10 Moments in Cricketing history of India

All of us have seen enough cricket and have witnessed enough Golden Moments to remembring which just makes our chest heave with pride. So here is a list of all the proud moments which i have compiled hope it makes you feel as proud as it does me…

1983 WC Final – Havent seen it but can imagine the joy and excitement the people would have felt at the moment when Kapil Dev took that brilliant catch to dismiss Viv Richards and the final ball of the innings when Mohinder Amarnath dismissed Michael Holding. After all nobody gave that young Indian side a chance to win the World Cup and even in the final after scoring 183 in that first innings and the way Viv Richards was batting, he could have finished in 30 overs but the side didnt lose hope and finally pulled off the unimaginable…. Kudos to that side

Lords Final(Against England) –
The win is the story of the two young heroes of Indian Cricket, that day belonged to Kaif and Yuvraj Singh. After being sent in to chase 326 India were reeling at 140/5 and even the eternal optimists had lost any hope of an Indian win but the two young lads got together and pulled the huffing and puffing Indian wagon to an unimaginable win. Still the image of Kaif getting up after making a wicket saving dive at the bowler’s end and the famous “Shirt Act” by Dada.

Kumble’s 10/74 – This perfotmance can’t be excluded from any list of individual performance for the sheer record. After all an event which has occurred only 2 times in whole history of Test Cricket deserves a special applause. Introduced at a time when Pakistan were placed comfortably at 105/0 Kumble came and struck and struck time and again until he didnt take his 10th wicket of the innings. I still remember the over bowled by Shrinath when he in an attempt not to get a wicket was bowling ball way wide of stumps.

Winning test match in Australia – Whenever India has ventured Down under.. Its always been a whitewash as far as i can remember but that year it was something different, in the first test of the Series Dada proved his mettle by scoring 144 against the Australian pace battery. But the time for India came a few days later when India won a test against Australia for the first time on Australian soil thanx to two solid knocks of 233 and 72 by Dravid. Well that was an awesome win… A win to be proud of considering Indian track record out of sub continent. I dont remember any team in the recent past dominating Australian Team as much as Indian team did in that tour.

Winning the Test Series in Pakistan – Winning is always sweet and when its against archg rivals then its even better and when you defeat them on their home soil then there can be nothing better than that. The series had many firsts – India winning their first test on PAkistani soil, India winning their first test series in Pakistan , First triple century by any Indian in Test Cricket.

Brilliance after Following on – Who can ever forget that classic test. Only the Third Instance in Test Match when a team won a test match after followin on. The Quality of Innings played by VVS Laxman while scoring 281 and the able support given by Dravid to him during the course of the innings made Australians christen Laxman as “Very Very Special” Laxman. That one innings changed the course of the series and India won the Test Series after being behind 1-0 and finally won the series 2-1

Sachin in Sharjah in 1998 – Which living soul who had witnessed the two innings which Sachin played aginst Australia in Sharjah on those two historic days can forget them. Those are the gems of Sahcin’s career and i can never forget those two innnigs until i live on the face of this earth. The final of the series keeps etting telecasted many times and whenever its shown on TV, people cant leave the innings, situation in the TV room becomes similar to the condition when a live match is being shown. Just can’t ever forget those two beauties.

Sachin against Pak in 2003 WC –
A One Day Match against Pakistan always has that special attraction wherever and whenever its played and when the match is played to secure a birth in the next round of World Cup then the excitement can’t be better. In such a match Sachin decided to show his class and stamp his authority of Shoaibs, Akrams and waqars of Pakistani team and all the three great bowlers seemed to be like School kids when met with the genius of Sachin. Shoaib was dispatched over the boundary with such contempt fitting for some school team bowler and the hammering he recieved from Sachin in his first over forced him to get out of the bowling attack. In the end when Sachin got out at 98 to a shoiab bouncer he was a tired man due to the cramps he got during the course of innings but he had assured another win against Pakistan in the World Cup thus mantaining India’s clean record aginst Pakistan in the ” MAHAKUMBH OF CRICKET”

Sehwag 309 against Pakistan – The first and only(till now) triple century by an Indian came from a batsman from whom it was least expected. Nobody in the whole wode world would have expected the Swashbucking “Nazafgarh ka Nawab” to register a triple century. Nobody would have thought that he will ever play an innning as long as that but he did and did it in style, scoring his 300th run with a six hitting the shot when at a score of 295, typical Sehwag. Whatever happens nobody can take the credit away from him for being the First Indian to achieve the feat which batsmen like Sachin , Dravid, Gavaskar , Ganguly, Azhar couldnt…

