General life in IIIT on a decline!!!

Many a times in the recent past, we ave had discussions regarding the falling standards in IIIT in almost all the fields where it comes to talent. IIIT is becoming more of a work hub than being a place where different types of people with their talents flourish. Having spent two and half years in IIIT now, i think i can write something about IIIT… Hope my observations are correct.

A stark reminder of the fact is when guys of our batch win comprehensively in competitions like quiz and all… I would say the people who win are good infact very good when you compare them with other people but if you compare them with our seniors like Satvik, Ruchir and all, the whole group of them, they were just extra odrinary. I still remember my first year where in an Inter House DumbC.. If i rmr correctly then Satvik, Ruchir n Su used to guess things (meant to be done in 2 mins) in a petty matter of 30 secs or so.. Their chemistry and knowledge was just awesome.. back then we used to think that these guys have been living together for 3 years.. so they know each other quite well thats why they can do so.. but now that we are in our 3rd year, we cant find any such ppl in our batch.

Can the magic of 1-12 wing be ever revived again?? Dont think any of the ppl in 2nd,3rd or 4th year will be able to stand to those guys.. For us UG2K5 ppl… the 1-12 wing consisting of Gaurav Jain, Lohia, Bhago and company was something out of this world… Even last year we had ppl like Grawl Mr.Felicity and a bcbaaz sitting with whom you just cant stop laughing, Alankar, have heard about his escapades the day before his CAT exam and still scoring a 99.6% percentile, making him something like an epitome of sharpness 😛 to me but somehow now 1-12 is just another wing… No offence to the guys living in the wing now but i dont think nobody will be able to live up to the charisma now…

Come to geekiness.. whoever has seen or met smr will always regard him as legendary and also Nirnimesh, these two were like the epitome of geekiness to us in our first year when they were the sys admins,they were like the Gods of Linux and Programming… Agreed we have people in our batch who are knowledgable and sharp but they were a combo of both.. I would say they were like a combo of Kulbir and Somani of our batch… About SMR’s memory i have an interesting story.. Then have heard stories about Shiben that he developed some games while only in his first year… I dunno what games he developed but he sure is a geek who can also sketch, write awesome imaginary stories, do an awful lot of bc on DF… then there were Manikandan and Ramachandra, our C tutors in first year who have left quite a mark on us.

Coming to multi faceted personalities, here again someboedy by the name Arun stands out orator, basket ball player, GK i have written earlier… Cracked the CAT n GRE.. what more can be said about him…

Then there is somebody by the name Pati,about whom somebody told me that he is so witty ki “vo akele baithe baithe poori basket ball team ki mar leta hai”, a very good basket ball player a geek by choice who used to look so cool in my 1st year that never in my dreams could i have ever thought ki he would be a g33k… who was one of the very few people who being in 4th year would himslef say a hi to me when i was in my 1st year during the interaction period.. 😛

Ofcourse if we talk about personalities from 2k2 batch,we cant miss out on Pranav Vashishta, the guy who can talk for hours on every topic, dunno from where he acquired so much knowledge… but he sure turns head… and ofcourse who can forget Satvik, the guy who scored cent percent in enlish in CAT.. terming that as an achievement would be belittling it…Then there were guys frm 2k2 like Rao, Joon, Ruchir and all with whom i have had no interaction but have heard stories about them…

Even though I havent had any interaction with ppl from 2k1 but they also seem to be quite a bunch of cool guys from the blogs of them that i have read, my only means of knowing them there are quite a few of them I would like to meet given a chance, guys like Utkarsh,Kunal,Jayaram,Rakesh and ofcourse our dailyrium Sreejith.. 😛 these guys find time to blog regularly being in job and ppl in IIIT being vella all day cant blog and all… Am just taking an example of blogging but this is sort of a reflection.

We had our own college band but all the members have left and we dont have anybody to fill the void left by them… DO we have enough rock enthusiasts to carry on the legacy of Arun, Freaky, Bhago and all.. The answer is Zilch… We have a single guy aditya in our batch who can be termed as a rock enthusiast but none else and have no idea about the junior batch..

