Each and every person in this world atleast in the world surrounding me must have heard PJ’s and banged their hearts afte hearing a pathetic one but what do you do about a person who crack such Pj’s with such consistency that you dont have any option left save just surrendering yourself…..And no maruti i am not talking about you… This time i am talking about someone who is miles ahead of you in this art (thouhg should say maruti is catching up fast..you just have to be his roomie to be amzed at the sponatneity and consistency and quality of his PJ’s(or phatte)(SEE NESTED BRACKETS ๐Ÿ™‚ ))
Today i will write about one of my classmate from school for whom no other term can be apt except the honour of “PJ QUEEN” or may be “PJ GODDESS” may be rather apt for her. Now the person reading this must be thinking that there are a hell lot of people who are an expert in this field so then why do i go on writing a post exclusively for her but my dear friend… if you would have ever heard her PJs then i am sure you would also like to tell other people about such a great personality. There is an infinite list of her phattes and i can write a book on them if i would have remembered them but i will write only a few of them which were conveyed to me by her either through the medium of chatting or her messages..So here go a few of them….
All of the phatte i am gonna list here are her original i have read one of them on a site but it was messaged to me by her some months before that…
First one :
Tell the name of the virus which spreads very very fast….ans you might have read someawhere else and it is “c”irus.

Another one is:
Once i was chatting with her and we were talking about the good ties we used to have when we were in school and all that part and i said that though i live in hyderabad par mera dil to lucknow mein hi hai…. and to this her answer came which i had never expected
“Kya baat hai tumhara ciculatory system to bahut lamba hai rehte hyderabad mein ho aur dil yahan pe hai” after listening this i could do nothing but bang my head on my table

One more:
i once sent her a scrap in orkut asking “Aur zindagi kaisi chal rahi hai????
And the answer came —> “Zindagi kaisi chal rahi hai ye to zindagi se hi jake poocho mera nam to anita hai.” The reaction didnt come from me this time but my friends who saw my scrapbook i can even now remember the look on shrikant’s face on reading the scrap

Another classic one is:
Why does a dumb cat falls?????

Ans: Since the cat is dumb so it can’t mew since it cant mew therefore friction coefficient “mew” is zero so it slips…

And the best one:
I will just copy my conversation with her
We were talkign about something and i knew something which she thought i must not have known…now the conversation ..
She:sab info hai aapko..
Me: kya karein hum hain hi gyani log
She:2mhara password gyani hai kya???
Me: kya??what do you mean by that??
She: cz 2m us se log karte ho..

Nothing left to say now…
PS1:- For the first time since coming to IIIT i am doing something useful am doing spoj
PS2:- Subjects and profs this sem are interesting specially i just liked Prof. Sangal’s teaching..he rocks as a professor others are also good but he is…

"LOVE” Can i get what it is??

Wikipedia says:-Love is a profound feeling of tender affection, or intense attraction. People in love are often considered to have “good” interpersonal chemistry. Love is described as a deep, ineffable feeling shared in passionate or intimate interpersonal relationships.

Perhaps the most enigmatic and may be the most used 4 letter word after the word “fuck”. Each and every person in this whole wide person must be having his own definitions of Love which may be acceptable to him/her but may be just crap to the other person sitting beside him/her. Love can be said to be the most beautiful emotion in this world. Recently i have been trying to think how can we define love?? What is meant by love?? How do you know when you are in love???? These are a few of the many unanswered questions which i have about love.

