3310– > ????

This is the story of the cells i have had till now….

I started off with lowly 3310 in my drop year in Kota.. the most basic hand set you could get


Then came a bit adanced 3315 which i got from my dad ( he bought a 6600 😛 )when i went home in the deepawali holidays of year 2004… that is my drop year


I came to this college with the same 3315 and in the month of Jan 2005 i got my first camera phone that is Sony Ericsson Z520i

Which resembled something like this when i bought it


but now about 1 and half years later it has died… Its motherboard is fucked and it looks like this now…


So finally now i have got a new cell N72 on 24th of July that is today 🙂 … I still can’t believe how my parents agreed to me buying this cell 😛

I couldnt take a pic of the cell and will upload it in some time.. as if you care 😛 but its not black ,its maroonish brownish!!! Lets see how long this coalition continues!! 🙂


Song Of the Day:- Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye from Phir Milenge

PS1:- As you know i got a new cell today

PS2:- After ages i am posting from wordpress account , i always use flock to publish but this post had only images so had to come here

PS3:- CLass at 8:30 pm tomorrow.. Life

PS4:- Life’s going quite well for me these days… Kisi ki nazar na lage!!!

PS5:- If somebody knows about some Girls Hostel type thing in Begumpet then please let me know… My sister will be coming to Hyderabad in Sept and i am supposed to help her find someplace to live… So much they expect of me!!!

PS6:- My Project :O There seem to be no boundaries… the more we think of it..the more things get involved. Should appreciate wordseye people they have such fast system though their rendering is faulty.

PS7:- If you clicked on the last link, try this sentence “Lion is standing inside a cage” 😛

PS8:- People of our school are getting committed, today saw the profile of a senior and noticed that he is committed :O

PS9:- IIIT DF is rocking…ultimate place for fultoo BC..Ppl join it

PS10:- Next post Research @ IIIT…..

Drunk and What Not – II

I was telling the story of Raj and his friend Abhijeet in last part. The much awaited sequel to that part is here now.
The scene so far:
Raj went to his friend’s birthday party and had 4-5 pegs of whisky at the booze party. After the party is over, they decide to go back to their usual meeting place and while Abhijeet is driving his activa, they brush up against an ambassador and some time later they are stopped by a police car and when they dont stop, the police car started folowing them.

Meandering through the heavy evening time rush in the market at speeds in excess of 70, Raj kept driving with cool (n dizzying) head but his heart throbing with the thought of the aftermath of the event of the police jeep catching them while driving drunk but as advised by his friend, he just kept driving with the throttle at its fullest and police siren wailing behind them. Every moment making him lose his cool. At a diversion he turned his vehicle and they entered the Cantt area and soon after entering there, the wailing of the siren ceased but not to fooled by this he kept running his bike at 70+ speeds. After a lot of driving when they were in some nook and corner of the city where he hadnt been ever in his life and which seemed like a safe place, he slowed down. After some discussion they both decided to go back to the place where the group was supposed to meet.
After having a chat with the friends for some time, Raj had two packets of after Drink and a lot of mouth fresheners as he had to go back to his home. Sobered by now, he started to drive back towards his home normally. He took a right turn to get to the lane in which his house is located and saw a commotion somewhere on the road but couldnt locate, on moving further he knew that it was police standing in front of his house for sure, but if he turned at that juncture it would be a clear give away to the police and then they will start following him. He kept driving calmly and passed the vehicles and people standing in front of his house with great ease, though after passing them, he could hear sounds coming in the background of people shouting some thing.
After having escaped from there, he called his home and enquired what was going on in the house and was instructed by his mother to come back home and thus he reached home. As soon as he reached there he was surrounded by hordes of people and when he saw carefully there were two police jeeps and atleast 4-5 police bikes. He was made to sit in the police jeep still ignorant of the reason of this treatment meted out to him. Later in the police jeep, he was told by his mausi that they had brushed against the car of the “D.I.G.” of the state and his friend sitting behind him had slapped the hood of the car which had angered the D.I.G and forced all the police guys to track down the vehicle. There was police force from two police stations of surrounding area.
He was inquired about his friend and the friends house was called and his father came but the guy didnt come(according to Raj he must not have been in a situation to come,alcohol has its effects). Sitting in the Police Station, Raj was worried what would happen next, but had som moral support as his mother and aunt(mausi) were there. Abhijeet’s father came with some other uncle and both of them started ringing people they knew but none could do anything as the case was of D.I.G., The parents party tought of going and meeting the D.I.G. but they couldnt find any phone no of him and his address and the station incharge of the police station had also not come from his dinner. In the meantime S.P. of the city also came to the station and started to talk about the event and told Raj that the no of his activa was noted by the D.I.G. and was flashed across whole district and that was also the reason why police jeep stopped pursuing them after some time.
While no contact could be made with the D.I.G., Raj started getting densed, what will happen if a F.I.R. is lodged??He knew nothing much would happen but will he ever be able to get a passport if he is reported here?? What will happen to all his dreams of doing M.S. in a foreign university?? The parents party finally went to meet the D.I.G. butit was 12:00 am already and the chances of meeting him were very slim, still he held on to the gleam ray of hope. After an hour the parents returned with the news that the D.I.G. couldnt be approached. With this came the final proclamation from the SP that he has to stay in the Police Station but as they knew that this was not a crime and since Raj was a good and studious boy, they made him sleep in the police quarters in the campus of the police station in the beds meant for the police guys.
He was made comfortable and treated with special tlc but the fact was that he had to spend the night at the police station and this thought wasnt comforting him at all coupled with the thought, that what will happen if the D.I.G. decides to press charges against him. Tired of the day antics he fell asleep but couldnt sleep comfortably and kept waking up at regular intervals. Finally he couldnt sleep more after 6 am but decided against getting up from bed, then suddenly he heard the ring tone of his mausi’s cell and then he got up from his bed to talk to his mausi who was sitting there and was informed by her that his mom and abhijeet’s dad had gone to meet the D.I.G.
After some time his mother called and told that there was no problem and they had talked to the D.I.G. and 15 mins later he could see the smiling and content face of his mother telling that everything was ok.
They left for home with him once again driving the same activa, on reaching home, he was told by his mom that the D.I.G. wasnt angry at all, just concerned because they were driving too fast and just wanted to give them a lesson and nothing serious and wanted to meet the boys and have a talk with them. They went to the D.I.G.’s office the very day and were rebuked by him and asked not to repeat it and all.
Whole incident over, Raj was most satisfied coz neither the police neither his family knew about the drinking part which was the consolation for him.

