Life is no bottle of wine

Beauty doesn’t last forever
All things good must lose their flavour
Every ray of sun has to lose its fervor
You can’t have the taste always for you to savour

Each thing must fade away with time
Life is no bottle of wine
It doesn’t get better with time
Relations wane away losing their shine

Hands once shaken have to part one day
It’s not upto us to decide the way
We are meant to walk away
Let not emotions lead us astray

Only the words you write remain eternal
Rest all is just a fairy tale
It’s the time now to come out of the fable
It’s time to bid adieu after all goodbye is just another word not a tale.

Song of the Day: – Fool on the Hill by Beatles (Who Else ??? )

PS1:- Couldn’t come up with a good 4th line in last paragraph and am bored now.. 😦 So took inspiration from Lobo’s song and here it is….
PS2:- 1 exam over second one on Monday
PS3:- My speakers are fucked.. 😦 😦
PS4:- Playing Stickcricket for the first time after 1st yr and it is addictive as hell
PS5:- Ask pagare what he did in vipul’s room 😛

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Its Money.. Honey!!

Money is root cause of many problems, this has been stated many a times and there is no denying the fact that money is the cause of more sadness then the happiness it can provide. Money can cause many problems, it can cause many insecurities.

Today I want to look at it from a different perspective, talking of money we generally think of THE RICH(the people who play in money, people who ride in Mercedes and all), the people whom we envy, whom we try to emulate ; THE POOR (the people living in slums, the people who work in our households, the beggars and all) ,the people whom we pity and feel bad for and US (the general junta or the middle class) but there is another class of people whom we never think of which is the lower middle class, (I may be sounding patronizing here, people please forgive me)the people who live with us, they are with us but just that they cant keep up with our spending and at times they have to cut away from us, here I would like to say that I am also from a middle class family not even higher middle class but all my friends are from the same background so it isn’t much of an issue but at times when you see people struggling with money issues, it just pains you.

They are worse than the proverbial poor people coz those people know that they are poor so will never hesitate in asking for any financial help or accepting the fact that they don’t have money but these people wouldn’t ever be able to compromise their dignity and will never come to you for help. I know I might have started sounding all crappy now and I will agree that there are times when I have to stop myself from indulging in something coz my purse doesn’t allow it but the problem comes when your purse doesn’t allow you the basic pleasures of life missing which can make you feel the odd man out and I am thankful to God for giving me enough in my life till now and hope to receive the blessings all my life.

Well to say the truth, I have been embarrassed many times when I got a new thing and I generally try to hide such things from people but hell man if my parents can afford it, then I will have it but when it comes to telling people about things, generally the price which I tell people is lower than what it actually is and this has become a sort of habit now, I generally tend to lower the value of my stuff to almost anybody who I am talking to, unless he is a RICH guy.. and then also not because I feel jealous or something but just because I know it wont matter to him.

This reminded me of a story we had in our 10th class ICSE, the central character was a girl named Laura and a scene of the story was that she came out to see some workers and she threw a sandwich which she had in her hand coz she didn’t want to eat it in front of the workers who wouldn’t have the access to such sandwiches and this situation has happened with me too, I haven’t resorted to throwing things but I do tend to feel uncomfortable in such situations.

I don’t think I achieved something or did anything by writing this post but something happened today which made me write this post and as I always say, I just write what I feel like in this space without caring much for it being an interesting read, So people I am sorry if I bored you. Was thinking on writing a poem on this theme but just couldn’t churn out so just wrote a post

Song of the Day :- I should have known Better by Beatles

PS1:- It’s been Beatlemania on my laptop for quite some time since I find all their albums, I cant thank Plenoptic more for providing me with the full discography 🙂
PS2:- There are 2 God celebs… SACHIN & BEATLES!! 🙂 They both just rock, nothing better than watching Sachin bat and listening to Beatles.. 🙂
PS3 :- Saw Sachin’s videos for 3 hours today and am listening to Beatles since morning.. 😀
PS4:- Stitches suck and specially when they are on your chin, you cant even open your mouth fully to eat and you feel odd in even speaking (an activity which I just adoooooooreee…)
PS5:- Why cant they make sporty pitches in India, why do we have to have test matches on such dead pitches… 😦
PS6:- Sorry if you feel the title is misleading, couldnt think of a more suitable one…
PS7:- Exams of other people have finished and mine haven’t started as yet.. 😦 I have 2 papers, why couldn’t they put them in the start???
PS8:- Watched Beauty & The Geeks today…
PS9:- Gotta watch Race someday, everybody is forcing me to..
PS10:- My knee is paining.. 😦

