A.R.Rehman is definitely the best music director in Bollywood but the trio of Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy is surely giving  the maestro a run for his money. The thing with them is they come up with quite different albums every time and this time they have come up with an album entirely different from any album which has ever been released or will be coming for quite some time.

I don’t see much prospects of this album being a major hit, the music is just too experimental for the taste of the masses. I don’t think the youth in India is ready for Rock yet. This is typically Rock music, Guitaring, Drumming and all make you feel as if you are listening to Maiden or sumthing like that.

Socha Hai Starts with the guitar sounding a bit like Jimi Hendrix (tried it) and then we see the birth of another singer, Welcome Farhan Akhtar, he starts singing and for a moment you begin wondering if this is Lucky Ali singing (but alas we dont seem to be having any music from him) . He sounds so similar to Lucky Ali, specially in this song at times.  I liked the lyrics of the song quite a bit . 🙂

Pichle Saat Dinon
Again starts with a Rock guitar. Lyrics are just strange but surely a good listen, the song which I expect to be a chart buster from the album. This is one song which I think will stick to everybody’s lips with its one liners and I expect to be listening more people humming these lines in some days.

Rock on – Title track of the album again starts with a Guitar and Drum intro trying to give a Rock feel. This is an okayish song but the thing is you can get away with these type of lyrics only once or twice in the album and SOcha Hai & Pichle Saat Dinon Mein, already do it by the time. So these lyrics don’t excite you much by the time you get to this song.

Ye Tumhari Meri baatein
– Typical hindi movie song, not much to write about the song, a good and melodious song ideal for light listening. You can put in in your when trying  to unwind after a hard day’s work. Dominiquie Cerejo has done a decent job in the song.

Zahreeley –
The song of the album, not my favourite song in the album, not even 2nd best or 3rd best but this is definitely the pinnacle of experimentation in the album. I never could have thought that Indian music directors can come up with such song in near future but Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy have done it. Tadaa.. presenting to you the first Hindi movie Rock song. Don’t think it will be a huge hit but definitely its a new genre and may be if I amke this list 10 years later then this song might feature in it. The guitaring and drumming is definitely on par with rock bands and if you dont know before hand that this is a Hindi song then you will confuse it with a typical English Death metal song.

Tum Ho Toh –
Again not much new stuff in this one another melodious song and if you are going into this territory then you have to do something exceptional to get noticed and unfortunately Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy & Farhaan Akhtar fail in doing so, an average song in my opinion.

Sinbad the Sailor –
This might not be the story of India but Sinbad is certainly the only adventurer with whom Indians can identify, as Sinbad has always been the story of folk tales in India. A fast paced song with main focus on vocals and Farhan Akhtar along with Raman Mahadevan do complete justice to the song. This song can become quite popular with its catch lyrics and fast music, the only thing I don’t understand is that sometime around 4:45 out of the blue, between telling the story of Sinbad, they start singing lines of song “Tum To Ho”. I mean here you are talking about a warrior and his bravery and somehow you bring romantic angle into it with these 4-5 lines… Strange!! Very strange!!

Pichle Saat Dinon Mein(Live)
Original song is great with its unusual lyrics but this song somehow doesnt do it for me, the main let down of the song is Farhan Akhtar interacting with the audience in Hindi, Comeon man I know this is a hindi movie but you could have done with English, it just seems so out of the place him saying “Ab aap log sab mere sath gaiye”, things like “Aap gaiye jab main apna haath upar karun” make it unbearable for me, atleast!! Singing and music are decent enough but just wish they could have done away with that part

Phir Dekhiye –
My favourite track in the album and ironically it is not a path breaking one, the thing for which I am praising the album but a good melody is THE THING, nothing can compare to a good melody. Caralisa Monteiro(another foreign looking name) with the backdrop of an acoustic guitar just does wonders to the song. I couldnt stop myself from putting this song on an infinite loop for 2 days and finally stopped after the song had been played 150 times into my ears.
(Btw if anybody knows the meaning of “Hasham” then please comment)

My Rating – ****

Half Star for the experimentation factor.
Btw I am quite excited to see this movie, seems like it will be based on Rock Music and I seriously hope that Farhan Akhtar would have done justice to the theme. Lets hope and wait for 29th August.

