Country & Government

Sushant, a friend of mine recently wrote a post about anarchism and a lot of other things, after reading it, a conversation ensued between us and there arose the issue of “Country” the definition of it.

Made me ponder!! How do you define country? Why do you call a country your own?? What is the boundary of a country??

Answer to the second question is very simple, the place where you are born is generally the country (or you can also call it mother land or ‘matra bhumi’ for us Indians), sometimes people move to different countries and take the citizenship of that place, pretty simple procedure, live in the place for sometime pass some tests and tada.. You are a citizen of the new country, but does it make that country yours. Is it so easy to lose your association with a place which you have been calling yours for so many years, proudly proclaiming it as your mother land.

Another question which arose in the discussion was that of patriotism. Is patriotism directed towards a government or a ruler or towards the Country? Common answer will sure be country who ever gives a hell to the government and my answer was the same and is still the same according to me country is the basic thing which is the entity while Govt is the rulers which are entitled the responsibility to maintain the good will of people living in that particular region which is the country, but he had another view….

According to him, Country is just the region where your Govt rules and nothing more, you certainly can’t deny this line of thought too. After all how is the boundary of a nation decided, it is never decided on the basis of a landscape or the people, it is the area which is under the rule of the Govt of that particular place (Or is it vice-versa?? I am certainly in a soup here, not able to decide). To, this I have a counter argument, we have Govt at every level in a country but the area under each level of Govt is not called a country so why should the definition of a country be defined by the ruler but where ever it is a country the ruling body is the Govt however small or big the country might be.

Here we can have two terms as Wikipedia describes them, a state and a nation, perhaps the two definitions which we have been using satisfy different entities, State is a political entity in which case I guess a state is defined by the Govt and will satisfy the definition provided by my friend while Nation is a cultural entity and in this case I think my definition applies to a nation in which Country is the defining unit and the Govt comes after it.

So I think here the main issue is that which under which category does a “Country” fall… Is it a State or is it a Nation??? If you can give an answer to this then the answer to the above question is also the same, though I don’t think this is simple, whatever points you give in support of one option, the other can come up with some counter points to the same.

Song of the Day – : There are places I remember (Beatles)

PS1:- Cary Grant is the baaap of comedy… You gotta see his movies like His Girl Friday, Bringing Up Baby and The Awful Truth to see how comedy can be induced without being slapstick!!
PS2:- “Wonder Years” gotta write a post on this show… How can they play with emotions so easily, each episode of the show reminds you of something of your childhood
PS3:- Alas I couldn’t reach 10 posts this month, which is my highest ever for a single month and have achieved it three times till now.
PS4:- Have 3 projects to work on and I am doing nothing save writing these posts and lamenting here.
PS5:- For reasons unknown to me, I start to feel sleepy at about 12 or 1 and this is very very early for me. Guess I will sleep now and its only 1:35 now!!
PS6:- To my own admission I havn’t gone into details of all the things but these are some of the thoughts which came to my mind and just started jotting them down.

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Languid list..

Jawahar Lal Nehru once said “Aaram Haram hai” and many more people must have said a million bad things about laziness but I think there is no more pleasurable thing then being pure lazy, there is nothing better than the leisure of laziness. The comfort, pleasure and satisfaction you get by being just pure lazy and postponing your work is second to none.

So here is a list of things which I would like to change in my life to satisfy my laziness…

1) I want a bike – Its such a pain in ass going to classes 6 times a week walking about a km. It wud be cool to start a bike and reach main building

2) Location of water cooler – I think its position should keep changing in front of all the wings for some time.. Why shud guys from 2 wings have the comfort of having it nearest to their wing

3) OBH location – OBH should be shifted near the main gate.. Its so tiring coming after having a sutt and then having to walk all the way to end of IIIT to reach OBH and then climb stairs for two floors to reach my room.

4) CAT coaching – We should have preferred CL over TIME coz it was ready to provide coaching in Indira Nagar instead of bloody Mehdipatnam where we have to go now, where btw I don’t go kaun uthe sala itni subah 😦 .

