One hell of a horrible day(Diary for 13th)

I couldnt write my diary for yesterday coz when i came to my room yesterday at 5:00 am PK was watching movie and 3 hrs of movie ws left so there was no chance that i could post anything yesterday.I will write something about the rain yesterday in some other post……..
So today was supposed to be a day when we had to enjoy it was supposed to be a great day we started the day by going out to koti in a weather which made us feel as comfortable as the ‘C’ assignmenets given by Jawahar Sir or ‘DS ‘ exams given by ‘Prof.Anoop’. It was hot as hell and on top of that i was wearing a dar k coloured t-shirt coz that was the only one left with me all my other t-shirts are dirty and i am as usual too lazy to wash them and as usual too forgetful to remember giving them to the dhobhi….so we carry on our journey with bags on our shoulders giving the false impression to the people that we were not going to sell books but going home as most of the people are leaving for homes now…………
So we reach the bus stop and alight the deluxe bus which we had been hoping for coz we had such a lot of luggage… in the whole day this was the only thing which happened as we expected otherwise it was just the reverse the whole day……so we reached koti somehow and when we were about to reach there the mausam maharaj decided to change its behaviour and the weather starting pleasent but now we had one more fear ….we had our bookd with us and there was the chance of them getting wet…….Fearing this we got off from the bus and as soon as we got off the bus there was a aandhi“a wind storm”……we braved it and just as we thought it was going to end then comes the thing we were fearing for all the time the mighty and the all powerful RAIN which if once comes even the mighty and the all rich BCCI cant do nething to organise its matches…so what could we ordinary mortals have done we just took shelter in the nearest shop which we saw and heard much from them about spoiling their shop and *#^%$^#@$^&*@#^& but we the shameless fellows how can such things affect us and we keep standing there until the rain God to stop showering his blessings on us so finally he decided that we had enough and other ppl other places needed showers more than us at that time so he decided to leave us and decided to attend to the needy ppl insome other part of the globe……So rain over we started looking around for shops where we could sell our books we just kept on roaming from one shop to other all in vain finally we hit upon one shop which we thought vud be the golden one for us and ya it was it returned us full 18% for our books and it was such a great deal we were such stupids,morons n idiots to be expectiong 30-40% on the books how can we expect such a thing from the great indian shoppers ………and after selling the books we were hungry like hell and we went to the gokul ice cream corner i drank a cold drink there …..
After this escapade we started thinking what to do next as all 5 of us (Me,paggu,maroo,adin chiku) were in no mood to go to college and sit in front of laptops i,adi n maroo were willing to go to PVR n pay 90 bucks for movie there so after some time crag too agrees and then there is a long fight to get paggu to agree to watch movies…finally after a whole lot of persuasion paggu also agreed to go n watch in PVR so we were to PVR (watch out for us PVR we r gonna rok u for the first time)


So finally we reached central and bnought tickets for the movie though there was a feeling inside us that this movie might not be that good but we decided to go on and bought tickets wrth 90 bucks each after buying these tickets we decided to go to “Sher-e -Punjabi” only place in that whle region where u can find food(?) at reasonable price and of reasonable quality.But tragedy wont leave us there and when we were eating foodthe light went off as we were watching one of the most interesting movie “kismat or ws it himmat” same hero and vaise bhi heroins r not star cas tdey r jus show pieces so the light gone the 5 of us trying to eat as the sardar jee didnt hav n inverter or generator

We went in to the hall n ya PVR is surely the best inhyd withouut doubt leaving behind Prasads by miles,I sort of liked the movie in the first half i didnt knew where it ws goin but i thought it cud b nice in next half but the next half was a huge disappointment it finished in just half hour and the 5 min part during which all the action took place i was out chatting coz my dad’s phone had came so i missd it so due to these circumstances also i didnt like it thought i doubt i vud hav likd it if i vud hav seen that par

So finally we blew away 200 rs for a completely waste day n vud regret it

Diary for 11th April

Well today also i woke up at 12 in the noon(and plan to do that tomorrow too after all at what time can u wake after sleeping at abt 6 in the morning).We had our EC lab test today we had to give a demo of the project we made and a viva. Our project was a simple one but even in such a simple one PJN ne humari mar li…..pata nahin kya kay qusestions puch raha tha well it was over and after it there was a fight to catch Prof Bipin n to run away from jayanti coz if she caught somene then that group is destined to be doomed so we were finally able to catch Bipin and he took our viva nd it went off peacefully much to our comfort …………
After the EC lab test i came to my room and did BC the whole noon and the evening till abt 7:30 when i slept and then i woke up at about 9:30 and again orkutting and BC this continued till 11:30 when i n maruti went to canteen and there i ate for the first time in the day after a waffer which i ate about 2:30 pm in the noon.I ate one egg noodles n drank a grape juice then i n maruti did some BC and when i was returning to rom i found pagu and i and he went to chand’s room there Adi was also sitting besides chand n manish we did some BC there for an hour andd then went to canteen there i bought an orange candy and the rest 3 chand,pagu n adi bought a strawberry icecream which sucked and then we decided to roam abt in campus when chand told some thing secret about pagu to us which i can t disclose in the post it can not be made public like this and after roaming for abut half an hour we came to the hostel and started doing BC near the stairs for about an hour while we were formatting plans to rag our juniors …………It feels so gr8 to knw that when we come back after the holidays we will be seniors it will be such a gr8 thing to be called sir n ya finally we will not be the junior most batch which is forced to do the most menial jobs everytime