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People you hate

In your life, you interact with hundreds of people, you generally remember only a few of those people. Of those people some become an integral part of your life, the people with whom you share your happiness, your grief, they become the shoulders on which you rest your head when you are in need, but as we know that every coin has two faces, similarly in our lives too we have some people which we dislike and wouldn’t ever want to see their faces once out of the setting in which you are forced to look at them and talk to them.

Generally I hate people if they have done something wrong to me, hurt me in some way or hurt some of my close ones in some way or the other but then there is another class of people whom I hate, this class of people have never done me any wrong, they never talked rudely to me, in short they never did anything to make me hate them but even then I hate them & I am not talking about irritating people who though wont harm you but will irritate you enough to make you hate them.

There have been some people in my life who I just hate like that, nothing in particular. I seriously started believing in the vibes business after I met that particular guy who has been the inspiration of this post :P. When I met the guy for the first time, he seemed a fine fellow but as time passed on somehow the things between us instead of becoming friendlier started to degenerate for no reasons.

Now looking back at the things which happened back then, sometimes I believe that it was just on my part and for some reason it was only me but then I try to force my memory and some events come to my mind which convince me that at some level the feeling was mutual. I am never too sure… Even now very rarest of times we have talked it has been he buzzing me and me just replying.

The purpose of writing this post was asking people whether I am the only person who feels so or there are other people also who dislike other people for no particular reason just hate some people in their life…

Song of the Day :- Yellow Submarine in Pepperland by Beatles
If you have heard Yellow Submarine then you are gonna love this one and if not then listen to this song to have a feeling just so different, I cant churn out words to describe it, sometimes it feel like fairly tale world, some times like video game.. BEATLES MAGIC… 🙂

PS1:- My blog has seen a half century of 1000 (50K, you morons!!) hits now
PS2:- Me got selected in Microsoft for internship, still cant believe it.. :O
PS3:- I got the whole collection of Beatles on DC++, thanx plenoptic :), you rock man
PS4:- The weather is awesome these days.. and its making me feel so sleepy , sleepy all day..
PS5:- By far the most eventful Holi ever… 😛
PS6:- I think smr should have got Banyan Tree Award for the service he did to IIITians by coming up with IIIT Blogroll.. Cheers to you!!!
PS7:- Btw forgot to mention the last post of mine completely rocked..Got the highest hits for a single day coz of the post 444.. :

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Ya I am talking exactly about the same topic which you can think of by reading the title of this post. Well before starting with the post, I would like to apologize to all the ladies who might think that this is a highly derogatory post but I don’t write no derogatory posts. This is a serious post and should be taken in all seriousness by my readers, I am not gonna write a post about the greatness of cleavage and how for so long men have always fallen for cleavage and how actresses have made millions of fans by flaunting their cleavage.
The question in my mind is why do women flaunt their cleavage, I wont go talking about the women in the glam world because this is their bread and butter (another expression came to my mind!!:P which I wont want to write here), they live to attract audience, they want people to see them and there can be few better ways to attract a male audience than a hot female bod.
So now coming back to my question of why general women (barring those from the glam scene) flaunt the cleavage, the most obvious reason which I can think is they need to attract the male attention, pretty valid, I think after all this is the basic human nature from time infinite each individual has vied for the attention from the opposite sex and this is one of the way for the women to attract their partner and foster a relation with him if the guy is suitable. Men too do it, sporting fundo hairdos, developing bulging biceps and then wearing body-hugging tees to show it, so whats wrong in it??
A survey done about the reason why women show their cleavage gave the following result.
1. She likes men leeching at her (8 per cent)
2. She doesn’t want her man to look at other women (7 per cent)
3. She does not like other women looking better than her (11 per cent)
4. She likes looking hot and wants to feel good about herself (56 per cent)
5. She wants to keep her man on his toes by reminding him that she can get any other man she wants (18 per cent)