5) Attached Bathroom – Why the hell do girls of IIIT have attached bathrooms in their hostels and we guys have to walk so much to use the basic facility. 😦 We should also have attached bathrooms.

Song of The Day :- The times they are A-changing by Bob Dylan

PS1:- Most people won’t know but Bob Dylan has been nominated many times for Noble proze in literature
PS2:- Started watching Wonder Years.. Its WONDERFULLLLLL
PS3:- Indian colts doing quite well in Under 19, Cricket World Cup.. They need 206 to reach the finals.. Go India go..
PS4:- One interesting thing in this world cup is that the group leaders were all Asian Teams viz India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and rather surprisingly Bangladesh, dunno what happens at senior level
PS5:- Water cooler of new OBHEB near our wing started working.. Wish 2 fulfilled to an extent… 🙂 Guess somebody up there is listening to me.

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Places I would love to Visit!!

For a long long time, I have been thinking of writing this post and since I am on a post writing spree these days so I thought what better time to write this post. I think everybody has the fascination of going to new countries and being places where they havent ever been, so here I am with a list of few places which I would like to visit given I have enough money and time to be there and enjoy.
So here I am with the list..

Going in alphabetic order.

1) Germany :- My obsession with this country starts with none other than Hiter. Since then I have always loved this country so much that if I were to ask the name of the country I would want to live in except India then my answer would sure be Germany. I have no specific reasons to like Germany, I know no famous person from the country. I don’t know of any scenic place I would like to visit if I go there. But sometimes you don’t have reasons, you just like something and this is one of them. One thing about Germany which I have heard is the “Beer Festival” would sure love to be there once.

2) Japan :- Now here is one place for which I have a reason I can say for liking it. I have heard so many stories about the technological advancement of the country. I wanna see how technically advanced the people are, I wanna experience the power of Japanese technology first hand. Have heard the stories of platforms which move with the train and all such insane stuff so just wanna see it for my eyes. Btw have heard that the place is damn expensive so wouldnt want to live there much, but ya would like to be there once.

3) Venice :- This place just seems to be so different from the rest of the world, a place where gondoal and not cars is the mode of transposrt. Would love to spend a romantic event on the waters sitting in a boat with my beloved. Whenever I think of Venice the image of Amitabh Bachhan & Zeenat Aman (i guess) from the song “Do Lafzon ki hai Dil ki kahani ” from the film Great Gambler flash before my eyes. It looks such a romantic setting, a guy rowing the boat and you sitting there.

4) Paris :- Romance capital of the World, never got any feeling about it but have heard so much about the place so I guess it sure could be worth a try.. Don’t u thinK???


4) South America :- With the rich culture and the hot ladies,this portion of earth also attracts me a lot.. Would sure love to witness the Rio Carinval… 😛

Places which are generally in the list of people but I don’t care much about visiting

1) Switzerland :- The place supposed to be one of the most beautiful on the face of earth and blah blah.. But all these things and descriptions have never attracted me, I guess we have enough scenic beauty in our own mother land to go searching for it any other place.
गर फिर्दौसे बरुए ज़मीनस तो हमीनस तो हमीनस तो हमीनस
(If there is heaven any where on earth, then it is here), these lines about Kashmir which always come to my mind when I think of Switzerland and its beauty. I myself have lived in hilly area enough to be attracted to such beauty..

2) USA – “THE” destination in the world, but somehow the feeling I get of US is very crude. I can never think of it as being culturally rich and pleasing to heart and soul. Mention of US and the things which strike me are “Money”, “War”. A dream destination for study and all but would not be much interested in going there in a holiday.