Song of the Day –
Pichle Saat Dinon Mein from Rock On

PS1:- A random observation, my posts generally reach word count of around 1000.
PS2:- 18 live bombs found in Surat now, what the hell are these terrorists trying to do?? WTF are they gaining by all this?? 😦
PS3:- This PS makes my word count exact 1000


     Was going through my Slam Diary today, and what a load of memories it brought to my mind, memories of times gone by, good times, unforgettable times, The Wonder Years of my life, a time of innocence, childishness foolishness and a period of seeing wild dreams unrestrained by worldly wisdom. A period of foolish acts, a time before diplomacy, time before wisdom of some sort starts to creep in. A period of unadulterated life. The childhood of my life. I know that I am going overboard here but hell man I am senti like hell.

    I think most of you would be familiar with the concept of Slam Book (are wohi Archies wali) but in our school we had a different concept. As you can’t ever be satisfied with the columns in the Slam Books available in the market so the girls of our class came up with the idea of making a diary procured from their dads and writing their own columns and tada we have our own Slam Diary so in our class most of the people had such Slam Diaries. I think many of you would be cringing that Slam Book and all are typical girlie thing and I also used to think the same and as a result I came round to making such diary only after the school ended and as a result couldnt take the Slams from many people of the class but now 4 years later, when I read the Diary today. I think this must be the best thing I have ever done in my life.

    Looking at it now, the columns which I made now seem to be nothing but foolishness of a wide eyed teenager but kya karein sab hi aise column banate the, so maine bhi… One thing that was very foolish in all such diaries were two columns, one for Best Friends and other for Good Friends, reading it now, it seems just too odd to me but back then everybody used to do it.

    Its a completely Oxy-moronic affair. Reading it makes me smile and cry at the same time. Even the entries are like that, one person slams me for not keeping secrets, then another one is indebted to me for keeping his secret.
    This post is a big Thank You to all you guys who filled it up for me and gave me a way to revive a bunch of memories whenever and wherever I like. There are a few people who are missing from this diary and may be some day I get a chance to get this filled by them. Am saying it right now in the moment of extreme emotions but I don’t think I will come round to asking people to fill it for me now that I have grown up. That is why childhood with all its innocence and scant regard for protocols and customs is the best.

    Finally a big THANK YOU to
PRATEEK (Bhatti)

For filling it up for me….. Miss you guys… 😦 😦

Edit:- This post was written on Saturday!!!

Song of the Day – Yaaron by K.K. (What else in this mood??? )

PS1:- Net hasn’t been working for more than a fucking day in hostel.. 😦 😦
PS2:- I had a minor surgery in my leg (got a corn removed) and the freaking Dr didnt even give an anesthesia while removing  it..
PS3:- Finally it rained here in Hyd for quite some time.
PS4:- I am out of the fit I was in and now think that diary filling idea mentioned isnt that great as I was thinking then.. 😛
PS5:-  Posting this post today after writing it on Saturday.. Net finally worked in hostel at about 4 pm today.. after about 70 hours… 😦
PS6:- Another post using Live Writer.. 🙂 Just Love it 🙂
PS7:- Rock On music… Rocks Onnnn!! 🙂 Had it been any other post, the song of the day must have been from the movie.


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Quirky ME!!

I have been tagged by two people to write this post so finally I have to sit down and ponder upon myself an exercise which I always think of doing but always fail in taking out time for. Actually initially I thought of bypassing this tag after Ankit tagged me being too lazy to think of this stuff but now even Aniket has tagged me so I don’t think I have any more choices left but to finally write.

So ,Rules of the game !!!!!!!

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you – Ankit & Aniket, already done
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. Numbers – If somebody asks me what is the most important thing in your life then it would be surely numbers and calculations. My first love has always been calculations since the time I can remember. Never does it happen that I see two numbers and I don’t play around with them adding, subtracting,multiplying and dividing them. Even while driving on road, seldom does it happen that I am not dividing the registration no of a vehicle by the code for the city in which it is registered and I really hate the nos when they don’t divide completely and I have been unlucky enough that all the vehicles we have owned all have had such pairs which don’t divide, namely 9059 & 32, 1556 & 80 (closest to divisibilty) , 6003 & 7

Another strange thing with numbers is that I have always had affinity for some numbers like I generally like multiples of 5 and always prefer a Composite number over a Prime number that is why numbers like 17,19 and all are a strict NO NO for me.

2. Symmetry – I have always been a fan of symmetry all my life, I always want things to be symmetrical and I always try to do my best to preserve. One example is, if on a swtich board there are 4 switches and if the first one is turned (and all others are off)then the third one should also be turned on just to mantain thats why I used to turn on the fan at my home while pointing the regulator to 0, always puzzling my family!!