N ya one thing more i hav also applied to become a mentor i dont know whether i will be selected to be a mentor but if will be exciting if such a thing happens…………..Lets see only time will tell wheteher i become a mentor or not!!!!
So i end my post here and i will sleep in about half an hour frm now as i am thinking ryt now if it happends then today after many days i will sleep before six lets see

Diary for 1Oth April

Today was the day of the finishing of our exams.

In the morning(for me non for other normal humans) i woke up at 12:00 then after doing my usual duties i went to the mess to have my lunch.After coming frm mess I,Shrikant n PK started reading the iTWS slides which we were not able to understand ,so we stopped this futile exercise………….n started doing timepass……We kept doing it till 2:45 (mind u PK had gone to study somewhere) ……..

Then i went to give my exam and reached examination hall 10 mins late and when i reached my examination room the room was so hot that i acnt describe it was as if there is a fire somewhere in the room…..i just tried to keep my cool by drinking water every 5 mins and whenever i asked for water.He looked up to me as if i am demanding a pot of poison to give it to nebudy else he looked with so much disgust at me… the paper finished somehow i am not gonna discuss it in this post………..

So finally our end sems finished and we are free people now on if you dont consider lab exams so we came back and started watching “Catch me if u Can” which i was being forced to watch as i had watched it 1.5 times earlier.When we were watching the movie comes shrikant and tells us that vamsi sir is calling us for tyhe party he promised for his job so we went to lingampally and went to Raj Bakers n Restaurant which reminded me of raj bakers in lko well the food there was good aur free ka khana kise achha nahin lagta hai………………………..

Then we did usual BC and i kept doing it till now and i plan to sleep at 5:30 when many ppl might have woke up from their night sleep!!!

Exams Over………….Now a brief(which has grown long) review of my papers

Well so finally exams are over and we are now entitled to do masti its not illegal to watch movies now.So i am planning to watch atleast the following two movies Pretty Woman,The others well there are other movies also on my lappy namely Lakshya , Green Mile n Mask(in Hindi) so i have 5 pending movies to watch . Though i dont like watching movies that much as most of my friends do its dificult for me to convince myself to watch movie…its not that i dont like watching movies i jus luv once movie starts but i dont like watching movies more ,it seems lke a wastage of 2-3 hrs but after watching i feel that i utilised my time………..

Well leaving aside movies i will discuss about my exams in this post.Starting from the first one
->First paper was Physics I have known since i came into my class XII that my physics sucks and this realization keeps getting strengthening year after whether it be when i was peparing fo IIT or it be the first sem when our very beloved,revered Prof.Chandrashekhar Mukku used to teach us.In this paper also i didnt fare very well it came and went we had done a preparation of only 3 hrs for the paper….so it was destined not to go well.

->Next we had EC i had studied much for it i actually i was taught by Prashasti,Deepti and Piyush and i studied much more than i have ever done in my short n brief life in IIIT i was thinking that my prep is ok though i was not confident abt my preparation.I went to give the exam and this exam ws areal disaster .I did all that i knew within the first 45 mins snd then after it i ws just doin timepass in the paper i ws also feeling sleepy in the paper and didnt close my eyes even for one minute coz i ws afraid that if i sleep once i will wake only whn the paper ends…

->Next was the CO paper by our beloved DEAN Dr.Govnidarajulu mind you i gave him the occassion to ctach me only twice and once i was called the "Nawab Of Lucknow" and the other time i was called an "Ostrich" when i was sleeping in his class.I was taught CO also by Prashasti n Deepti and i studied for CO also very much but what to do.This paper was also hellish

I think this post is growing too long and too boring so i will cut it short now……….

->So continuing …our next paper  was DS which i was supposd to do well coz i was once considered a bond in programming but as was acceptable to destiny this paper also<b> "barbad ho gaya" </b> n all my hopes of getting an "A" in DS are also gone with th paper…….


