An ode to her

Missing her has become a habit
Life seems so incomplete without her
Here presence is felt in all the things
Blowing wind seems to be calling out her name
Her name is audible in the rustling of the leaves

Every face seems to take her form
Every thing smells of her sweet perfume
Gifts exchanged remind me of her
Her memories seem to drain the happiness out of me
Every day is spent writhing in pain

She seems to have forgotten me
Am I just another face for her ?
Can no feelings penetrate the walls of her heart ?
Can no fire melt the walls of ice she has formed around her ?
Why can’t she feel the things i feel ?

Cupids arrows seem to have failed him for once
Its just me standing to face the brunt of fate
My whole life seems to be in shatters
Everyday is spent in her memory
Every second my ears waiting for her voice

Every morning i wake up hoping for her to return to me
My eyes searching for her form
A fire of hope is burning in my heart
The doors of my heart are open and waiting for her
Someday she will come and make me complete

Just waiting for that day….

Song of the Day -: Here comes the Sun by Beatles (Can songs get any better???)

PS1:- My second effort in this form of literature
PS2:- Going home tomorrow morning so my last post for a long time to come(that is upto about 7-8 july)
PS3:- Am so excited about going home finally
PS4:- Give me many many hits and comments and make my summer dear readers.. 😛

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IIIT Turning into Wildlife Sanctuary

All the people living in IIIT are aware of the presence of stray dogs in IIIT and you must have also seen a few frogs and if you are lucky then snakes(i have seen two as of yet)but day before yesterday was a day when many more animals decided to make IIIT their home… some thousands of insects, alll the frogs coming out in open to eat those insects, a scorpion and of course those dogs.

Recently a cat is also seen prowling in NBH dont know about any other place and a mouse larger than any average cat in size is also seen roaming in NBH and some times going to rooms to meet the occupants.

Here are some of the photos and videos of these animals

The Legendary Mouse i talked about .. The animal is moving so i couldnt take a good photo


Never seen Five frogs seen so close..all clustered to eat those insects.. 🙂 Hope you can find all 5 of them


So many of them


Close up


A scorpion… dead and one hand(or toe or whatevr it is said) dismantled from his body


More of those insects


A video but the better one is not uploaded as yet

EDIT: The second video

PS1:- Two videos are also there will upload them later
PS2:- Read “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” might have been fake but was awesome.. 🙂
PS3:- I am sorry if the post made u feel sick and kicking me..
PS4:- 5 more days and i will be leaving for home
PS5:- Might be going to Ramoji Film City tomorow with my cousin

PS6:- My first post consisting mainly of photos

PS7:- Sorry the video n picture quality is not good.. screw my VGA camera…

I Lost :(

For the first time in the 20 years of my life i have delved my hand in the art of poetry writing and i just wish that this doesnt make all the great poets writhe around in their graves and all living forms intelligent enough to read it dont curse me. NOT such a simple ask considering the quality of the poem but considering this is my first affair with poetry,i can be spared a curse or two. Thanking you in advance

Think i am losing it out
all my supports are waning out

It just seems like a lost cause
and all the hopes seem lost

I am wandering alone in the scum
hoping to find some old chum

Desert me is what they have done
was it because i am not the one

Am i the one who was wronged
or was it because of me that it end

Think i should just drown my sorrow
but to bury it i need an endless burrow

I look at the calmness of the sea
and that just makes me more sorry

I know how it feels to lose
and now only pain is what i ooze

My trophy has been gone
but cant let my life go down

I am looking for a refuge
but the pain has taken charge

Waiting for someone to come
and lift this gloom

I will just remain hopeful
that i will find happiness to the full

Just looking up to the sky in a time so dour
to find that meagre streak of colour

Song of the day:- Here comes the Sun by Beatles

PS1:- Reading Harry Potter and Half Blood prince
PS2:- Weather’s not that bad here… 🙂
PS3:- Feeling sleepy right now but have to go to PT tom
PS4:- Just now noticed that i wrote these lines in 30 mins.. good for a first timer wouldnt u say
PS5:- These are 13 couplets if you must have noticed coz i just love the number
PS6:- Didnt know what a cuplet is before mentioning it in PS5 but now that i know these lines satisfy the properties of couplets
PS7:- I like the no. 7 too and 3 and 4 and of course many more numbers… 😛

