Girls -II

Dedicated to all the women in my life….

PS (Pre-Script ) : In the post girl word has been used for females…:)

Since i had promised that i will come up with the sequel to my previous post on girls showing the girls in other…So here i am back with the sequel..There are some things which i just despise in girls…..So starting with the list…
First one is which i mentioned earlier,which is they are emotional fools and can get emotional on any and every topic under the sun..and are sure to cry at the drop of a hat..This thing i have experienced with each and evry girl(almost) in my life be it someone from my family or be it one of my classmate ..In this respect i would like to quote one of the experiences i had with my sister…A few years ago when we used to be together that is when she hadnt left for college she and i were arguing over some petty thing and we argued for some time and after the argument finished she and i sat facing in opposite directions..i was like its over and lets talk to her again and then to my horror i discovered that she was crying come on man how can somebody cry over such an argument..that was pathetic….I couldnt ever guess the reason for her bursting in to tears….

Second thing is i just hate going shopping with women..they just suck at it..They will spend an hour choosing a thing which a guy will chose in a maximum of 5 mins and the other thing is their bargaining habit…Girls will keep bargaining for even 1 Re. if they can….Well come on yaar the other guy wont become rich and u wont become bankrupt if you gave the other guy one rupee more or for that matter even 5Rs. while shopping(I m talking about only when shopping and if it is bargaining with a n autowallah or rickshawallah then just forget it….)

Third and another frustrating thing is whenever you have to go out with them they cant get ready in less than an hour which is the minimum i cant understand the meaning of taking so much time just to get ready that you almost miss the thing for which you are getting ready…

Fourth among this list is their desire to be always pampered by the guys specially when its a gf & bf relation come on you always advocate equality and then you are there,cribbing so much that sometimes the guy gets frustrated and i just hope that girls realise this fact looks cute for sometime but not always….

Another thing is the girls are always saying that men and women are equal ans all that crap but come any chance they would never lose any opportunity to get special privileges be it bus seats, lines on reservation counters or and when you ask any girl about the bad ratio in good educational institutes the girl would just frown and go away….why dont they accept the fact that girls are not as sharp as guys….Everywhere the toppers are GUYS.….

One thing they refrain themselves in talking freely on the topics which are taboo in the society, agreed you are not supposed to talk on these topics in public but with friends…why the hell can’t you talk about this topic to your friends …. I havent met a girl who can talk freely on a subject like the period. I asked one of my friend the duration of it(she was my best friend) and the expression on her face was just pathetic though at last she told me by using her fingers and went away. Why oh My God why????

PS1:- I hope the guys who would have been cursing me after reading my last post will feel good…
PS2:- Sorry gals par sachhai chhup nahin sakti…:D
PS3:- Ladki kyun na Jaane kyun Ladko si nahin hoti?????

PS4:- As pointed by Karan i have made some glaring spelling mistakes which might be due to typing errors and since i cantforce myself to read this post again so pls keep pointing out my mistakes..:)

Just now i realised that this was my 50th post …so ppl congratulate me for completing my half-century 😀



Dedicated to all the women in my life....
PS (Pre-Script ) : In the post girl word has been used for feamales… 🙂

Well certainly the most talked about topic among a group of males…who may belong to any strata of society or may fall in any age group…. I too am one of those ppl so thought of writing this post, the thoughts i am expressing in this post are the ones which i have never expressed to anyone else as far as i can remember….(Lucky U 😀 )

The first thing which i can associate with girls is softness,be it softness of heart(most important) or be it softness of skin almost all girls give that impresson and why not coz thhis is what girls are supposed to be.. but leaving aside the second one .. i wud want to concentrate on the first ascpect…softness of heart..