Song of the Day:- My Back Pages (Beatles)

PS1:- This baby is now 150 posts old .. So comment people comment and make this post memorable for me…Please, its a request… 🙂
PS2:- For the first time in this sem, seems like Acads is also something I have to work for.
PS3:- Its getting hot in Hyderabad and this is only late Feb.. 😦
PS4:- I have got my SE presentation on Monday, I have my BTP work, 2 course projects and am thinking to start studying for MS interview and I am busy writing posts daily.
PS5:- Procrastination roxxx..
PS6:- Roadies 5.0 :O What the hell man?? Do such girls exist in India?? Btw Raghu roxx… He is harsh but thoroughly entertaining..
PS7:- My room is a mess.. Its the dirtiest its ever been and Maroo comes to my room and says it’s not that bad man.. Its all relative 😛
PS8:- People thank me for providing you with stuff to overcome your boredom. A post a day keeps your boredom away.
PS9:- Wanna write a pot flaming some particular person, the type which some people of our batch write, there are a few candidates too.. *evil grin*

Edit: PS10:- I dunno what the hell is the problem with wordpress.. It doesnt keep newline after my PSes.. 😦

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Beatles – Titles

A thought just crossed my mind to categorise Beatles song according to their title and this list seems quite interesting.. So here I have a few categories. Don’t think this will interest general people but Beatles fan might like this list..:)


Hey Jude
Lovely Rita
Lady Madonna
Uncle Albert
Mr. Moonlight
Doctor Robert
Eleanor Rigby
Mrs. Robinson (Cover)
Johnny Be Goode (Cover)
Paperback Writer
Long Tall Sally
Mean Mr. Mustard
Please Mr.Postman
Roll Over Beethoven
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
The continuing stry of Bungalow Bill
Seargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band


Penny Lane
Back in USSR
Norweigan Woods
Strawberry Fields
Across the Universe
The Sheikh Of Arabia


Rocky Racccoon
Octopus garden
And your bird is gone
Everybody’s got something to hide except for me & my monkey

Inanimate things

Mr. Moonlight
Yellow Submarine
Watching Rainbows
Good Day Sunshine
Here Comes the Sun
Love Potion Number 9
Maxwell Silver Hammer
Baby you can drive my Car
She’s got a ticket to ride
While my Guitar gently weeps

Me, I & We

I’ll be back
I’m so tired
You know my name
I’m only sleeping
I want to tell you
When I’m Sixty Four
I wanna hold your hand
I got my mind set on you
I saw her standing there
Take good care of my Baby
If i fell in love with you
While My Guitar gently weeps
Imagine(May be I’m a dreamer)
Why don’t we do IT in the road
I get by with a little help from my friends
Everybody’s got something to hide except for me & my monkey

Don’t tell me I am obsessed with them… My status message “Beatles… GIft of God to Mankind!! Thank you guys for the awesomest music..” bears testimony to the fact. My stats show this and my Media player stats show it… I hav a total play count of 29,430 out of which 8,150 is Beatles. There are 5 Beatles song I have listened to more than 300 times and 10 above 200.. Didnt count above 100 ones. Am just addicted to them and to think of it. I started listening to Beatles in summers last year and then also i used to listen to only 4-5 songs of them and the stats for other songs are from Dec ’06 . They have captivated my mind…

Song of the Day :- Blackbird by (ofcourse) Beatles (Actually wish could have put my complete playlist.. :P)

PS1:- Had a batch meet today.. awesome 1 hour of fultoo BC
PS2:- Wrote anothe post today.. Will ublish it in a few days.. Am overflowing with ideas these days.
PS3:- My sis left and my best friend busy.. Have got used to these two being in Hyderabad and available to me.
PS4:- Don’t blast me if you find this post pretty boring this is just a dedication to THE BEATLES…
PS5:- It’s becoming tought to write 5 PSes these days. But somehow I manage in the end.. 😀