Then there was IV from 2k3 whose popularity throughout the batches made it impossible to have any event without constant chattering of iv,iv,iv, who being a topper and all was quite active and seemed quite diff from the usual geeks, though as i dont know him on a personal front so cant say much but one thing i rmr is that he usd to be quite cool in OS assign evaluations… 😛 … and Sriram whose innovative hooting in the Felicity 2k7 will b remembered for long… 😛

Instead what has happened in IIIT now is… people come to college and start slogging, I remember that in our frst year nobosy used to go to reading room and very rarely were people seen in libraries but from the 2k6 batch , this number has been very high and the current first year is also not a step behind them. The current lot of first years seems to be very low on the enthusiasm front… Hardly any people turned out for the recenty held carnival. Our seniors will say that we were the same, i still remember Dash coming to rooms of each and evry prithvi guy to wake us from our slumber but that was work and it was morning but when it came to things like teacher’s day and all many people used to be present….

Even the regular strollers in the campus are also on the decline, when we used to roam around in 1st year.. there used to be many people we would encounter but these days you see hardly any people doing the rounds.. Wonder why??? :O

Song of the Day:- Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon & Garfunkel

These are all my views… a perception of what i’ve felt in my 2.5 yr stay in IIIT…

PS1:- If you are a IIITian and from any batch b4 2k3(including) then read it carefully.. you might find your name in here.. 😛
PS2:- Just wondering if ppl from other batches also felt the same when they were in our place.
PS3:- Fucking wasted almost 1-1.5 hours for this post and have exams from monday.
PS4:- Wish all the papers are so hard that nobody is able to attempt anything
PS5:- But i know it wont happen.
PS6:- The post has turned out to be quite long… but it demanded such length..

Looking for a title.. Suggest One!!

With another sem in IIIT coming to an end, my fifth one i can do with writing a post about it and increase my post count. Many changes came  in my life and this sem, like other sems in my college life has been quite an eventful one. Now i am nearer to the end of my college life than to the beginning of it. These days I look at the first year guy and reminisce about my first year in college, it sure was great, life was somehow better then… though can’t complain much about my life even now.

So here is a list of som new things which happened to me in this sem.. 😛

1. Started writing Poetry and shers – Anyone who has been to my blog even once in recent times will know that i have developed a penchant for poetry, Infact this is all I have gained this sem, Spent almost all my NLP classes in the later part of the sem writing poetry or shers.

2. Honours Proj – Completely fucked my honours project, didnt do even an iota of work, can someone tell me if i can withdraw my project now without getting a grade or atleast tell me the worst grade you have ever heard in an Honours Project coz there must have been people like me earlier also

3. Discovered Beatles – And what a music those guys have made have become a fan of them just love the music… Infact another band, Simon & Garfunkel to from 60s too is awesome,  just strengthens my  belief that 60s was the best decade for music be it English or Hindi, tell me some other artists of 60s.. and ofcourse Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones are also good…and have wrote about Elvis earlier… Tell me more artists from the decade whose music is on DC.

4. Became a 9 pointer – Well this happened in 4th sem but came to know about it in 5th sem.. 🙂 But have no chances to repeat it this sem.. Gonna be fucked this sem..Wish somehow I could touch 8 this sem.

5. Back to my lethargism – If there has been one thing in which I havnt been lethargic it was Blogging, for more than a year I just blogged and blogged and blogged but frequency dipped this sem.. 🙂 Waise even now its more than most of the bloggers, but these days its mainly my poems.

6. Future Plans
– Decided on doing MS, but once I knew thant my Hons Project is fucked, decided to go for MBA but am still undecided dunno when will I be sure, have even joined TIME…. 😛

7. Family – Another very important thing, my sister and I are in the same city now, her job training is being held in Hyderabad and this has been one of the best thing to happen this sem.