Back in class XII when i was in a relation with someone and i used to spend many hours thinking about her and used to feel happy just to hear her voice due to some strange situations i didn’t meet her as much as i would have liked. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and when the time was there to go and meet her i used to get ready like anything to look good in front of her. That point of time i used to think that this should be love..after all isnt love the feeling you have for your girlfriend??(ain’t it???) Now that i think of it..i just dont feel like that it could have been love somehow it just feels like it was an infatuation i might be wrong that could have been love ..who knows. May be i am confused because i see love as it is shown in movies. The love shown in movies is just extraordinary they just live off their lives thinking of their loved ones and all blah blah blah

I just dont understand of losing your heart and all that stuff..i just cant make out what is meant by “dil kho gaya hai”. I would be so happy if someone could explain me what happens when “dil kho jata hai” what do you feel like. Do you feel like yuo cant feel about anybody else except the person concerned coz heart is the place which makes us feel about something or may be u can say if u lose ur heart then u wont even feel about that person… ๐Ÿ˜‰

If i would have to define love, i guess i would define it to be an extension of friendship i would say love is like a deep and strong friendship between two people of opposite gender (ofcourse if you are not gay or lesbian for that matter) and given that you have some physical attraction too… MOst important thing for me if you love a person is you should be able to imagine yourself spending the rest of your life with ur partner. Most imp thing is you should be comfortable with the person whatever ur situation may be. But i think somewhere deep down there is a flaw in this philosophy of mine coz i have felt this way with a few good (girl)friends of mine but somehow that wasnt love that was just friendship i guess….It cant be that simple…

If i would like to define the feeling of being in love i would like to describe it using the song kuch to hua hai from Kal ho na ho..
bekhayali mein gungunata hun
ab akele mein muskurata hun
Hasnke milta hun aajkal sabse
This song rocks maan
Mehki hui si jaise hawa hai…Kuch to hua hai kuch ho gaya hai

When i was going through this phase i used to imagine her and me inpace of the hero and heroine in many scenes in the movies i used to see..I still remember imagining her in place of Rani Mukherjee in a scene from the movie Saathiya where she was wearing a blue sari.

Since the time i have been thinking of this topic…i thought what some people i know would say about love if i ask them so here is what i think their answer would be to what love is

MarutiWatching DC++, Downloading ๐Ÿ™‚
Karan This love and all is bullshit sex is the only thing….
Raman ??? A confused face.. then some crap which no one would be able to comprehend.
Chand WOuld like to hear him say..coz our thoughts match on many things
Kulbir lINUX IS LOVE, lINUX IS GOD Linux is everything
Somani/Abhilash Coding !!!
Khurana Library walls( i just love the air there..cant live without it)
Prof. Jawahar Assignments ๐Ÿ™‚
Me(in a light mood) BC(for the ignorant it is just Time Pass)

PS1:- New sem finally started
PS2:- And we are gonna be royally fucked by the professors…by the looks of it

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Hip Hip Hurray

I guess in these days tv is the source of entertainment which has got the widest base in the Indian Junta .. You can easily see by considering the billions and zillions spent on tv advertisements every year. The idiot box as it was termed by the someone whom i neither know nor have the intention of knowing.. coz its not certainly the idiot box… sure its responsible for spoiling many young bright kids and curb their imagination and blah and blah and blah but whatever who cares …Its the best form of entertainment available to ppl staying at home and can’t get out and have their share if fun… ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently i have been into watching that 70’s show and i was just giving a thought to the quality of tv shows we get in India that can cater to the choices of us young ppl. Sure we have a lot of soaps on the tv courtesy our dear Ms. Ekta Kapoor God can somebody tell her to chill out… I just hate her shows!!!(Well.. who doesnt).. I agree that there are good shows , good comedy shows but they are targeted at the general crowd there is nothing which can just cater to us growing kids or a bit grown ups…

Thinking of such shows i can just think of a handful ok ones..if u leave out shaktiman and all the stuff like that .. and i can come to the conclusion that there was only one show which could appeal to the feelings of ppl my age or the general term can be Youngsters and very few ppl would disagree with me if i say that HIP HIP HURRAY was THE SHOW which was made for ppl of our age group and we could connect… I can still recall many episodes of the show though it must be about 6-7 years when i last saw it… and i can say for sure that i was real fond of it without any doubts…it was just THE show.. they portrayed the school life in such a good way and it seemed so real and life like… One good thing was that 25 yr old ppl werent playing the roles of 12 th class students. I was a tad too young for a few of the things in the show but even then i used to enjoy it… One thing for sure which i would have liked to be incorporated in my school was the length of the skirts the girls in Hip Hip Hurray used to wear …the girls were just too sexy but it was tv after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