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Childhood & Cribbing

A friend of mine has a status message on gtalk …“when u r a little kid u r a little bit of evth…artist,scientist,athlete,scholar. sometimes it feels like growing up is a process of giving all those things up one by one. i think we all have one thing that we regret giving up,one thing we miss that we gave up coz we were too lazy, we cudnt stick it up or coz we were afraid”.
Very beautiful indeed. He told me these lines were from the tv show Wonder Years!! (one more reason to watch WOnder Years but damn nobody has it in our college.. 😦 ).. Well coming to the point of childhood.. Each and everywhere childhood is glorified as something which is above all…
Agreed nothing in this world can match the pure simplicity of a child and his smile but constant cribbing about childhood (mind you I do it on many occassions). We all keep cribbing and wanting to be children many times but to what extent is this correct!!! Were we all happy and gay when we were children ?? Didnt we use to yearn for the freedom and the respect a grown up gets. As children we didnt have all these tensions and crisis we encounter now but somehow the life at this stage is also enjoyable. Why dont we see the half full side of life and enjoy the benefits of our age instead of complaining for ever for the lack of innocence.
Why do we human beings always have to be complaining?? Why is it basic human nature to be nevr satisfied with what you’ve got??
Don’t expect me to defend anything and you are more than welcome to flame me. I wont mind.. I myself keep wanting to be a child again.. but I am just pissed off with this tendency of ours of remembring happy memories of past and trying to be that again. We never recount the sad and terrible things which happend back then and just keep blaming our past. When we are in school we always keep thinking of the times when we were toddlers and had no tensions of studies or anything.
We just keep cribbing.

Song of the day – Another one bites the dust (Queen)

PS1:- Am changing my gtalk status quite a lot these days.. 😛
PS2:- Am bored… outing anyone??? 😦
PS3:- How do you react when your younger sis who was born b4 ur very eyes comes and tell you about her V-Day escapades :S I am confused.. 🙂
PS4:- This must be one of my shortest posts
PS5:- Another post in the queue… Guess I am back to form
PS6:- Dhoni and even the big monkey(Symonds :P) will get more than Sachin in IPL.. Can it be any more strange????

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A – Z tag!!

Ankit Garg tagged me before Felicity and since I have always loved Tag Posts.. so “Here I am, this is me.. there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be” ok move on Bryan Adams… 🙂

A – Age : 20 (will be 21 and marriage material in 2 months)

B – Band listening to right now: U2 (for the first time i listened to U2 and have been listening the song With or without for a few hours now)

C – Career : No idea where it is going…

D – Drink or Smoke : Mummy ne padh liya to.. Isliye no comments.. 😛

E – Easiest Friends to talk to : Ankita

F – Funniest Moments of Your life : Many of them.. My life has been a tale of jokes.. Can’t write any one (Main baat hai koi yaad hi nahin aa raha abhi.. 😛 )

G – Gummy bears or gummy worms : Gummy bears… Brings back memories of childhood when I used to watch this series on Disney Hour

H – Have a boyfriend/girlfriend : Girlfriend -> No but looking for one…
                                                  Boyfriend -> Not my interest

I – In Love : Yes… Hmmmmm!!!!

J – Junk Food you like : Pizzzzzzzaaaaaaaaa….

K – Kids : Love them but not interested in having mine yet..

L – Longest ride ever : By Train – >Dehradun to hyd(distance and time wise).. which I undertake twice or thrice a year.. :X
                                      By Car -> Uttarkashi to Agra in 16 straight hours.. Check out the maps to see how far they are.. If you dont have any idea of the names…

M – Man/Woman you love the most : Can’t disclose

N – Name for your kids : Boy – Hitler, Girl – ??? (socha nahin.. )

O – One wish you have now : One is very less…  I want more.. Waise have one in mind.. but main nahin bataunga.. 😛

P – Phobias : Closed Spaces.. Now i am not gonna look for its name…. sum claustrophobia i guess.. pardon me if i am wrong..

Q – Quote(favourite) : “No one dies Virgin, Life fucks us all”
                                   “Mr Chamberlain takes weekend in Country, I will take countries in weekends” – Adlf Hitler

R – Reasons to smile : Many.. You can always find me laughing… thats why this blog was once named.. The Ever smiling

S – Sleeping hours : 4 – 9:30 AM & 2 – 5 or 6 or7 PM

T- Time you woke up : 5:50 PM

U – Unknown fact about you : There is nothing in my life which only I know of… I just keep telling things to people…

V – Vegetable you hate : Lauki, torai, tinde, karele

W – Worst Habit : Laziness, Carelessness, Casual attitude, Constant blabbering, Passing comments, Nail biting …. many of them, you say it n I have it

X – X-rays you’ve had : Head, Chest

Y – Yummy Food : Maggi, Aloo ke paranthe, Namkeen Senwai, Pizza

Z – Zodiac Sign : Tauras

I tag….

