He does it again

Numerous comments, suggestions and criticisms later, he decided that the time was ripe to shut the mouth of the critics who were doubting him and his genius and to give his fans one more reason to be happy. He decide that the time had come for him to again prove the fact to the cricketing world that he is the God and God can’t bear to listen much from the atheists who don’t believe in him. He has come to the rescue of all his devotees who were starting to be beaten in debates about the current form of the Little Master. He has come to prevent his devotees from going astray some weak devotees who had started believing that their God was becoming weaker and had started worshipping some mere moratls and thereby destroying their souls and committing a hineous crime.

Well all i can say is that he has once again silenced all his critics by cracking a bedazzling century of just 76 balls just toying around with a West Indian attacks which seemed to be firing all guns in the last two matches. The ease with which he paced his innings today was awesome. Starting off with singles and doubles which were available easily courtesy a spread out field. As time went on and he spent more and more time on crease, the power, timing and placement in his shots started increasing and the singles and doubles of yore started getting converted into fours.

All this apart, the best part of his inning can be said to be the last over of Indian innings(oh you can count that huge hit out of the park too..but i give it the honour). Sachin required 11 runs from the final over and Dhoni was on strike and any hopes of Sachin getting a century were quite blurred but as a famousquote is there “if Sachin is on the pitch, anything under the Sun is possible”.

Sachin required 11 rums for his 41st century. Dhoni takes a single of the first ball, giving sachin the strike , the target stands at 11 from 5 balls..still quite difficult ain’t it . Sachin takes a double from the next ball.. reducing the target to 9 from 4 balls. Now the bowler strays down the leg for the next ball and the ball is chipped over the infield, but what do we see??? Ball going into the hands of a fielder placed at the boundary but few seconds later you can see that the fielder has spilled the ball and it races towards the boundary. Now the equation stands at 5 from 3 balls. A 6 or a 4 at this point can do the trick, but The God decides to taste the patience of the fans and takes a double on the next ball..revising the target to 3 from 2 balls, still achievable. Next bowl, the bowler strays down the leg side and Indian team is awarded a wide which makes people wishing that somehow this run could be credited to Sachin but alas the rules are rules. Come next ball and Sachin strikes it and courtesy excellent running by Dhoni, Sachin is able to run 2 while it should have been only a single. So it all comes down to the final ball, 1 run reqd of 1 ball. The nation watches with bated breath and hearts thumping like a generator. Finally, Sachin manages to score a single of the last ball and this causes whole crowd to erupt and cheer for their hero and even people in NBH TV Room couldnt help marvelling at the quality of the inning played by the Master.

In the end i would just like to say
“Cricket is our religion
Sachin is our God”


PS1:- Awesome b’day celebrations of Piyush complete with flour being sprinkled on his head which wil take some time to come out.
PS2:- Good day for sponsorships, got positive response wherever we went.

Music from Medieval Ages

I hope my readers haven’t start thinking that this is gonna be some boring article on the music culture which was there in 1600’s and 1700’s but i am referring to music of 1960’s and 1970’s which is sort of medieval time for us people living in the 21st century. I think somehow the type of music which is being churned out nowadays isnt the best of the music. All the classic bands in the rock genre are almost dormant now . My favorite ‘NIRVANA’ is gone , i so rue the death of Kurt Cobain, hope he had been alive now. G’n’R too is gonna release an album this year(hope so) but its not the legendary line-up with only AXl Rose remaining of the original ones. Even G’n‘ R and Nirvana are new. Right now i am talking about the likes of Elvis,Bob Dylan and Beatles the three artists(or Band as in the case of Beatles) of yesteryears which have impressed me very much.

