Few lines from the song Maut which just so well portray the feeling of death….
Jeena to maut na jaane kab aayega
Kise bulaake yeh kise le jaayega

Maut, sirf raahein badal jaate hai
Maut, naye daur khul jaate hai
Maut, lena dena tab pata chalta hai
Maut, kamaai ka hajara milta hai
Bekhabar hai, sawaal yeh nishaan hai

Maut, kaise ban gayi majboori hai yeh
Maut, lamhe ruk jaate jab yeh aati
Maut, saanson ko baahon mein leke jaati

Jeena toofaani hai, baaqi sab bayaani hai
Jhooth leke jaati hai zindagi
Mera bulaava hai, yeh zindagi ka daava hai
Mujhe bulaaye yeh tujhe bhi bulaaye
Banke hawa muskuraaye
Meri maut, teri maut, iski uski sab ki bas

    Just how unexpectedly death comes… You can never predict whether you ae going to see the same individual the next day with whom you are talking at the instant. In last 15 days i have come to know of prematurely death of two people whom i didnt know much but even then the death of a young person sure is a tragedy and most of all the effect it would have had on their parents. Now i just feel like i should start living for the day today.. Kya pata “Kal Ho Na Ho”!!!  but just cant think of myself being dead at this age not that i fear being dead that much but the main fear i have is what will happen to my family and friends when i was so much moved by the death of a person whom i hardly knew. Some 15 days back a very distant cousin of mine expired and though i had never had a chance to meet him or talk to him as far as i remember though my mother told me that i have met him many times when i was very young but i have no idea who he was and how he looked but the news of his demise disturbed me for 2-3 days and i just cant imagine what would happen if someone really close to me dies. The main problem i was suffering at that time was that some how the thought of death of one of my very neaar and dear cousin was crossing my mind almost constantly i just couldnt get my mind of it. Thankfully i havent faced the death of any of my relative(barring the death of my maternal grand father but i was very young back then so no remembrances or memory of him for me) or friend as of now and my mind shudders at the thought of such a tragedy and i just wish that i dont have to face such a thing but alas this can’t be, death is a truth of our life which we have to face and just can’t run away from it.
    Two days back i came to know of death of another person whom i didnt know much but had senn her and talked to her a bit during felicity. Actually she was a girl named Ruchika from NIFT who came to our college and won the solo dancing event. She had also partcipated in Mr & Ms. Felicity and i was there during her interview round and few of my friends who interacted with her told me that she was a sweet person and not a typical NIFTian. Just pains my heart to see someone so young dying.
    If i would be given a death wish i would wish that my friends should come to know of my death when i die.. When i had a near death experience abt which i have written earlier, i was thinking that what would my friends think of me, they will think that i have deserted them and the friends which i had for life will nevr think abt me again. There will be no problem with family coz they will come to know about me but most of my friends will never come to know about me and my death… that was really a very horrific experience. I just want God to tell me one month in advance when i am going to die so that i can do what i want, i can tell people how important they are to me. thank severla people for what they have done to me.. Hey god if you are anywhere and are thiking of calling me to you sometime soon then please grant me this death wish and tell me one month in advance. Even villians grant one last wish before death and you are the all good and powerful God…..

    I just pray for the two people may God bless their souls and give strength to their families.

Song of the day – : Maut by Lucky Ali from Kaante

PS1:- Not in a mood to write any Ps..

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GF!!! I want it or not????

This post is dedicated to all frustu and despo guys(Including me!!) n gals too!! who are very eager to get involved in a relation. Each and every guy(since i am a guy so i will be concentrating on guys) of my age with whom i might have any form of interaction have a very strong and burning desire, a girl who he can call as ‘HIS’. The first piece of conversation, i have with my school friends whom i am talking to after much time is whether i have a ‘girlfriend’ or not(after exchanging pleasantries) and the same quesion is also reciprocated by me. Just goes to say how deep in to our hearts this need and feeling has gone…