The most loving relation every person has in his life are girls be it a mother, a sister or spouse everybody would agrre with me that the warmth which u feel when being hugged by mom is much greater than that of dad….Dads have their way of showing their love but it is Mother who wins when it comes to preferring one parent.I can still remember the days of my childhood when i was in 3rd or 4th standars and my oarents used to ask me something like “Tu hum donon mein se kiska hai???” Just for fun(Maze maze ke liye bechare bachhe ko dharm sanka mein dalte the…;) ) In front of both of them i never preferred anyone of them and always said “Aap donon ka!!!”(Diplomatic me 🙂 ) but as soon as my dad would go i would tell my mom in her ears “aapka hun”(bechare bachhe se ugalwa hi liya 😦 )…. From that time to this time i hav always been fascinate dby the basic nature of the womankind…

The other relation, that of SISTER…well one of my most prized relation in the world.She has been my constant support throughout my life from giving me hints during my exams to supplying me with her pen,pencils and other stuff whichi used to lose with a very high frequency and suffering as a result of it.. Saving my skin from my aprents by covering all the mischiefs i used to do… She was my saving grace,my philosophical advisor(though i never sought it 🙂 ) during all the years we spent with each other. I have seen guys who had brothers and can for sure say that having a sis is thousand times better than having a bro…and specially if she is elder then its icing on the cake…..

My tryst with good natured girls didnt end here….Well i am lucky enough to have nice girls studying with me and most of my good friends have always been girls…I dunno why but i find sharing with girls very easy as compared to boys..may be because of having them as good friends all my life but the other eason may be coz its just so good to be stting with a girl..she listenig nto u with full concentration,concerned look in her eyes ,u have to accept this girls are emotional fools get emotional so fast(but thats what i like abt them…) and when u compare this with a guy…he may also be a very good friend of you..might be very good natured but somehow that feeling of compassion doesnt come with a guy..there is some degree of roughness with every guy. So,if i find sharing with girls an easier task then am i to be blamed??? Given all these facts i think myself pretty unlucky not to be on so god terms with any gal of my batch and am jealous of guys who have excellent rapport with girls.I am on good talking terms with many but not on such good terms with any as i would have liked…..

If you takemy view..every guy is incomplete without women in his life..In this reference a line from the song “Ladki Kyun” from the movie “Hum Tum”descibes what i feel

Uske bina ek pal reh na sakoge tum…
Usko pata hai ye keh na sakoge tum…
Isliye ladkiyan ladkon si nahin hoteen..

I hate guys who think about each girl with a certain degree of cheapness(well obviously if a girl is a real hot babe then even i cant control my thoughts) but even thenthe first thing i would notice n a girl would be her face for sure..unlike some who first notice the bosom region of a woman or some whose first glance would strike the butt of the girl in question…I dont deny the fact that i also look out for these parts but not in all girls..there is atleast certain level of decency in me when it comes to girls atleast with whom i am acquainted…

In the last i would just like to say….

Women are priceless
Without women
Life will be without spice
Simply lifeless

PS1:- I guess am missing my sister pretty much, wrote a paragraph about her and tears struck my eyes…..
PS2:- All the ladies dont be overjoyed and all the guys dont get disheartened another post coming up showing women in other light..
PS3:- The songs of Hum Tum are really meaingful have been listening to them for the past 3 hrs … the lyricist is great

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Baba Pagare Captured in Frames…..

Baba ki nikli sawari baba ki leela hi nyari…..

Duniya ke halaat se chintit Baba…..



Baba apne asan pe virajman……



Baba dhyan lagate hue…



Baba is a kewl dude…



Muscular baba…

Last of all i would like to take some credit to help you people know the BABA…
No PSes this time coz baba asked me not to write PS in my blog..and how can i dare disobey Baba…

My six faithful servants…

I had read a poem in my first sem english course about the six faithful servants every person has in his life and it is the way each person uses those servants which decide the fate of his life..or something like that 🙂

I also decided to use these six servants of mine..So ..i am gonna ask 6 questions aloud on my blog…. Hope for some sensible answers from all you sensible guys reading this post..:)

HOW—> how do i decipher my dreams i have these very strange dreams many times and i am left baffled after having these types of dreams in some of them i am kissing a senior gal, other i am crying along with one of my friend and then there is one horrifying dream which i had 12 yrs back but still remember it though there are many which i can’t remember when i wake up the next morning….. And as much hard i can try i never seems to be having erotic dreams….vry vry baaad..

What–> what do i do to a friend who has been one of my best buddies but many times is always on an ignoring spree and i am so attached to the person that every message or a call which comes to my mobile in such a period …deep down in my heart i am always thinking the message or the call to be of that person but once the person is out of that period we are jus again the best of buddies and i cant remain angry with the person for more than 10 mins….i serously want an answer to the question how do i go on with my relation..should i start persisiting with my anger somehow ..or be the self that i am….