One god thing about the show was that it almost always had a moral in the end for ppl to take heed to..not as if i ever paid attention to the moral..I can still remember the episode about a cricket match when the captain of their cricket team (Think it was raghav ..????) admitted to not taking a catch clean when the umpire had declared the batsman out and i (along with their team) couldnt have been more angry at him but the talk that he gave after the match when they were sitting at an eating place was sumthing kool..i remember it but dont feel like writing it here

Who can forget the characters of John, Raghav, Cyrus and Mona and a lot of names which i just cant seem to remember now. I can just say that this show is embedded somewhere deep in the memories of my growing up. Now i just cant think of reasons how a public who can make melodramatic shows like Kyunki and kahani and blah blah blah super duper hits could have accepted a true to life show like Hip Hip Hurray… It was such a good description of the teenage life and the last years of school life a memory which evryone cherishes whole life………

Part II of Hip Hip Hurray was also started with all the guys in college but it was nowhere near the standards set up by the first part and was rejected by the junta. Another show which i used to like a bit was JUST MOHABBAT it was an okayish sort of show…Nowadays we have REMIX running on tv(hell i dont know if its running even now… but who cares) and after watching a few episodes of it.. it also resembles the saasbahu serials we have these days…back biting,complicated story plots and to top that glamorous moms…crap One thing i just hate about that show is that Tia talking about herself in third person..gosh this suxxxx…cant u be more real while making shows…

How i would die to have the episodes of that show on my laptop as we have them of so many shows…. It would just be so great
Aaj Humara, Kal Apna
Koi mane ya na mane
Apni to hasti hai..

PS1:- Holidays coming to an end..enjoyed them with that 70’s show and still enjoying…
PS2:- Feeling so hungry right now at 6:43 am damn the canteen it closes even before 2:00 am
PS3:- Had set out writing out various shows but just ended writing about Hip hip hurray had to change the title too from blah blah abt TV to HIP HIP Hurray!!!

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Boy -> Man

Yesterday i was just thinking when is the metamorphosis from a boy to a man completed. When does the time comes when a guy is not referred to as a boy but as a man…The more i thought about it the more i became confused and finally i had to halt this tarin of thought without any accepatble answer……

I thought of many things but was not completely satisfied so thought of jotting down all the points on the blog..

  • First one i thought was when a guy gets a job and is self-dependant and according to me this best suits the stage when the transformation takes place
  • Second i can say that after having sex a boy becomens a man , this term is most popularly used for woman..like he made her a woman and recently i heard in that 70’s show that “Donna made Eric a man” So may be this is also a good critirea of judging whether a guy is a man or a boy…
  • Another thing can be that we can be called men as soon as we are out of school and comfort of home and into college after all first year ppl in colleges in US are called freshmen and not freshboys….
  • A few more of these about which i have forgot now but htought abt them last night….

Speaking of this becoming men from boys stuff,i remember how i used to look at my dad when i was a kid and was always fascinated when i used to see him shaking hands with all his friends whenevr he met his friends and saw that as a sign of being grown ups so after few years when i used to shake hands with my friends on meeting them i thought that i have grown up a bit and still i can remember the first time an uncle shook hands with me …..that was the day i sure felt like i have grown in to something and i do have some value in this world…. ๐Ÿ™‚

PS1:- HOlidays zzzzzzz…
PS2:- Blogging arena is quite dead these days….specially our batch bloggers ofcourse except me :))
PS3:- one of the shortest post i have written…

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Wierdo!!! Who Me????

I was reading someone’s blog and he was tagged by somebody t owrite 20 wierd things abt himslef so i thought i should also write this as this could be a great idea to write a post…So here i am writing 20 wierd things abt maself!!!!

1. I am a renowned sleeper in the college and i have done many things to gain this fame. I sleep an average 10-11 hours daily but i can give any sloth in this world a run for its money if i come to myself coz once i slept for 26 hrs straight, waking up just once to eat and yet another time i slept for 22 hrs straight.

