My Age

Every now and then
When i browse through the history page
I look at names famous,their respective ages
Someday or other, a soul ignited
Has taken the world over, in their youth

Every now and then
I stumble upon, a Joan of Arc
Still in teens, so young than me today
Turned the history, before she died
The only Heroine, whole world knows

Every now and then
I think about, a Sachin Tendulkar
All of sixteen, the sweetest age
When he achieved those feats immense
At my age, he already was a certified God

Every now and then
I listen to the Buddy
Twenty two,one less than me when died
Yet 50 years after his death
We’re still singing the songs he wrote

Every now and then
I look at them,the people great
Who by my age had conquered all
Salute them and be inspired, I do each day
For one day I too might leave my mark.



Why do you burden me
Why do you ask of me
Why can’t you do it yourself
Why don’t you do it for me
Its always so simple

Why don’t you understand
Why do you fight
Why do you talk
Why don’t you listen
Its always the best

Why don’t you open your eyes
Why don’t you get up
Why don’t you dream
Why don’t you learn
It’s not the hardest to do

Why don’t you walk in the night
Why do you sleep
Why don’t you try
Why don’t you fly
Its so hard to be YOU

Ticket to Ride

Love me you do not
Take me as your worthy servant
As a partner, companion u need
I don’t care what or how it is

I can carry a bag or two
Can be handy for a dinner of maggi
When you come tired from your work
I will cook for you all day and night long

In your vanity case or the dustbin
Hide me wherever you want
If you don’t want to see me again
A word or complaint two, i never will utter

If only, I could be with you
So I could see your face
Not once but even twice or thrice
If only you would allow

And give me your ticket to ride
A pass to fly alongside
That’s what I wanna do
You are the one I worship, one I love.

Pattie Boyd

Just like the pace power of India and the trophy cabinet of England, rock music doesn’t boast of too many love songs. As Rock and Roll music bid its adieu to the top of charts, love as an emotion was also not too highly looked upon as the theme of a song. That’s why two songs which could come to almost any rock (classic) fan’s mind when talking of love would be Something & Layla. The most interesting thing about this world is, these two highly regarded love songs were written for one woman by 2 different artists, add a Wonderful Tonight and three comparatively unknown songs Bell Bottom Blues (Clapton), For You Blue, Isnt it a pity, and that’s when we finally get to know Pattie Boyd.

George Harrison fell for her during the shooting of A Hard Day’s Night, he was at the peak of Beatlemania, with females all around the world dying for him, instead he asks out a model(who was acting as a fangirl in the movie) who denied him. Yet the famous Beatles would ask her out again, and this time she finally agreed and hence started the first love story of the famous Pattie Boyd which gave the world, Something, my favorite long song and perhaps my all time fav song.

As is the case with almost all musicians, they drifted apart, while in the meanwhile Clapton & Harrison became good friends and sometime in late 60s, Clapton fell deeply in love with the enchantress. That’s when the world finally came to witness the awesomeness of Layla, Clapton’s heartfelt plea to her. Wonderful Tonight was written when Clapton had finally achieved his goal and Boyd n him were leaving together. Its just a song about how wonderful She looked. Then there was also the Bell Bottom Blues, which Clapton gave to Boyd and later wrote a song :).

Lennon and Mick Jagger were also supposedly attracted to her. (According to wiki)

PS: Thanks Sashidhar for reminding me about her and the songs recently 🙂


When he asked her out 😛


4 years more to go
To reach that magic figure
the age of 27,the time of bliss
when the Doors would open to Nirvana

I would buy a white lighter
and roam around directionless
I will have a year full
A minute’s work is all i’d need

Might drown in a swimming pool
Heroin overdose I hope I dont
Shotgun might seem an option too violent
Heart failure could be the way to go

When I would be bored of life
and all its aftermaths
things new might not excite anymore
and people around might seem such pain

Not the companionship of names famous
Or belonging to a club famous, I desire
Just for the lack of a better number to die
So I chose 27, the cube of 3

Thats how and when I would like to die
A time to rise above expectations
A last gift I want from life
Is a promise to end it when I like.

PS: Refer 27 Club for a better read 😉

Picasso’s last words

47 years from today
When my life is past its heyday
You will come to visit me
I might offer you some tea

I might just have been back from a hospital
My health might be very critical
I might have caught a disease or two
From the incessant smoking I do

I might be an old man with back bowed
And treat everyone with brow frowned
Doctors would have chained my smoke
And there would be very less hope

In the battle of smoke and life
Plans to smoke would be foiled by my wife
I would pass by the smoke shops
And would instead buy the cough drops

And then my friend when you come to meet
In the season rainy or the searing heat
Smoke to me, smoke to my health
You know i dont smoke anymore

PS : Last 2 lines and hence the title taken from here
PS 2 : Before you start searching, these words dont have any reference to Picasso’s last words afaik!

The Feel

Not the proses most elaborate
or the poems from the depth of hearts
Something naive is what I desire
Its the magic of a simple encounter

A cursory glance
the arching of the brows or
A smile exchanged
Always makes my heart skip beats

The magic of eyes
The charm of a smile
or a swish of the hair
Thats what I fall in love with

Shows grand apall me
Beauty unsurpassed bashes me up
Riches beyond means not my excitement
A silhouette in dark is what I love

Romance with the grandest ideas
has never been my wont
Only the feel is what draws me
Feel is what i live for and will die someday

PS : A bit busy these days and hence this 😐