When–> When will i marry 🙂 You will say that i am bugged by the word(or should say the concept)..and ya for sure i am …:)

Where–> Where am i gonna land three years from now… Even if this servant doesnt do his work then also i can pardon him.. “Where ” is a lucky guy….dont u think so??

Who–> Who is GOD… know this is a very common and stupid question but since this is my blog so i can write anything here,..i would like to meet HIM for sure ..the greatest manager beautifully he manages the lives of more than 6 billion humans and should say trillions of living things that everything runs in harmony….

Another WHO–> Who is Cmdr Buzz…

Why–> why was school life so simple and pure without any tensions whereas college life is just the extremes..more fun ,more masti,more tensions…. Have we finally grown up..i thought we were supposed to grow up after graduating from college when we face the real life… and the real people and then all the tensions creep in but for almost everybody i know in my college or my school friends this has started happening in college itself..not fair 😦

PS1:- My OS assignment got fkd up….but who cares 🙂

PS2:- NOt sure wheteher i will be continuing with this PS concept next time onwards….. heeding to pagare’s suggestion 🙂

PS3:- Have used too many smileys in this post 🙂 😦 😉 😀
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An Epitome of simplicity…in IIIT

Each and every person who lives in the IIIT campus must be aware of what happened a few days back…An article was published in regarding a project being done in IRL(IIIT Robotics Lab) praising the project and specially Prof.Madhav Krishna under whom the project is being done..

Obviously it is a matter of pride for the college as well as the prof whose name has been mentioned in such a big site like that and it is expected of every normal human being to acknowledge the fact and be happy that my work is being recognised…But not him… The day, the particular article was pubished or should better say appeared on the site…… one of my classmate went to him to congratulate the prof on his achievement and the expression on his face was of sheer amazement…

The very same day a mail came from the prof that ppl should stop publicizing about the article

Dear All

Please DO NOT give any publicity to the news that has appeared without my
consent. Sometime in May a reporter innocently approached me saying he is
collecting articles about robotics in various educational institutions.
When he asked me if he could publish then, i firmly refused. All of a
sudden it has appeared today without my consent. Please do not give any
publicity to that or put it on the news board.

The project has a lot of ground to be covered and certainly we are not
looking for any publicity now or in future. Thanks for your cooperation.

Meanwhile i have called the website and they have got it removed.

Should say i am very much impressed by the simplicity of the guy. In our first year only..when he used to teach us somehow the image of him which came to my mind was that of a simple and sober guy and he has truly proved his image…

PS1:- Slept too too much today….
PS2:- My shortest post till date…
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Mano ya na Mano!!!

How many times have you had the chiling feeling down your spine while walking alone on a dark night that somebody is
following you surreptitiously, making you wanting to look back to see who that person(???) is but you cant turn back for some fear which is unknown to you….. Ya you got it right i am gonna write about the supernatural stuff the topic about which much ink has been wasted but even now the occurences of this type are arcane..

There are numerous instances of this type, each and everyone must have heard numerous stories of “bhoot-prets” from their nani aur dadi or even their friends …and i am damn sure that there must be some guys who would have experienced something like this.. I am not referring to any experience of ghosts in reality coz i think very few (un)lucky people must have had such type of an experience.. but something unusual, something which made you think that there is some thing… some power which is good/bad but which is beyond our control and beyond the cogitation of mere mortals like us.

All these thoughts came to my mind after the incident which happened with me a few hours back.. Four of us were sitting on the road leading towards Microsoft two of us were sitting on the side walk which is there i and another guy were sitting on the road facing those guys.. We were discussing about the super natural and related stuff, just then one of our friends started telling us about “Chilkur Balaji” that your wish comes true if you circle around that temple 108 times..and it is for sure.. Hearing this we became sceptical and started making fun of him on believing something like this…if this was true then each and everybody in this whole wide world would go there and fulfill his dreams… Just as we were making fun of him… A seven seater came dangerously close to us..specially for the two of us who were sitting on the road… The feeling which i had when it was coming near us was that i am gonna die or i am gonna be seriously injured… Ppl can say that we could have easily avoided that but the turn by the vehicle to our side was a very sharp one and jus metres away from us it turned back again… The guys were laughing at us as it was a sort of joke for them…but for us… it was a serious matter…. atleast for me