Independence Cup 3rd Final at Dhaka –
The first time when a score in excess of 300 has chased succesfully by a team and what more can you want when the win is against Pakistan. The Independence Cup Final in Dhaka in the year of 1998 cant be forgotten quite easily. Pakistan made 314 batting first. When India came to bat Sachin was in some other world and made a quick fire 41 of 26 balls but unfortunately got out and from there on Saurav and Robin Singh steadied the shipof the Indian innings and then in the end the shot by the left handed Hrishikesh Kanitkar , the ony reason why people still remember his name, which went to the boundary won the victory for India is still one of the best remembered shot… One memory i associate with that match is the way Ganguly refused to go out of the ground when Pakistani team left the ground due to bad light and he just sat on the pitch.

I think i might have missed some of them but these are all i can remember as of now.. Please comment about any moments i have missed…
A few other events which could have made are
1) Jadeja’s serenadein ’96 WC Quarter Final gainst Pakistan whwn he plundered 22 and 20 runs off two succesive overs of Waqar Younius
2) Test Series against WI when Gavaskar scored 774 runs.
3) The match when Gavaskar becama first batsmen to score 10k test runs (it must have been something)
4) The days when Sachin became first man to score 10k ODI runs and when he borke the record of Desmond Haynes of maximum centuries in ODI’s and Gavaskar record of maximum centuries in tests
5) The match against Zimbabwe when Kapil dev scored 175 after India were reduced to 17/5
6) The innings of Sachin and ganguly when they scored 186 and 183 respectively against NewZealand and SriLanka
Guess thats it.

PS1:- Felicity was fucking awesome.. It rocked
PS2:- My back and neck still paining due to the head banging i did
PS3:- I havent seen matches befor 96 WC so my list will be biased towards the time after 96 which is quite evident

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“HELP ” Text to Image renderer

Well this time i am using this platform to ask for help from the people in the blogosphere. I am in a very tricky situation and i am sure all the people in the world with so much technical knowledge and oodles of imagination can sure help us out of this situation.

As many of my friends know that me and my friend Abhilash are thinking of taking a project under Prof. Sangal actually we have already sent him a mail regarding the basic idea which we have and he has even assigned us to a Ph.D student. We only have the basic idea on which we want to design our project but we have not been able to thikn of an area where we can implement the idea which is in our minds. So i turn to you people to help us.

The basic idea which we have in our mind is rendering some data given in text format into images and now we want an area where this thing can be applied intelligently for the benefit of society coz we want to work in “AI for Society”. All thse who couldnt understand what we want to do, i would like to give an example, suppose we have to convert the text data for lab prep of oxygen into images, then we would like to go on as follows

Suppose in the book it is written “Take a test-tube pour some KMnO4 and heat until bubbles start forming and a colourless, odourless gas starts evolving from the tube”
For this – We would first have a test tube wiht its handle in the image then fill it with some liquid and then place a burner under it and light a flame on it to show heating and show some bubbles in the liquid and since the gas being evolved is colourless so nothing can be done to show that.
The image at the bottom is such an example of this kind
I know the time of all you people is very very important to be wasted on the work of people like me but if some of my distinguished seniors can give some thought to this idea then i would be very grateful and if anybody can give me such an idea i sure promise a treat for that person. We are very desperate and need the help from you people. Please please please help us, its tormenting us.. Please please give a thought to this. Any number of minds thinking about this will be better than 2 brains thinking about it and out of those 2 one is mine.. which is always distracetd by other things.

PS1:- Please please please help me.
PS2:- Title inspired by a Beatles Song. Beatles ROkkkkk….
PS3:- Can be termed as my first technical post 🙂 If it can be


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Chhoti Chhoti Baatein…

Chasing all those high dreams and thinking about life, we tend to forget about the little moments in life which are the kernel of all the happiness in our lifes which are just hidden away beneath the many layers of artificial smiling and all the sadness which we encounter in our life.
Sometimes we just need to take out those moments from the ruthless library of time and wipe the dirt accumulated on the face of them and again renew them and try to live those moments once again for you, for the contentment of your soul. The world just keeps growing tougher and rougher as you keep growing. Life just doesnt ease off and when we learn to cherish what we had, then only we learn to live the life and then only can we be sure of having an elixir of happiness.

