Adieu 2k6 Achtung 2007

Well last post of a very eventful year in my life…This year has sure been a very very different one ..the most trying and the least rewarding in many senses…

I have missed many people who are away from me…. I understood the importance and the value of the family. I used to sort of not give them much importance but this year has taught me that they are there and nothing or nobody can even come closer to them…

I found the passion of my life,that is blogging.., this is the first thing ever in my life which has got me hooke dfor such a long time and foe which i could continue my passion and excitement and interest for a long period of time and it doesnt seem to be dying or depreciating in any sort…

Then,i made friends with a lot of people in this college with whom i had never had a talk and sort of never liked them and the feeling was reciprocated too.. but this span of one year has changed my attitude towards them and vice-versa too.. 🙂

Interacted with a lot of new people when the Ug1 guys came to the college… saw my friends getting into serious shit and then getting out.

This year in the summer holidays i met and talked to my friends from uttarkashi and talked to some of them after a span of 7 years but somehow the warmth was still there when we talked.. 🙂 I rock along with my frnds 🙂 ..

Have had differences with my dear friends and started hating them but then we were also able to sort out the matters and came back to being the best of buddies as we were always…

PS1:- Grades got fkd in 3rd sem 😦
PS2:- Missing home this new year… 😦
PS3:- Am not sure abt the usage of achtung but i hope its correct.. 🙂



Had a chat with two friends of mine and the chat i had with them made me realise somethings and made me to ponder what really friends are…Well obviously its very very difficult to define the word friends
Well if you wanna talk abt good friends then i sure have some very very strange and good experiences with them though being away from them…Well this has happened two or three times that if i am not in a good mood then my friends have been able to somehow capture the state of my mind somehow even after the conventional hi how r u ..and all even though i might have said it in my usual way..i dunno how the ycan guess this but it always startles me and this has happened with me 3 times with 3 diff ppl whom i place on the top of my hierarchy of friends

Then there this other thign happened with another friend of mine..who today made me realise a thing abt me which i had sometimes thought of but never talked abt with anyone…

Well somehow these ppl have got some special powers as far as matter concerns my life…it seems they just somehow can, with some extra-ordinary powers they posses, enter into my life and extract the information they want about me …..and it just feels so good and so different that words cease when you try to define friends like that….and

This is how i will define a friend who is a friend in actual sense someone who can gauge your feelings even when you dont tell them and when you find such ppl…it just feels like there sure is a heaven and you can be there when you are with such ppl…

PS1:- IJCAI….how i hate this word now…. 😦
PS2:- My blogging God posts after eons…Hail the GOD… 🙂
PS3:- Graphics assignment due date on head… 😦
PS4:- Sumanth sir….you have got me an addiction…This ctrl-alt-del is addictive.. 🙂
PS5:- DC fkd…. 🙂 See it to believe it … 😀



Why is our heart so irrational and so illogical and such a dumb asshole… Why cant we force ourselves to folloe the most logical path but instead we keep on doing sum idiotic and stupid stuffs and such stuff which never does us any good but we do that stuff knowing we are not gonna be happy doing that….

I am not talking about studies and all those matters well they dont come into such deep considerations atleast when the person concerned is me. I am talking about some other stuffs….like when you are not feeling fine and are a bit down then you know that if you go out and spend some time with friends and share a good laugh with will do loads of good to your mood and if instead of doing this you just stay alone and keep sulking. You will keep thinking more about the things which made you feel down and the more you think about them..the more you deeper you bury yourself into the hole dug by yourself of the emotional crap but somehow …. you just cant do what is required of you and instead keep sulking… providing ample source of problems to yourself and to those who are concerned about you… but i guess thats the irony of the mind that you cant do what is correct for you but instead do what just comes to your mind at that point of time…Why?? are we so irrational…

There are many situations like this which a person has to undergo in his life… and we have to brave them somehow while continuing with our lives but its the manner in which we face them make us the kind of person we are..