From that day to the time he stayed at home, there seemed to be an automatic brake fitted in his hands, he just couldnt drive his vehicle at fast speed and at every crossing, he was just afraid that may be the guy will stop him and tell him that the no was flashed some day and he had to come to the police station…..

Song of the day:- Unforgiven by Metallica

PS1:- Finishhh….
PS2:- Finally Chicken being served at OBH but the quantity is very less for 15 bucks. 😦
PS3:- Looks like session has started with compilers assignment and project work… IIIT life… ahhh….

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    Reclining on your chair alone in the room with no one to disturb you with songs playing in the background and staring at the mosquito on the ceiling or closing your eyes and wandering into neverland with fan switched off resulting in no sounds to disturb you. This is what i call bliss.

Song of the Day:- Rishtey from Metro

PS1:- Will be writing second part of the previous post tomorrow
PS2:- Was busy tonight chatting with schoolmates
PS3:- Thinking of buying a new cell, my cell gone… Dead!! 😦
PS4:- The topper of our class(school) spotted with a girl of our class… hands in hands, resulting in a lot of gossipping. Myself telling two people about it, bless the net.

Drunk and what not – I !!!!

This is an account of the true life events of a person i happen to know quite well. The protagonist of the story is a guy named Raj(lets say). He is also a student of a reputed Eng. college just like most of my readers. Just for your information he lives in the capital city of his state and hates the place he lives in.. :O

So this is an account of what happened when he went to his home in the summer vaccations this year. Raj was getting bored at his home as is usually the case with many people. So he decided to go and meet his long lost friend a friend of him till 7th standard when his parents shifted and the guy whom he meets twice a year when he goes home. So he goes to meet his friend and is asked by his friend to come at a certain place. So Raj went there and started waiting for his friends(ya there was a bunch of them), the first sight he sees of them is 4 ppl riding on a single bike and the bike as soon as it is stopped, hits a scooter and the scooter goes down and along with scooter going down the 4 guys also get down from the bike. It takes Raj no time in guessing the reason for such a behaviour of the guys, clearly they were under the influence of Ethyl Alcohol. Out of the group of about 10 guys, 3 were his childhood friends.

Raj came to know that it was the b’day of his friend and they were having a booze party. A cake was brought and decorated with 20 candles and a cigaratte to denote the completion of 21 years of Raj’s friend Abhijeet. The guys then smoked a few cigarattes and then left for a place to have a booze party again. The guys went on their vehicles doing all “kands” they could on their way to their destination… passing comments on the people, shouting, jeering all you could expect from a group of drunkards on their vehicles.

Finally after creating turmoil at a few places, they reached their destination, a restaurant designed to cater to guys like them who bring their booze from some wine shop and enjoy it there. The boozing session was nothing special, some of the guys had more than they could handle and were shouting out, hurling abuses at any and every thing and the alcohol had started having its effect on the psyche of the group and activities were growing strange.

Booze over, the people decided to go back to their hang out place on their vehicles and our hero Raj who had wet his throat with 5 pegs of whiskey and was feeling a bit dizzy, decided that he was gonna drive his Activa, he did not have any experience of driving drunk but he is known amongst his friends as the guy who can control the alcohol best, so he decided to take the chance.