Hmmm… I guess nothing much wrong in this point but how do you explain some aunties wearing dresses with necks too deep, I mean its all fine with you being comfortable with your body and all but it does look disgusting sometimes. I for one won’t ever approve of any female close to me, whether it be my sis, my friend or my gf flaunting her cleavage or even giving a hint of, I know that this can be considered as being a male chauvinist that I am trying to control the way a particular person is trying to live?

I am not saying that it is immoral or something but to me it just seems a bit irrational and out of the way that somebody (and it need not be a lady, in the case of guys its just YUCK!!!) . I wont certainly hate a lady who exposes and not necessarily think about her character but I am not sure that I would want to be associated much with such a girl. Accidental is ok, but on purpose.. I am sorry my friend!!

I don’t think I have been able to point out anything or add anything substantial but I just wanted to write about it. This is a good link if you wanna read more about this topic and want to read opinions from women because I am pretty sure that the girls reading this post of mine wouldn’t like to comment on such a “ganda post”.
Song of The Day: – American Pie by Don McLean
PS1:- Finally finished with my BTP Viva today.. 🙂
PS2:- Feeling sleepy…ZZzzzzzzzz
PS3:- Farewell day after tomorrow! Adios amigos dear Seniors!! Nice knowing you guys
PS4:- I know that I have been repeating this in my PSes since I started watching it but Wonder Years is really awesomely Wonderful
PS5:- Bye bye Miss American Pie!! (Refer to song of the Day)
PS6:- Pardon me if you find the post inappropriate and you are welcome to flame me.. but I think we are mature enough to discuss things like this. Aren’t we???
PS7:- Actually the idea for this post came when I read an article on the same lines a few days back in some site, I dont remember now.
PS8:-Rohit, if you read this post then I want you to change the status, you dont need to be sorry at all, you should be proud that you came forward when nobody was ready to take the responsibility and if anybody need to be sorry then its the guys who didnt give their names.. proud of u buddy..

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Google : The Devil

Most of the people in this world agree on one thing, that Microsoft is the devil in Computers field but I beg to differ a bit, as far as I can think the real devil these days is not Microsoft (and this has got nothing to do with the fact that I have applied for Internship in MS… 😛 ) but a certain company called Google which is trying its best to screw our lives by two of its products viz Gtalk & Orkut. “Dazed and Confused” are you??? Lemme explain…
Until a few days ago, I used to think of gtalk and orkut as a gift of Google to mankind and nothing could have been better than orkut in uniting long lost friends and meeting new and interesting people. I have met many people from my school with whom I never talked much and now we are quite good friends but alas… then as the popularity of this Orkut started increasing, and parents log started to know about it and so on they started pooching about it and you had to tell them about it.
It all started one day when my cousin was showing my orkut photos to my mom and then there was a pic of me having flavoured hukka (mind you “flavoured”) and since the time my mom has seen that photo, she is always like ”Sunny beta tune kab se smoke karna shuru kar diya”, “Chhod de beta please” and I am like “WTF ORKUT!!” and that pic was of a time when Rathi taught us how to have a hookah in a CCD and I was being accused of being a smoker.. Chi!! Chi!! Chi!!!
Ye sab was all fine until some relatives of mine from the (older) generation decided to join orkut, so now I have a whole bunch of mamas, mausajis and mamis on orkut and with each passing day I get a new scrap which goes like ”aur sunny beta kya haal hain??” ,”aur beta padhai kaisi ho rahi hai??” and the thing is I can’t just tell them mujhe nahin add karna aapko mujhe apni personal life personal rakhni hai aap logon se.. 😦 Now they see each and every photo of mine, every time I chat with some girl next day comes a scrap from somebody, “ aur beta badhiya hai, kisse baat ho rahi thi kal… 😛 ” well thankfully they are not like scolding me or sumthing… but I am sure this is gonna land me up in big trouble someday, I just hope that day doesn’t come…
This reminds me of the story of a friend (gal) of mine who left orkut coz uske relatives peeche hi pad gaye the uske… They used to scout the profiles of each and every friend of hers and somehow found out a photo of hers with her boyfriend and then to her life was just Bhagwan bharose!!
Till orkut it was fine coz it is not my day to day life but when they started to come on gtalk this has meant the end of life to me… This means I cant put up statuses like Sloshed (which a friend of mine used), which I would have liked to have sumtime… 😛 Now on every status message I put and if they are online. I am asked why do you have this status message and then I have to cook up some fucking story . Now I can’t use Fuck in my status I have to use F**k , one good thing is they are ignorant of slangs.. just wish that they remain ignorant like this. 😀
All these things have assured me that Google without any doubt is the real devil and no company can come close to them when it comes to screwing off young and innocent kids like me. I just hope my family members don’t stumble upon this blog of mine or else all my freedom will be restrained…