There has been a question in my mind for many years i will be very grateful to anybody who cares to answer it….

Q: Why is the lather always white..whatever be the colour of the object from which the lather has been produced..u rub a black shampoo in ur hair.colour of lather is white and even if you use a pink coloured shampoo..the lather is always white..Why the hell this is so.i dunno..andi am perplexed..Pls help me out

PS1:- I thankfully found my graphics assginment..i had copied it into my mirage to show it to somebody… 🙂
PS2:- This sem sucks…. 😦
PS3:- I am done with tags..sdont feel like using them now..

Demise of " The ever smiling …”

    I thought that the time has come for a change in my blog too since there  have been many changes in my life and my thinking and my style of living. So , i decided that now the time has come for the demise of “The ever smiling” and it to be replaced by something else. I Still remember that Chand gave this name to my blog itn first year to suit me…but now i dont write ne posts to suit the title so it has to go… 😦
    The two and half years which i have spent outside home have been a great learning experience specially the last one and half year has changed me quite a lot may be not my behaviour but for sure my thinking and my attitude towards people have changed quite a bit …as far as i think…
    From now on i have decided that i wont be bothering people much.. I have the tendency of considering many  poeple as my very good friends which was not replicated from the other side and i just end up poking up my noses in their matters which they dont like.. so i have decided to limit my circle of friends most of all i need to recognise who my friends are and who need me and who dont care abt me and who would be making faces abt me behind my back when i am trying to talk to them…
    Well i had intended to write more but as one of my friends ordered me that  i wont write much personal on my blog so i think i should stop writing or else i will write something for sure….

PS1:- This sem has started to kill me..
PS2:- I formatted my system completely now my system is working fine but in the process i deleted my graphics assignment..I am doomed!!! 😦

Who’s who of our batch

Here is a list compiled by me about The ‘Who’s who of our batch..The list is sorted in descending order alphabetically

The ‘Topper- Ankit Saraswat

The ‘Studious’ – Saurav Khurana

The ‘SportsWoman’ – Prashasti

The ‘Sophisticated’ & The ‘Alsi(Lazy)’ – Aditya

The ‘Pj Kings’ – MAruti, Sashidhar and Scientist(Abhishek Sainani for The ‘uninformed)

The ‘Philosophical’ – Pankaj Anthwal

The ‘Organiser’ – Maroo

The ‘Neta’ – Daddu

The ‘Mystery guy’ – kharkwal

The ‘Lucky’ – PK Singh

The ‘Linux God’ – Kulbir

The ‘Kameena Brain’ – Mathur

The ‘Dynamic guy’ – close race between pagare n maroo

The ‘Drivers Finder’ – Koduri(made net run on a linux system when even our dear nirnimesh sir couldnt… 🙂 )

The ‘Downloader’ – Dandu

The ‘Doodhwala’ – Deepak Vig

The ‘Decent guy’ – Sambhav

The ‘Cool dudes’ – PSSSchandra n Prateek

The ‘Confused’ – Raman

The ‘Coders’ – Abhilash n Somani

The ‘Mr Clean Room’ – Vipul

The ‘Child’ – Harshita

The ‘Body builder’ – Chand

The ‘Bcbaaz’ – ME (For the uninformed BC=Timepass and nothing else  🙂 )

The ‘Athlete’ – Kabeer

This is my perception and nobody is expected to believe it or take it to heart..but this is the image i have formed of some of the ppl with whom i have been living for the pat one and a half year…

PS1:- The batch trip was kool,koooler,koolest and my throat is still hoarse 🙂
PS2:- Back to the normal routine of assignments  n studies…. its like coming back to hell after having the comforts of heaven… 😦

3 Cheers to IIIT administration

In past we have suffered many times at the hands of IIIT administration like having to stay double in a room meant for single occupancy and that too for 2 years coz the hostel which was supposed to be built last year hasnt even been completed this year…