I started listening to Elvis Presley sometime in the third semester may be 3-4 months ago. The first time i heard him, it was out of curiosity thinking i should listen to the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ atleast once before dying or else my life would be a waste. So i started to listen to him and the first song of him which i liked was Jailhouse Rock’ a typical Rock and roll song if you would ask me a song which you can enjoy while listening it. Later i started to like other songs in the collection. Slowly slowly i started liking the whole collection of Elvis and realized why he is called the King and one of the most sold music artist till date. As i started listening more and more of him, my choice of the favorite Elvis song also kept changing varying from Jailhouse Rock’,’Teddy Bear’,’Can’t help falling in love’,’Love me Tender’,’Always on my mind’,’Are you lonesome tonight’,’Devil in disguise’ ,’Crying in the Chapel’,’Return to sender’,’Surrender’,’Amazing Grace’,’Wooden Heart’,’Girl of My Best Friend’ and last fav n chronological order or can say current fav is ‘In the Ghetto’ actually almost every song of his has been my favorite some time or other. He is the only artist except Lucky Ali whose entire collection is my favorite and to which i can listen to anytime or any mood. The songs of these two artists are just so awesome … 🙂

Second i tried ‘Beatles’, couldnt hear them much, though i loved some of the songs like ‘Yesterday’(the song which has been covered more than3000 times a guiness world record),‘Yellow Submarine’ (though it seems like a poem for some child but yet a b’ful song) also liked ‘When i am sixty-four’ but bad luck,  when i had just started listening to them, i had to format my computer and lost the Beatles collection and somehow haven’t been able to restore it fully,have something arnd 10 songs of Beatles and yesterday and yellow submarine are not there with me.

Third is Bob Dylan, i have been listening to his song ‘LIKE A ROLLIN STONE’ for the last whole day continuously it is just an awesome song. I couldn’t just stop myself from listening the song , the time i had to spend out of my room without this song then i listened to it on my cell using the ear plugs, this is just awesome. This song has been listed as the No.1 song by the Rolling Stone Magazine.Full list can be found here .

I just have 1 min 36 sec version of this song..and can’t find the full version anywhere…if somebody can download the full song and add it to DC++ or give me some link from where i can download this song. I will be grateful to the person. I think i must have heard the song atleats 100 times today, my windows media player shows 130 times and i must have heard it some 20 times on my cell but of these 25 times were yesterday and by the time i sleep i dunno how many times more i will listen to it. Lets see
I am writing the lyrics of the portion of the song i have

        Once upon a time you dressed so fine
You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didnt you?
People called, say, beware doll, youre bound to fall
You thought they were all kiddin you
You used to make fun about
Everybody that was hangin out
Now you dont talk so loud
Now you dont seem so proud
About having to be scrounge for your next meal.

        How does it feel
How does it feel
To be out on your own
All alone
Like a rolling stone?

I would advise evryone reading this post to give a try to Elvis atleast once and even if not that then atleast listen to ‘LIKE A ROLLING STONE’ and ya you might not like the songs of those years but persist with them coz our tastes have been molded according to the music of present time and it takes some time to get into the mould and start liking the songs…

PS1:- I have been watching quite a lot of movies recently, watched ‘My Sassy Girl’ yesterday, a cute and feel good movie
PS2:- Thinking of watching Schindler’s List today
PS3:- DB quiz today was bloody,damn, fucking boring. I left the last question coz couldn’t persuade myself to attempt it. Such a long paper,it felt as if we were giving the end sem(or atleast the mid sem) actually the time allotted was more than that for mid sems.
PS4:- My blogging frequency is increasing specially after such a dormant period in January coz i went home
PS5:- The song ‘Like a Rolling stone’ inspired (or should i say forced ) me to write this post

My Favourite Movies

Two posts in a day.. I guess i am achieving this feat twice or thrice. Its a post which i have been thinking of writing for quite some time but its just that this was suposed to be the day when i will write the post. Just now finished watching ‘ A Walk to Remember’ and i am so weighed down by emotions that i am writing this post just to calm myself down.

I am putting 5 movies in this list of my favourite films. I have not seen many classical english movies so this list might have quite a few of the movies but since this is my list so i can add only the ones i have seen so here goes the exclusive list. Some day in future if i see another great movie i will add it up in the list. The movis are written in the order in which i saw them.