Song of The Day :- S.O.S. By Abba
PS1:- Went to MS to give my intern interview today..
PS2:- It was fun drinking all those free cold drinks dere!! 😀
PS3:- Reading Ctrl-Alt-Del after a long time these days
PS4:- Why the hell do we have the 12:30 canteen closes rule.. My stomach is making rumbling noises and I badly need to eat something..
PS5:- its 5 am and he date is 15 (which has got a 5) and the month is 3 so if you divide 15 by 3 you get 5 and that’s why this PS qualifies to be no.5
PS6:- Wonder Years is truly wonderful, there was a line in the episode I saw today and cant resist from sharing it… So the line goes here
When you are a little boy!! You don’t have to go very far to find the centre of your universe…. Mom!!!

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Death of Indian Hockey

This has been the talk of Newspapers for the last 2 days and everybody is baying for the blood of KPS Gill. Ya my friend I am talking about the so called “Death” of Indian Hockey in Santiago. Indian team for the first time failed to qualify for the Olympics. The land of Dhyanchand, the person who made Don Bradman wonder if it was the number of goals scored or the number of runs(Mind you he scored 200 goals on a tour), is suffering this embarrassment of not playing in the premier competition of the World hockey. Major Dhyanchand must be turning in his grave at the state of Hockey in India.
I am not an expert to comment on the situation, I don’t have much knowledge of Hockey and the state of game in India, I am a complete cricket buff but things like this must be paining for every Indian. I used to watch Hockey and still remember those few India-Pakistan encounters a few years back.
I was shocked to read that Mr. K. P. S. Gill has been at the helm of Indian Hockey for more than 10 years and still he hasn’t been shown the door after so many blames against him. The game of Cricket is always blamed for the debacle of Hockey but isn’t this the job of Hockey top brass to see to it that Hockey also gets limelight. Hockey team does get the limelight when it performs. I remember the winning team of 1998 Asian Games was given a Hero’s Welcome but it all is lost coz it is very rare that an Indian Hockey Team does perform even satisfactory leave aside exceptional performance. How long can you be attached to a sport where all you see is humiliation and more of it. The cricket team atleast provides some moments of joy and ofcourse there you have “Sachin Tendulkar” the biggest ambassador of the game. Come hockey and its hard to find any player except Major Dhyanchand whom everybody knows. The last captain of India whom I think many people might know must be Dhanraj Pillay after him the icons have just died down it seems. Somebody comes and shines for sometimes and then he fades into oblivion.
What ever little I have followed Hockey it has never made any sense, the administration does whatever it wants without any backlash against them, they are just the masters of Hockey with no one to see to what they are doing. I remember that after the 1998 Asian Games win 6 of the members of the winning team were shown the door for reasons unknown and undisclosed. Now if you do something like this, whats the effect going to be on the performance and support of the game. The result is here to see. Articles in Times Of India today are very good in this respect they tell you that Indian Team wasn’t even provided Astro Turfs in 1976 for practice and even today the condition is that small countries like Holland have about 3 times the Astro turfs then what India has.
I dunno what is gonna happen to Indian Hockey. I just hope that there is no way down from here and it should go only higher and higher.. Hope for the best