2. I have this ultimately curvy hair which are gonna straight the day India beat Brazil in soccer whatever i do they just behave as they like..(i am planing to get them straightened if money permits)

3. When i was in clas XII i proposed a girl on the day of raksha bandhan and she refused ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

4. Most readers of my blog must be knowing i am damn anxious to get married(a bit wierd isnt it??) to add to that i plan to marry acording to the customs of the 4 major religions(hindu,muslim,christian and sikh) when i do get married…

5. Second one related to marriage is i wanna marry a muslim girl coz of two reasons, first is muslim girls are generally hotter than hindu and teh second reason is a muslim girl will be able to cook chicken for me but if i marry a brahmin girl 99% chance is that she wont be even eating chicken leaving aside ccoking!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

6. I am very particular about the corectness of language being spoken by ppl arnd me and am always correcting Hindi of people around me ,i am on a never ending mission of correcting the ppl around me…cant correct the english coz i am not competent enough otherwise would have done that too for sure..

7. I dont know how to drive a bike or a car.. i just used to drive scooty when i was at home ….now dont kill me for saying that… ๐Ÿ™‚

8. If i am awake at 8 am on any holiday 99% chance is that i have not slept yet compared to my chance of waking up after sleeping some time in the night…

9. When i was in 3td class, i just attended school for abt 2-3 months in the whole year coz i missed a month due to a sever headache and the rest coz there was a strike in the place i was living so teh schools weren’t allowed to open ๐Ÿ™‚ this makes it two classes that i have not studied coz i also jumped when i was in class I that is went to 2nd after KG.

10. I was always teased in my home by the name of the girls of my school when i was a kid by my mother..she used to associate my name with the girls of my class by herself

11. I was damn shy of girls upto class VII and couldnt dare talk to them which suddenly changed in class VIII with a change of place and i had girls as my best friends

12. I can be a bit stubborn at time specially when i was a kid once i was going through a servant of ours and i liked a watch but when i was told that i could not have it coz he didnt have nough money to buy it i became adamant and lay down on the road when told that i couldnt have it..finally he had to mortrage his own watch to buy me that watch and one other time i was adamant onmeeting Mulayam Sigh Yadav and i was pacified only when i was made to meet a guy dressed in Kurta Pyjama declaring himself to be Mulayam.

13. I just cant study by myself, all the ppl of my batch can vouch for the fact …Its just that i just cant seem to study unless somenone else teaches me…

14. I shoplifted from a mall recently when i went home in dussehra holidays, i shoplifted a belt and its shop lifted not stole a belt from that mall just for adventure though coz i never needed it and its lying unused now after coming to me..In case some police guy is reading the post …I AM JOKING HA HA HA ๐Ÿ˜€

15. I have strange habits,like i can be very particular about many things which are of no consquence to others like the last year i used to go to OBH one side and coming back from OBH was the other way and it was same with me in my home..There were 2 ways of getting out of our colony, it was something like squarish and the gate was the same both ways so whenever i left my home it was one way and coming back it was alwyas the other way…

16. All the points written upto now were written on the morning when i had my SnS Exam and i was lying down on my bed trying to get a sleep at 5:30 am in the morning or night (whateva you would say it…)

17. When i started writing these points i thought it would be difficult gathering 10 points and now i feel like i can write atleats 25 which makes my wierdness quotient high !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

18. I can listen to all kind of music from Elvis to Sad Mukesh Songs to Yoodley Yoodley of Kishore to A.R.Rehman to Lucky ALi to Sonu Nigam and have a liking for Rock too but just cant seem to bear Rap music much and can tolerate punajbi only when there’s sum party and i am dancing though i cant dance as i hav 2 wooden feat..

19. Thinking about 19 0f these 20 points took me just about half an hour so i guess my wiredness quotient is pretty high ๐Ÿ˜‰

20. Whenever i like a song much and havent heard it before then i dont stop listenig it before i have heard it about 25-30 times minimum and one thing moire i like keeping count of the no of times i have listened to a song and thats one of the reasons why i like Windows MEdia Player coz real doesnt give this facilty and also its look also sux ….