Two days back was sitting with Maruti and both of us started to talk about the stories of our childhood and all the fun we have had in those times and duw to that talk these happy memories have been lingering in my mind for quite a few days so thought of writing them.

That time made me remember about all the fun i ahad with my cousins when we were quite young. I will always remember the times we spent together at our grand parents’ house. Those 3-4 years when i was in classes 3rd-4th to 6th-7th are just memorable.All those images of all of us sitting for lunch and eating from one plate and saying how the ‘arhar ki daal’ resembles shit making my sister to leave the food and giving us immense joy on having deprived her of her lunch, then sometimes playing Dark Room, which i can term as one of the best games i played due to fun and frolic associated with it. I can still remember vividly the pain i experienced when i almost broke my nose playing my WWE with my cousins when my cousin suster threw me down on the bed. This time when i went home and met her for the first time after her marriage we laughed about that fight we had. We just used to have so much of fun. Another time i can remember is when two of my cousins came to our home(along with their parents obviously). We used to go to market (and going to market in Uttarkashi wasnt the same as going to Panjagutta here, it was just a 5 mins walk….advantages of small city) and whenevr we used to see some decent looking aunty(whom we didnt know) we used to wish them leaving them perplexed as to who these kids are.. in those holidays the 4 of us (me,my sister and my two cousin sisters about whom i am talking) had a time of our life.. going to shops seeing all the shoes which could fit our size and then after wasting about an hour of the shopkeeper’s time coming back saying “yahan chhote cities mein variety to milti hi nahin hai “… I know these things can sound idiotic and chidish to other people but thats what we did and these are the things which i cherish and want to do them, just that can’t think of doing them again and enjoying them as much as we used to do them. Can’t just forget those times when the four of us sat about bitching about our parents… how much they force us to study, how much control they keep on us just can’t resist a smile coming to my face when i remember those days. There are innumerable times like this which will remian etched in my memory forever like the time we had in our eldest cousin bhaia’s wedding. We had a blast…it just rocked..so so much fun.

Dedicated to all my cousins with whom i have loads of fun and have a spent such a great time and specially to you Neha Didi, hope you read this sometime, you are married now and so different and so distant from me but i will just cherish all the fun we had. Luv u didi… 🙂 One thing i need to say ‘ Family is Family’

PS1:- Gotta attend the Dinner hosted by the Dean tomorrow.. he he he 🙂
PS2:- Watched two movies today- “Atlantis” and “Cruel Intentions” both Okayish … 🙂
PS3:- Neha didi, if sometime you read this please write a comment and let me know that you read it but this doesnt mean that only she can comment.. 😉
PS4: – Some details might not be exact coz the passage of time has dwindled my weak memory so don mind.

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Golden Bird


I cant find words to describe my feelings after seeing this photo which somebody mailed to me and i couldnt stop myself from putting it on my blog.

I cant think of a time when India was so rich and so glorious and was the Golden Bird of the world. How much has our dear country degraded due to these bloody Englishmen. I am not sure how much that statement about “no thieves or beggars” is correct but there must be some backing fact for a person to include such a statement in his letter to British Parliament.

The final few statements just show the cunningness which the British possessed which helped them make an Empire so huge that “The sun never sat down on the British Empire” and they just succeeded in doing what they set to , they managed to convince Indians that everything which is foreign and English is better than what is Indian. The same feeling which is held by many Indians years after attaining independence which would have made any freedom fighter cry his heart out when (s)he saw it…..

PS1:- India and Dada seem to be hitting good form 🙂
PS2:- Assignments, assignments, assignments when will life stop sucking… 😦

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Tag Post!!

Few days back we were discussing in OBH mess about some things which can only be the realms of our imagination. So i decided to write them all in a post and make it a tag post tagging others too. So here are a few questions which are going to be answered by me during the course of this post and by the people whom i am gonna tag during the course of their posts..

So here it all starts….