1. Dilwale DUlhania Le Jayenge(DDLJ) – This film needs no introduction to anybody who is Indian. A milestone in the Indian Movie Industry. Until the last news of it, i knew that it had been running for 11 years straight in a movie theatre in Mumbai. A typical Hindi movie with songs,dance. A typical hindi movie with basic storyline of boy meets girl,girl doesnt like him at first but falls in love with him later, then comes the villian of the story, the father of the girl who wants her to be married to the son of his friend living in Punjab. The boy and girl both are NRI’s who have been out of the country since they were born. This film is without doubt the greatest and most succesful movie in Bollywood and among the fav of almost 80% Indian Movie buffs
Year of Release – 1995
Awards – 8 Filmfare Awards and 3 Screen awards (Best Movie,Best Director and Best ACtor award in both award shows)(Zee Cine Awards were not announced then)
Lead Actors – Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher

2. The Legend Of Bhagat Singh – A legendary film about the life and times of one of the greatest Freedom figher of India, Bhagat Singh. This is one film which i can see for any number of times and never get bored infact evrytime i see the movie, a new zeal isinfused in me to do something for the country. This film glorifies Bhagat Singh and his fellow revolutionaries who are always sidelined and Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru take the main stage when it comes to freedom struggle.
Year of Release – 2002
Awards – 2 National, 3 Filmfare, 3 Screen and 4 Zee Cine Awards (Best Actor award in all except Zee Cine)
Lead Actors – Ajay Devgan, Sushant Singh, Amrita Rao

3. Swades – Story of a young scientist who choses to answer the call of his nation. The picture might look like a documentary to some and was rejected as a slow paced movie by some but this was the first movie in which a tear came in my eye. Extremely hear t rendering portrayal of the role of Mohan Bhargava by Shah Rukh Khan which can be said to be the best performance of his life. I have watched this movie 3 times in theater and while living in Kota i was saddened to hear that this movie didnt fare well on the box office and prayed to God that the film should rule the roost.
Year of Release – 2004
Awards – 2 Filmfare, 1 National,2 Screen and 1 Zee Cine Awards
Lead Actors – Shah Rukh Khan, Gayatri Joshi, Kishori Balal

Now Come the two English Movies which made it into the list

4. Finding Neverland It is the story of the author J.M. Barrie and his friendship with a family. An emotional movie which can make u cry your heart out. i for my part can say that this was the first movie in which i wept (and by wept i mean wept nothing less).I was asked by my friend to watch the movie and i watched it abt a year after being told to and i rue not having seen it earlier. Not writing much coz i have written a post on the movie which can be found here
Year of Release – 2004
Awards – 1 Oscar and a host of other awards
Lead Actors – Johny Depp, Kate Winslet

5. A Walk to Remember – A movie which makes you realise what true love is and what it can do to a person. A very sweet movie. I was advised few months back by my friends to watch the movie, finally today i saw it after putting it up thinking it would be another emotional one and going for light hearted comedy flicks but there is one thing you can’t deny that the real feeling of watching a movie comes only after watching such movies. 30 minutes into the movie i was thinking that why is the time running so fast i was just so loving the feeling of watching the movie but about the end of the movie i just wanted the movie to get over(not coz it was getting boring) because it was getting too emotional and was getting onto my nerves and iw as having a difficult time controlling my emotions which i actually succeded in doing. Seriously speaking i doubt if there are guys like Landon in this world though i would sure like to be a Lamdon for my someone special.
Year of Release – 2002
Awards – 1 MTV Movie and 2 Teen Choice Awards
Lead Actors – Mandy Moore, Shane West

PS1:- 6 movies in last 4 days..sort of a record . Since i got a laptop i havent seen so many movies(other movie today was prestige another awesome movie with numerous twists and turns)
PS2:- Will have to study tom for the DB quiz on Monday…
PS3:- I would like to thank all my friends who kept telling me that ‘ A walk to remember ‘ is an awesome movie which made me watch it.. 🙂