3. Patterns – I always have been a fan of following patterns. When I was in Lucknow, for 5 years straight I followed the pattern of going out of the colony one way and coming back to my home the other way, though it was quite an ordeal at times specially since one way was longer and I had to follow it while going to school but I dutifully followed my schedule and kept the practise going. Even in college before the pavement was built in the middle of the lawn type of thing which is in front of OBH. I used to come one way and many times I had to walk alone because my friends just wouldnt come with me from the particular side and many times I had to run to save myself from being dragged by them to come with them the other way. Finally I left this pattern after the pavement was built because 1) a new way was there so I won’t be guilty of breaking the custom and 2) My friends were becoming more and more troublesome, trying to force me to break my custom.

4. Getting lost – This is a very strange habbit of mine.. I get lost at times, and the very special thing is that it is not like I am transported to some other world. I am quite aware of my surroundings and keep listening to what people are talking but somehow lose my ability to react and move for the time being while being aware that I am in the state. After some time I automatically come back to being Normal.

5. Songs –
NOw there is one thing with me that if I like a particular song then that song just doesnt leave my playlist for quite some time. Generally if I like a song then that song isnt out of my playlist until the count is atleast 100 and my playlist all this time consists f only that one song being played endlessly, which very often brings the wrath of my firends who get irritated by this!! 😛

6. Hindi – If there is one thing I am particular about then it is the Hindi of the person whom I am talking to. I just can’t listen to anybody speaking Hindi errnoeusly without pointing out frustating quite a few people quite some time, but somehow it make me itchy if the person in front of me is speaking wrong Hindi so I have to correct him/her whatever be the consequence.

SKP( Guruji wapas blaahgging pe aa jao)
Mythalez (Lets hear it from you now)
Sunshine (if you still browse through this blog sumtime 🙂 )
Kunal, Utkarsh, Rakesh ( I thought your batch can give competition to our batch in blogging but you guys seem to be failing me 😦 Comeon guys Arise, Awake & BLOG )

Song of the Day
– Milegi Milegi Manzil by Lucky Ali

PS1:- 4th Year is finally almost here.. Today we decided the courses to take… Feels so strange.
PS2:- India v/s SL test series to start from tomorrow. Sachin on the verge of being the Higest scorer in Test Cricket.. Hail the GOD!!!
PS3:- I really want to post using Live Writer, its just too cool but the thing is it’s not installed on my lappy and can’t wait till I reach office tomorrow to publish it.. 😦
PS4:- Domino’s 120 for 2 Regular Pizzas is awesome offer.. Have ordered 5 times in last 4 weekends… 😛 Thanks to MS & Dominos. I am having Pizza with such regularity!!
PS5:- This seriously rocks.. Specially for music fans like me.
PS6:- I made even this post verbose… 😛

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Songs of My Generation

Wont write much of an intro just a compilation of 11 songs which I think can be termed as the most memorable ones during the years I have spent on this earth. I must have missed out one or the other. Please point out any if you think so.

Pehla Nasha(Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar) If ever there is a song which can be attached to first love then this is it. The song has that sweet, young and beautiful feel to it which can never be surpassed. A million songs have come after and before it but none can portray it as good as this one. One of the best romantic song of all times. Song which comes to everbody’s lips when they fall in love for the very first time. Amir Khan with all his youth lost in his wonderland imagining her sweet hear along with Sweet and simple Ayesha Julka cherishing each and every moment of this wonderful feeling can just make your day whenever you see the song.

Urwasi (Humse Hai Muqabla) India’s answer to Michael Jackson came with this song. The song is not that special but the video of the song with Prabhu Deva strutting around and moving his body in every possible way and direction just looks fantabulous and you can’t help but wonder with amazement. The song made Prabhu Deva an overnight star converting him from virtually a nobody to the “DANCING” super star of India.

Papa kehte hain (Qayamat se Qayamat Tak) To this day 20 years after the song came, any farewell party can’t be complete without this song being played once. Definitive voice of a confused and yet hopeful youth trying to make his way into the real world burdened by the heavy load of expectations all the while unsure of what destiny has in store for him and how he will survive in this big bad world.