A living person whom I wouldlike to meet – Sachin Tendulkar (NO doubts about it !!! )

A dead person whom I wouldlike to meet – Adolf Hitler ( Just admire the person)

An event in the history I would like to change – If there is one event stopping which English rule over India can be stopped then that event
or else
I would like to prevent Pearl Harbour from happening coz if it would not have happened then USA wouldnt hav jumped into WWII and then Germany, Japan and Italy would have won the war .. SImilarly if Germany wouldnt have atacked the ship Lusitania a vessel which contained more than 100 americans then they could have won the first wiorld war too.. 😦

An event in history I would like to witness – If it can be termed as an event then i would like to witness the golden age of Guptas..

A movie which I would like to witness in real life without being a part of it – Legend of Bhagat Singh or Harry Potter(any part)

A literary character I would like to meet – Sherlock Holmes

I tag

Abhijeet Pagare – Another thing to post on for you
Ankit Garg – repayment time 🙂
Karan Maroo – Try and catch me in terms of post counts..
Maruti Borker – No fattes pls.. 🙂
Namrata Suri – I will sure comment on this one if u write
Pankaj Saini – Write things which normal mortals like us can understand
Prateek G V – I expect another aweosme post like the last one

Since this is a short post by my standards so will add some more… Saw guru on V- Day and didnt like the movie, i know that i must be amongst the very few people who havent liked it but can’t help it.. Specially the speech in the court by Abhishek Bachhan was just crap.. absolute crap…

PS1:- Australia loses a ODI by 10 wickets for the first time in the history… Cheers to NZ
PS2:- Mid sems over assignments start again 😦 Life suxxxx………

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Most of my friends know about my passion for Lucky Ali’s music. In my school almost all of my friend circle was as passionate abt him as me but here in college i dont find many people sharing the same feelings .. 😦 He is the one artist whose every song i must have heard zillion no of times. Here i am writing the lyrics of the song of his which is amongst my favorites when it comes to Lucky Ali’s songs which automatically makesit amongst the favs of mine. One thing good about most Lucky Ali songs that most of them are not romantic songs and he sings different types of songs which are mostly written by him too and the music is also given by him. Though this is one of my fav song buti never get what he wants to convey by the means of this song. If somebody understands the meaning of the song then please tell me.

So now the lyrics follow

Ek din aisa hua jo ke hona tha
Aaya tera jahan mein main par mujhe na ana tha
Marzi meri nahin thi na hi mera tha khyal
Apne hone pe khud se karta hun main sawal

Behlaya pehle ye chand ne
Suraj ne bhi phir mujhe aise hi lalchaya
Tarey bhi chamak ke so gaye,
Jal jal ke Koi bhi na ye dil behla saka

Dil ye masoom hai par itna bhi nahin
Chand suraj sitare sabhi rehna nahin
Gulshan hain tujhse ye sab par ye tu hai nahin
In sab se main khela magar maine mana ye sanam nahin

Teri hi wafa mein hum aag se khele
Sehra hi paya humne ye dariya cheer ke
Ik teri hi khushi mein hum kahan guzar gaye
Are kaun si dagar hai aur kitne fasle

Teri jagah wahin pe hai na
Jahan pe dil ko khyal behlate hain
Nigahon mein tu hi to hai na
Pukar sun le meri ae jana

Anjane sare yahan inhe kab tak main sahun
Jeene ki khatir dil badlein to main kuch kahun
Sunne ko razi hon to main inke sath rahun
Har ik chamk ke peeche na dauden to main kuch kahun

Ye badle har pal chehra nay
Aiyari mein dekho kaise jhoomta jahan
Darbadar bhatakte yahan wahan
Manzil hai kahin pe aur ye chal diye kahan

Waqt nahin payega tu fat jaegi zameen
Kabhi na kabhi ye samjhega tu mujhko hai yakeen
Sachhai se ankhen phirana teri fitrat hai
Maine to wohi kaha jo kehna maksad hai

Duninya to duniya hai duniya ki keemat nahin
Surat teri achhi hai par seerat hai nahin
Jeen chuapaye bhi jeete hain magar
Insan hai tu khud apni na karta hai kadar

Jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena
Jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena
Jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena
Jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena jeena

PS1:- First lyrics post of mine. Two more in the pipeline.. both of them Lucky Ali songs will write their lyrics sometime later.
PS2:- Mid sems from Monday 😦
PS3:- Have to start studying now. GUess this should be my last post before my mid sems end 🙂

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We are Secular!!! Ain’t we???