Utkarsh, Kunal, Rakesh – Nevr met you ppl but known you through your blogs so wud like to know more

Mythalez – This would make it 2 tag posts in succession for you..

Kritika – If you read my blog.Hope you will make your blog public someday…I always forget the link…

Kharkwal   Something to post on for u and it better be sumthing mortals like me can understand

Pagare, Deepti – Come on guys come back to the blogosphere.. It is waiting for you…

Guess have tagged a lot of them now….

Song of The Day – With or without you by U2
          & Chhup Chhup ke from Bunty aur Babli

PS1:- Saw the Beatles Movie  “A Hard Day’s Night” Thanx wulfor for downloading it… They are just freaking awesome
PS2:- This is why I love tag posts.. Get over in a jiffy
PS3:- I just wish atleast some of the ppl I have tagged do post sumthing
PS4:- I have 2 exams on wednesday and here i am busy writing a post at 5 am tuesday morning after watching the Beatles movie..
PS5:- I got to get 5 PSes and I got them with this one.. 🙂

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Felicity – The Moment!!

Reading Pankaj’s blog gave me the inspiration to write an account of my last few moments of Felicity’08… So here i am with my two bits…

One bad thing with being M’n’M organiser is that you are the organiser of the last event and you have to remain focussed until the last moment. I can still remember the feeling of freedom rising in me with every passing round. I couldnt just wait more for it to finish. It was the culmination of months of hard work, planning, preparation… We had to show it to the world in these 3 days that we had it in us to do it and finally we managed to convince the world that it was worth its billing.

As soon as the prize distribution was over, I handed over the judges to Pankaj and then Maroo asked me to sign the certificates, this was the final work which I had to do. I signed them and handed them over to the winners and gave the remaining ones to guys at help desk, then I sprinted back to the place where we had all the action. I ran there colliding with I dunno how many people but couldnt see anything except the mass of people standing there and celebrating. Once i reached there, Maroo hugged me and I just didnt have the strength to stand and fell on him and was standing on his support for some time until I had the strength to come back to my senses and stood up on my feet. I just didnt feel like gyrating to the tunes of the DJ and just wanted to meet all my friends,all of us who “DID IT”. I was running all around the ground like a mad man hugging each and evry person in sight. I dont even remember who all I met.. I just knew that this was the only thing I could have done at the moment.
All this hugging over, I went to the place where all the guys were dancing to the tunes of DJ but wasnt feeling like but did it coz all of my friends were there. we danced our hearts out and sprayed cold drink and water over each other. It was just as if we were possesed by some thing which gave us strength to dance so enthusiastically after working our asses off for the fest.
But the moment of the night came some time later when the DJ decided to play the tune of Friendhsip “Yaaron”… Some of us were near the sound console and as soon as the song started playing.. We made a circle and started swaying to it.. Some time later i dunno who but a guy came to the centre and then all the rest started jumping on each other (agreed this was wild!! but who cares we just wanted to express our freedom).. Finally we all made a circle and with arms on the shoulders of others and the circle just kept growing.. Finally to our amazement some girls also decided to join the circle.. it was quite shocking for me to see girls of our batch placing hand on the shoulder of a guy and vice versa… and then finally they left(who cared at that time.. We were too busy in the enjoyment to take notice of any such thing!!!) and the song kept playing and we just kept moving in the circle.
It sure was the moment of Felicity for me…
All the commaradarie, friendship and support which made felicity a success was shown finally to evrybody.. Just went on to show how close knit our batch is… Evryone a near and dear friend who helped each other out and was a beacon of strength and support when the other was in dumps…
Three cheers to UG2k5 and to our Friendship!!!