8. Had a brush up with Police – Can’t elaborate more but if you hav read my posts in the month of July then you will know… Now this is the maximum hint I can give.. 😛

9. Rocked – Did it once… You will understand better if you try the synonym of the root word… or if you know anything about the circle in That 70s Show 🙂

10. New Cell – Got a new cell N72.. and also shifted to a SINGLE room in OBH… Single finally…

Couldnt find anything better but had to make it 10… so this one.. had written a good point which would have interested many a readers but had to delete coz its public forum after all, so sorry my readers.. 😦 though I am sure it would have interseted many  and would have left all wanting for more..

Song of the Day :- Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel

PS1:- A post after a very very long time
PS2:- Exams from Monday.. I am screwed
PS3:- Feeling sleepy at 10 in the night.. What the hell…. 😦
PS4:- Gotta study now..:(
PS5:- This sem finally coming to an end… Life was pretty cool this sem barring the last few days…
PS6:- The HSSM i took this sem was pretty cool.. 🙂
PS7:- Have only 4 exams this time… but havent studied Networks or Compilers, somebody please teach me…. 😦
PS8:- Since this has been a sem dedicated to poetry and sher so should paste another of my creation… Hope i am not confused about the Urdu meaning and the usage is correct.. Somebody give me hindi-urdu or english-urdu dictionary and the other way too..

रिश्ता कुछ यों की बयान नहीं होता अल्फाजों में
अफसाना बन गई ये दास्तान अनसुलझे जज्बातों की
मझधार में फंस गई कश्ती इस राहगीर की
इस पार से भटकते हुए निकले हम ढूंढ न सके डगर उस पार

Another one 😛 Now dont curse me!!!

आब्लापों से भर गया ज़र्रा-ज़र्रा मेरी किस्मत का
लकीरें ही मिट गयीं नसीब की मेरे हाथों से
बेदाराख्त हो गई शाख भी मेरी उमंगों की
शहादत हो ही गए ख्वाब मेरे अंजाम-ऐ- जंग में

आब्लापा – > Blister

PS9:- Thats it for now.. Bbyee….
PS10:- This is to complete 10 PSes..
PS11: – Firefox sucks when it comes to displaying Hindi.. 😦

Had You Been Mine!!

Have become very very lazy these days to write any new post… though have been thinking on few ideas to write but this laziness….

So here’s a poem in the meanwhile, while I write some new post…

The title as you can see in Had You Been Mine

Had you been mine!!
I wouldnt have crossed a thousand seas and hiked a thousand mountains
Just to take your image away from me
And yet to see your face smiling at me,every step of my journey

Had you been mine!!
I would have captured happiness of the world in my fist
The colours of rainbow would have faded before the colours of my dreams
Every mountain of sorrow would have seemd a pebble, I could have kicked aside

Had you been mine!!
I could have incurred the wrath of the world in my stride
A contenment only your love can give in this whole wide world
Feeling of completeness which union with you could have given me

Had you been mine!!
I could have spent my life in the shadow of your love
Life,a barren desert for me, wouldnt have died in search of an oasis
When lost in a sea of sorrows, your smile would have been a beacon of hope for me…

Wish You Had been mine!!!

Song of the day :- Saawariya from Saawariya by Shail Hadaa(whatever be the spelling)
PS1:- Another poem.. and i dont expect many comments on even this one… but had to save my poem somewhere lest it gets lost
PS2:- My parents came to hyderabad and went back too.. 😦
PS3:- My sis is still here and will be for atleast the next 3 months.
PS4:- 3 Projects… 15 days… I am fucking dead.. .:(
PS5:- Some arbit security rules getting imposed in college…. :O
PS6:- Saanwariya title song is nice
PS7:- Otherwise saawariya sound track is ok.. not great
PS8:- Slowly and steadily I am approahing towards 10 PSes
PS9:- If anybody knows how data is stored in mp3 files.. then drop by a comment here or shoot me a mail at himanksharma[at]gmail[dot]com.. Its kinda urgent…
PS10:- This is the 10th PS… Now over..get back to work…
PS11:- If you think this is enough of poems.. I have one more written on a piece of paper..will publish it someday in future when memories of this one have dwindled.
PS12:- Finally I got more than 10 PSes… Quite a feat it is…
PS13:- Now i am thinking of getting upto 15.. Lets see…
PS14:- Tomorrow again India Aus match.. Lets see … Hmmm….
PS15:- Thinking of maintaining a Diary of my poems… so that my blog can be saved from turning into a secod grade poem booklet…

