The Last Post

And this is it… The day has come, the curtain has fallen, the show is to end, and final page has been turned, here we do embark upon a new journey, a journey into the future, to plunge into depths unknown, soar into heights unthinkable.

So I am here, taking the opportunity to bid a final goodbye to the college on the behalf of this batch.. UG2k5, the batch that has been, the batch of different, the batch of ordinaries, the batch of brilliants, the batch of geniuses and the batch of hardwork. This is the batch of people who started NGOs, the people who are doing PhD in psychology, the people who lost their friends for Felicity, the people who are rejecting Rediff for MS in IIIT, the people who were from village and yet formed a Rock Band, batch of people who started tutorials in telugu for Computers, the people who went to Kerala to book advance tickets between their exams and who travelled 20 hours in general class for their friends, the people who kept the song “Yaaron” close to their hearts, the people who cared about the blogging culture in the college, the people who are united, the people who are all friends, the people who leofy each and everybody.

Me & Aniket were discussing about the different phases of our batch in IIIT and here’s what we have come up with 🙂

1st Sem – Innocent Young Kids
2nd Sem – Exploring the city, roaming around
3rd Sem – The time of laptops
4th Sem – Studies
3rd Year – FELICITY
7th Sem – MBA, CAT, GRE
Vacations after that – Placements
8th Sem – BC!! BC!! BC & BC.

And here I leave you some senti status messages of few people

a) Last exam in CR1 … ending things where it all started … 😦 😦 😦
b) And now I realise I have less than 36hrs left in this college 😦
c) Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.
probably.. one of the finest n happiest gathering of our batch… on the signature day 🙂
d) life it seems to fade away… drifting further everyday
e) A priceless shirt I have !!
f) Memories, memories and more memories… You gotta read this post…
g)BTech comes to an end 😦 ….. lots n lots of memories to hold on to 😛
h) And this is what Saurabh Sharma, had to say 🙂
“If they ever tell my story, Let them say that i walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, But these names will never die. The IIIT-H class of 2009 will forever live in the history as one of the best ever.”
i) Even Banga comes up with own subtle status, “Touching times” 🙂

j) Or As Chad says in Bold and Capitals this is -THE END-

I finally end this with the following lines of Aniket which he wanted to published on the last post from our batch,
“Lying on innocent hardness, a caressing breeze touching me softly, I feel around me, the vibes of the sarpest mind, and the warmth of the biggest heart. And looking up, gazing at the boundless sky, I so so wish it could last forever. If only…”

N yet even after organizing everything and conquering the world, I would remember my batch as one who organized Diwali celebrations in their first year just on their own and were united in making it a success.
Wishing The Best of Luck to all my batchmates!

I, Himank sign off as a student of IIIT. 🙂 A bitter sweet symphony is playing all around me 🙂

Bidding IIIT Goodbye On Behalf of the Blogging batch of IIIT.