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The summer and my two bits about Anything for you, Ma’am

I have been neglecting this space for more than a fortnight now, i guess the longest time i have done so while being in the campus so i think this is high time i discard of the lethargy and laziness which has taken over me and write something. So there are a few things on which i will write…

First of all what i have been doing this summer??? A very Tough question to answer since i have done nothing useful at all this summer except going for PT some 12-13 days even in this case i am not going to get the much wanted credit so i am still left with 1 PT credit, otherwise i have not done much work for the project(no surprise!!!), doing BC (no surprise!!!), didnt blog for a period of 15 days(quite a huge surprise for me too!!!),played age quite a lot (not exactly surprised coz i needed something to waste time but never knew this was the thing).

Meanwhile we(Me and Abhilash) have in all probability abandoned our much ambitious project coz there is no chance that it can be done in less than 10 years time coz in some chinese university PG people did such a project involving less things than ours and it took them 10 years to do it and they did their Ph.D on the project. 😛

We might be again getting double occupancy(for some people who applied late) in our 3rd year..grrr… as told by OBH warden, it will be confirmed tomorrow and if so happens then you can expect a post flaming the IIIT authority tomorrow.

After attending my cousin’s sagai in may start and meeting his sali.. now i am game to attend the marriage of my cousin sis on 23rd June, hope my brother in law has a good looking sister.

The weather here has been quite good specially when compared with places like Lucknow,Agra and Delhi(place where i have spent few summers). Though i suffered from heat stroke once but all in all weather can be termed as moderate here..Kool!!! Hyderabad ROCKS!!!!!

Federer again lost to Nadal on clay court. WTf is this??? Why cant the No.1 beat the 2nd ranked player at all on the clay??? 😦

The portion deleted by me earlier:-    Btw i was promised party by two ladies(girls????) this summer but none have kept their promise.. 😦 these females just know how to talk….
Nothing interesting here… 😛


Anything For You Ma’am

I read “Anything for you Ma’am” by some IIT-D guy named Tushar Raheja, though i have been going overboard praising the romantic description of the Candle Light Dinner but the book as a whole is not praiseworthy…. far too many coincidences at all the book seems to be drifting into fairy land after some time… The first time he meets the girl.. the event is too dramatic and filmish to be true and he keeps going forth and back describing some arbit month this year and some month last year which is so bloody confusing. The description he keeps giving of things are utter bore i just skipped through them. One thing to be noted is the inside front cover he has tried to copy Chetan Bhagat, same pose with hands folded in front, same black and white combination. All in all it was a good read coz i could identify with him in many places, it just seemed as if he was speaking for me,as if my soul has entered his body.. 🙂 One thing this book sure does is try to instill confidence that long distance relations can work though i still have apprehensions but it sure brought me a bit towards believing in it.
Finally the author has a poem for every occasion… thats great. 🙂 The book sure is funny at times but the only thing for which i will remember the book is the excellently romantic “Candle light Dinner” 🙂 Thats it for now… 🙂

Song of the day:- Norwegian Woods by Beatles, the song has such a dreamy feeling attached to it just fell in love with it.

PS1:- This post is itself a sort of collection of PSes
PS2:- Weather is not that fine today but tolerable
PS3:- We haven’t had a project meeting in LTRC for 4-5 days this is wonder considering we used to have meeting daily which we asked to be converted into alternate days.
PS4:- The book reading portal has been activated..What the hell!!! 😦
PS5:- Nothing more to write now..
PS6:- Think i should go back to my hiatus from blogging world again.
PS7:- To all my fellow bloggers i am sorry for not commenting on your posts but i have become a super lazy ass in the holidays.
PS8:- My aim is to reach 10 PSes in this post and i will get it.
PS9:- Go through these posts 1 & 2.. Awesome.. 🙂
PS10:- I fulfilled my mission.. now its time to take rest… 🙂

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