Now i tag Karan, Maruti, Chand and Aditya in this post coz they are the only ppl in my frnd cirle from whom i can expect a post ..

PS1:- Exams finished at last…. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yippeee
PS2:- Network Notworking again ..sysadmins just suck… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
PS3:- Many ppl have left the campus or are going out tom ,it will be quite lonely…
PS4:- THe more i see That 70’s show the more frustu i get coz they get to Do IT at the age of 17 and we … what to say ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



Wikipedia says :- A song is a relatively short musical composition for the human voice (commonly accompanied by other musical instruments), which features words (lyrics). It is typically for a solo singer, though may also be a duet, trio, or for more voices (works with more than one voice to a part, however, are considered choral). The words of songs are typically of a poetic, rhyming nature, although they may be religious verses or free prose.

I say
:- Songs are the crux of life you can find a reflection of self in the form of songs its just that you have to realise which genre of songs is suitable for you in the mood which you are in. Depending on your mood you can like different type of songs at any instant ranging from Hard Rock to Pink Floyd to Peppy nos. to Romantic songs to mukesh type sad songs its just a matter of heart…….

I was not a music buff upto class XI used to get a headache whenever my sister used to see the songs on TV though could tolerate some amount of audio music coz itw as playe dmuch in our home as my home is a complete music buff and says that her cassettes are her most prized assets.My affair with music started in class XI when i started being in the comapny of Sushant Trivedi ..the lad used to sing songs all day long in school and made me listen to his vioce all day long and my interest in music begin to grow AHISTA AHISTA at first it was limited only to the movie songs which was the only thing i used to get to listen slowly i also started listening to contemporary Indian Pop scene gradually music began my life and i was allowed to listen to music even whlie studying. The first movie album which i liked in this phase was SUR and that made me a fan of a ceratin person name LUCKY ALI of whom i am still a fan till now “East or West Lucky ROXXXX” he is the first singer to make an impact on my mind and an impact to last for ever……All this time i was unaware of any English Music except the legenDARY(to quote Barney) “My Heart will go on“,“Words”, some of BSB stuff, some Ricky Martin, “Whenever wherever“.

Then came another phase of my life “KOTA and IIT Coaching” and i was exposed to a bit of English music by a guy , the nusic ranging from AVRIL to Maroon5 to Black Eyed Peas to Justin Timberlake to Hoobastank and in this phase Avril became my latest heart throb though heard only one song of hers which was “Happy Endings”.My friend also tried to introduce me to Linkin Park but my rock taste buds were not mature enough to listen to ROCK…..

Then i came to IIIT and was exposed to a whole range of music ranging from ABBA to Britney.The first song which i heard after coming to the college was “Zombie” by Cranberries the song sung by Harshita on freshers day was so popular that it seemed like the College Anthem at that time. Slowly slowly over the period of two sems i started getting familiar english songs mostly the pop music never did i feel any inclination towards Rock during whole of my first year even after continos head banging for some 2 hrs during Felicity ’06 and used to abuse adi and maruti for listening to that shiity stuff but as the second sem came to an end i started to get interested in a few songs which can be classified int o the Rock Genre first song was either “Numb” or “In The end”and then came “chopsuey” which just rocked my world and i listened to these 3 songs and Its my life for almost whole of my summer vacations coming to the end of my vaccations i also started listenig to some Nirvana and other songs of LP after coming here Started listenig to much rock and loved it too …. Then another transformation.i started listening to Beatles and Elvis Presley both the highest selling artists in the world,cant say much abt Beatles have heard only 2-3 of their songs but am just loving Elvis. Also like the song “Powerless” By Nelly Furtado quite a bit these days
All this rock stuff aside, i sure like Rock but cant listen to much Rock Stuff over an extended period after some bit of hard or metal rock, i need some indian songs or some decent english music to stabilise my mind and rid off any headache which i might have sometimes after an intensive session of rock music. Even now i am relieved to hear songs of “Tum Bin” and nothing cheers me up more than “Mausam by Lucky Ali”…..

