Every freaking body who is reading this post must be aware of the meaning of this much famed word which was come into much use specially with the use of mobile phones, web – cams & digi cams, but  I am not going to write on the usual meaning of the word and though my usage of the word is wrong but hell who cares instead  What I wanna write about is voyeurism of a different kind(if I can classify it in this category)this is about peeping into the life and thoughts of a person.

I think it must be the most painful thing for any individual to know that a person knows the thoughts which you have in your head, I feel this must be the worst infringement (atleast this is what I feel).

And at some level everybody is voyeur in this sense of the word, each and everyone is more than just concerned in whats going on with others and their lives, almost everybody loves to gossip and the desire to get into other’s minds and know their secrets must have been the real cause behind the games like Truth or Dare, sure its for fun at times but the basic motive behind this game can be none other than the aforementioned one.

On the personal front, I think that a person getting to know whats going on in my mind and things about my personal life is much much worse than suppose a MMS of me is released 😀 (though I would be glad to see who would be interested in seeing me in my birthday suit 😛 ) and I think generally the guys will be thinking the same way but I am wondering what would the reaction of the fairer sex  be ?? ( I am counting on you anonymousindiangirl for this answer coz as you can see there aren’t many female commentors on my blog.. Hope you haven’t forgotten my blog link)

Song of the day: – Let ‘em In by Paul McCartney, CrackerBox Palace by George Harrison & No No Song by Ringo Starr (For the first time I have 3 songs of the day, have had 2 songs a few times ) and these are by 3 of the Fab Four (Beatles! For ye ignorant fellas)

PS1:- Got so much to write on but lethargy has taken over me coupled with work!! 😦
PS2:- 2 days back, a friend of mine asked me the name of the last coloured movie I had seen and to my amazement I can’t seem to rmr seeing any coloured movie for the last 2 months, I think!!
PS3:- That’s it… One of my small posts. I rarely write so less on any topic, whatever it be and this had the potential to develop into a long one but as I mentioned before.. Lethargy my friends..
PS4:- This is a reply to ur comment on the last post.. hope this title is appealing to you.. 🙂
PS5:- Btw for your info guys.. Paul McCartney (of Beatles) is the most successful song writer with 29 No.1 hits to his credit!! 😀

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Bollywood V/S Hollywood and We Indians

I have been thinking of writing this post for quite some time and finally I came down to writing on this topic and this is not gonna be a comparison of the quality of the movies in both the “woods” or any other concept which you would think of but this is gonna be about the difference in the way both the worlds display the lady form or to say in common terms the type of exposure in both the woods.

Nobody would dare disagree that the exposure in Hollywood is much much more than that in Bollywood. In Hollywood, frontal nudity is not such a big thing and most famous actresses have atleast once been topless in their career while in Bollywood, this is a big no no.. You can only think of a few actresses like Dimple(Sagar), Mandakini(Ram teri Ganga Maili) and may be some others who have gone so far.

But there always has been a difference in the portrayal which sets the two movie industries apart, in Bollywood if there is some exposure, the directors do make sure that nobody can miss it and it will be stressed upon so much that such scenes can remain in your mind for ever, one such example which comes to my mind is the song “Bheega Bheega December” from the movie “Chocolate”, you just have to see Tanushree Dutta and just how much stress is given on each and every asset of her body.

Hollywood on the other hand, I think at many places the nudity is shown even where it could be done away with it (and I am not complaining at all) but somehow the nudity is shown in “sort of” way, not stressing too much on it, giving you a good look 😛 but it is quite casual.

As everybody knows that movies are always a reflection of the society in which they are made, then does this thing also reflects the notion that we the Indians are “Sexually starved” always looking for sex and making even the simplest scenes most erotic (Again one of the best example which comes to my mind is the song from Chocolate) and those people can make such sexual things seem so casual.

Till date I can see only one Hindi movie director who showed such things in a casual way, atleast it seemed to me and that was Raj Kapoor, he has been credited with getting all his heroines to expose but generally it wasn’t an emphasis on the “parts” of the actresses.He can be said to be the most Hollywood like Director in India, in this aspect!!!

One more thing which is so sickening in us Indians is the fact that we can’t talk about things, even in such educated environment like ours, girls shy away from talking about things like Period, agreed there are a few who are comfortable talking on such subjects (like one of them who explained me the concept of cup sizes) but most girls wouldn’t talk about such things. Recently one friend of mine got angry with me coz I was talking about Period with her and she didn’t talk to me for a few weeks, I guess by then she got over that shock, but I was pretty disappointed by such behavior!! Come on… You aren’t a nursery kid or a lady who was brought up in 60s or even 80s and still you think such things are taboo!! This is just a normal thing in your life.. Why the hell do we have to be so hush about it???

Well I guess this is much explicit stuff for a post.. Should end it now!! 😛 Or some Shiv Sena guys are gonna hang me!!

