Two Songs

Which have captured my imagination, and have left me spellbound for quite some time. 🙂 I love the music, the vocals, the lyrics of both are exemplary and yet the thing I love the most about them is, the message they are trying to convey.

Imagine – Termed by one of my friend as “Probably the most famous song of the Era”. Imagine is Lennon’s appeal to the world trying to convey the most important message whoich needs to be conveyed to people, a m message of love, harmony, peace, brotherhood and a place without boundaries. This song is a sort of extension of the song Give Peace A Chance, in that song he is only asking that peace be given a chance but here he is asking for something more dramatic. He even shuns the concept of religion, asking us to imagine a world without heaven and hell (the basic concept of almost every religion). Rolling Stones rank the song at no.3 in the all Time greatest list.

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Respect – This is a song by an artist seldom heard by people (in my surroundings) and yet I have fallen in love with the song more and more with every listen of the song. The power in the song sort of pulls you towards itself. The power in the lady’s voice just blows you over. The appeal is age old, its been there since Humans became civilized, she, a woman is asking for the respect she deserves while making you realise that
What you want
Baby, I got
What you need
Do you know I got it?

She’s making a point, although the person in her life could be important for her, but it could never be at the cost of freedom. A message which (unfortunately) hasn’t been accepted by the society yet.
This song features at no.5 in the Rolling Stones List
<a href=”″&gt; Respect </a>

Definitely two songs worth listening and lots and lots of re-listens


PS : Politically incorrect and possibly offensive post.

Perhaps the only word which can garner more eyeballs and ear drums than sex is religion. Religion and Sex, if you ask me to come up with the most famous things in the world then it would be these two, and yet these two words are at different ends of the horizon . The perception of these two is completely different. One is a taboo, other is one who hear about all your life.

Coming to the main topic behind this post, what is religion??

Almost all of us believe religion to be a truth about which you generally dont argue much. Its there to be taken and you are not supposed to be questioning the things, you can question things about religion but you cant question religion in itself. You can always raise questions about the existence of Ram as an individual who was supposedly an incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth but you dont question the thing called Hinduism (or Islam/Christianity) for that matter.

From what I can make out of religion is, its a set of rules and conditions which are laid down by some great intellectuals and you are supposed to follow/pay heed to them, which in fact could be a very nice funda if not distorted which almost always is the case even with religions like Jainism & Buddhism which were born against such practices. The only problem which I see creeping in religion is, instead of these things being the Directive Principles of living, people are making them rules written on stone, some lines which cant be crossed.

If I had to classify myself, I would neither be an atheist nor a believer in religion. I am a guy who reads Hanuman Chalisa in the morning and yet who doesnt have any problem if a cigarette packet is lying above the Hanuman Chalisa. I have relied on gayatri mantra since my young age to help me  when I had a nightmare. I voluntarily TRY not to eat non-veg on Tuesdays, and yet if I have to, then I have to, which is where my conflict with religion starts. Why the hell should I NOT have non-veg on Tuesday, i started believing in the concept because that is what I got from my parents and this has somehow stuck to me. Although I sincerely detest if I am forced to do this.

I have utmost respect for Geeta because its a source of great knowledge  and wisdom.

Similarly I respect Ramayana and Mahabharata as Great works but I would put them along with Divine Comedy, Iliad and Odyssey (none of which I have read and neither plan to do so) as great works of literature. I am not even sure about the existence of Ram or Krishna which stops me from considering these books any different from any other form of literature.

Similar is the case with Christianity, why should I start considering a guy who was hanged at the altar and did some acts of , as the son of God? He was a great icon, perhaps the biggest name in the world! But cant  Jesus’s influence  be compared to Gandhi’s to an extent ? Gandhi gave the policy of Ahimsa to Indians which helped them tolerate the English (and finally drive them away)..  Jesus’s contribution was Christianity which helped the people in his time.

Yet, I am not against the concept of something like God, I definitely believe there is something governing the world, it could be a God, it could laws of nature, there in something running the world but I am still not ready to believe that it is your all powerful God, even though I still pray to God when I am in trouble or thank Him when I am happy coz this is inbibed in me because of all these years of training by people around me and I guess I will keep doing the same all my life because after all everybody is afraid of troubles and tries to stay away from them and God gives us some sort of hope that he will keep or steer us away when we are troubled. 🙂

Btw just got to know that I complete 4 years blogging. Completed 4 years on 18th 🙂 the same day my bike completed a month 😀 Could read my first post HERE (wasn’t too happy with the college then :P)


PS: With all regards to my dear Frustoo friends and those who consider me frustoo, pls look at it from another angle 🙂

“Naked” a word which implies lust,desire, beauty as well as Disgust, Shame, violation. At the same time you associate nakedness with the poor and the down trodden while even the richest of people, the models and the actors would be the first to come in your mind when you hear the word. That is why I havent ever been able to classify the word “Naked”, this is not a taboo word, and yet somehow you are not expected to talk about incidents which involve The Word in front of elders.

Humans are the only living thing, which require the use of clothing. All animals are Naked and yet even they are surviving quite well and even we the humans changed to these cloth cladding animals from a state of being perpetually naked. I am in awe of the incidents which might have brought about this radical change in the lifestyle of humans, that now being naked is the state in which I feel uncomfortable while if my body is covered upto a certain extend, then I feel more comfortable.