They started driving on the busiest road of their city, his vehicle visibly shaking, Raj thought of giving his activa to his friend Abhijeet to drive but Abhijeet was out of his senses, so he continued driving just escaping colliding with vehicles a few times but slowly he regained his balnce and started driving with ease and felt pretty excited and happy on driving drunk for the first time. Driving through the busy road, his activa accidentally brushed against an ambassador car but due to no fault of his, just coz of driving in the congested traffic scene. He continued just as usual not caring about what had happened.

After about a min or two, he sees a police jeep standing in front of him, with the driver shouting at the top of his voice “Ruk B***ch*d ruk sale”, the guy knowing that both he and his friend are drunk can’t thikn of even stopping and then in a sudden flash his friend asks him to drive the bike as fast as he could and not to stop.

So there we are, our hero and the side kick sitting behind him driving madly through the hustle and bustle of the city traffic at the speeds in excess of 70 with no care and concern for rules as such with the Police jeep with its siren wailing following them.

To be Continued..

Read the next part to know

  • Did the police succeed in catching them?
  • And what did they do if they caught them?
  • Why was the police following them?
  • Whose car did they accidentally brush?

Song Of the Day:- Mausam By Lucky Ali from Aks

PS1:- My first attempt at continuation of a post
PS2:- Networks class cancelled tomorrow… no classes tom for me
PS3:- Had quite an interesting conversation with a friend, who is incidentally a girl about many issues related to girls… 😛
PS4:- Pray for my Ex- Roomie Maruti… he has been sick for almost 15 days now.
PS5:- I have been in this room for about 4-5 days yet havent arranged it, thinking of doing it now.
PS6:- Have been downloading songs from 50’s,60’s movies from the net and listening them for the last few hours and found a song named “Ye Lucknow Ki Sarzameen” from the movie “Chaudavin ka Chand” madein 1960.. miss you lucknow!!! 😦

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“Simple and beautiful” the adjective i would like to describe any thing which i like. Generally i like simple, be it  girls,movies or anything i desire (except watches and gadgets and shoes). I have never been interested in falshy things or in girls with tons of attitude. Now this is not a post describing my ideal person or anything. Its just a realization that hit me when i was watching a movie “Naram Garam” starring Amol Palekar, Swaroop Sampat, Shatrughan Sinha and ofcourse Utpal Dutt (how can he be not there in a comedy movie which has Amol Palekar!!!)

    The movie was made in 1981 which is quite old for people our age and i dont think India was trodding so fast on the path of development and westernization at such a fast pace at that time and many of the small towns of the nation must have resembled villages of now and the condition of the villages of yore can’t even be imagined. The setting of the movie is of a village and i was just enthralled by the beauty of the simple and unsophisticated life of a village shown in the movie and the other good thing in the movie was the simple and sweet “Swaroop Sampat” as Kusum,a simple village girl draped in 9 yards of sari and with a blouse with sleeves covering half her hand and with neckline as deep as her neck she had an appeal more than many of the actresses today have with their skimpy outfits. She was the image of a perfect stay with her girl.
    Leaving the actress, i just wish i was born a few decades back when i could live in a village i know that would have been tough and i wouldnt have had access to all the facilities which i have now. I cant even imagine living in a village now coz i have become so adapt to all the comforts of this life but sometimes while lying down in a garden and staring at the moon, i wish that i could do this every night and sleep in the open under the sky with a cool gale blowing. Oh what a life it would be… I just cant imagine.

Song of the day :- Strawberry Field Forever by Beatles

PS1:- I welcome the UG1 guys to the college, hope they have a pleasant stay in the campus for the ensuing years
PS2:- Beatles just rockkkk…
PS3:- Saw MP3 in Motorola today.. will give 2.5/5 to the movie
PS4:- It finally rained today
PS5:- Loving life at OBH.. have been doing awesome BC for last two nights…
PS6:- Boring post.. bear with me… 😛

Status: Single

This is not an indication of my relationship status rather an indicaton of the fact that finally after living for two excruciatingly long two years in double occupancy in a room meant for one person, i am single… Single Yet again.I have finally been allotted a room in OBH(Old Boys Hostel) room no 221…Yipee
The room is on 2nd floor but who cares as long as we are getting single rooms. Though it pains a lot to leave cellar of NBH(New Boys Hostel) and the famous room no. C-16 but what can be done, life is always a trade off you have to lose something to gain something and its upto you to take the decision which thing to leave and when.
I am ending it here not much to write and also because i cant write much coz i am sick… Yup once again… 🙂 Though i dont think people will remember when i fell ill last time though i publicised it on my blog as much as i could.

PS1:- Writing after ages today. 🙂
PS2:- I cant understand why is there a drain(lack of any other suitable word wouldlike to know the english of a “nali”) type of thing in the last toilet and bathroom in everywing of OBH…beats me,
PS3:- Wish all of our batch was here in OBH
PS4:- Waiting for other ppl of our group to come to OBH now so that we can rock OBH
PS5:- Happy b’day Maroo, so good for him, sick on his b’day 😛

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