Taare Zameen Par

“Amir Khan at his masterful best” this is how i would like to describe the movie but here I am not talking the acting prowess of the famous actor but am talking about the directorial venture of the amateur director.

Rarely do we see movies dedicated to the subject of children being made in India there are only a few films like “Anjali” which can clear the bar and this effort shhould certainly be hailed as the flag bearer for a new type of cinema which goes beyond adults and tries to convey the feelings and emotions of children which has largely been ignored in Indian Cinema.

Now coming to the movie, this movie might be a big disappointment for many moive buffs and might not turn out to be a chartbuster because this is not a masala movie on the contrary this is a serious movie handling a serious issue (I don’t have much idea about the % of children with dyslexia) in a serious, simple and emotional way. I just wish that this movie doesn’t meet the same fate as Swades,another great movie but sans masala and that movie had SRK to carry it through,so its performance was satisfactory on the box office, for this movie, agreed Amir is also as good as SRK, but in my opinion he can’t be the crowd puller SRK is.. JUst wish that I am proved wrong and the movie turns out to be a chart buster.

I haven’t seen any Indian movie ever which was as touching as senti as this one, if this movie can’t shake you down and make you want to cry atleast once in the movie, then you should go and get your heart checked if you have a stone fitted there insted of the thing called heart and if you have digital data beaming through your mind instead of emotions doing their rounds. Ofcourse who can forget the acting of the child “Darsheel Safary”, his acting is great to say the least. He makes you wanna empathize with him at his suffering. The guy is a find.

Music of the movie is ok, 3 songs are good but other songs you might like in the movie but i don’t think you will be listening to the songs back in your room. But the song “Maa” sure has a haunting feel and will sure remind you of your mother and make you wanna go and hug her and be with her.

In the end I will just say one thing, Go watch the movie and experience the magic of movie making for once.

Song Of The Day :- “Maa” by Shankar Mahadevan from Taare Zameen Par

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