Reservation Mania

I couldnt think of any other attractive title for this blog ,its just simply reservation which i am talking about so i will come straight to the point .


This is the fire which is burning all the students who are aiming for higher education in any reputed government college be it engineering or medical studies. Seroiusly speaking i cant understand the government's ideology behind implementing these reservations. I cant understand why the hell they had to bring the 'Jeannie of reservation out of the bottle(as we say in Hindi)". Almost all of the people of our age might not remember the incidents which happened when the "Mandal Comission's" came into effect but these sick,philanthropist,old,fit for nothing "NETAS" who are the leaders of our country who have been elected by the vote exercising public of the largest democracy of the world to take our country a leap beyond in the development ladder and make us stand shoulder to shoulder with all the developed countries of the world like the great n mighty n authoritarian(hope i have spelled it correctly) USA , the country of technicians n geniuses the JAPAN n the fastest emerging country the country of the mighty builders CHINA but alas what these netas who are definitely the future of INDIA(obviously yaar how old does Arjun Singh looks to you according to me his age must be a maximum of 20-21 yrs)are doing is just the opposite. They are just trying to hold back the talent of India and reserve seats for people who are not that much talented.


One thing which i strongly disagree is the student burning himself in this struggle and trying to take his life. I dint know what has happenend to him but for sure i know that "<b>Mr.Rajiv Goswami</b>" died protesting against reservation in a similar fire which was ignited sometime in the early nineties. According to me if he had to die he should have done something good and killed the then HRD Minister Mr.V.P.Singh and then got a death sentence atleast he could have done something good and sent a message to the political parties that whats the value of a human life. It is said that things are exaggerated in movies but if you talk about politicians i think they are just an understatement .


There are some questions which i wanna ask Mr.Arjun Singh and the leaders of the largest and the oldest political party of India .
Q: Mr.Politician can you tell me when are you gonna implement the quota in the parliament ???
Q: If you keep doing this can you think that there will be no brain drain from India??
Q: Why do you go abroad to get treatment or call doctors from abroad to treat you??Why dont you get treated by the doctors who have got admission by the quota???


The Government as come up with the proposal of increasing the seats in all the colleges so that the no of seats available to the general class students are not compromised. For this they are ready to upgrade the infrastructure increase the no of professors and do all the arrangements needed for it. Although i dont think this to be feasible. I dont think that the government has adequate funds to do this and even if they have the funds to do so then why doesnt the government uses the money to increase the infrastructure at the grass root level. The so called backward people should be given facilities in their education upto 12th class they should be given free eduacation. New schools may be opened in the remote areas with the money which they are thinking of using to increase seats in higher education institutes and after doing this (giving thm proper education upto 12th class) they should be piped in with the general catgory students coz the hard work done ny the general category students should not go in vain .


If you listen to me i dont say that there should be no reservation. There should be a reservation based on economic status of the student. Why should a SC/ST/OBC whose dad is earning lakhs per year get reservation?Why should he get advantage when there are other people who are poor and need the help from the government? They may be from any caste but those are the real deprived people who are in need of reservation.
One thing more i would like to say about reservation is that nowadays in many colleges setas reserved for SC/ST are vaccant coz they cant even clear the cut off marks required. Once counselling for these candidates is over ,these seats should be made available to the people who havent got the support of reservation and are trying to get their due by the virtue of their merit.


There are three things which are waiting to be written by my magical hands but first of them i will write about my journey to Nainital and my stay there so as most of my friends know i had to go to nainital actually my adarniya pitaji had some work in the High Court in Nainital so he decided to take me and my matajee also with him so that Humaun bhi Nainital ghoom ayein so first we went to the place where my dad is posted its name is Ghansali (dont ask me anything more about that place) from dehradun. Now getting strainght into the matter at hand i will start desribing about my journey from Ghansali to Nainital.
An important thought which comes to my mind

One thing which i always think whenever i go anywhere in the hills is that it would be so good if we could somehow find a technique to build cheap bridges then it would decrease the distances so much i think a distance of 200 kms in hilly region will reduce to abt 30-40 kms if we can build cheap bridges and connect places situated on adjacent hills and thus reduce distances.Right now miney required to make 1m length of bridge is about 1.6 lakh rupees whereas 1km road needs 20 lakh rupees this is a ratio of 1:80(that to can go up if the length of bridge is more which is essential according to my plan) i think if the ratio can come down to about 1:5 to 1:10 then it would be very benificial for the people in these areas.I have always thought that if i can develop a technique like this then 'MAIN TO AMAR HO JAOONGA' there would ne new type of bridges known as HIMANK BRIDGES in the whole world but know this cant happen so i am ready to die an unknown death and (hopefully not) get faded in the tides of time .