Felicity is one memory which I wont be able to forget my whole life!!

Song of the Day:- Crazy little thing called Love (Queen)

PS1:- Started writing this post on 12th.. Finally finished today.. I think would have written a much better one then… 😦
PS2:- Mid sems starting for ppl tom.. Me.. Only 2 exams on wed.. in 4 hours duration
PS3:- Went to MS intern Exam today.. I hope it went ok!! 25k ka sawal hai yaar..
PS4:- Was out of campus for 14 hours today…. 🙂
PS5:- Can’t Help Falling in Love.. What a song by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.. Elvis!! He roxxx!!!
PS5.1 :- 5 PSes ho gaye kaam khatm!! 😛

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Felicity 08.. Its Here!!!

Finally Felicity ’08 is here and its here in a rocking style and set to rick your world to the core. Finally after months of planning, hard work, disagreements and arguements, we are presenting to you
Felicity ’08 — Celebration in its entirety.

Already ripples have been created in the ocean with Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Enadu publishing articles about Felicity.. Gemini Tv, Maa TV and TV 9 have covered a rally as which was a part of the Felicity with interviews of IIIT guys coming on TV.

We have one of the biggest Politician of India, Mr. Sitaram Yechuri coming to give a talk. Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant is also coming to give a talk, Mrs. Karuna Gopal, one of the Lead India finalists is also going to be here and special mention for all the people active in the blogosphere, Mrs. Rashmi Bansal of youthcurrry fame will also be here. She is alo the editor of famous youth magazine, JAM.

Coming to Cultural, we have Indian Ocean coming and performing (that too with free entry unlike some others.. :P). We also have the most famous Rock Band in Hyderabad, Sledge coming and performing in one of the most famous Rock Shows in Hyderabad city.

We have a plethora of events to satisfy the need and talents of each and every person. Ranging from the Most famous talent and personality show in Hyderabad “Mr & Miss Felicity , we have the Dance event with the most participants Danca(Western Solo), Grupentanz(Western Group) & Nrytaka(Classical), We have two-2- tango a hugely popular event last year, Of course the music buffs need not be disappointed.. We have Raaga, the singing competitions, and obviously the most popular game “Antakshari” can’t be missed when you are organising a fest, Instrumental talents are also welcome to display their talent and be called virtuosos in their fields. Radio Mirchi is also associated with a RJing event… Radio Ka Badshah!!!

By now you must be thinking that this is a blog and there is nothing about Literary events, SO here it comes. We have it all here, Ranging from Creative Writing (you bloggers can score sum gud points here), JAM, Group Discussion(CAT aspirants take note!! No better place to hone your skills), DumbC, Whats the Good Word to Ship Wreck.Quiz buffs also have their maal here.. With the reputed Felicity Quiz and also Catch the Clip being organised to satisfy their hunger.

The people with “Drawing ka kida” and lots of imagination and innovation can find their heaven in Kalakshetra we have events from the usual painting and sketching to the more Hip events like Graffitti, Tattoo Making & T-Shirt Sketching and the traditional Rangoli Making to the child’s play for adults,CLAYtivity where you can satisfy all your urges of playing with clay without being scolded by mom.

For all the geeks who were bored by these Events, We have already conducted Hugely successful Code Craft with participation from 59 countries on the last count. Mathematika, an event organised first time in Felicity got particpants from 56 countries. Events like Equity Pulse, Kode Konundrums and Cache In got more than 1000 participants.
But, but, but my friends dont be disappointed that these events have been conducted… We still have got Quick and the Dead, Debug the CBug , Java Jargon for all the coding enthusiats, We have very interesting events being conducted by Microsoft & CA. Adding to the list of heavy weights, Google is also here with Spin the Web. For the gaming enthusiasts, we also have Sculpt , the game design competition.

And ofcourse, we have Zombie Zone, the biggest gaming event in Hyderabad with games like Counter Strike (CS), FIFA, Need For Speed (NFS) Carbon and Warcraft 3:DotA….