Addition – I just forgot to write about Rap in my previous version so i am addingย  that on baba sir’s request wel to say the least i dont like RAP i cant listen to rap at all its just crap to my eras though i like a hindi rap song these days and a few english rap songs too but they are countable on fingers!!!!
PS1:- Listening to Presley right now ๐Ÿ™‚
PS2:- Wrote the post yesterday that makes it two posts in a day…. but am posting it today!!!
PS3:- This post has quite a lot of links :p 30 links in all and if you consider technorati tags then it is 35 ๐Ÿ˜€

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One year in IIIT and i have realised many things which i wanted to share with the readers of my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

1. There is only one way to see 4th year seniors outside OBH that is when they are roaming around in the campus at night with their friends (mostly girls) otherwise they are just not visible to we ordinary mortals except ofcourse our tutors.
2. No matter how late you are roaming around in the campus you can always find a couple also roaming around ๐Ÿ˜‰
3. No of pairs who roam around in the night have decreased exponentialy since the last batch passed out.
4. No matter what they tell me i cant study for exams!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
5. Friends can never ever come before family whatever be the situation.
6. College life is damn taxing emotionally.
7. Transfomations from Best Friends to pretty good friends to acquinatnces to dont talk to each other do take place….I myself have gone from first to second level with someone in abt a year
8. Project work though back breaking is pretty much fun..
9. OS suxxxxx!!!!
10. No matter how unconcerned and unemotional a person may look (s)he always has emotional problems.
11. Jeevan Vidya is right in one aspect “Expectation is the root cause of all problems”
12. The more i see “That 70’s show” the more the craving for a girl increases (now this is going of the main course of plan and should end the blog now)
13. Have seen that Seniors are supportive and protective just like your elder brothers and realised it fully on 12th July when the whole 1-12 wing of OBH came to help us(will never forget that night)and this was done by them even wothout attending Jeevan Vidya not only them each and every senior whom i ahve approached have helped me even if i didnt know them personally.

PS1:-I dont understand the idea behind this post but had it in my mind for long time so had to write it..
PS2:-No harm meant to 4th year ppl pls dont come killing me its a bit excaggerated
PS3:- Will have to come up with a blog soon to remove this from being the first post to be viewed on my blog.. ๐Ÿ™‚
PS4:- Seems like blog plagiarism is gonna be here to stay after reading abt this , i remembered that maruti’s blog was also copied by someone whose page address i dont seem to remember!!!
PS5:- Watched 12 episodes of “That 70’s show” today.First time i am watching the series ๐Ÿ™‚ as we have 2 days break now!!!


A IIITian bids Adieu to third sem

The time has come to bid final adieu to the lightest sem of IIIT,out of the sems i have experienced during my stay in IIIT and i was told by somone that this is the lightest amongst the first 5 sems in IIIT.

Many new things have occurred in this sem, like we became seniors interacted with juniors(or ragged them as some say) someof us were forced to dance to the tune of DISCO though they were let off without any severe action taken against them after our batch took their responsibility. Realised to my pleasent surprise that our batch is one of the most united batch of IIT(dunno abt the juniors though)!!! I for my part have also changed quite a bit started doing quite a few new things in this sem about which it would be better if i dont discuss in public.

This sem has been a sem of freedon where we could have done a lot of constructive work owing to the scarcity(am i exaggerating???) of classes in the sem and specially after the second mid sems when ITWS class was finished and we had 3 days off a week…just too much freedom. We have ruined our habits due to the freedom we got in terms of the classes we had to attend and i am sure its gonna be much difficult getting used to more no of classes in the next sem which is also slotted to be the toughest sem in IIIT ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (i am horrified even thinking about the next sem)….