<b>Going Nainital</b>

We startes off at about 5:20 am in the morning this i think was maybe the first ocasion in the last 2-3 yrs when i woke up at about 5:00 am in the morning after sleeping in the night i have been awake till 5 many times but have done the feat which i did that day…..So we left and i was wearing a half sleeved shirt which was a mistake i realised later coz it was very cold out there and i was unable to open my window until 9 coz of the cold outside the journey i would like to say was one of the most beautiful journeys i have had.There are many things i would like to tell u ppl about that journey.Starting with the things i noticed first.I have noticed these things umpteen no of times in my earlier journey in the hills but i will write about this time…….
While going first beautiful thing i noticed was the way the people in the hills do their farming,the slope of every hill on which people live is turned into something like the stairs of green colour for a giant it looks so good to see these green strips spread all over the slope of the hill you just have to see it to appreciate its beauty. While we were in the starting leg of our journey i saw a girl must be around 10-11 yrs of age and she was a shepherd was moving along with her family members(atleast i hope so) she was fair(as you would expect for someone living in hills) and the colour of her eyes was also so good(but not good than mine no need to appreciate my eyes i know their colur is beautiful)she was very beautiful but a little too young she wasnt the only one i also saw another one must be almost of my age or maybe a tad older than me but she was what you would call a "Gaon ki Gori" she was just too beautiful sans any accesory she was just an epitome of beauty.She was just to good hope we can have some like her with her simple and beautiful.
One thing which is very disgusting when you undertake long trips in hilly areas is the roads.They may look beautiful to people coming for first time in the hills it may seem as if you are riding on the back of a snake crawling on the hill but to me these are the curves which i would never like and the curves which i like i dont get them (so sad 😦 what to do).These roads are the thing which i would not like to be more curvy coz then they would turn into 7UP curvy bottle and if it happens then how will we go places(ok! i m remembering Manish from college and Meghna from my school).At one place the road was looking like a 3 sided rectangle which so much resembled a portion in the track 'Outback' in NFS2.
Another interesting thing which i noticed in this journey which i have seen once more and can be seen only in the interior of the hilly roads where vehicles dont frequent much was two cows starting running frantically on seeing our car ,they were afraid of our car like hell.It was a very funny sight seing them running away from our car .
One more thing which i would like to mention is during the morning part of our journey people were constantly asking for lift from our car and to one of them i offered the place in the dicky of our car coz we didnt had space in the seating section of the car which didnt amuse neither the two of them nor my parents much so i decided not to help anyone anymore in the whole trip(Main geeta pe hath rakhkar kasam khata hun ki main jo bol raha tha sarasar jhooth bol raha tha sry yaar geeta ke boyfriend par kabhi kabhi to aisa mauka milta hai).

Know this was a boring one but i wished to write about my journey so i have written so that i have no regrets with myself so now this is your friend Himank taking your leave bbye cya ………

Help me out ppl

Hi all of you ,there is nothing much important in this post but in this blog i am asking for your help  well as some of you know that  yesterday was my birthday (those who havent wished me can do this shubh kam now)…………
So as you all know that on birthdays,gifts are also given to the birthday boy(or girl which doesnt apply in my case) in my case i was asked by my mummy n papa to ask for a gift as they couldnt think of a gift to give it to me right now. There are two options i can think of right now to ask for as a gift one thing i am thinking of is a ‘WRIST WATCH’ one thing is i am passionate about wrist watches right from my childhood and i would love to have a watch but there is one problem with having a wrist watch actually i have 6 wrist watches (i told you na i am passionate about watches) so i am thinking about some other option .
Second option which i can think of right now is having clothes as my birthday gift. This is a very common option that anybody can have for his birthday and not a very bad option to have. Earlier i never gave a damn to clothes but after coming to college i have started caring about the clothes i wear so i think at this stage of my life i think i can also buy clothes .
These things apart i think i would be pleased if i can think of any other thing as my birthday gift then it would be very goooooooooood coz i dont want these usual things as my birthday gift but something new and innovative so for this important i want help from you guys and gals out there please suggest some good thing that i can ask as my birthday gift from my parents (and please meri aukat mein rehna !!!)……………..
I will be waiting for suggestions from your side so just fill my blog with your valuable comments

PK ki madonna

I thought that today i should write about pk's mashooka,his sweet heart who throws her life on PK (hope u noe PK or Prashant Kumar Singh my room mate for those who dont).She stays in our college and can be seen many times around  the Girls Hostel of our college for those who wish to see her……………….