Although seeing a person Naked could be gross or sexy (depending on the gender of the parties involved)  but still I personally would feel very uncomfortable in a naked world either its about me being naked or seeing other people naked. Even now most of the people around complain about being made to see the butt crack of someone else.

But my question is why and how did this world become clothed. And which one is our natural habitat now. The one which was actually natural or the one which we have made natural using our own efforts.

Any thoughts?

The Women of Bollywood

My fav actresses in Chronological Order

Madhubala :





(she just leaves me speechlesss)

I dont think a more beautiful women must have ever set foot on this earth than this dame. She is the perfect woman (when it comes to beauty) anyone could ever ask for. Now I am not a person who observes nuances about other people, so its always the full package for me, So i cant say for sure, if its her large round eyes which captivate or that mischiveous laughter, those tresses flowing down her forehead, the antics, the walk, everything about her makes me more mad 🙂
The only grudge I have against B/W cinema is, I could have seen her better in colour movies.. B/W after all seem so surreal.
I would prefer being the slave of this woman than being the lord of a harem . She is just mesmerizing 🙂

Zeenat Aman : If you want a combination of Sherlyn Chopra and Katrina kaif, then you need to go back in time to the 70s when a certain hottie named Zeenat Aman ruled the silver screen. Agreed she might not be a great actress in her time, but she is one on whom you will put your money to set the screens ablaze. She is the epitome of Hotness which is coupled with sheer grace and elegance of a queen. If Madhubala is the most b’ful woman of Bollywood, she is the hottest ever. N she can give current actresses a run for their money even at this stage 🙂 She had it in her not to look vulgar even when exposing much more than her contemporaries 🙂 HOT

Kajol :
Not the conventional beauty, Dark skin is generally not considered a compliment for girls in India, and yet this dusky beauty captured the mind of millions if not billions around the world. She was not the beauty in conventional sense and yet it was her demeanour, her ways, those deep black eyes, those silky long black hair which can even set afire the moon or slow down the sun. Shge definitely an inspiration for poets. One who could bring out the poet buried deep inside your heart 🙂

Aishwarya Rai : Arguably the most Beautiful Woman in the world and no doubt the most beautiful Indian woman in recent times. Although all is plastic, superficial and polished about her but in the past. Even thinking of someone in Bollywood more beautiful was a crime. She was The Beauty, the chick, the girl and the woman. The best part about her was her beauty wasn’t pushed on using over exposure, she was decent and yet desirable 🙂

Katrina Kaif : She is the one you desire for. She is not a lust object like Bipasha and the likes neither is she the cute girl like Preity Zinta and yet she is sexier than Bipasha and cuter than Preity Zinta if she’s upto it. She is the current standard of beauty, sexy. She is hot,svelte, and nice all at the same time. She is one you long for, each and every inch of her 😛

PS: Honourable Mentions -: Juhi Chawla, Helen, Asha Parekh
PS: Somehow never liked the junta favorites Madhuri, Sridevi, Rekha & Hema Malini

THE Indian?

“Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this walked the earth in flesh and blood.”
Indian history has had lot of prominent and influential men who have had influence even spanning continents not only the country; ranging from Aryabhatta, Ashoka, Mahavir, Gautam Buddha, Akbar right to Gandhi, and yet when  you look back at all these figures, none of them inspire as much awe, mystery, confusion, inspiration as Gandhi does.

He must definitely be the most talked about, most remembered and most famous name in Indian history and yet the irony is, he definitely isn’t the most loved person. Almost everyone you see or meet would have something or the other to say about the man and more than often it could be something against the man. He might be the most famous person but if you think of the most loved person of the nation, then I am not sure if Gandhi will win hands down provided he does so (even which might be doubtful).

Most people (specially the youth) might never agree with using Non-violence and Satyagraha as the means to drive out the English people and yet no one would ever say anything against the principles of the man. Non-violence is one policy which can rarely find a vocal opposer except for may be result oriented stuff (which again Gandhi along with fire brand leaders provided to India). Each and every human being out there would agree that there is nothing better than non-violence and nobody stands to gain anything from violence.

All my life even I have always been anti-Gandhi, always been in favour of Subhas (arguably the second biggest Indian in the Independence movement) – Bhagat Singh fire brand politics. But, the more I read and think about Gandhi, the more I have started respecting the man. True the man had his faults, had his weaknesses but after all he was also a human, he could be pardoned for them.

If there is one topic which never dies, that is Gandhi (although the Govt machinery gets a lot of credit for that), but he is the only person from India in recent past who has had some influence over people around the world, he is definitely the most famous Indian face which brings me to the main question, Can Gandhi be termed the Greatest Indian to have ever lived. Regarding his follies, even the Great Ashoka was a killer machine once. Regarding making Nehru the P.M. of India, one of the things he is criticized for most, I guess even that must not have been a decision made by just the love for Nehru. Gandhi was not some dumb fool, a person who galvanized the whole nation would even have the brains to match, and as far as my logic goes. The country of India and its goodwill was one thing which mattered to him the most, which mean had he found Patel as the more able of two to guide the nation, then one more relation could easily have been given the twist for the sake of nation, after all he threw away a lot of things for the purpose.

There would always be a lot of ifs and buts about Nehru & Patel, but I guess if we chose to go with the wisom of a person in the fight for independence, then I guess that guy might be a but more qualified to have more say in the future of the nation.  2 years younger would cringe on reading this post, praising the man and considering him the Greatest Indian ever… but I guess somethings do change with time.

Interesting Read Even George Harrison Quotes Gandhi 😛