Song of The Day – Chupke Se from Saathiya
PS1:- Got screwed up by my advisor today and BTP presentation is in 2 days… What the hell
PS2:- That’s it.. No more PSes today…

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Learning Process

Somehow, I think my shelf life is over when it comes to study. I don’t think that I can study further now, atleast not the mundane way the studies go in the college. Today I went to the class with firm determination of studying, I had a notebook and a pen in my hand and didn’t have any novel or any such distracting thing in my hand which could distract me from concentrating in the class but somehow after some time, I just couldn’t listen to my Professor whom I used to listen to with rapt attention when he used to teach us in 4th semester.

I sincerely don’t have any idea why engineering is kept a 4 year course in IIIT. We have already finished al our compulsory courses by the 5th semester and now it all just seems like a futile exercise. Why can’t we have the concept of internships or projects like they have in BITS. Instead what you are left to do is a bunch of bullshit courses which come under the category of Open Electives or HSSM courses which require nothing save mugging at the 11th hour and almost always are never gonna help you much in your future life , Come on how can a subject like Crop Rotation help me?? And I know much more about Indian Culture then which is taught in some crap course, name of which I don’t remember. Waise I havn’t taken any of these two courses.. 🙂

I don’t know whether my attention span has decreased because I am bored with studies in general or is it because of the things which are being taught to me. This may sound very clichéd because each and everybody complains about the same thing. Thing is I have always been a listener all my life, I have always secured good marks throughout my career but never studied anything at home, a day before exams I always used to think that I am gonna flunk but come the day of exam and answers automatically struck me, I didn’t have to work much and that was all coz I listened to the teacher. Nowadays this never happens, the case is always that I am sitting in my exam cursing myself that I cant remember that bloody thing which I studied last night.

It is quite possible that I am acting cynically, it might not actually be as gory as I am putting it. May be I need to put in some effort in studies but then the thing is I never needed to put in effort in studying my life. Even subjects like Bio & Geography which I used to detest somehow always seemed to fit in my brain and I never had problems listening to teachers. Even though I used to do time-pass with my friends in class, I could remember the things without much effort which surely is not the case now.

People say that studying is hard work and perspiration . I beg to differ, in my opinion learning can never be the result of hard work. Learning is the process of absorbing things in your mind which should be as phenomenon as effortless and simple as water being absorbed by any cloth. Hard work part should come when you want to excel and achieve expertise in any field. The basic process of learning should just be a seamless transition from one state of not knowing something to another state of knowing that thing, just as we become aware of our surroundings similarly studies should be the same thing , not something which you learn by force and pressure.

Hope somebody else too subscribes to my line of thinking.. Not just about not being able to study any more but about the process of learning.

Song of the Day:- Khwabon se nikal ke from Rama Rama Kya Hai by Alisha Chinai

PS1:- BTP Report submission tomorrow
PS2:- I haven’t met my advisor since last BTP Viva : ( I am gonna be screwed! Somebody do something about my lethargy!! 😦
PS3:- There are a lot of things going on right now.. What the hell man!!
PS4:- This post was written during a NLPA class which I was so determined to concentrate
PS5:- Three cheers to UG2K4 people for organizing these seminars a very noble incentive by you. Thanx a lot people… Cheers!!
PS6:- Somehow I seem to have forgotten the art of writing large no. of PSes and writing poetry and shers.. These things don’t come to my mind nowadays.. So strange it is.
PS7:- Almost two weeks of stay for UG4 guys before the exams start!! Will miss you guys, Will be strange not to see the faces you have been seeing for the last 3 years.
PS8:- Koi meri intern laga do!! 😛
PS9:- Now that I have reached 9, I will finish 10 PSes 😀
PS10:-These days many people of older generation are coming on Orkut.. Next post most probably will be on it. 😀

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A day changes your life.. your existence

You are all alone in a strange and deserted place and the last rays of hope in the form of sunlight is dwindling fast and the darkness which is ensuing is not which can be pierced with the rays of the sun which will come on a new morning to make you life again filled with sunshine. It is just a all pervading darkness starting with engulfing your senses in the dark and then it just keeps moving from there and makes you lose each and everything you have. The happiness inside you is lost and an excess of pain, fear and hurt is there which can go on for as long as you live. The paucity of happiness can just seem an understatement.