And more serious coz somehow the thing which struck our minds was that we were making fun of some particular belief in the powers of the ALMIGHTY and the thoughts which came to our mind was that the GOD had sent us a signal by making his presence felt among us…. This incident has just told me that i can never ever disregard GOD again in my life..The presence is too strong to be turned a blind eye to… Its not that i didn’t believe in such things earlier but for sure have started believing more in the something/someone eternal after that.. Main thing is that GOD can make his presence felt anytime he likes just by simple things like this….

PS1:- OS assignment got postponed today 🙂
PS2:- Will be going to the CBIT fest tom to attend the concert of JAL,Karunya n DJ Suketu
PS3:- Started writing this post yest..finished today 😉
PS4:- ITWS project is gonna be a pretty tough work..atleast it seems so as of now….
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Lage Raho Munnabhai Not A review

Went to watch Munnabhi today!!! Awesome movie !! Really above par… The movie has no comparison with any movie released in recent times. A sequel about which i can say that it is better than the prequel.. The review of the movie ends here … Now i would like to present a few thoughts which came to my mind after watching the movie…

First of all i would like to discuss about Gandhigiri…Even after watching this movie..i would say in front of everybody that i am not a great fan of the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi. Agreed he was a brave man and did much for the country even sacrificed his life for the cause of the country..I accept all that but where did people like Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and Subhash Chandra Bose lacked… According to me the only thing they lacked was their brand image wasnt as big as that of Mahatma Gandhi..

Another point of view can be that may be the method of Gandhi was more effective in that time. I didnt live in that time so can’t comment with much authority on that topic..but as far as i have read and as i feel ….Gandhi was not as simple a man. He also had his faults and of them being the favouritism for Pt. Nehru..I dont have much strong feelings for Gandhiji but Nehru is one man i strongly despise……

Another thing i would like to consider is
“Whether this Gandhigiri is possible in today’s world?”
My answer to this would be — This might look very good in a comedy movie that a guy can solve the problems of people by usig this “radio thingy”.. I will never agree that it is possible to change people’s mind this way.. Just a radio program.Isnt this going a bit too weird…(Wont blame the director of the movie for this coz he has to earn money and not to worry abt the practicality of the movie)

Another case that comes into my mind is of ‘RDB’ ..ppl got so influenced by the movie and the feeling was..that we should also do something the system is corrupt and its up to us <<< We the gen next >>> But i would like to say that whatever was done in the film was just childishness…No sensible person would do whatever was done in the movie
I am not saying that we should acquiesce to whatever is happening in the society. Everybody accepts that the society is not going in the right direction but before praising the movies and thinking of them as something path breaking. We should look into ourselves, are we ready to do such stuff. This is a pretty big ask first of all we should think whether we are even able to do something small… Such a small activity(according to me) can be joining “Bharat Uday Mission” and atleast going through all its mail and giving it a thought.. I tried it ,joined “Bharat Uday Mission” mailing list but failed miserably in doing so.. So all the other tasks are a big ask for a normal guy (which i think i am)….

In the end, I would like to say one thing that if you wanna do something for your nation do some thing in an organised way. Like the “Paritrakshana “ (whatever be the spelling..bhavnaon ko samjho yaar) party formed by some people.. Thats a pretty good idea..given that it succeeds and i am sure that if such intellectual people get the power they even at their worst will be atleast better than the current crop of the administrators….

PS1:- I sucked in expressing my feelings but had to write something on such a topic.. 🙂
PS2:- Lage Raho Munnabhai is worth watching atleast once…
PS3:- Finally we got our ITWS projects.. Atleast this tension is over, i got the partners and project both of my choice.. Now the work starts
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Jus A POst!!!!

Wanted to write abt sum of my gud frnds here in IIIT…So the tale goes on like this

Abilash”FSLD”  I —- Well the epitome of coolness, aloof from the world lives in the don’t care situation will do whatever he feel like let the world go to hell. A coder to the extreme, a guy filled with dedication can do anything if its related to studies(if he is interested in it).He’s a sui generis i never expect to find anybody like him again..