We had quite a lot of freedom to do any constructive work in the sem, to learn anything or do any other thing which could have been benificial for us but on my part i should say i have done nothing better this sem except sleeping a lot and blogging a lot….none of the two things can be said to be much useful to me in my future. Many people in our batch have resorted to blogging in the free time which was avilable. One more thing we started in the initial phase of the sem was Gymming went to the gym for some 15-20 days but as usual couldnt become regular in it too..How can you expect some one to be regular in anything in such an irregular sem????

One very important thing…I managed to sneak into Computers after opting for Electronics in the AIEEE counselling and getting bored and afraid of EC in the first year itself.

This sem has been quite different emotionally too for me had a few crisis with my friends,went away from some people and strengthened the relations with some…..Indulged in the sharing process(as my friends refer to it) a lot with a lot many people and came to know that nobody is happy its just that people keep pretending so as not to incite any questions. Found a sister in college ๐Ÿ™‚ Regained a person’s friendship who was going away from us. Realised that having room mates in such small rooms is not such a good idea after all…..

One thing which i didnt do even in this sem was studying and listening to classes like the first two sems coz thats not related to sem or studies its just related to me though i have come to know that even the most serious people of our batch stopped listenig to the classes this sem owing to the boring lectures this sem!!!

As the sem neared its culmination we experienced ITWS Projects which can be said a simulation of the corporate life and we somehow huffing and puffing managed to reached the end line. As the sem ends and we move into the 4th sem another question starts raring into our minds about which many of us are uncertain as of now or i should say only a few are certain about ewhich course to pursue in our future life ….what should be the next step we take once we get out of the secure confines of the college into the bad,real world …..many questions are bugging the mind…whether to go for an MBA??? an MS??? or whether just to get employed and start getting paid or to to get job just to gain work experience and to go for MBA after getting some work experience(as many of us hope to do) but right now the basic question looming on my mind is whether to go for honours program or not!!!!!!! COz there is no point of going for it if i decide to pursue MBA.

Guess now its time to sign off as exams are banging on my head so i could manage with some studying!!!so this is me saying Adieu to third sem Welcome to a new phase in life which i hope to be exciting

PS1:- Sure to get fkd in OS exam GOD save me!!

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Finding Neverland

I had been suggested by my friend a year and half ago by one of my friends that i should se this movie but somehow i wasnt getting around to watching the movie but finally today i saw the movie and it was just, just , just brillinat. Awesomee movie, i regret not having watched it till now….Oh man how can they make anything so beautiful so emotional just extra ordinary movie….

I am not gonna blabber about the story of the movie but i cant stop myself from writing about the movie. As a rule i never cry in movies (iknow thats the same case with almost all of the guys) and i know that i am good at concealing my emotions but this movie just brought out the emotions out of me and i was crying in the movie and not only crying i was almost sobbing… :(( I have seen quite a lot of movies in my life and many of them have been quite emotional but this is the first movie in which i have cried there is another movie Swades watching which a tear almost came to my eyes but i didnt cry but this movie is just awesome…..

The last scene of the movie when J.M.Barrie has a chat with Peter in the last scene you just cant stop yourself from crying, there are many scenes worth mention in themovie but in this scene i just could make myself look into the eyes of Peter and couldnt stop myself from crying…….AWESOME. This experience about the movie is not only mine but i saw the imdb link of the movie and i read that many people share the same experiences like me, for many people this has been the first movie for which they have cried…..

Finding Neverland is sure gona bring a tear to your eye and if it doesnt then you dont have any right to be called a human….By the way the protagonist of the story Mr.J.M.Barrie is the author of Peter Pan which i discovered only yesterday while reading about the movie and then accidentally coming to know that J.M.Barrie was a real man and not a fictional character and even Mrs.Sylvia Llewelyn Davies and all the Davies brothers whowere actually 5 not 4 as shown in the movie…..
But this movie was a class apart ..why arent such god movies made in India?????

PS1:- After getting almost mad and being exhausted my project finished ๐Ÿ™‚ atleast i hope so…..is it true Bharat Sir???
PS2:- Saw “Sleepless in Seattle” too yesterday that too a good movie but nowhere near this one…
PS3:- Wireless LAN sux like hell….

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