All the happiness inside of you can be drawn out in an instant, a mistake you commit can be the source of constant pain and loneliness for the centuries to which your life less life will continue to subsist without any moments of pleasure. The outcome of a single thing can be everything in your life.

Each and every sinew in your body can be crying in pain and exhaustion though the only pain you have is in your mind and your body is just experiencing hours of rest, with the mind doing all the work. The feelings of your mind affect the condition of each and every muscle in your body, the pain when divided over each and every part of your body instead of decreasing just increases multi-folds. A searing pain flowing through your veins in place of blood which you used to have.

The discovery that pain can be so bloody painful is just a new lesson you can learn once in a while. You would never think that one action of yours can be an agent of such a big change in your life. A life can be overturned in just one event. You can be left to contemplate the effects of a thing.

But somehow you feel the justice is done, may be the end should have been this way. May be things had to be this way for something more important and more powerful than you to stay. The reason you are far far away from every body and everything is because you don’t deserve to be near anything which can give you pleasure, the share of happiness of your life has been lost in one stroke. Some things can be just unpardonable in the scheme of things.

With all the things you can be just left to wonder whether there can be things more painful, can loneliness be more scathing. You can get numb after some time but is the stage too easy to reach wont you break down into pieces before the pain ceases to affect you. Is it the norm of the world to experience pain sans bounds, do you have to do it once in your lifetime to pass the test of being a human.

Or is there another solution, only thing which can be said is that things can sometimes be over hyped may be the pain is just another time of those countless times you have been hurt and somehow you just cant help but feel sorry for you and magnifying the pain… but then how do you explain the pain in each and every muscle, every part asking for rest and rest when provided seems to just ease you more into the thoughts thereby increasing the pain more and more.

Can you be this wrong, this immature, this foolish that you blow off everything just with a simple twitch, can things so important be holed down by so small actions or do actions sometimes outgrow the person who acts them out. A simple action can just blow away the life like leaves being blown away by a strong burst. Dont know who has the answers, not me for sure.

Had to blurt it out but am not in condition to talk it out so here is the solution.

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I can understand what the first thoughts must have come into your filthy minds… but alas my filthy friends, this is a post about a thing (or relation) called Best Friend. Supposed to be one of the best gift you can find in your life.
Many a times when the term best friend is referred it is referred to as only one person, there is a set notion that generally best friend is only one person I have a set of people which I keep in the category of best friends, though some of them are more close to me, some a bit less but they stand out when it comes to the friends I have had in my life and this post is my dedication to all those lovely and nice friends I have had in my life.
Some of them are long lost, after all how good friends you are, distances and time tend to take their toll on your relation and when you aren’t in contact for something like 4-5 years then even the wonderful times you spent together just pass on like some faded memories which you forget after some time. Sometimes I recollect some of the times I spent with my friends of the yore but generally they don’t fit in my scheme of things and the same must be for them. They have moved on, I have moved on, nothing much to say about that.
You just don’t become best friends like that, there are moments when you realize that the other person holds you in high regard and considers you as one of the friends of life and the moments like this are surely worth anything you can do. I feel that in a good friendship you need to realize the other person how important that person is for you and I cant think of any person who will not be beaming in proud when he realized that you consider him/her a very special friend.. and its not about going public saying you are my best buddy (We should leave this to the love birds 😛 ) but some subtle hints to the person to assure you that you consider him/her dear to your heart.. the manner of expressing this should be your own and I think if the person is a dear one, he will sure understand what you intend to say.
But one thing I would say, generally people say this about love that you should express your love but I think you should also do the same with your friends because at one level Friendship is even more important than love. So three cheers to friendship!!
In the end I would just like to mention the first letter of the names of the friends who were or are the most important friends of my life.. They are in no particular order.. btw have used the more common alphabet of their names.. So don’t kill me if you think you ought to be here and you aren’t.
and ya one more, my Sis!!!
Some of these are very close to my heart, some I have no idea what they are doing or where they are. Some of them are too irritating now. Some of them I have utmost respect and friendship but just that things are not the same… but they are parts of my life which I will never be able to forget come what may. Miss you guys and wish I keep meeting you more and more.