Yaaron(K.K) The FRIENDSHIP song, the first song which comes into mind when you talk about friendship. The song is friendship to me. Farewell party, welcome party, just some other meeting or just an occasion to remember your friends. This one has friendship written all over it. Beautiful lyrics and the mesmering voice of K.K. have made this one a song out of this world. Just unbelievable

Aati Kya Khandala (Ghulam)-
The song which started quite a few trends,
i)  Actors singing for themselves
ii) Songs in the form of conversation
Many actors tried this (SRK in Josh, Sanjay Dutt in Khoobsurat) and succeeded to an extent in doing so after this one but no song can ever match the popularity which this song achieved. Became a cult song with the typical mawali type language of Amir Khan and ofcourse the matches scene when he extenguishes it with his tongue which sent tongues rolling all over the country, everybody trying to ape the scene. A trend setter!!!

DDLJ Songs – Really confused as to which one should make the list, should it be “Tujhe Dekha”, “Ruk Ja Dil Deewane” or Mere Khwabon mein”, a movie which needs no introduction, the biggest block buster, the Trend setter. All in one and the music of this movie was also just different. Won’t say this is the best music, am pretty sure there would be many movies whose music would be better than this one but no music can ever be so unforgettable. Shahrukh Khan dancing like a mad man on the stage(Ruk ja O Dil Deewane), Kajol dancing in the rain in a very sweet(n short) white dress(Mere Khwabon), or whether it be the scene of the intoxicated Kajol running around in the beautiful locales of Europe with SRK (Zara sa Jhoon)following her can never fade away from my mind.

Dil Chahta Hai (Dil Chahta Hai) Was thinking earlier that I wont go to movies this new and would limit myself to the last millenium but can’t complete this list without the mention of this song. The youth song of this generation. Can’t write much about it but this one had to be there.. 🙂

Chholi ke peeche (Khalnayak)- I never would have thought that this song will make any list of my memorable songs as I cant bear listening to this song but the popularity of this song can never be denied. A typical mass song which like Himesh Reshammia, you can try as much as you can but you will never be able to ignore it or run away from it, this will always be knocking at your door 😛

Hume Ghar Chhoda hai (Dil)-
If Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman captured the imagination of the nation 45 years ago with the song aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai sitting in the back of a truck stuffed with fodder then Amir Khan and Madhuri Dixit ran away from all the boundaries and restrictions trying to build their own world in the 1990. I dont remember listening or seeing this song complete even once in my life but I will be hard pressed to find a person who hasnt heard the famous lines “Humne ghar Chhoda hai”

Chhaiya Chhaiya – The forerunner of all the item songs, a song which scaled the heights of popularity transforming Malaika Arora from a nobody to a household name all over the country. This song has created a new role in Hindi movies, that of “item girl” providing the starlets with oppurtunity to hog the limelight by gyrating to the tunes of a catch song. The popularity of this form made even Aishwarya do an Item, all of it just beacuse of one song. These days it becomes almost impossible to imagine a film without an item number. Helen can be said to be the starter of this trend but her songs were generally cabrets so wont say her the first item girl of bollywood, instead Malaika will take the crown!!

Tanha Dil (Shaan) & Dhoom Pichuk Dhum (Euphoria) I think Indian Pop genre owes a lot to these songs, one of the earliest popular songs which are still hummed by the people to this date.

Some songs which just missed the cut
Rangeela Re (Rangeela)
Kabutar Ja Ja (Maine Pyar Kiya)
Ye Dil Deewana (Pardes)

You must have noticed that Amir Khan rules the list with 5 in the list. He is definitely something….

EDIT: This is NOT a list of my favourite songs, this is the list of songs which have been the most memorable ones in the last 2 decades. This can be because of varied reasons, worst song, best video, best audio, any trend which the song set!! Anything!!!

Song of the Day:- Tujhe Dekha from DDLJ

PS1:- Finally online after spending two days without net in Office as well as room, horrible experience
PS2:- Hyderabad is getting quite hot these days!! 😦
PS3:- Effectively more than 11 songs in the list but itna to chalta hai 😛
PS4:- Two posts in succession on music 🙂
PS5:- Quite a bit of colours on this post.. Must be my most colourful writing till date!! 😀

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12th July

Since the year 2006, 12th July for me and almost all of my close friends has been a very important date. A date, I think none of us can, atleast in the near future, can wipe from our memories . Maroo’s birthday also falls on the same day but that doesnt make it much special (atleast for me, I don’t give a damn about birthdays) but this is a day which will always be fresh in our memories coz some of us scaled new heights and did few things which we never did till then, in a way it was sort of a part of growing up which I will always remember.