Ppl i like and dislike

I was tagged by Ankit Garg to write on the topic eons ago (and by eons i mean 3 days).. 🙂 So i am posting on this topic…
Ppl i like…
1) Obviously who care about me..who wouldnt like such people
2) Those who support the weak and dont let them get humiliated
3) Ppl Who tag me and give me the oppurtinity to do what i absoultely love that is write a new post 🙂
4) Ppl who are jolly and who make others laugh…

Ppl i dislike

1) Ppl who show scant respect for women and pass lewd comments
2) Ppl who bad mouth others nehind their back
3) So called Friends who turn to you when they need you but dont reciprocate
4) Ppl who always play loud music and that too with their doors open not caring a bit about their neighbours
5) Ppl who cant live a day without studyiing and then would say that they dont study much.
6) Ppl wh omake fun of others but can’t tolerate one thing directed at them
7) Ppl who sleep off on national hols lik 26th Jan and 15th AUg
8 ) I cant say i would dislike such a person but was really disappointed in a person who was awake at 7:30 on 26th Jan and didnt go for flag hosting

PS1:- One of my shortest one till date
PS2:- Once again i missed 26th Jan flag hosting after last 15th Dec..I am such an asshole
PS3:- Have watched 4 animated films in last 3 days…

Few Unforgettable Hours

I am gonna write about the unforgettable moments i had on the 20th of January. Well, i had to catch the train to Hyderabad(or better say Sec’bad ) from New Delhi Station so i decided that i could catch up with my cousin sister who lives in Gurgaon. who got married in Dec 2006 and whose marriage i couldn’t attend so to accomplish this feat i reached Delhi on 20th morning and reached my sister’s place in the morning had lots of fun talked to her after 2 long years and it was so fun. Then my jijaji (brother – in -law ) said that we should go out on a drive and we took off and went to a McD and ate there and at 3o’clock we decided that it was time for us to leave otherwise there might be chances of me missing the train. So we left the McD at 3:00 hoping to reach my cousin’s home by 3:30 then i could leave but fate had something different in store for me. There were two big traffic jam in the way back so the journey which would have taken 20-25 mins took us about 1hr 10 mins so i was there standing at the door of the house waiting to go the bus stop but my sister wouldn’t let me go without me eating something so i was forced to drink a cold drink and eat some biscuits. So i gulped all of them the fastest i could do and left for the bus stop from where i could take a bus for Dhaulkuan in Delhi state whereas Gurgaon is in Haryana. The auto which i took could have given a 60 year old man riding a cycle a run for his money…it was so damn bloody slow that i couldn’t do anything but sit there in the auto and keep cursing the guy and his auto…

Somehow i reached the Bus stop and luckily a bus came in something like 5 mins and i thankfully alighted the bus and the bus started on in the pace usual for a bus but after some 15-20 mins the bus stopped all of a sudden and to my shock i discovered that the bus has broken down and now we will have to wait for some other bus to come and then get onto it and then continue our journey so not in a situation to do anything i just stood there and waited for the bus..Somebody may argue that i might have taken an auto but the problem is that the autos dont go from one state to other so i had just only one means of conveyance and that was the apni sasti, sundar(???) and tikau(not in this situation) bus. So i kept on waiting for the bus and waiting, then another bus came and i got into it. When it started moving i thought that “Dhaulkuan” must not be far from here and thought that i will reach there in about 20 mins, time being 4:25 i thought i will reach there by 4:45 and then some 25-30 mins to New Delhi station and will be there comfortably but the time kept on passing and when at 4:40 i asked someone how much time the bus will take…i was told 20 more mins. I was happy that i will take an auto from Dhaulakuan and reach station in time.The clock struck 5 and still the bus was moving at its usual pace . I was told by a person standing beside me that we will surely reach Dhaulakuan in 10 mins.At that moment i started getting tensed and started biting my nails (though i always do it but that biting was different from usual biting). I was still hopeful that i would be able to make it to the station if i take an auto. But then the time kept passing and it was 5:10 and still we were traveling . This time i talked to the conductor hoping to receive an answer that we are just there but instead i get a blunt ” abhi 10 min aur lagenge ab hato humein apna kam karne do”… Now it was time to panic…i was terribly afraid at that point of time couldn’t think of anything slowly slowly i started feeling my heart beat grow faster and was feeling i was going to faint or something. I started praying to God asking the almighty what wrong have i done to deserve such a harsh punishment and started reciting Gayatri Mantra(in my mind) with my hands folded in front of all the people. I was dripping with sweat in spite of the cold weather in Delhi… everything was starting to become so fearful. i was not concerned much about myself at that point of time but main point was that i had the tickets of the 3 of us Me,Pk and Shikha and i was cursing myself for getting them into trouble along with me. All of a sudden the bus stopped and when i looked through a window, it was a traffic light and there was a very long line of vehicles, at that point of time tears had almost come into my eyes but i decided that its enough with the bus now i should take an auto coz by now we should surely be in Delhi state when i got down from the bus time was 5:15 by my watch