I had absolutely no preparation for it till 8:30 pm the day before maths exam i didnt even knew the course of maths and after that also Raman was teaching me and i was jus tlistening to him lying down in the bed so my prep ws done this way and come the paper and i dont seem to know anything in the whole damn paper just due to he help n support of Harsh i was able to write some thing resembling solutions in my paper otherwise i was thinking i am gonna get "C" or "D" but now i can thikn of B- in maths

Now the last one and i will also be able to end my post

->ITWS the prep was same as usual which is no prep as always we read some slides before the paper and i was hoping that this ITWS paper will  also go like all the ITWS papers till now but this was not acceptable to God and this paper also was bad like all the papers this time  i am sure that i have done all the objective questions correct but am sure that amongst all the programs none is correct

 So i end my very long post here of which i am also bored now i just think that my SGPA is going to be very bad this time i dont know what it will be but i am sure it will bw very bad………..

The sweetest n the most gentle

I was thinking that i should write abt my good friends on my blog and since i was chatting with and i was becoming senti
so i think i will write about today ……..
what to say about her well she is the most tolerating and the most aptient person i have ever seen in my life i just cant
understand how can a person have patience in such huge quantities.I think that she is sent from somewhere above there to teach people like me how to control yourself and your mind though i have failed miserably in learnin anything from here……
Leaving this she is someone i can share anything with without the fear of it being revealed to anyone…..enven to the people most near and dear to her.Both of us have always been there to console each other wenever we were in tension due to someone. We were and are always able to understand each others problems and were always able to identify with each other’s problems in such cases.Well i dont know what is special but there is something surely special in our chemistry we just seem to strike the right chord in each other’s heart.U might think that i am exaggerating a wee bit but i am not…………
I think i have not even expressed half her worth but i dont think i will be able to she is just too good to be described and if i write more the post will grow too long….

One thing more i should also include the testii wrote for her in this blog so the testi goes this way……..

She is the most tolerating person i have met in my life.

She is one of the most sweet girl i have ever meet.She is a person about whom i feel caring she is my sister a sweet little sis though plder than me(sorry 4 mentioning abt a girl’s age).She is just so sweet i dont have words 4 her.
She is an ideal friend for a boy
Actually an IDEAL GIRL.

Diary for 9th april

I have decided that i will be write a diary everyday from now on……

So for today i wake up at 2:00 pm since i had to take my lunch otherwise i could have kept sleeping more coz i slept at 6:30 in the morning.Then i completed my morning assignment and after doing it (mind u didnt had bath then ) i went to have lunch in NBH mess.The aloo ke paranthe were ok there n I was relieved to find aloo ke paranthe there coz ihad thought that till now aloos must have finished and we would be getting simple paranthes ,this has happened to me on some occasions……

Lunch finished i came back to my room then laptop infront of me i started doing BC when i came into my room thet ime ws about 3 or 3:30 i started downloading some movies like “the others “(preparing for days after 12th u know….but vud end up watching tom) .Then i was reading pdf files aboutRamanujan which i got frm a community i joined today.I was also trying to configure my gmail account in Thunderbird but failed so if anybody reading this post knows how to do that then pls temme then i decided to sleep at 5:30 pm and woke up at 7:30. Wentto have my dinner abt 7:45 mp just after waking while maruti was eatin my head for the 15 minutes between 7:30 and 7:45 saying he was damn hungry . I returned at about 8:30 to the room so till 8:30 in the night i had done nothin specific in the day except eating and discussing about the 50% reservation in colleges as proposed by Arjun Singh with Maroo n PK while having dinner. We decided that cwe r gonna have a signature campaign in he campus on 12th after our exam …………………….

After coming back i was reading the threads in the community This 50% reservation is shit and the time till it was 10:30 pm and then i and maruti thought i vud not kill me if i start studying ITWS coz tom is our exam so we came to work space and we started reading the slides while i copied Lakshya n Green Mile frm prashasti’s lappy making use of the speed provided by Wired LAN n i came to know tat her system had a virus coz my system detected it.Then i installed McAffe on her system coz her Norton was beyond its trial period.Then I,Maruti n PK studied for some time and then went to canteen to eat something just to find that there was nothing to eat except samosa,kachauri n cream roll so i took a Samosa n Orange Candy(PK paid for it…..i m broke nowadays).We came back and started studying while doing BC continously which you would expect frm 3 ppl like us studying together……………….

Finally we started to end (PK n Maruti i was eager to study ………(serious bachha :))…………) while the main 2 slides of python are left one is of OOP n d other i dont remeber the name i dont know what wil happen tom……..

Lets see…………… so now i am going to sleep

So good Night………………………….. 🙂

Good Will Hunting…..

Well today i saw Good Will Hunting it was a nice movie.Though many times in the movie we couldnt make out even one word what they were saying for a stretch of almost 5 minutes many time, but altogether i liked the movie.Matt Damon looks smart like hell.He is a dude vry vry smart.Though while watching the movie i got frustrated many times that how can a man with such intellect can waste his time in doing pure BC his life should be used to do something new and important.I was impressed by the scene whenWill Hunting says to the professor that these things are very easy for me and i am sorry if you cannot do these things (Mind you the professor was fields award winner equivalent to NOBLE in MATHS)…………….