There were 4 stars of that day Me, Pagare, Raman and PK and I am pretty sure none of us is gonna forget that day in any hurry and also some other people who came in contact with our charming personalities that day. N.W. was given a lesson in dictionary reading by PK, A.S.R was pestered by Raman, Pagare frightened a certain K.K and was asked to leave his room while I was with the people in 1-12 wing gaining some knowledge and taking books from them while my name was being changed from Himank to Himesh to Hiten and what not for the guards. While the owner of Room No 238 wont like to remember the day and be reminded about the condition of his bed sheet and his room.

All this description might have flummoxed you out of your senses if you arent aware of the the events of the day (or should I say night) but I am majboor at the hands of this jalim zamana and can’t write much about it here.

This 12th July the number grew two folds and instead of the 4 original heroes that day we had 9 this time around and though you can’t reach the stars every day but this was a fitting anniversary of the illustrous day and we enjoyed as much as we could but we missed two of the original members of the illustrious gang, PK n Pagare who are out of station 😦  Both of you, you missed something!!!

This post won’t mean much to almost all of you but for me this is a way to remember the day, for sure one of the best and most dramatic day of my life, a day which will linger long in my memory, a day which I would recount even years later with the same details. This post is just a way for me to recollect and relive those memories and just a way for me to read about it some time down the line and have a chuckle at myself.

The importance of the day can be seen by the fact that yesterday(13th July) me, Vipul, Raman, Mathur all had status messages regarding this day and the memorableness (if this is a word) of it. 🙂

Cheers to the day and cheers to Friendship!!!!

Song of the Day:- Kahin to hogi Vo from Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

PS1:- Would like to thank the people of 1-12 wing from 2k3 batch again!! 🙂
PS2:- Our final year hasnt even begun and people have alreay started getting senti!! baaba re…
PS3:- This roxx specially the beta version, I don’t think many people have got the beta version but I am amongst the few lucky ones.

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Music : My Favourites

As the title of this post clearly tells that this post is about my favourites and in no other field but Muzzzik!! I just seriously adore Music and I don’t think I can live without the sound of music piercing my ears, though this wasnt the case upto my 10th class when I used to get a headache if ever my sister decided to see the songs on TV for a long time and for this I would thank Sushant, a friend of mine, he was the one who made me a music addict starting with Lucky Ali’s songs and from then it just kept growinggggg!!

So now coming to the main thing, this is a list of a few of my favourites according to the different departments which make a song what it is.

Starting alphabetically

Composition – Beatles & Pink Floyd

Beatles – The best composers according to me, whether it be Pyschedelic Rock, Pop Music and the song Helter Skelter by them is considered to be amongst the first Hard Rock song, they just conquered every genre. One thing which in my view would put Beatles before Floyd is that, not only the Psychedelic songs by these guys make you feel high but even other songs by them have the power to take you into some other place.  Ofcourse the range of instruments used by them and that special Indian touch in all Harrison’s compositions with some sitar almost always played in his compositions. One interesting thing in their songs is the use of clapping and they used to give credit to the band members even for the clapping part 😛

Pink Floyd – If ever there is a mention of Psychedelic music, name of these guys can’t ever be left behind. I can never understand how they could make such music. We always use the term out of the world for music but the music of these guys is really out of the world. Listen to the song Starship Trooper and you will think that they went into space recorded some sounds there and then replayed them. The song is exactly the kind of music you would except to hear somewhere out of Earth

Pink Floyd– Just listen to the songs Echoes (specially after the 11th minute) and you wont ask me again 🙂 and of course Starship Trooper
Beatles Blue Jay Way & Because are just pure Psychedelia and you could be hard pressed to find better songs in the genre(atleast in my view)
Here Comes the Sun is a song by them which is not Psychedelia but is really one of the best feel good song ever. Just amazinggg!!!