So i got off from the bus and stopped an auto wallah and told him to take me to New Delhi railway station. Sensing the tension and the urgency in my voice, he asked me what was the matter , i told him my situation i was in. HE told me not to worry and told me that he will take me if there is no traffic jam but he will charge more if he drives fast. I told him i will pay you as much as you want just take me there in time. I should really thank that guy for he drove the auto like i have never seen an auto wallah drive in my life. He was also cursing the people who tried to cross the road in front of the auto and would just burst into a stream of expletives at every red light we encountered. He was driving faster than the cars around us and overtaking all of them. Finally we reached NDLS at 5:40 pm but there was another hurdle in my way which was to be cleared in 5 minutes and i had to reach the train too.

Final hurdle in my way was that my suitcase was deposited in locker room and i had to go there and take it. Running with a bag on my shoulders i started to check my purse for the slip which had to be returned to take my suitcase from there but i just couldn’t find it in the heat of the moment i just overlooked it in my purse, when i reached there, i told them my problem and asked them to give me my baggage i told them you can see my ticket and match the ticket number on it but they wouldnt just listen to me and asked me to go out of the station and bring some bond paper and only then they would give me the suitcase, i begged in front of them asking them to give me my suitcase but when they refused i left my bag in the locker room unguarded which also contained my laptop and started to run out of the station, i tried to collect myself and again looked into my purse and finally found the receipt and then heaved a sigh and ran back to the locker room showed them the receipt and took the suitcase now i had to go to platform no 5 while i was standing at platform no. 1 I decided that it wasn’t time for me to go the over bridge go up travel the distance and then again go down

So i decided that i will cross through the rails and threw my suitcase down and jumped down into the rails crossed two tracks reached platform no 2 and then i climbed up to the platform in the grossest manner in which i could have done and then went down again and then there was a train standing on the platform(it was actually standing on the middle track of the three between those 2 platforms if i remember right) i climbed up the stairs into the coach, a man was standing there pushed him aside and then descended down the stairs and could see a train standing on platform no.5 with my full force overcame another obstacle and reached the platform, since the train was standing i had time to find my coach S-11 and then got into it and saw the face of shikha and at that time for the first time in the last 2 hours i relaxed myself a bit put my luggage on the seat and just sat on the seat unable to speak anything just calmed my body for some seconds.

Since the post has grown too long…no conclusion and only one PS
PS1 :- Longest post of mine till date
PS2:- After my longest comment this in my longest post both on the same day

A Random Post

I am awake in the wee hours of the morning and for the first time its not because i havent slept the whole night but ci woke up at 4:00 am after sleeping at 11:00 pm … sort of a record for me even yesterday i slept at 9:00 pm and woke up at 3:00 pm.

All of you must have read this forwarded mail abt the diff between Friends and best Friends today i got it as a message in orkut so thought of writing it in my post
Friends: Never ask for food.
Best Friends: are the reason you have no food.

Friends: Call your parents Mr/Mrs
Best Friends: Call your parents DAD/MOM

Friends: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
Best Friends: Would sit next to you sayin “Damn … we fucked up …but that shit was fun!”

Friends: never seen you cry.
Best Friends: cry with you

Friends: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
Best Friends: keep your shit so long they forget its yours.