Song Of The Day : – Yun Hi Hum Tumse Pyar (Khakee)

PS1:- My project work includes reading stories.. Nw beat that!! 😛
PS2:- Had one of the most unforgettable treat this Sunday.. 😛
PS3:- Patched up with a friend today.. after about a month… Misunderstanding and thanx to another friend of mine who made me talk
PS4:- This post was written when one of my very good friend was very angry with me.. and this is not the one I ranted about in previous PS
PS5:- My exams starting on 29th and finishing on 31st with a holiday in between.. Nw this is life my friend!! 😀
PS6:- Sachin screwed Australia in a final and that too while chasing.. “up your collective arses, you critics” as Aniket put it.. 😛
PS7:- Watched His Girl Friday again and enjoyed it like the first time.. Cary Grant is ruddy awesome!!

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Hyderabad Bloggers Meet!!

Attended the Hyderabad Bloggers meet today and I think it wouldn’t be fitting if I don’t write a blog post about the blogger meet, I think it was a good thing on the part of the indiblogger team to organize the event and would like to thank them for the opportunity provided by them for the bloggers of Hyderabad to come and meet each other.
Now coming to the meet, I think one minute to fame was a good idea (people were made to introduce their blog themselves) but instead of making people write the blog links on the board, one thing they could have done was make people write them on the system and then upload these links on the indiblogger site which would have been a good thing as now I don’t have any of the links of the people though I would have liked to visit the blogs of some of those people.
After that we had the dinner, the pizzas were ok… Well I always dig for pizza, so it was a great thing but had expected a better dinner from MS. The play by the team was nice, a nice little piece obviously you wont expect a full drawn play.
The comment part was good where they read some interesting comments from blogs of the people and it was more special coz a comment from my post was read and I was required to do the IndiBlogger Jig.. Comments of 4 of the IIITians were read.. 😀 , thanx Rama Sir for the comment 🙂 . This was real good thing on the part of the team going through so many blogs and reading comments, goes on to show how much they are interested in this thing.. “Hats off to you guys”

The Live Writer presentation was a big let down, the lady was telling things as if we were some beginners who didn’t know how to use computer and all. Most of the people there were from Software Field and must have felt the same irritation as me. Another thing is I didn’t find it much useful, I think publishing through Flock is much better than using Live Writer. I dont know which Microsoft hater gave the comment that It is the best product in market.. Many things are not there in it. Like the facility to edit posts and choose categories though would say it is visually good as all MS products are 😛

One thing I didn’t understand these guys will be mailing us the Indiblogger t-shirts. I mean if they would have given the t-shirts right in the meeting itself, it would have saved them a lot of cost of mailing them to us (which I hope they do). I think they must be having some problems of their own, they might not be having them in proper supply or something like that or there might be some official hassle. But guys if you read this then please mail those t-shirts, I am dying to wear one of those. Being a blogger is part of my identity which I am proud of and a t-shirt celebrating that. There can’t be anything better than this….

All said and done, I want these meets to be a monthy affair, we should get more chance to interact with other bloggers of the city. 🙂 Hope the guys listen to me….

Once again Thanx Indiblogger Team for organizing the meet. Cheers to the team!! 🙂

Song of the Day – : The Times they are A-Changing & A Hard Rain’s A-gonna fall By Bob Dylan

PS1:- Its getting really hot in here.. What the hell
PS2:- We had R&D showcase this Friday and Saturday
PS3:- One of the things I have observed is the same poster is being used for R&D for last three years, it was made 7 from 6 last year which was converted to 8 this year.
PS4:- Somehow I am abuzz with ideas for blogging these days, dunno what happened but it sure is good.
PS5:- I love writing on MS Word that’s why write the posts on word these days instead of Notepad.

PS6:- By the way IIITians were a force to reckon in the meet.. too many of us were there to the surprise of many.. 🙂

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