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki

If you have any sort of general knowledge then you would have understood by the topic of the title what I am gonna talk about. This will be more of a compilation post than a writing. A few days back few of us were discussing that Roosevelt should also be give a place alongside Hitler in the Hall of Fame of Villians for the act of dropping atom bomb on the Japanese Cities. There can be numerous explanations given in the tone of that ” Everything is fair in war” and “He had to win the war to establish democracy and defeat fascism” but i wont ever be satisfied by it. So here are a few images and a few other data and quotes i got from my limited googling about it… which was limited to opening wiki page.. Wikipedia rocks by the way…

Following is a quote from a joint letter by Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard who were closely associated with atom bomb program

“Let me say only this much to the moral issue involved: Suppose Germany had developed two bombs before we had any bombs. And suppose Germany had dropped one bomb, say, on Rochester and the other on Buffalo, and then having run out of bombs she would have lost the war. Can anyone doubt that we would then have defined the dropping of atomic bombs on cities as a war crime, and that we would have sentenced the Germans who were guilty of this crime to death at Nuremberg and hanged them?”

Now some statistics…

At Hiroshima:

70 k people died due to immediate effect

deaths by end of 1945 range from 90,000 to 140,000, due to burns, radiation, and subsequent disease, aggravated by lack of medical resources

Some estimates state up to 200,000 may have died by 1950, due to cancer and other long-term effects


Immediate Deaths : 40k-75k and other data is almost similar but a bit less coz of the geography of Nagaski which allowed the radiations to escape.

Now few images

The energy released by the bomb was powerful enough to burn through clothing. The dark portions of the garments this victim wore at the time of the blast were emblazoned on to the flesh as scars, while skin underneath the lighter parts (which absorb less energy) was not damaged as badly


View of Nagasaki before and after the attack


The Nagasaki bomb cloud rose to 18km into the sky…

Many people were so unlucky that they survived Hiroshima and fled to nagasaki to again experience the same pain
The bombing on Nagasaki was not the end.. Even after this 7 more bombs were waiting in the pipeline to be dropped

The United States expected to have another atomic bomb ready for use in the third week of August, with three more in September and a further three in October”

I read a very touching poem by Vikram Seth in class X about Nuclear Holocaust but i can neither remember the title nor find the poem on net otherwise i would have posted.. If you have any idea about the poem then please tell me.

Song Of the Day:- I kept on Loving you by Carpenters

PS1:- Feeling very sleepy…zzzz…..

PS2:- Went to Pizza hut today for Ramzan offer

PS3:- Tom almost a holiday for me… No compilers class.. POPL class is as good as nothing


Edit:– You can see how sleepy I was… I wrote “PS4:-” and then nothing and even in tags fiel, i have written “r” which i even dont remember writing… And i dont remember anything after pressing the publish button…. I just fell on the bed and dozed off.. 😛 and wherever i have made things in bold.. was also done today…

EDIT2:-Waise i dont know what i intend to do by this post.. You easily read all this on wikipedia.. but i couldnt resist myself writing about this after reading abt it… Actually i was writing a post about Roosevelt being a villian and never been said so…. while Hitler being made the worst surname in History… 😦 If Hitler gets 10/10 on scale of villiany then Roosevelt should also get atleast 7/10 on the same scale… But what can we do.. History is always written by the Winners,for the Winners glorifying the winners…

EDIT3:-  These are few lines of the poem… Will try to find complete poem some other time

I saw the shadowy forms of people,
some were ghosts, some scarecrows, all were wordless, dumb–
Arms stretched straight out, shoulder to dangling hand;
It took some time for me to understand
The friction on their burns caused so much pain
They feared to chafe flesh against flesh again.
Those who could, shuffled in a blank parade
Towards the hospital.