And of course  no celebration is complete without a DJ.. So we have all the top DJs of Hyderabad for the honours in a competition. So just lose your inhibition and worries and have a blastttttttt…

Prizes worth more than 3.5 lakhs to be won along with oppurtinities to work with some of the major companies..

Its all in here, you just have to come here and have a blast….

Song of the Day-: Bande by Indian Ocean (Felicity Fever)

PS1:- Already pretty tired and have to get up early tomorrow, so bbye for now!!!

But Felicity mein Jalool Jalool Ana!! 🙂

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Brahma ji ke sath anyay!!

Please open this in IE… coz firefox n flock suck in displaying hindi
कुछ दिनों पहले मेरा एक मित्र मुझे बता रहा था कि यहाँ दक्षिण भारत में प्राय: दो भगवानों के भक्तों में एक द्वंद सा चलता रहता है ! हर कोई अपने पूज्यनीय को श्रेष्ठ दिखाने की कोशिश में रहता है | जिन दो भगवानों के भक्तों में ये द्वंद चलता है वो हैं भगवान विष्णु और भगवन शिव | एक बार तो एक तरफ़ के लोगों ने दूसरों को जलने और उनके भगवन को नीचा दिखाने के लिए एक नदी के तट पे अपना मन्दिर बनाया जिससे पानी उनके भगवन के चरणों से होकर दूसरे भगवन के पास जाए और वो लोग उस पानी को अपने देव पे चधाएं | ये बात तो साफ है की इससे वो लोग बहत ही रुष्ट हुए होंगे , परन्तु मेरा ये स्तम्भ लिखने का मुख्य मुद्दा ये नहीं था |
मेरा दोस्त ये बात मुझे बताते समय संशय में था की उसको जो बात बताई गई थी वो भगवान शिव और भगवन विष्णु की थी या फिर उसमें शिव जी और ब्रम्हा जी की बात हो रही थी | इस संशय का हल इस तथ्य से निकला कि आमतौर ब्रम्हा जी के मदिर नहीं पाए जाते हैं और इन्ही दो भगवानों के ही मन्दिर होते हैं |
ये बात जब उठी तब से ही मैं इस बात को लेकर सोच में हूँ कि ब्रम्हा जी के साथ ही ऐसा अन्याय क्यों हुआ है!!
दुनिया के रचयिता के सम्मान में कुछ नहीं बनाया गया | मैंने कुछ लोगों से सुना हुआ है कि दुनिया में केवल एक ही मन्दिर है जो ब्रम्हा जी को समर्पित है ( मैं इस तथ्य के बरे में पूरी तरह आश्वस्त नहीं हूँ परन्तु मैंने अपनी २० वर्षों की ज़िंदगी में कभी कोई ब्रम्हा जी का मन्दिर नहीं देखा ) |
बहुत सोचने के बाद भी मुझे इस बात का कारण नहीं समझ में आया कि क्यों ब्रम्हा जी के साथ ऐसा अन्याय हुआ है | क्या हिंदू धर्म में ऐसा कोई नियम है कि ब्रम्हा जी कि मूर्ती कि पूजा नहीं हो सकती और बाकि सब भगवानों कि मूर्तियाँ बन सकती हैं |
लोग अपने अपने इष्ट देवों तक के लिए मन्दिर बना लेते हैं और यहाँ तक कि अमिताभ बच्चन का भी एक मन्दिर है (मेरी जानकारी के अनुरूप ) तो फिर क्यों ब्रम्हा जी के लिए मन्दिर नहीं हैं |
आज का गाना – जाने वो कैसे लोग थे – हेमंत कुमार द्वारा गाया हुआ प्यासा फ़िल्म से

अगर कोई इस स्तम्भ को पढने कि जेहमत उठा सके तो कृपया इस सवाल पे चिंतन करें और मेरी मदद करें इस पहेली को सुलझाने में |
हिन्दी में लिखना अंग्रेज़ी में लिखने से कई गुना दुश्वार लगता है जबकि हिन्दी हमारी मात्रभाषा है !!