    Things have been coming and going on in the country of ours but there are few things which can one can be sure that they will never leave our country atleast until there is a major revamp in the mental frmaework of people. There are many things of that type which we never wanted in our country but are forced to have them amongst us. Corruption being one of them but the thing which i would like to talk about is the great communal divide which exists in ur country. Most highlightd one is The HIndu-Muslim Issue. There have been constant riots and they have been going on for years in India without these fanatics realising the need to stop all this.  Sometime acid bottles are thrown in Aligarh or the other time a Hindu house is set to fire in some other city or may be some Muslim house is set on fire because a Hindu idol had been vandalised.

    I dont know why there is such a divide amongst people of India. Why can’t you just live peacefully with a person who doesnt believe in your customs. Just because his customs are different and his festivals are different you can’t just deem him unfit to live with you. I have had severe dislike all my life for such people.

    Since i am a hindu so i could never get what perception the general Muslim people have about Hindus and the problem is not only the illetrate and the fundamentalists but even trhe educated middle class people with whom i generaly interact. In kota, the house in which i used to live i had two guys who were also droppers like me and those two guys used to sicken me.They were always filled with contempt of the Muslim people and the religion. Addressing all the Muslims by the word “mulla”is somewhat ok but the other term which is used referring to a practise in Islam is demeaning.
    I just so much hate the Hindu fundamentalists like Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena and VHP who threatened that they wont let PAkistan play in our country isnt this an act of foolishness?? HAve they gone mad. Why are we continuing with the tradition with the Britishers of “Divide and RUle” started by them for their own good so that their rule is extended. Why dont we understand that we people need to unify underone banner and that is INDIA if we want our glorious country to come out of the shadows and again become a Golden Bird. The work which was done by the British gvernment is now being done by the politicians who for their petty gains incite the masses who under their influence start doing such things.

    I dont think that i achieved what i set out to write somehow my thought process has seemed to dry out so i guess i will finish this post right now.

    Just go through this link http://o3.indiatimes.com/onepointoh/archive/2007/01/29/3507314.aspx, read the comments which are posted by the people to see how irrational these type of things are and how people stoop to such low level criticising Gods of other religions and these are all comments on an article which was not even in a remote way related to Hindu-Muslim divide. Reading the comments made me write this one.

PS1:- I just can’t remove the 4 BEATLES songs from being the only ones in my playlist they have been continously playing for last few days and the play count is 122,114,112,114. I want to listen other songs but these 4 songs have cast a spell on me.
PS2:- Recieved a chiding for writing personal posts from somebody. 😦 So for atleast some time none of those atleast i will try to..
PS3:- Was thinking of watching a movie today but ended up writing this and chatting with 2 friends..

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To be or not To be

A raging question which has been burning in my mind for a few days. Should you change yourselves, your nature, your behaviour.
Should you be ready to change your personality to suit your surroundings??
Should you change yourselves because you sometimes hurt other people by trying to be too friendly???
Should you change yourselves because you cant make out the difference between a good friend and an ok friend???
Should you change yourselves because you sometimes frustrate yourselves by behaving the way you do??

And in doing this should you change the way you are naturally and beacome an artificail and plastic copy of what you are just so that you dont hurt others and in return you save yourself from getting hurt by their reaction. Isnt this life supposed to be lived so that we can live it the way we want to live instead of caring for what the other person would think when you say this or how would she react when i say this.

I dont understand why cant we just live the life with those for whom we care and those who care for us instead of trying to be acceptable to your surrounding. Why do we have to live in the society and comply by the norms of the society and try to change ourselves even when we know that this is gonna hurt us… and you are not gonna live your natural life in those surroundings.
Why is life bound to be so fucking hard to live?? Why can’t it be just a simple and uncomplicate dproblem whose algorithm can be designed in a simple step wihtout beaking it into simpler and smaller problems whose solutions whose solutions we have to find while bearing so many problems.

Why should you talk to a person whom you dont want to coz (s)he is talking to you.


PS1:- Bloody shit
PS2:- Blah blah
PS3:- GO to hell if you are a moron

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Bah..Another Ranting

Some questions which have perplexed me for quite some time. Evrybody is bound to have problems sometimes with some people due to some things they do or may be some thing they don’t do which you expect from them. You can get solutions to these problems.. You can stop talking to them, you can start neglecting them or may be the best solution you can try to sort out your problems with them by talking.