Song of the Day:- Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland (Once again!! Thanks mythalez for the song, though this is slower than the movie version)

PS1:- Listen to the song Dum Laga from the movie “Dil, Dosti Etc”, lyrics of the song are worth it, you will ROFL!!!
PS2:- Got 2 b’day gifts this Sunday!! One of which was my first “Nike” thing!!
PS3:- Mumbai Indians fucking out of IPL!!! 😦 Fk you… Mr. Fernando!! :X
PS4:- Btw net is fucking slow in college these days!! Dunno why!! Never has it been so slow in my 3 yrs!

Edit : The term sexually starved is just a repeat of the many articles you read and I am just wondering aloud, so dont start blasting me if you think it isn’t an appropriate term

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Over the Rainbow

This song was first sung by Judy Garland in the movie, Wizard of Oz, and since then it has acquired cult status, being rated by AFI as #1 in the list of top movie songs. I have been hearing the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version of this song for long but since hearing the Judy Garland version in the movie, have just fallen more in love with this song.
One more interesting thing is, in the last 2 days I have seen two movies in which the song is featured, one was obviously “Wizard of Oz” and other was “The Philadelphia Story” starring James Stewart, Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn.
Here are the lyrics of the Judy Garland version

Somewhere, over the rainbow
Way up high
There’s a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere, over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

Some day I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are
far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops
That’s where you’ll find me

Somewhere, over the rainbow
Blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh, why can’t I?
If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow

Just one request to the readers of this blog… If by any chance you have the Judy Garland version of this song then can you please mail it to me at himanksharma[at]gmail[dot]com. Its quite a pain in ass, going back and playing again in the movie.. I will be indebted to you.
And I request you all to atleast once listen to the song, if Judy Garland version you can find then its good or else the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is also pretty awesome!!

Song of the Day :- Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland (needed I say more)

PS1:- The sole reason of writing this post was cause I am smitten by the song and couldn’t stay without writing : )
PS2:- Mausam is pretty fine today!! : )
PS3:- Was about to write a post on my first two weeks in MS.. but laziness overcame as it would have had too much writing and this one just had copying and pasting the lyrics and some commentary!!
PS4:- Now waiting for the next Monday to get my stipend!! 😀

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IIIT Delhi

I have been quite busy and lazy for last few days busy in the days coz of my intern in Microsoft and lazy just like that which has been the reason for my utterly dismal blogging frequency in the last few days and of course before being busy I was at home attending quite a few functions and having a vacation in Nainital but now I am back and may be I will be back to my blogging form (If Microsoft permits)

So now coming back to the post and talking about what the title suggests…..No my dear friends, I haven’t forgotten the city in which my college is or the name of a premier college in Delhi but this is the work of somebody else.

Well actually it happened one fine day in Microsoft. Actually there is an intern from IIT-Delhi and she and me met on our first day in Microsoft and got around to talking but the post doesn’t concern any chemistry which we might be having 😛 am sorry if you wanted some masaledar stuff… So as it happens yesterday me and her went to the HR bandi coz there was something regarding our offer letters, we had to take our letters and sign them and blah blah . So we were coming back after taking the letter from her just then to her horror she realizes that the name of her college is not IIT-Delhi as she would have expected but IIIT- Delhi 😛 and just a look at her face at that time was more than enough to make my day. The shock and horror, I just loved it. She was like “Why did they write IIIT here?? How can they do this : ( “

And for the first time since I have joined IIIT, I saw a place where IIIT is recognized more than a certain brand called IIT. We IIITians are used to hearing or reading the name IIT-Hyd at a few places but the sheer joy and excitement I felt on seeing a IITian tasting their own medicine was just awesome pretty freaking kool. Just feels great to know that brand IIIT is being recognized. 🙂

Cheers to our alma mata

Song of the Day:- Jane wo Kaise log the by Hemant Kumar from Pyaasa

PS1:- MS is amazing… Its just awesome
PS2:- Had planned to write a post on my MS experience in the first week… may be sometime later
PS3:- Had my most fun vacations back home.. : ) It was just awesome
PS4:- Once again for the umpteenth time Beatles & Sachin  are the Gods. Just listen to “Here comes the Sun” for the proof of first and for the second one… I don’t think anybody needs a proof (atleast in India)
PS5:- Had thought would be writing quite a few PSes today but alas can’t write much!!
PS6:- Ya btw MS is just swarming with IIITians, not a day passes by when you go to cafeteria and you don’t see a ex-IIITian there. There are just too many there. 🙂 Even in my team we have one.
PS7:- Seems this post is quite full of MS references but kya karein control hi nahin hota yaar!!!
PS8:- Feeling sleepy now.. Kal kaam pe jana hai and btw now I realize the value of weekends about which people used to talk so much and I used to wonder.
PS9:- Btw sorry guys for not replying to your comments will do so from now on.
PS10:- Just so that the no becomes 10.

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