Abhijeet “Behra” Pagare— as we know him… Well the cute guy,who is one of the most dynamic guy of our batch ,favourite of most seniors and a guy so emotional that he can cry at the drop of a hat….A yaaron ka yaar..Used to be one of the guys accompanying me in the no studying during exams “funda” par is bar kamine ne dhokha de diya..

Aditya “Alsi/Sophisticated ” Aggarwal — Well sophishtication n laziness are his middle names…First thing you will notice about him is his sophisticaion… N if u live with him then you will realise that he is “Alsi” to the hilt. A guy who takes almost 45 mins to bath everyday and is always te last person to get ready whenever we are going out.. I think the person would be one of the most knowedgable person (in our batch atleast )when it comes to English Music and specially Rock

Chirag “NahaR” — He is the guy whom many ppl (ateast in our grp) fear coz sabki bahut leta hai..But nobody is able to tease him.. A guy who can be sincere in studies when demanded and can enjoy life if situation needs.. But he always remembers his “DOST”…

Karan “RAju Time Table” Maroo— Time management is related to him as sleeping and time wasting is attached to me… One of the most respected guys of our batch.. One hell of a great organiser has managed many(well almost all) events organised by our batch…A friend in need…

Manish “Fata” Arora —Padhai padhai padhai Fata fata fata this is what his life is..His CG speaks volumes of his studies…And i think nobosy in this batch can accept his PJ cracking ability…. Extremely dedicated in whatever he does

MarUti BoRker —- A hassles free roomie. You would have no problems with him except his fattes. A bond in every sense when it comes to ITWS and the general computer knowledge(our whole batch can vouch for it).. Extremely pissed off after getting me as a roomies but finally has to acquiesce to the fact…

PiyuSh “H for” NIgam —- Extremely emotional specially when it comes to girls.. God guy at heart but strikes a wrong cord with many people due to reasons best known to him… I dont know why but i get a feeling of an “Elder bro ” when sitting with him..may be due to his size..

PK “Bewda” Singh —- It might have been a while since he would have heard his real name..Even the juniors call him “PK” Sir… Only guy who can gimme a fight when it comes to sleeping, careless sans limits..A guy extremely good at heart but always has problems managing his relations… Just Undecided… Always thinks big and good but never even starts doing anything to the end of fulfilling his chivalric plans..

RaMan “Senti ” Jain — Apna Raman darling..seriously a darling… Very senti..Extremely frustrated and confused specially when it comes to girls… Has difficulties communicating his feelings..due to which bahut udti hai uski….

ShriKant “Kantaben” NIgam — Second of Nigam brothers…A very simple and endearing individual..a kind of guy with whom not many people can have problems…Nevr interferes with anybody “Mastram masti mein “…. Has got one of the good bods in our batch..

SubHashis “Chunky/ Chu*i*a” ChAnd — I guess it would be difficut for him too if somebody calls him by his first name…. An extremely popular guy wins hands down if it comes to popularity..knows exactly how to manage his realtionships and where and when to give his time..Well just an ideal person when it comes to managing people a guy who has mcuh control over his feelings and knows how to come out good after suffering in a relations….Would like to learn from him

VibhaV “Bon” VinEet — Humara pyara sa chhota sa “BOn”(not bond)… A guy out of this world just doesnt in the category of normal people he will sleep at 1 den wake up at 6 to study den again sleep at 8… No order in his life….Clock has no meaning for him…Just does what he wishes and when he wishes

ViPul “PK” MiTtal — Dont ask me what PK is…. A “Heera ” at heart …One guy to whom you can trust anything you want without any fear… My perfect partner since the time we used to come back to room together in first sem after the English class…One of themost responsible person in the whole batch..I dont think he has any contender when it comes to keeping his room clean..
Whatever i might have written about them but these guys are my life line in IIIT
PS1:- Again the boring classes have started..
PS2:- ITWS project partner issue is a big pain in the ass…
PS3:- What the hell has happened to IIITBuzz n Cmdr Buzz i have become habituated to reading posts in IIITBuzz………
PS4:- I hope to watch Munnabhai lage raho pretty soon………Missed out on KANK…

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