Friends: know a few things about you.
Best Friends: Could write a book about you with direct quotes from you.

Friends: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
Best Friends: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you.

Friends: Would knock on your front door.
Best Friends: Walk right in and say “I’M HOME!”

Friends: Are for awhile.
Best Friends: Are for life.

Friends: Will take your drink away when they think you’ve had enough.
Best Friends: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say “Ass drink the rest of that you know we don’t waste.”

Friends: will talk shit to the person who talks shit about you.
Best Friends: Will knock them the fuck out!

Its sort of funnny..dont think many ppl out there will have best friends who satisfy the conditions given here though a few of them are true for sure but all in all its sort of odd…

Took this test suggested by Poorna … and the results are.. I can’t comment 🙂 but there is one thing for sure i dont have much villianous characteristics… maxm of 63% of Dr.Doom but 90% Spider-Man

Your results:
You are Spider-Man

Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.
Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test
Your results:
You are Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom
Lex Luthor
The Joker
Poison Ivy
Mr. Freeze
Green Goblin
Dark Phoenix
Blessed with smarts and power but burdened by vanity.
Click here to take the “Which Super Villain am I?” quiz…

Some of my batchmates will kill me for saying this ..but i actually liked IJCAI (though it was only the first day lets see what it will be like in the next 2 tutes )…The lecture was good and specially the lunch served after the lecture… regret not having eaten Lamb Stew beig served there.. 😦 but i would say for sure that it wasnt worth 4000 bucks which odrs are spending.

No PSes this time coz this post is a sort of collection of PSes.

Will be leaving for home in 37 hours

Life : Happy ‘n’ Sad

    Life just goes on providing moments to cheer you up and at the same time there are moments thinking of which you cant just help but curse yourself for being in such a messy situation
    There can be many such situations which you experience which can cheer you up as well as depress you to some extent depending what point of view you take at that particular instance …like

Happy 🙂 -: Ur friend calls you from whom you never would have expected a call while the person is at home
Sad 😦 -: U can’t talk to that friend coz u have to give a bloody presentation To Mr.Rohit Gupta for the bloody ITWS project..

Happy 🙂 -: You feel happy when a good friend of yours gets angry at you for not writing about that person in your blog… Making you realize how much that person values you
Sad 😦 -: Such a good friend of yours getting angry at u…. misery enough?? Isnt it???

Happy 🙂 -: Your mother calling u up and telling yo how much she remembers you while watching Shingshang*
Sad 😦 -: She never appreciates that you have grown up

Happy 🙂 -: Your project finally gets over…a shit load of weight removed from your head
Sad 😦 -: Wont get any chance to howl at your project partners anymore   

Happy 🙂 -: Someone in the college caring sumtimes for you and stopping you from doing something ..(which cant be revealed here 😉 )
Sad 😦 -: Curbs being kept on you though being so far away from home..

Happy 🙂 -: Finally being able to find the mails you sent to your best friend in 12th class…. which you had hidden in some folder in your comp
Sad 😦 -: On not being able to do the same now….though you have 24 hr net access now..

Happy 🙂 -: You live in dehradun so you can avail the facility of 3 day academic leave in lieu of attending IJCAi…which only ppl living beyond Delhi can get
Sad 😦 -: You live in dehradun city which sucks..sucks and sucks and of course you  have no frnds there…

Except the last one in all the above points happy side dominates the sad side 🙂

PS1:- Have been up for more than 35 hrs now(with an half hr sleep break) and walked for abt 2 hrs non stop today..so guess should catch up on some sleep now
PS2:- The hostel will become populated again 😦 i was loving the environment of seclusion and pleasure of having single occupancy
PS3:- Hit upon this blog me-jhantunahihoo…pretty interesting :p
PS4:- Project finally over after so many panges with shakti server
PS5:- Lets see what IJCAI has in store for us….

* Shingshang -> Its some bloody cartoon which is aired on Hungama Tv or something like that in which a 5-6 yrs old child does things which remind my mom of my childhood activities 😦