Sometimes i just can’t comprehend why everybody (ofcourse including me 😉 ) is so desperate to have a relationship. Is it due to the comfort level you think that you will have with the special someone after you have found her/him? It may be also due to the peer pressure faced by the people watching people their age having girlfriends OR it is that after coming to college people start feeling that they have reached the gae where it is imperative to be involved in a relation. Any of the reasons which i have listed here can be countered here and now.. the last two reasons can be just dismissed as rubbish with no logic behind them while the first one seems to be a good and logical one but you can’t be too sure that the person with whom you get involved after sometime you will share the same bonding. Most of the time a guy ad a gal get attracted to each other after looking at the others personality and physical appearances, in such cases how can you be so sure that you will have any level of comfort with such a person. This seems like just a pile of rubbish, i myself was attracted to a girl without talking to her and had decided to pursue her but a comment by my friend made me realise that this was gonna be a futile exercise and i couldnt ever think of having a girlfriend like this… getting attracted to her just by looking at her and then falling for her.

Well ofcourse if you are just interestd in the physcal aspect of the relation then there is no problem in going for a relation this way but the main thing is most of the guys i have interacted with and whom i am trying to represent (hopefully) they dont want a relation just for this purpose. A guy looks for support and strength when he is looking for a girl (physical part can be a by-product which a guy would surely enjoy but…) so this is not the right way for a guy to approach a relation.

I dont know what picture of me will be portrayed by this post of mine. Somebody might think that i am a frustrated despo guy in every sense somebody might think that i am thinking something..but who cares this is my space 🙂

Song of the Day – Tere Sang ek simple si coffee (Zameen), this songs brings back so may fond memories of our school time… 🙂 School rocksss…..

PS1:- Our projetc to be put up in R & D Showcase …Yipee 🙂
PS2:- Graphics end sem exam not being postponed.. 😦
PS3:- My blog hits reaching 20K hope to reach it by tomight or tom.. 🙂

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A Random Post

Whenever we have assignments we just keep blaming the profs for burdening us with such inhuman load which is equivalent to the load which is burdened on the shoulders of “kolhu ke bail” (now dont ask me to translate it!! The phrase loses its appeal). Well but once the assignments are over, and we people have no other work to do except using out time in killing time and then we whine about how so boring college life is and in one of these moods i was going through blogs,which is my favourite past time activity and i stumbled upon quite a few interesting and strange things

I am writing about two of them here in my blog,one of them concerns the plight of students like us and other one is a very strange piece of information for me
IIT B net ban – When i read about it, not many people had information about it but now the news seems to have spread like fire in the jungle. It seemed strange to me to say the least denying net access to students of a college which are addicted to net and can’t live without it is a very difficult situation to live for the people to live in. I am sure the students of IIT must be cursing their director. A in depth analysis of this step can be read in the blog of Pranav Sir..

BITS Pilani engineer driving a cab – Read this very interesting piece of information. A new service has been introduced in Bombay(i hope i remember correctly it might be delhi too). Its cab service specially meant for ladies and the driving staff also consists of only ladies. The service consists of higly qualified drivers and the blog where i read about this article had the information about the qualification of some of these people and the thing which surprised me the most was an Electronics Engineer from BITS Pilani doing the job, i just couldnt digest the fact. C’mon man whatever you say about job not being small but i just cant expect an Engineering graduate from BITS Working as a taxi driver. Regarding this the words of the blogger come to my mind.. I would just like to meet that lady once and ask her “WHY”???

In the meantime i saw the movie Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. and to say that the movie disappointed me is the least i can say. Cant they have made a movie in which the characters were normal out of the 6(if i remember correctly) pairs only two seemed to be normal. The movie was just a waste and the most funny part was that Abhay Deol and Minisha Lamba were superheroes(!!!). Giving due respect to the creativity of the director but why on world would you like to make ur characters super heroes thats horrible to say the least.. 😦

Song of the Day (Inspired by Maruti 🙂 ) – Bohemian Rhapsody… The song rocks…

PS1:- Attended the party hosted by LTRC today 🙂
PS2:- Blogging after more than a fortnight.. I have become quite lazy these days.
PS3:- Started writing this post 5-6 days back but couldnt come to completing it…
PS4:- I dunno why i wrote the introduction… May be just a reminder that we keep getting assignments.. 😦

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