What do you do when the person says (s)he considers you a good friend but its always you who has to tick off the conversation… Isnt it bound to frustrate you sometimes or may be frustrate you so much that you just wanna stop talking to anyone and what if the same thing happens with many people…What should you do at these times?? Should you try and pursue people , leave everybody and continue your life or may be search for something wrong with you which could have forced them to stop talking to you… Or may be think of a more reasonable approach and think that they might be busy with their work and just continue with your work(which you dont have coz you are always completely jobless ) . Even if you accept the last solution and leave them to their world then what should you do if you feel the urge to talk to them after all they are your friends and you are supposed to talk to friends. In such situations what to do??? Fuck your self respect and again go to them and start talking to them???

More important and this is A TO BE ANSWERED query.. What to do if you have romantic interest in a person but she wouldnt call you but is very warm when you get a message in reply of a message you sent. Should you call or wait for her to call..if you were the first one to send a message and she replied to yours???

Another situation what to do about a friend who seems to be a very good friend of yours when you are talking to him/her alone but when the person is in some other company you just feel like you are an outsider intruding their privacy, they might be enjoying your company but you might be just feeling outcast with them. Should you stop talking to them when they are in that particular company but then can they be called friends of you or may be to say it in a better way can you call them your friends??? I was thinking of something but am so confused, have no answer..

Another (so called) friends of you who would just befriend you when they are alone and in need of some friend and be quite friendly to you but once they find other people they just start sidelining you to make way for newer and better(??? who can be better than me 8) ) friends. May be once in a blue moon they can come to you and talk to you and exude all the warmth which was there but then you realise that two hours later they just dont give a damn about you. What can you do about such people except hopng that somehow the trust they place on others also gets betrayed in the same manner as yours…

Another category, who just talk to you when in need while in other situations can just do with a simple hi!! and thats all the conversation you have with them..their work or a hi either from your side or yours but all the while trying to show that they are as good friends of you as you can find anywhere. Compared to these type of people i find the people who just come to you in the time of need and are otherwise indifferent to you better, atleast you won’t expect any thing from these people because they are just acquintances.

PS1:- This was not written in bad taste or intended to be humorous so dont laugh and dont get offended.
PS2:- Beatlemania ruling the roost in my music charts. Four songs playing in my playlist have play counts of 80,72,70,72. the songs are I wanna hold your hand,Help,Yesterday and Hey Jude in the order of play count (for the curious).
PS3:- Please don’t blast me if you dont like the post.. after all its my blog ain’t it?? 8)
PS4:- Thanks Halley for writing about the book Q & A in your post..An ultimate page turner. Indian answer to Sidney Sheldon.
PS5:- Happy Birthday Prashasti or may be i should write Prashanti(as some of our professors used to say) or may be Prashasthi(the spelling which vipul gave to her name 8) ) Pls dont kill me PRASHANTI… 😉

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Frustration and Nostalgia

    I am ultra pissed off at the moment, we have 3 assignments to be submitted tomorrow,one theory assignment and one programming assignment on 8th(which i havent even started ) and another theory assignment on 9th. Fourth sem is proving much more than we could even have imagined in my wildest dreams. This is just a disaster. Now it is getting onto my nerves, just feel like running off somewhere. It is so difficult to live happily in such trying conditions. To top it all some professors from whom i had much expectations are just a let down.

Meanwhile here is a poem which i would like to post on my blog.. A very  beautiful poem describing the feelings when you are going apart from someone.
Its in Hindi so  people ignorant of the language might not enjoy it much but am writing my interpretation of the lines in English.

Milan swapn hai virah jagran
( Meeting is a dream going apart is waking up from that dream)
Main anjan disha se aya
( I came from an unknown direction)
Sneh dan pakar harshaya
(Became glad on recieving love)
Aaj virah ki bela mein
( Today,in the moment of departure)
Pranon par chhaya moh avran
(There is a feeling of greed in my heart)
Milan swapn hai virah jagran
( Meeting is a dream going apart is waking up from that dream)

There is another line from the novel “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens on the same theme
“Life is ever made up of so many partings welded together”
I Just loved this line when i read the book.. One of the very few(i now realise that its the only line) of the book which i remember…
Very very good book and i recommend everybody interested in classics to read the book….
Its not that i am nostalgic just rueing the fact that somebody is not in the same city as me. 😦
PS1:- Ultra Pissed
PS2:- Wish this sem could end soon
PS3:- Subject to a condition being fulfilled i might write my first technical post. Lets see what happens.

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