La Martiniere Rocks :P

Finally with the day of my IIM-L interview coming closer, I started my preparation for the interview and was reading about Lucknow. Something struck me and I started reading about the famous schools of Lucknow, while reading about La Martiniere School, Lucknow chanced upon this:
Cock House
The House that scores the maximum number of points for academic performance and sporting prowess is declared the “Cock House” of the year and receives the prestigious Cock House Trophy. They are also treated to a celebratory party.

You can find more about the Martinian traditions here: 😛

ROFL!! ROFL! ROFL.. This must be the best tradition ever in any school around the world.
The “Cock” Trophy would be one trophy which no captain would like to recieve.
And ofcourse, I cant even begin to imagine the scene which would happen in La Martiniere girls school (that is if they also have the same tradition)

Song of the Day – Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

PS1:- Finally my IIM-L interview arriveth 😦 Gotta go to Bangalore day after 😦
PS2:- Not having been to Bangalore for the first 21.5 years of my existence, this is my 2nd trip to Bangalore in as many months
PS3:- No offence meant to any La Martiniere Captains who have won THE COVETED trohy 😛 but couldnt stop myself 😛
PS4:- Testi season in full flow, Yearbook keeps getting flooded with new feeds everyday 🙂
PS5:- I would love if any La Martiniere person (reading the post) can tell us whats the condition like in the college, the day somebody gets the cup 😛

TB Awards

The other day we were talking about Vibhav and his recent achievements and we started thinking that one day he will surely win “Turing Award” for his work and we came upon an idea of giving everyone in our group an award which would result with dramtic increase in their prowess in the thing they are good (or even interested) . I dunno if I made myself clear but people who know these guys will understand.

So here go the awards
1. Abhijeet (Pagare) – Wisden Cricketer of the Year
2. Aditya – CEO of Microsoft
3. Chirag – Castrol Consistent Performer
4. Himank – Booker Prize & Noble Prize in literature
5. Karan – Business Icon of the Year
6. Manish – Crack the interview
7. Piyush – Best Actress Award (for being the ever senti, ever romantic)
8. Prashant (Mathur) – “Human Chameleon”, the new super hero
9. Prashant (PK) – World Record Holder: 50 Puris in 1 min
10. Raman – Vision 2020
11. Shrikant – Best Actor for Singh is Kingg (for being THE Aksay Kumar)
12. Chand – Noble Peace Prize
13. Vibhav – Turing Award
14. Vipul – Best Actress in Villainous role (for being the typical bahu from ‘K TV shows’, I wanted to give him the title Komolika 😉 )

And btw the award for me wasn’t my idea, instead it was Pagare and Chand who thought of it. So spare me any questions like “Tu n writing :P” and Why I got 2 while others didn’t, this one also was their idea. 😛

[Tag]Muzzic – Thats how I like it

This must be one of the simplest and most interesting tag!! 🙂 Thanks Karan for this
I am presenting my data thanks to!! 🙂 One hell of an idea,
Stats + Music, the 2 things I love the most!! GG ppl

So here is my list of top played songs

Song Name – Artist Name ( Play Count)
1) American Pie – Don McLean (751)
2) There’s a Place – The Beatles (353)
3) How Do You Do It – The Beatles (321)
4) I Kept on Loving You – Carpenters (270)
5) Jaane Woh Kaise Log The – Hemant Kumar (236)
6) Yellow Submarine in Pepperland – The Beatles (231)
7) My Back Pages – The Beatles (229)
8 ) Imagine – John Lennon (220)
9) I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles (217)
10)Hazy Shade of Winter – Simon & Garfunkel (216)

As expected the list is dominated by The Beatles, 5 Beatles song and 1 by John Lennon!! 🙂

I tag Sultan, Utkarsh, Rakesh (Where are you guys), Skp (though I dont expect much from you 😉 ), Sunshine, Abhinav Bhai (if any of you ever chance to visit my blog)

Song of the Day -: Aisi Sazaa from Gulaal

PS1:- Went to a gig in a pub today after what must have been ages
PS2:- Watched Gulaal yest, liked it!! Would suggest everybody
PS3:- Gulaaal music, just cant remove it from my media player.. Too gud!! 🙂

Aarambh hai prachand

Lyrics of the song “Aaarambh Hai Prachand”

aaramabh hai prachand bole mastakon ke jhund
aaj jang ki ghadi, ke tum guhaar do

[aaramabh hai prachand bole mastakon ke jhund
aaj jang ki ghadi ki tum guhaar do

aan baan shaan ya ki jaan ka ho daan
aaj indra dhanush ke baan pe utar do] x 2

aaramabh hai prachand…

[man kare so pran de jo man kare so pran le
wahi to ek sarva shaktiman hai] x2

vishwa ki pukar hai ye
bhaagwat ka saar hai
ki yuddh hi to veer ka praman hai

kauravon ki bheed ho ya
pandavon ka need ho
jo lad saka hai wahi to mahaan hai

jeet ki havas nahin kisi pe koi vash nahin
kya zindagi hai thokaron pe mar do

maut ant hai nahin to maut se bhi kyun darein
ye jaake aasman mein dahaad do

aaramabh hai prachand bole mastakon ke jhund
aaj jang ki ghadi ki tum guhaar do

aan baan shaan ya ki jaan ka ho daan
aaj indra dhanush ke baan pe utar do

aaramabh hai prachand …

[ho daya ka bhav ya ki shaurya ka chunav
ya ki haar ka vo ghav tum ye soch lo] x 2
ya ki pure bhaal pe par jala rahe
vijay ka ye laal laal gulaal tum ye soch lo

rang kesari ho ya mridang kesari ho
ya ki kesari ho taal tum ye soch lo

jis kavi ki kalpana mein zindagi ho prem geet
us kavi ko aaj tum nakar do

bheegti nason mein aaj
phoolti ragon mein aaj
aag ki lapat ka tum bakhaar do

aaramabh hai prachand bole mastakon ke jhund
aaj jang ki ghadi, ke tum guhaar do

aan baan shaan ya ki jaan ka ho daan
aaj indra dhanush ke baan pe utar do

aaramabh hai prachand…] x 3

Please do point out any errors if you find them
On the day of Holi (that is today) was suggested by a friend of mine to listen to the music of the film Gulaal , havnt read or heard too much about the film just heard the name once or twice. So didnt have any idea on what to expect from the music of the movie and should say was taken aback by the music! Very different music, in this era where every lyricist is inserting english words into Hindi this one goes into the opposite direction with usage of pure Hindi words some of which are quite difficult to understand, but gotta say the music is pretty good!!

I expect the movie to be a dark one, going by some of the some of the songs which are dark(if i may use the word)! But the song which affected me most is “Aarambh” which seems like a war cry!! Three cheers to the lyricist who made me sit and write down the lyrics of a song. Loved doing it! 🙂 And ofcourse loved the song too… I would suggest people to give the album a try (if you havnt already done that).

Song of the Day:- Aarambh Hai Prachand from Gulaal

PS1:- Celebrated my last holi in IIIT… These days everything we do is the last in IIIT!! Last mid sems, last Felicity, last this, last that!! Days are really numbered for us now!! 😐
PS2:- Yearbook for the batch started!! Yayy!! Thanks Hobbit sir n Mux!!
PS3:- Just a thought,is Sehwag on drugs or something!! Its been ages since I saw him play with a strike rate below 150!! :O
PS4:- The roof of (under construction) new Main building has become our haunt these days, roz dnr ke bad its roof time!! 🙂