Guitar – Jimi Hendrix

Since Guitar is such an important part in Rock music, so I decided to make it another category though it should come under composition and in this category there are no choices, its Jimi Hendrix all the way without any shadow of doubt, the guy has 6 songs in Top 100 Rock Guitar solos. The sounds which he produces with his guitar are just so different. He churns out the sound of machine gun, bullets being fired all from his guitar

Jimi Hendrix – Ofcourse the famous ones like Voodo Child, All Along the Watchtower & Purple Haze are there but if you talk about his guitar then I would suggest Star-Spangled Banner… just fantabulous. Machine gun is also great. I mentioned these 2 songs because the guitar he plays in these songs is quite different

Lyrics – Bob Dylan & Simon & Garfunkel

Bob Dylan -There was never any doubt about the first name in this category. Bob Dylan is almost univocally considered as the greatest Lyricist. After all the man has been nominated for Noble Prize and that too multiple times, kuch to baat hogi hi.
Simon & Garfunkel – This name might be quite an unknown entity for many people, which always makes me wonder why they aren’t tha popular.  They are just fantabulous. In my opinion they would come under the Folk ROck & Pop genre, even the Classic Rock genre doesnt fit much on them as seems to suggest. One test which I put for a song to be good lyrically is whether there is a line in the song which I can put as my status and almost all songs by these guys have some or other line which is just quite perfect for any situation 🙂
One thing which I look for in lyrics is that it should be something different, every third guy can write about love and beauty so generally I don’t appreciate the lyrics of romantic songs much.

Bob Dylan Pick any bloody song from his catalogue and you will find that the lyrics will appeal to you, but my favourites are Blowing in the Wind, A Hard Rain’s gonna fall, The times they are-a changing

Simon & Garfunkel
Bridge over Troubled Waters, I am a Rock and specially Bookends, the song has only 2 very simple and small paragraphs but those 2 paragraphs to me are just heaven!! 🙂

Think I ought to mention the name of Paul McCartney too, the guy has maximum no. 1s with lyricist credit (20 with Beatles and 9 solo) but didnt want to make it too much Beatles in this list

Vocals – Lucky Ali & Kurt Cobain

Lucky Ali – If ever there was a voice which I would term as mesmerising and soulful then I wouldn’t have to look much further than our very own Lucky Ali. His voice just does wonder to me. I have listened to quite a few voices from Lata, Kishore to Shreya Ghoshal & Sonu Nigam,K.K. in Hindi and ofcourse almost all rock vocalists in English(I can’t go on naming such a huge number) but I couldnt find a voice which influences me so much. His voice is just ethereal if I am using the correct term……Aaaah!! Wish I could sing like him.
Kurt Cobain – since the first time I heard his voice, I became a fan of his grunging. I don’t think I can describe his voice quality much coz I ain’t no expert in this but I gotta say I love his voice.
Was also thinking about including The Beach Boys in this category but then decided against it. Some people will also berate me for not including Jim Morrison in the list but somehow…. He doesnt make the cut for me. Love his voice too but not that much!!

Example:- Won’t cite any examples in this category!! 🙂 Just don’t feel like… 🙂

Song of the Day:– The Roller Skate Song by Janis Joplin( her voice is also tremendous 🙂 ) & FYI she is also a member of the famous “27 Club”

PS1:- Listening to top 100 songs of the Rolling Stones list (the ones I have).
PS2:- Actually I have 45 out of the Top 50 songs in the list.. GG!!  🙂
PS3:- Somebody should be thanking his stars for getting his name mentioned on my blog in two succesive posts 😛
PS4:- My parents coming to Hyd tomorrow!! Yippee!! 😀
PS5:- Have to clean my room before they come to the hostel and don’t feel at all lke doing it.. 😦 God save me!! 😦 😦

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Another poem.. Yeah!! 🙂 If you want to crack my skull at this sudden outburst of poems then there is a guy named Sushant who you should blame, the guy asked me “Kabhi kabhi ladkiyon aur sex ko chhodke poems bhi likh liya karo” So here I am with another one

yesterday I met misery, the old wench
she told me about her plight
everybody in this world thinks of her as a wretch
nobody wants to hold her tight

complaining about the way people ignore her
nobody wants to appreciate the gloom
Never is she invited when they meet to confer
all the people consider her as their doom

everybody goes after the proud and vain happiness
happiness stays with you only in the time of joy
nobody appreciates the company she provides in sadness
one sign of difficulty and its time for happiness to fly

darkness of night is always praised and loved
sunshine is no comparison to the beautiful darkness
Can’t  somebody embrace this sorry maid
Provide her the much needed solace???

Song of the Day:- White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

PS1:- Downloading & listening the top 100 songs of the Rolling Stones Magazine list which you can find here
PS2:- Quite a short post again.. 🙂
PS3:- Thats it for now…. no more PSes today!!!

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