love so we decided to make a quick escape. Few quite moments of walking in hurried pace, I realized that I hadn’t even spoken to her and didn’t even know her name. I tried to pop up the question but my throat was too dry to speak out, finding me looking at her, she did the favour herself by saying the name in the most magical voice I had ever heard…(Well ok, it wasnt the most magical voice but at that time it felt something special)

Just at that moment, her father came, from I don’t know where and she started going with him . Perhaps it was the adrenaline which was still pumping in my body or may be it was the effect of love, but whatever it was, it wasnt one of the wisest decision on my part to ask her father if she could be with me for some time while they were there at the place and she could go with him when they were leaving. Not the wisest of actions to take at any time but the good samaritan Cupid seemed to be wroking overtime for my sake as the man instead of cursing me like hell (which was to be expected), just smiled at me. I am pretty sure that Cupid was working overtime here. First you have such an encounter and then the father of the girl smiles at you at such a preposterous proposition. This can’t ever happen without blessings from above, and I was having abundance of them.

Most of the things after this passed in a daze with details being of negligible interest to me or her. The only thing I seem to remember is the fact that we came to a fridge (the ones which are kept in MS and are stacked with cold drinks) and I had a bottle of Maaza while talking nothing specific as such with none of us having any thing to about with both being completely ignorant of each other except the name part and the looks department.

This is all what I can remember before my eyes opened and I found myself sleeping in a bed at Lahari Resort… Ya this was a dream after all… How can such things be real, but I am not giving it up yet. She was an unknown and she sprang up in my dream from nowhere and the main thing being her face was all clear not blurry as it generally happens in dreams, the face which most unfortunately I dont remember much now. For the first time in my life, on that morning I regretted the fact that I wasnt a good sketcher, if I were, I could have etched that face which was still fresh in my mind that time, but now I am left with no other option but to remember her pink top… 😦

I for one am taking this as a signal from God that something is gonna happen (ain’t that ever optimistic!!), just kidding!! But one thing which has happened after this dream is that now I can’t outrightly reject the notion of “Love at First Sight” coz even though it happened in a dream but I really felt something special which might happen in 1 out of million cases and I am lucky to experience this feeling (doesnt matter even if it was in dream but I will cherish it).

PS1:- Kunal now you know why it was tagged Dream, You are the only one who acknowledged the fact.
PS2:- If ppl had read that comment I left on my previous post, then this wouldnt have been such a mystery.
PS3:- Wanted to stop the post this time when her father come but would have been myself bored with continuing same thing 3 times, I dunno how people write shows.
PS4:- I will call this experience as “Pseudo” Love at First Sight. 🙂

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Love at First Sight

One of the most used phrases in the history of mankind. Many a times, in the movies, we see the characters of the movies falling for each other, the first time they see each other and afterwards the life for them is just a joy ride. I never could believe in love at first sight, how preposterous can it be to fall in love without, leave apart knowing, talking to each other.

But suddenly the idea doesn’t seem that weird now, after what happened yest… It sure was love at first sight, I have never felt the same for any girl. The first time I looked at her. It was something special; it was like the metaphorical bells were really ringing for me. It was one of the most beautiful feelings I have ever had for somebody just at the first glance, looking her for the first time I could have felt the blood rushing and gushing into my heart and the thumping of my heart could have deafened me. If ever there ever was an angel for me in this world, it couldn’t have been any one else. If girls have their knight in shining armour for whom they wait for ages, then the girl in front was my princess in Golden Dress, the one who could complete all my love stories.

I could also see her smiling back at me and if ever there was a time when I wished for the Gods to descend upon the earth and stop the sun from moving and the clocks from ticking then there couldn’t have been any other, but this was not to be, she passed away in a whiff leaving me wretched and heart-broken while me being too dumbfounded to even move a sinew couldn’t go and stop her.

But Gods can’t be so cruel to you if the matters are so grave and after running here and there frantically looking for traces of her and trying to smell the air of her presence, I finally found her looking here and there as if searching for something or somebody she had lost. The butterflies in my stomach had turned into giant mammoths by now and I was feeling as if instead of the cool air rushing from the A.C., it was the inside of a kiln I was standing in with my body feeling as if a fever raging inside me was trying to burn me like the fires of hell. After losing her once, I couldn’t let this happen again and I started running towards her mustering all the strength and adrenaline bursts I could.


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Chronicles of a PJ Queen

Inspired by the posts of Jayaram, I decided to add my share to the wealth of PJs on net. I am not much of a PJ guru but these are the PJs of a friend of mine of the PJ Queen fame.

So here I present the PJs. Well lets call her M from now on to save a few extra characters I have to type for referring to her as “A friend of mine” or “Meghna” (which happens to be her name)

So the first one :

One day M sees a friend of her wearing Puma socks and starts chiding her for wearing things which belong to others, the friend of her stumped by the reactions begged her for an explanation and after much pleading and naak-ghisai, she got to know the reason for the statement and the reason was simple.

She was wearing the socks of “Pu” ki “ma”, If you didn’t get it then I guess you can refer to a certain movie called K3G

Now the second one

Its a definition which you might not have heard yet.. 🙂 but for sure you are gonna remember this one.. 😛

So one day, the high and mighty the Queen M decides to talk to this poor fellow and asks a question, the question was

“Poetry ki maa ka nam kya hai?”