Then there was Jeevan Vidya being made compulsory for us…agreed it might have been a useful experience for some but i for my part gained nothing out of it save the realisation that ‘Expectations are the root cause of misery’ and come on how can you expect someone who is forced to sit upright for some 6-7 hrs and made to listen to something being told by someone in which you are least bit interested i am not saying that JV is bad..but give it to the people who want it and dont force it otherwise it loses its meaning. I still remember the frustration we got into during the course of organisation of Felicity well those are long stories…

Now the latest in the series, we were thrown aback by the announcement which our Director. Prof.Sangal did in the class today…..

Evrybody in this damn college knows about the IJCAI COnference for the last 6 months and i guss all the faculty and everybody must have known about tha Alamnac also for about 6 months atleast. Then the fateful day of 7th dec we had a class of AI, the one subject which i have taken a special liking this sem… Very rarely do i take interest in studies but the Prof. Sangal’s teaching had got me hooked. Coming to the main point, today prof came to the class and started telling us about IJCAI and then he gave us a good news that the tutorials will cost 150 bucks for us which cost 4k for other ppl and i was rueing my luck for not being able to attend the conference and was thinking that somehow the holidays could be shifte dor something like that but then he uttered those horrible words …he said the bad news is that the conference is compulsory for you people come that moment uncountable obscenities (whatevr be the spelling) came out of my mouth and i just started hating the whole concept of the conference which i was dying to attend coz we are forcefully being stopped from going home due to this conference.

Now coming to the point why am i blaming the administration for it…I am dying this coz teh faculty has for eons known both the dates of the conference and the date of holidays so couldnt they have changed the date of holidays so that they wouldnt have clashed with the conference then ppl like me would not have been coaxed to attend the conference but would have happily attended it but no planning and we..Are you joking??? This is one aspect of IIIT which makes it hell . Otherwise i love the college but these type of incidents keep occuring and i just cant have faith in the administration.

In the end i just hope that next year we get single accomodation….

PS1:- Saw American Pie 5 today and Stiflers Rock…
PS2:- Going for the batch trip tom.. its gonna be loads of fun….(One good thing done by administration ..they are giving money for batch trip without any hassles)
PS3:- Three cheers to the new blogger on the scene(well actually one post old) ..mavellous post..Deepti

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Akela Hoon Main!!

Ever been at the loss to find a friend to talk to when down???Somehow when you are in a good mood just feel like talking to whole world it is a function of n increases with n where n is the no of ppl around u.The more the merrier, it almost always increases but suddenly a mood swing and the domain of people with whom you are intersted in having a talk changes all of a sudden the cardinality of the domain becomes log(log(n)) of the original cordinality(that is to say it becomes almost constant in lay man terms ,see studying algos)

Well now coming to the normal language just that whenever i feel down its just a fixed set of people to whom i wouldl ike to talk and if any other person comes talking it just increases the fustration and chances are that you will most probably end up saying something untoward to the person. In such times you realise the value of family …. however bad be your situation you can always turn to your family . Somehow i realised that family is just like GOD you might not be turning to them when you are happy just enjoying yourselves but whenever you are in a state of bother the first people to whom you turn are them…Actually my point is not even this…

Even the best of your friends might not be the company you want….You might be wanting to keep brooding in some lonely place but at that time the family comes in….you might not talk about your problem but the voices emanating out of the throat of your parents can be the most calming effect on your sole which no friend might not have been able to provide.. 🙂

PS1:- Whats the motive behind writing this post??? I dunno just felt like .. 🙂
PS2:- 4th sem getting on to me..though the subjects and profs are best we have got in IIIT but the workload is killlllling me
PS3:- Matter of the post has turned out to be diff from the title but whats there in a name???
PS4:- Elvis Presley is not only the king of Rock and Roll he is just the king of music…this man rocks have been listening to him continously for 15-20 days with someother songs creeping in between for some time

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