Hey all the girls who like PK(i doubt there will be any coz all the good girls like me) dont lose your heart its not a  girl its just a bitch(female dog!!! dont think anything else you dirty minds).There is a very healthy between these two inhabitants of our college……..
    Whenever PK is sitting in front of GH the bitch comes near him wanting for his love and he does his bit too by laying his hand on the bitch with love and caressing her with much love and care and he doesnt think there is any difference between their species & PK who is known in the college for his cleanliness(main geeta par hath rakh ke kehta hun ki i am not joking in any sense) and punctuality & discipline & careful attitude but he luvs her so much that no risk of any diseases stand in their way as after sitting with her and caressing her with his hands he goes to the canteen and eats there with the same hands(ofcourse he has only 2 hands so hands wil be same)but wihtout washing them(these things are told by my secret sources to me who dont want to be named) Both of them like each other and the bitch becomes jealous if anyone follows PK coz according to her PK is only her's and she follows the person barking "Kutte Kamine main tera khoon pi jaoongi"…….
    There is an incident too showing her love for PK that took place one night in front of me,chand n nigam n ofcourse the sufferer who was abhijeet pagare.On that fateful night 5 of us(me,pk,chand,nigam n pagare )were sitting in front of GH which is the favourite haunting place of the central character of our story(it would hurt PK if i keep calling her bitch so i should name her as our very own MADONNA whose songs i m listening right now) so then Madonna jee was sitting near us (arrey pk was also sittin there rey) we were jus doing some BC(baatcheet you filthy minds and think nothin else) there just then pagare decided to go to his room and on the heels of pagare our very own hero of the story Mr.Pk also decided that he should also go this room and watch a movie on the laptop and he started following the villian of the story for our Ms.Madonna and how can a female tolerate her man following someone else in front of her so Ms.Madonna got angry with Pagare(ofcourse how could she be angry with PK) and started running behind him and pagare unaware of this whole thing running in madonna's mind was walking casually to hostel as if he was walking the ramp(agreed that u are one of the smartest in our batch but not smart enough to walk the ramp and you dont have the right to snatch someone else's love from her)  we were watching this scene and were amazed on the behaviour of Ms.Madonna(as we didnt knew the relation between her n PK at that point of time)  and on seeing this messenger of "YAMARAJ' following him Pagare decided to run to save his life and to escape the trauma of getting 14 extended versions of a honey bee being injected into his newly acquired 'TOND or the belly' which is very difficult after eating the food we are given in our hostel(but he has done it and should be congratulated for this achievement) and she was just on the verge of tearing out the pant from the area which had been covering his bum when he reached the premises of the hostel and closed the door on her face and saved his life and from then on must have vowed never to set his eyes (or let other set their eyes on him mind you he is real chikna guy and hearts of many can melt on seeing him) and so this story ended here and keep watching this space for more events like this…………………….

Marriage….wat do ya think???

I have been thinking of doing this for long but i wasnt able to find time ……( i m a busy man these days i do many important things these days like slumbering 11-12 hrs in a day and using my time in killing time by just sitting in front of idiot box the whole day)……………….
    I intend to write about marriage today not that i am an experienced guy in this field of life but its just that i wanna write what i feel about marriage the matter of this post will be sans any expectations i have from my sex life  after marriage which is also  an integral part of marriage but i will just concentrate on the emotional aspect of marriage i would just like to write on my  views on the thought of living with a certain individual for your whole life(i m hoping that my mariage doesnt end in a divorce)
    Well actually speaking i would just love to get married and i m just waitng for that special day in my life most of the guys i have met till now are usualy of the belief that they want to enjoy their freedom and dont want to get married early …….to tell you one thing i am the kind of person who always is in the need of company i am always happy when i am with someone talking with the person and i am just too happy with the thought of having a girl all to myself.I am just terrified with the thought that she would be a person with whom i can share each and everything it woul be a very different feeling to have a wife she would be a person about whom i can say that she belongs to me and i belong to her well i would like to say that this sense of belonging is the thing which is the most atractive item of this whole package called marriage(after readin these lines you must be thinking that i might not be giving her the space she needs but believe me this wont be the case) …………….
    I am so excited with the thought that there would be a girl whom i dont know now(or know her if things work out well with someone) with whom i would be living for the rest of my life she would be lying down with me resting on my arms i and she cuddled together i am waitin gofr the day when she would rest her head on my chest i have just seen this on tv but i can say that i would be a real nice feeling whenever that happens and i will be waiting for that day…………………………….
    If you ask me then i would say that i would like to be married just after completing my B.Tech (well that means 4-5 months) but i kinow this is not possible coz i will have to do some post graduation course coz simple B.TEch is not enough for a guy these days if u wanna progress in ur life so i will have to wait for almost 5 more years and i am game for it…………………Well whoever you are and wherever you are just keep waiting for me for about 5 yrs and then i will be coming for you…YOUR PRINCE CHARMING(bolne mein kya jata hai)…………….