Left with no answer and no option but to ask her forgiveness for being such a bad person, so that I can be spared her PJs. I did so and finally got to know the answer and the answer is

Raima Sen….

If you are still wondering how this is possible, then, my friends

It is Rhyme-maa Sen… Hope this makes it more clear. 🙂


Song of the Day :- For the umpteenth time, American Pie by Don McLean , this 8:30 minute long has been played more than 450 times by me.. 🙂 Goes to say something about how much I like this song.

PS1:- Came back to campus at 9:30 today.. Quiiiite early by our standards
PS2:- Would have liked to publish this post again from Live Writer but alas I am at home and too lazy to install Live Writer on my system now.
PS3:- A.R. Rehman is the master, his music can’t ever be even average, it always has to be atleast good and maximum chances of it being stupendous. Once again the music of Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na (Hope the no of “.” after Tu are correct) is great!!
PS4:- Must be posting 2 posts in 2 days after a long time.
PS5:- When am I gonna get my stipend :(( I want money Honey!! Hope sumbdy listens to this plea.

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Failures of IPL

Many people have written about IPL, the success stories of IPL and the players who are going to shine in the near future so here I am with the players who promised the moon in the starting but couldn’t even start take a leap.

Shahid Afridi :- A man tailor made for the shortest format of the game, Man of the Series in T20 World Cup, with 81 runs in the tournament with a highest of 33, he can be dubbed as the biggest failure coz there is so much you expect from Afridi in a T20 tournament but he didnt only fail.. He failed miserably.

Misbah Ul-Haq :- The real star for Pakistan in the T20 WC, he bailed out the team from so many difficult situations and almost won the WC for them (except for that shot!! Yayyy!! 😀 ) but in IPL, only famous player in Bangalore line up who is not a Test-Specialist in the Test Team and all he could muster was a measly 117 runs at 16.71 even tailenders of some teams must have score more than him..

Ishant Sharma :- The 19 year old lad who captured the imagination of Cricketing Fraternity by troubling the Australian batsmen no end but with just 7 wickets in 13 matches in India, he couldn’t justify even half of the price for which was paid for him. We need somebody like Srinath, who could succeed even on the dull and lifeless pitches of India.

Muttiah Muralitharan :- Few people know better the art of taking wickets than this guy with almost 1200 International Wickets but all he could manage was 11 wickets at an avg of 36.72, even Joginder Sharma had a better avg than him. Not the sort of stuff you would expect from him, I was expecting atleast in the final, he would do something but alas!! 😦

Chaminda Vaas :- One of the most experienced bowler on the circuit and Deccan would have expected much more from him, I dunno why he only played only 5 matches, was it because of some injury scare or may be his performance forced the captain to decide on his exclusion, I think the 2nd one coz didnt hear any news about him being injured but 5 wickets at an avg of 29 n economy rate of 8.52 don’t augur well for a player like him.

Harbhajan Singh :- Can’t say much about his performance coz he only got to play 3 matches but the “Slapgate” won’t be forgotten for long and he also provided opportunity for the Australians to open their mouths against him. He was a major shame to Cricket and specially to the reputation of Indian Cricket.

Others :

Jacques Kallis -: Nobody expected much from a player who was blamed for playing slow even in ODI WC, but even then an avg of 18.09 is pathetic for a batsman his class.

Shoaib Malik -: I surely expected more from the Pakistan captain, 2 wickets and 52 runs to his credit surely don’t justify his talent..

Ricky Ponting-:Can be given the benefit of doubt coz he just got to play only 4 matches but there were 2 ducks out of those 4 innings.

Virat Kohli -: After showing such promise in U19 WC, he couldnt cope up with the real men.

Scott Styris-: 112 runs from 8 matches just don’t suit his reputation.

Shoaib Akhtar-: came to the team after such a ruckus and fizzled after the first match mayhem.

Dilhara Fernando -: The villian of the IPL for me for the last over he bowled in the match against Rajasthan.

Mohd. Kaif -: The only player from Rajasthan in the list, i thought he played okay but to my surprise, he only had an average of only 16 in 16 matches he played. He perhaps fumbled up the last chance to get a birth in ODI team again.

Lasith Malinga -: I dunno why the slinger didnt get any match to play?? :O

Song of the Day:- Pappu Can’t Dance from Jaane tu Ya Jaane Na

PS1:- My first post from Microsoft and also my first post written on Live Writer.
PS2:- Finally so my first coloured movie (on my laptop) after such a long time, saw “Murder on The orient Express”, which is also quite old, from 70s 😛
PS3:- Strangely enough almost no comments on my last post, 2 comments which are there also came after seeing my status!!
PS4:- Bas itna hi!!!
PS5:- 5th PS, just for the heck of it.. Just to make the no 5.
PS6:- Btw Live Writer is quite good!! 🙂 Should have started using it before, you can even add the categories while posting(which I did) and also link to previous posts without copying the address from your blog, I am impressed, the only thing is, you can 🙂
PS7:- Interesting thing.. of the first six, I have 2 Indians, 2 Pakistanis & 2 SriLankans.. All asians 😛